2019 Directory of Music Schools

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Codes for Degrees
 1    Performance
 2    Music Education
 3    Theory   
 4    Composition   
 5    History/Musicology
 6    Conducting
 7    Church Music
 8    Music Therapy
 9    Jazz Studies
10    Arts Administration
11    Music Industry
12    Music Theater
13    Recording Technology


An addendum to the College Listing will be published in the November issue of The Instrumentalist. If your school was not included, please contact us at [email protected] or call 888-446-6888.

Auburn University (Auburn). The Au­burn University Department of Music dedicates itself to providing opportunities for musically talented students to develop as music educators, performers, composers, and research scholars. Ensembles as well as core courses in the appreciation of music disseminate general musical culture among all university students regardless of major. Contact: Richard Good, 101 Goodwin Hall, 334-844-4165, fax: 334.844.3168, [email protected] Un­der­graduate de­grees: 1,2. 115 music majors, 32 undergraduate faculty, 27,000 total enrollment. Grad­uate degrees: 2. 30 graduate students, 32 graduate faculty. 4 bands, 2 jazz band, 1 orch., 7 chor.

Jacksonville State University (Jacksonville). A comprehensive program at a regional university stressing excellence in performance studies, academic achievement, and professional preparation. Contact: Dr. Thomas McCutchen, 700 Pelham Road North, 256-782-5559, [email protected] Undergraduate Tuition: Fall: $324/cr. res., $648/cr. non-res. Degrees: 1,2. Graduate tuition: $400/cr. res., $800/cr. Degrees: 1,2. 300 music majors, 36 music faculty, 8,479 total enrollment. 4 bands, 9 jazz bands, 1 orch., 5 chor.

University of South Alabama (Mobile). The department of music, which is housed in a college of arts and sciences in a state-supported university, through its innovative curriculum and standards of excellence empowers professional musicians, music educators, or those who wish to enrich their lives through the arts. Contact: Kip Franklin, LPAC 1072, 5751 USA Drive S., 251-414-8222, [email protected] Un­der­graduate deadline: 7/15 res., 6/15 non-res. Under­graduate degrees: 1,2,11. 125 music ma­jors, 34 faculty, 16,000 total enrollment. Grad. degrees: 1,2. 10 grad. students, 15 grad. music faculty. 4 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

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University of Alaska (Anchorage). Mountains and Music! UAA is located in spectacular Anchorage, Alaska, a cosmopolitan city of 300,000 with a vibrant state, national, and international arts scene. The Department of Music offers BA, BM Performance and an innovative Emphasis in Music Education degree that is followed by a one-year MAT/certification program. Contact: Anna Owens, 3211 Providence Drive, 970-786-1575, [email protected] .edu. Deadline: 7/15. Degrees: BA, BM Performance, BM Education. 80 music majors, 11 music faculty, 17,890 total enrollment. 3 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 1 chor.

University of Alaska (Fairbanks). The nation’s Arctic University offers unique opportunities to students of music. If you are seeking small class sizes, renowned faculty, amazing touring opportunities, and the chance to perform in the premier concert hall in Alaska, and fantastic outdoor adventures, you will find it all here. Contact: Music Admissions, 102 Signers Hall, 800-478-1823, fax: 907.474.7079, [email protected] Deadline: 6/15, auditions earlier. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2. Graduate deadline: 6/15. Grad. degrees: MM. 44 music majors, 7 grad. students, 9 faculty. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 2 orch., 2 chor.

Arizona State University School of Music (Tempe).

The School of Music at ASU is one of the top state institutions nationwide for the study of music. Innovative and collaborative programs are led by nationally and internationally recognized faculty artists and scholars, who work with students to cultivate excellence, personal growth, and a commitment to making contributions to the field of music. Each year, more than 700 concerts and recitals are offered on campus, in addition to extensive partnerships with local organizations. These experiences allow students to learn invaluable performance skills, while encouraging them to become creative leaders who are involved in their communities. Contact: Music Admissions, PO Box 870405, Tempe, 480-965-5069, fax 480.727.6544, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 1/5. Under­graduate tui­tion: $11,010 res., $29,100 non-­res. Under­grad­uate de­grees: 16. Grad­uate dead­­­line: 12/1. Graduate tuition: $12,020 res., $23,844 non-res. Graduate degrees: 17. Total Enrollment 803: 443 undergraduate, 360 graduate students. 6 bands, 4 jazz bands, 4 orch., 7 chor. 76 faculty.

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Henderson State University (Arka­delphia). Noted for a long tradition of excellence and commitment to the success of each student, the Henderson State University Department of Music is re­spected throughout the region for the strength of its faculty and performing ensembles. Henderson State University music graduates enjoy great success as educators and performers. Contact: Steven Knight, 1100 Henderson St., Box 7623, 870-230-5054, [email protected] Dead­line: 2/1. Tuition: $8,530 res., $10,180 non-res. Degrees: 1,2; BA in Music. 110 music majors, 19 music faculty. 5 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

Ouachita Baptist University (Arkadel­phia). The Division of Music seeks to provide opportunities for students to gain professional competence in the art of music, integrating the highest standards of musical performance with a broad-based curriculum of scholarly studies within the framework of a strong Christian liberal arts tradition. Contact: Gary Gerber, 410 Oua­chi­ta St., 870-245-5100, [email protected] Tu­ition: $34,670. Degrees: 1,2,7,11,12. 115 music ma­jors, 27 faculty, 1,500 total enrollment 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 4 chor.

University of Central Arkansas (Con­way). UCA Music combines a high-quality, comprehensive program with a talented, people-oriented faculty. The department boasts one of the strongest faculties in the mid-South and strong programs in music education, band, choir, symphony, piano, and jazz. Contact: Carol Ebinger, 201 Don­aghey Ave., 501-450-3163, fax: 501.450.5773, [email protected] Dead­line: roll­ing. De­­grees: 1,2,4. Grad­uate deadline: 7/10 res., 4/15 non-res. Degrees: 1-4,6. 175 music majors, 30 graduate students, 35 faculty, 12,000 total enrollment. 4 bands, 3 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Biola University (La Mirada). Dedicated to quality and providing rigorous undergraduate music education in an atmosphere of Christian community, Biola’s Conservatory of Music builds a foundation for a life-long pursuit of excellence and prepares musicians for teaching, graduate study, performance, ministry in church music, and additional musical careers. Significant scholarships available. Con­tact: Kaitie Krogh, 13800 Biola Avenue, 562-903-4892, [email protected] Deadline 11/15, 1/15. Degrees: 1,2,4. 178 music majors, 4,225 total enrollment. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 5 chor.

California State University, Long Beach, Bob Cole Conservatory of Music (Long Beach). Our exceptional ensembles are at the core of student success. Faculty closely monitor students from freshman through master’s degrees. Both the Cole Symphony Orchestra (Spring 2014) and Wind Symphony (Fall 2014) toured South Korea. We present more than 400 concerts each year. Generous scholarships available. Out-of-state tuition waivers available for graduate students. Contact: Carolyn Bre­mer, 1250 Bellflower Blvd., 562-985-4781, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 11/30. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,4,5,9. Graduate deadline: open. Grad­uate degrees: 1,2,4-6,9. 450 music majors, 100 graduate students, 100 faculty. 3 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 8 chor.

California State University, Northridge (Northridge). A comprehensive music program that prepares the graduate for employment upon graduation. Unique Bachelor of Music programs on all instruments as well as Music Education, Music Industry, and Media Composition. Master’s Degrees in Per­formance and Conducting. All located in the “Entertainment Capital of the World!” Contact: Nicole Hovland, 18111 Nordhoff St., 818-677-3184, [email protected] Un­der­graduate deadline: 11/30. Undergraduate tuition: $6,972 res., $11,724 non-res. Un­der­grad­uate degrees: 1,2,4,8,9,11. Grad­uate deadline: 7/1. Graduate tuition: $8,406 res., $11,574 non-res. Graduate de­grees: 1,2,4,6,11. 600 music majors, 85 graduate students, 93 faculty, 35,000 total enrollment. 2 bands, 3 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Chapman University (Orange). Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music provides aspiring musicians with a rigorous, professional musical training program, coupled with a supportive liberal arts environment, which enriches the human mind and spirit. Our music curriculum prepares students to enter a variety of professional fields after graduation or continue their studies in top graduate programs. Contact: Casey Decker, One University Drive, 714-997-6711, [email protected] Dead­line: 11/1. De­grees: 1,2,4,5,6. Grad­uate deadline: rol­ling. Grad­uate degrees: MM Keyboard Col­laborative Arts. 245 music majors, 74 faculty, 6,281 total enrollment. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Colburn School (Los Angeles). Offering full scholarships and grants for tuition, room, and board, Colburn’s world-re­nowned faculty nurtures classical instrumentalists in a well-rounded curriculum of solo, chamber, and orchestral studies in downtown Los Angeles. Contact: Lauren Woodward, 200 S. Grand Ave., 213-621-4534, [email protected] Dead­line: 12/1. Degrees: 1, 6. 60 music majors, 60 graduate students, 40 faculty. 1 orch.

Pepperdine University (Malibu). With its beautiful campus overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Pepperdine offers exciting performance possibilities and the opportunity to study with world renowned musicians at an academically top ranked liberal arts university. Scholarship support is available for eligible undergraduate majors as well as for non-majors interested in performing in University ensembles. Contact: Recruitment Office, 24255 Pacific Coast Highway, 310-506-4111, [email protected] Deadline: 11/1 early action, 1/15 regular decision. Degrees: 1,2,4. 80 music majors, 45 faculty, 3,100 total enrollment. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music Renowned ensembles. Principal positions. Tech innovation. SFCM alumni and current students are finding themselves at the forefront of the creative world. SFCM educates exceptionally talented musicians from around the world to become artists of the highest caliber, as well as musical citizens prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. Contact: Melissa Cocco-Mitten, 50 Oak Street, 800-899-SFCM, [email protected] Deadline: 12/1. Undergraduate tuition: $46,350. Undergraduate de­grees: 1,4,6,9,13. Grad­uate deadline: 12/1. Grad­uate tuition: $46,350. Graduate degrees: 1,4,6,13. 240 music majors, 225 graduate students, 150 faculty. 1 band/wind ensemble, 1 jazz band, 2 orch., 2 chor.

Sonoma State University (Rohnert Park). One of the most requested campuses in the CSU system, the SSU Department of Music provides rigorous training on an idyllic campus with two world-class concert halls, and programs in jazz, music education and performance, with ensemble opportunities in orchestra, chorus, wind ensemble and music theatre. Contact: Brooke Tester, 1801 E. Cotati Avenue, 707-664-2324, [email protected] Deadline: 11/30. Tuition w/ fees: $7,800 res. Degrees: 1,2,4,9. 140 music majors, 26 faculty, 9,600 total enrollment. 3 bands, 4 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

University of California, Los Angeles, The Herb Alpert School of Music (Los Angeles). The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music offers performance, scholarship, and innovation, all in one place. Com­bining outstanding departments of Eth­no­musicology, Music, and Musicology, we provide academic opportunities that balance cutting-edge scholarship with performance mastery and composition. Stu­dents are encouraged to explore music in all its contemporary and historical diversity. Contact: Admissions Office, 445 Charles E. Young Drive East, 2520 Schoenberg Music Building, 310-825-6457, [email protected] Deadline: 11/30. Degrees: 1,2,4,5,9, world music. Grad. deadline: 12/1. Graduate degrees: 1,4,5,6,9, ethnomusicology. 318 music majors, 166 grad students, 123 faculty, 30,870 total enrollment. 4 bands, 10 jazz bands, 2 orch., 3 chor.

University of the Pacific, Conservatory of Music (Stockton). For over 140 years, the Conservatory has been delivering outstanding music education with its unique brand of hands-on, experiential learning through a wide variety of degree plans. We provide education steeped in the tradition of great musical training and the skills needed for successful 21st century careers in music. Contact: Jessica Siena, 3601 Pacific Ave., 209-946-2418, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 1/15. Undergraduate tuition: $48,904. Under­grad­uate degrees: 1,2,4,5,8,9,11. Grad­uate deadline: 3/1. Graduate tuition: $1,528/unit. Degrees: 2,8. 241 music majors, 27 graduate students, 59 faculty, 4,000 total undergraduate enrollment. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 3 chor.

University of Redlands (Redlands) is a private liberal arts university offering a conservatory approach in a liberal arts setting. Performance opportunities abound with more than 200 performances annually. Wheth­­­er music is your major or you just have an interest in music, everyone is encouraged to participate in the rich, musical environment on campus. Contact: Brad An­drews, 1200 E. Colton Ave., 909-748-8014, [email protected] Undergraduate dead­line: 1/15. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,4,9. Graduate deadline: rolling. Grad­uate de­grees: 1,4,6, vocal chamber music, artist diploma. 135 music majors, 32 graduate students, 42 faculty, 2,400 total enrollment. 2 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

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University of Colorado (Boulder). We are most well known for our classically trained musicians and educators. Our unique strengths lie in the Entrepreneurship Center, Musicians’ Wellness Program, and Study Abroad opportunities. Contact: Veronica Greuel, 301 UCB, 303-492-8468, [email protected] Under­grad­uate deadline: 2/1. Under­grad­uate de­grees: 1-5,9. Graduate dead­line: 12/1. Graduate degrees: 1-6,9,10. 300 music majors, 250 grad. students, 90 faculty. Multiple bands, jazz bands, orchestras, and choirs.

University of Connecticut (Storrs), a Research I institution with a world-class music faculty, offers a combination of strong academics and artistic excellence. Our approach allows students to pursue degrees in performance, composition, history, jazz, and theory – and, if desired, to combine those pursuits with another of UConn’s 115 majors. Contact: Elizabeth Foody, 1295 Storrs Road, Unit 1128, 860-486-2678, [email protected] Dead­line: 1/15. Degrees: 1-5,9. Graduate deadline: 2/15. Graduate de­grees: 1,3,5,7. 150 music majors, 35 graduate students, 45 faculty, 23,845 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 8 chor.

University of Hartford, The Hartt School (West Hartford). Hartt students collaborate, often across disciplines. They work with guest artists, take advantage of professional partnerships-in-training, in­tern, and enjoy opportunities to perform around the world and alongside an esteemed faculty. With more than 400 performances a year, The Hartt School is Connecticut’s leading producer of the performing arts. Contact: Megan Abernathy, 200 Bloomfield Avenue, 860-768-4465, [email protected] Under­­grad­uate dead­line: 2/15. Under­­grad­uate degrees: 1-5,9-10,12-13, BSE Acoustics and Music. Grad­uate dead­line: 2/15. Grad. tuition varies by degree. Grad. degrees: 1-6, MM-Suzuki Pedagogy. 310 music majors, 130 grad. students, 103 faculty, 5,350 total enrollment. 3 bands, 10 jazz bands, 2 orch., 5 chor.

University of Delaware (Newark). The University of Delaware Department of Music offers Bachelor of Music and Bachel­or of Arts Undergraduate and Master of Music degrees as well as music opportunities for nonmajors. The Department of Music is focused on producing highly trained classical musicians intent on pursuing vocational performance, graduate study (in performance, composition, theory, musicology, and/or music education), and music management and business, as well as music educators (including public school teaching certification for band, orchestra, chorus, and general music, grades K-12). Contact: Elianna Wydra, 100 Or­chard Road, 302-831-8426, fax: 302.831.2578, [email protected] Under­grad­u­ate deadline: 1/15. Deg: 1-5,10. Grad. deadline: 1/15. Graduate degrees: 1,2,4,6. 215 music majors, 38 grad. students, 52 faculty, 18,172 total enrollment. 3 bands, 3 jazz bands, 3 orch., 4 chor.

Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton). The FAU Department of Music aims to inspire achievement in music through student engagement in scholarship, diverse modes of creative activity and community outreach. Located on Florida’s Southeast coast, FAU serves over 30,000 students and offers various graduate and undergraduate degrees in music. Contact: Kyle Prescott, 777 Glades Road, 561-297-3854, [email protected] Tuition: $6,038 res., $21,656 non-res. Degrees: 1,2,4,11,13. Graduate tuition: $6,656 res., $18,446 non-res. Graduate degrees: 1,4,6,11,13. 200 music majors, 30,000 total enrollment. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Florida Southern College (Lakeland). The Department of Music provides a nurturing, yet challenging, learning environment within which talented students are empowered by a dedicated faculty to achieve excellence in academic, intellectual, and creative endeavors. Accredited by NASM, FSC’s music curriculum is innovative, preparing students for a lifetime of opportunities in music. Contact: Paula Parsche, 111 Lake Hollingsworth Drive, 863-680-4233, [email protected] Priority dead­line: 11/1. Degrees: 1,2,11, BA in Music. 117 music majors, 32 faculty, 2,200 total enrollment. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

Florida State University (Tallahassee). The FSU College of Music is widely recognized as a top tier university-based music program with a long tradition of excellence. One of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive music institutions, the College features a supportive and demanding educational environment with faculty members who are internationally recognized in their fields. Contact: Kristopher Watson, 850-644-6102, [email protected] Dead­line: 11/1 (priority), 3/1 (final). Tuition: $6,466 res., $21,633 non-res. Degrees: 1-4, 7-9, 11-12. Grad. deadline: 12/1. Tuition: $8,627 res., $19,993 non-res. De­grees: 1-10; MA in Piano Technology, Piano Pedagogy. 750 music majors, 325 grad­. students, 90 faculty, 42,000 total enrollment. 8 bands, 3 jazz bands, 3 orch., 9 chor.

Palm Beach Atlantic University (West Palm Beach). This is a Christian liberal arts institution that emphasizes Christian lifestyle within the framework of an inter-denominational, free-church environment. The music department, accredited by NASM, stresses performance and academics with equal importance. The beautiful South Florida campus is located a five-minute walk to the Atlantic Ocean. Contact: Tori Uhlman, P.O. Box 24708, 561-803-2115, [email protected] Dead­line: 4/1. Degrees: 1,2,4,5,7,9,11. 100 mu­sic majors, 30 faculty, 3,700 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

Stetson University (DeLand).

An exclusively undergraduate program within an historic comprehensive university, Stetson provides an array of vocal and instrumental ensembles, including opera theatre and jazz. Students are preparing for professional careers and graduate study in music, while gaining a commitment to artistic excellence, intellectual curiosity, and professionalism within a values-based atmosphere of challenge and support. Contact: Music Admissions, 421 N. Woodland Blvd., Unit 8399, 386-822-8975, [email protected] Dead­line: 3/1. Tu­i­tion: $47,270. Degrees: 1-3, 13, Music Business, music with an outside field, BA Music, Music Minor. 300 music majors and minors, 51 faculty, 2,750 total enrollment. 2 band, 1 jazz band, 2 orch., 4 choir.

Southeastern University
(Lakeland). Our world-class faculty prepares students to use their God-given gifts to inspire others and glorify Christ through music. Faculty members have studied at Juilliard, Eastman, and other renowned programs, and our emphasis on mentoring and practical experience will give you the foundation you need for a successful career. Contact: Abby Jones, 1000 Longfellow Blvd., 800-500-8760, [email protected] Priority deadline: 5/1 2,703 total enrollment.

University of Central Florida (Orlando). For over 50 years, UCF has been a leader in music education in Florida and has grown to be an internationally recognized school to study music. Our world-class faculty are dedicated to helping students prepare for careers in the industry with one-on-one instruction, ensemble participation, networking opportunities and master classes. Contact: John Parker, 12488 Centaurus Blvd., 407-823-2869, fax 407.823.3378, [email protected] Under­grad­uate dead­line: 5/1. Undergraduate tuition: $212.28/cr. res., $748.89/cr. non-res. Under­grad­uate degrees: 1,2,4,5,6,11,12. Graduate deadline: 7/15. Graduate degrees: MA Music. 375 music majors, 35 graduate students, 45 faculty, 68,000 total enrollment. 6 bands, 4 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

University of Florida (Gainesville). The School of Music serves 100 graduate and 200 undergraduate music majors with 42 full-time. Degree programs include B.A., B.M., M.M., and the Ph.D. (music and music education). All degree programs are accredited by NASM, NCATE, and the SACS. Contact: Mutlu Çitim-Kepic, 435 Newell Dr., Room 106, 352-273-3159, [email protected] Music ed. professors: David Waybright, John (Jay) Watkins, Archie (Chip) Birkner, Raymond Chobaz. Undergraduate deadline: 11/1. Under­grad­uate degrees: 1-5. Grad­uate deadline: 11/1. Degrees: 1-7. 200 music majors, 100 graduate students 43 faculty, 52,000 total enrollment. 8 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

University of Miami, Frost School of Music (Coral Gables).

The Frost School of Music at the University of Miami is one of the most innovative music schools in the world. Frost houses stunning concert and recital halls, world-class recording studios and The Frost Method, creating musicians that have artistic, technological, & entrepreneurial skills to thrive in the 21st century. Contact: Karen Kerr, 5503 San Amaro Drive, 305-284-6168, fax: 305.284.6475, [email protected] Undergraduate dead­line: 11/1 (early action), 12/1 (regular decision). Undergraduate tuition: $50,400. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,4,8,9,11,13, Music Engineering Tech­nology, Media Writing & Production. Graduate deadline: 12/1. Graduate tui­tion: $37,800 (9 cr./semester). Graduate degrees: 1-6,8-11,13, Music Engineering Technology, Media Writing & Production, Studio Jazz Writing. 480 music majors, 260 graduate students, 100 faculty, 12,000 total enrollment. 5 bands, 4 jazz bands, 3 orch., 4+ chor. 

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Augusta University (Augusta). Located in historic Augusta, Georgia, the Augusta University Department of Music specializes in the training of undergraduate music majors. In a newly renovated facility, the program and faculty are committed to high quality teaching and student success in a thriving musical community. Contact: Angela Morgan, 1120 15th St., 706-737-1453, [email protected] Dead­line: 7/1. Tuition: $3,361 res., $21,726 non-res. Degrees: 1,2,9. Graduate deadline: 6/2. Tui­tion: $5,144 res., $17,544 non-res. Degrees: Master of Arts in Teaching. 70 music ma­jors, 2 graduate students, 20 faculty, 9,072 total enrollment. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

Columbus State University, Schwob School of Music (Columbus). The Schwob School of Music is one of the leading university-level music programs in the Southeast. The distinguished artist faculty serve an internationally diverse student population in world-class facilities. Cen­trally located on a vibrant downtown arts campus, students can expect to be nurtured and challenged to meet high expectations. Contact: Debra Tommey, 4225 University Ave., 706-649-7224, [email protected] Dead­line: 4/30. De­grees: 1,2, BA. Grad. deadline: 7/15. Deg: 1, artist diploma. 250 music majors, 50 faculty. 2 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 2 chor.

Emory University (Atlanta). The Emory University Department of Music curriculum embraces music majors and minors and welcomes the participation of students from every discipline across the university. We offer a BA in Music Performance, Music Composition or Music Research, Music Performance scholarships are available. Contact: Paul Bhasin, 1390 Oxford Road, 404-727-9451, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 1/1. Under­grad­uate tuition: $53,070. Under­graduate de­grees: 1,3,4,5,10. 150 music majors, 60 faculty, 5685 total enrollment. 2 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 2 chor.

Georgia State University (Atlanta) offers exceptional performing opportunities, world-class concert spaces, outstanding faculty, advanced technology, excellent library, and research support and a distinctive focus on career development. Contact: 75 Poplar Street, Suite 500, 404-413-5900, fax: 404.413.5910, [email protected] Dead­line: 6/1. Degrees: 1,2,4,6,9, Music Technology, Music Management. Grad­u­ate degrees: 1-4,6,9. 360 music majors, 70 graduate students, 70 faculty, 32,000 total enrollment. 6 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw). The School of Music offers undergraduate degrees in performance, music education, composition with courses in film and game scoring, theory, musicology, and ethnomusicology. Our faculty are first-class performers, scholars, and teachers preparing students to be creative artists, educators, and leaders for the 21st century. An All-Steinway school. Fully NASM accredited. Contact: Christine Collins, 471 Bartow Ave., Room 210, 470-578-6614, [email protected] Dead­line: 12/1. Degrees: 1-5,9. 235 music majors, 80 faculty. 4 bands, 7 jazz bands, 2 orch., 5 chor.

Mercer University, Townsend School of Music (Macon) offers undergraduate and graduate professional music studies in a comprehensive university environment. The school is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). Contact: Leigh Anne Hise, 1501 Mercer University Drive, 478-301-2748, fax: 478.301.5633, [email protected] edu. Undergraduate deadline: open. Un­dergraduate degrees: 1,2, BA. Graduate deadline: 4/1. Graduate degrees: 1,6,7. 85 music ma­jors, 112 graduate students, 31 faculty, 2,700 total enrollment. 2 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 3 chor.

University of Georgia (Athens). The Hugh Hodgson School of Music offers a comprehensive slate of degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels, emphasizing scholarship, artistic performance, and research. High standards of musical performance and academic achievement are required for admission. Prospective students must submit applications to both the University of Georgia and the Hodgson School of Music. Contact: Marshall Williams, 250 River Road, 706-542-2005, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 1/1. Under­grad­uate de­grees: 1-4,8, minor in jazz, music minor, bachelor of arts in music. Graduate deadline: 12/1. Graduate degrees: 1,2,4,5,6. 300 music majors, 200 grad students, 70 music faculty, 27,591 total undergraduate enrollment. 6 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 9 chor.

University of West Georgia (Carrollton). Offering Initial Certification, graduate and undergraduate degrees in Music Education and Performance, and undergraduate degrees in the areas of Composition, Piano Pedagogy, and Jazz Studies. MM in Music Education is 100% online. An accredited institutional member of NASM. Contact: Justin Barlow, UWG Admissions, 1601 Maple Street, 678-839-5900, [email protected] Deadline: 6/1. Tuition: $5,464 res., $19,282 non-res. Degrees: 1,2,4. Graduate deadline: 7/1. Graduate tuition: $4,338. Graduate degrees: 1,2. 100 music majors, 30 graduate students, 23 music faculty, 13,700 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 3 chor.

Valdosta State University (Valdosta). Comprehensive Regional University with Master’s degrees in Music Education, MAT in Music Education, Performance all areas. Undergraduate performance degrees and BA in Education, General, Jazz. Contact: Mary Beth Bennett, 1500 N. Patterson St., 229-333-5791, [email protected] Deadline: 8/1. De­grees: 1,2,6,9. Graduate deadline: 5/1. Graduate de­grees: 1,2,6. 150 music majors, 25 graduate students, 32 faculty, 12,000 total enrollment. 4 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

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University of Idaho, Lionel Hampton School of Music (Moscow). As a musically comprehensive and internationally recognized institution, the Lionel Hampton School of Music is a tight-knit community of world class performers, teachers, composers, scholars, and – most importantly – dedicated students. Contact: Admissions Office, 875 Perimeter Drive, MS 4253, 208-885-6163, [email protected] Under­graduate deadline: 5/1 (priority scholarship deadline 2/25). Undergraduate degrees: 1-5; Music Business, Music Minor, Musical Theatre Minor, Jazz Studies Minor. Graduate deadline: 7/1 (priority deadline 2/1). Graduate degrees: 1,4,5; Piano Pedagogy and Performance, Col­laborative Piano, Choral Conducting. 225 music majors, 20 graduate students, 28 faculty, 11,500 total enrollment. 2 bands, 4 jazz bands, 1 orch., 5 chor.

Augustana College (Rock Island). Music students prepare for their careers through carefully planned coursework in a strong liberal arts curriculum, individual advising, career internships, public performances and other professional experience. Contact: Margaret Ellis, 639 38th Street, 309-794-333, [email protected]. Dead­line: rolling. Tuition: $40,908. De­grees: 1,2,4,9. 90 music majors, 45 music faculty, 2,500 total enrollment. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Bradley University (Peoria). Music at Bradley involves a combination of technology and tradition to prepare students as teachers, composers, performers, or executives in the music industry. All Bradley students are welcomed into a performance program that involves over 350 musicians. Bradley’s highest priority is excellent teaching supported by research, scholarship, and creative activities. Contact: David Vroman, 1501 W. Bradley Ave., 309-677-2595, [email protected] Dead­line: rolling. Tuition: $34,200. Degrees: 1,2,4,11. 90 music majors, 35 faculty, 5,882 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Columbia College (Chicago). Columbia’s Music Department emphasizes musicianship and proficiency, self-expression, originality, and professional training in all styles of music – classical, jazz, blues, gospel, hip-hop, reggae, and more. Upon graduation, our students are prepared for real jobs in the real world. Contact: Jeff Sanderson, 600 South Michigan Avenue, 312-369-7973, [email protected] Degrees: 1,3,4,9,12,13. 10,000 total enrollment. 7 bands, 5 jazz bands, 1 orch., 10 chor.

DePaul University (Chicago).

For over 100 years, the DePaul School of Music has been dedicated to excellence in music teaching and performance with a distinguished faculty including members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Lyric Opera of Chicago. The school will open its new 185,000-square-foot Holt­schneider Performance Center in the spring. Contact: Ross Beacraft, 804 W. Belden Ave., 773-325-7444, [email protected] Dead­line: 12/1. Tui­tion: $47,716. Degrees: 1,2,4,9,10,13, BA in music. Graduate deadline: 12/1. Graduate tui­tion: $685/cr. Grad. degrees: 1,2,4,9. 220 music majors, 140 graduate students, 120 faculty, 23,110 enrollment. 2 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 2 chor. 

Elmhurst College (Elmhurst). Elmhurst College’s internationally renowned music department offers exceptional opportunities for students interested in the serious study of music. Our faculty includes members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Symphony Chorus, Lyric Opera, and national recording artists and award winners. Degrees: 1-4,9,11. Contact: 630-617-3524, [email protected] Dead­line: 5/1, rolling. Tuition: $23,560. 220 music majors, 50 faculty, 3,400 total enroll. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 2 chor. 

Illinois State University (Normal). Illinois State University School of Music provides individualized attention providing large university opportunities in a small school environment, placing the learner at the center of teaching and research. Education and development beyond the classroom cultivates the appreciation of lifelong learning in all music students at Illinois State University. Contact: Steve Parsons, Campus Box 2200, 309-438-7631, [email protected] Deadline: 7/15. De­grees: 1-4,8,9. Grad. deadline: depends on program. Grad. de­grees: 1,2,4,6,8. 320 music majors, 68 grad. students, 56 faculty, 20,784 total enroll. 5 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 5 chor.

Illinois Wesleyan University (Bloom­ington). Nationally recognized for its musical and academic excellence, IWU launches graduates into a wide variety of successful and meaningful careers throughout the industry. IWU students receive rigorous professional training by a fully-accredited school of music (NASM) providing them unique opportunities to explore careers as performers, educators, composers, and scholars. Contact: Laura Dolan, PO Box 2900, 309-556-3063, [email protected] Deadline: rolling. Tu­i­tion: $45,600. De­grees: 1,2,4,12. 125 music majors, 56 faculty, 1,750 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 2 chor.

Monmouth College (Monmouth) is a private, selective, liberal arts college offering over 50 majors. Students from all majors participate in Monmouth’s numerous performance groups. All students are invited to audition and apply for music scholarships. Contact: Tim Pahel, 700 E. Broadway Ave, 800-747-2687, [email protected] Deadline: 4/1. Deg: 1,2. 20 music majors, 12 faculty, 1,173 total enroll. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Millikin University (Decatur). Our faculty will show that dreams and reality are not so far apart, as the faculty will play alongside students. Contact: Brynn Kickle, 1184 West Main Street, 217-424-6300, fax: 217.420.6652, [email protected] Dead­line: rolling. Deg: 1,2,11. 291 music majors, 57 faculty, 1,950 total enroll. 2 bands, 4 jazz bands, 1 orch., 7 chor.

North Central College (Naperville). North Central College is an independent, comprehensive college of the liberal arts and sciences and is committed to academic excellence; a climate that emphasizes leadership, ethics, values, and service; a curriculum that balances job-related knowledge with a liberal arts foundation; and a caring environment with small classes. Contact: Ashley Chubirka, 30 N. Brainard St., 630-637-5800, fax: 630.637.5819, [email protected] Deadline: 1/31. Degrees: 1,2,9,12. 90 music majors, 46 faculty, 3,000 total enrollment.

North Park University (Chicago).

North Park University has been educating students in the art of music for over 125 years. Now part of the School of Music, Art, and Theatre, the program is housed in the fully renovated state-of-the-art Hanson Hall, where students interact with music faculty comprised of esteemed professionals from the Chicagoland area. North Park students participate in the new Catalyst 606 program which provides weekly opportunities to learn off campus in Chicago and reap the benefits of the city’s most prestigious performance venues such as The Athenauem Theatre for our spring opera production. Contact: Rebecca Ryan, Director of Operations, School of Music, Art, and Theatre, 3225 W. Foster Avenue, Box 21, 773-244-5623, [email protected] Dead­line: rolling. Tuition: $30,360. Degrees: 1,2,4,7,9,10; and graduate degrees in vocal performance and collaborative piano. 80 music majors, 45 faculty, 3,000 total enrollment. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 5 choirs, jazz combos, and chamber groups.

Northeastern Illinois University (Chi­cago). A leader in K-12 teacher training and education, Northeastern’s music program places a significant emphasis on individual musicianship and performance preparedness. Contact: Sasha Gerritson, 5500 N. St. Louis Ave., 773-442-5906, email: [email protected] Undergrad. deadline: 7/1, 11/1. Undergrad. degrees: 1,2. Grad­. deadline: 7/1, 11/1. Grad. degrees: Applied Music Pedagogy. 99 music majors, 30 graduate students, 45 faculty, 8,438 total enrollment. 1 band, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 2 chor.

Northern Illinois University (DeKalb). Our 60 renowned faculty are dedicated to supporting students obtain their full potential as music artists, educators, and scholars and our location one hour west of Chicago affords our students unparalleled additional cultural resources. Students perform in a wide range of ensembles: jazz, orchestra, winds, choirs, steelband and World Music. Grad­uate in-residence programs for string quartet. Contact: Lynn Slater, School of Music, 815-753-1546, fax: 815.753.1759, [email protected] Audition deadline: 3/1. Degrees: 1,2,4,9,13. Grad­uate deadline: 2/23. Graduate de­grees: 1-4,6,9,13. 200 music majors, 80 graduate students, 60 faculty, 18,500 total enrollment. 3 bands, 3 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Northwestern University, Bienen School of Music (Evanston).

Northwestern University’s Bienen School of Music combines a nationally ranked music program of conservatory-level intensity with the academic rigor and scholarly resources found only at a world-class private research university. Undergraduates may pursue dual or double degree programs, self-designed degree programs, and traditional degrees. Contact: Laura Sauer, 70 Arts Circle Drive, 847-491-3141, [email protected] Deadline: 12/1. Tuition: $54,120. Under­graduate degrees: 1-6,9. Graduate degrees: 1-6,9. 400 music majors, 200 graduate students, 125 faculty, 8,300 undergraduate enrollment. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 3 orch., 5 chor. 

Roosevelt University, Chicago College of Perform­ing Arts (Chicago).

Bringing together professional programs in music and theatre within the context of one of the world’s greatest cultural cities. Contact: Patrick Zylka, 430 S. Michigan Ave., #918, 312-341-6735, [email protected] edu. Dead­line: 1/15. Tuition: $38,600. De­grees: 1,2,4,9,12. Graduate deadline: 1/15. Tui­tion: $38,600. Degrees: 1,4,10. 165 music majors, 140 graduate students, 100 fa­culty, 500 total enrollment. 1 band, 10 jazz bands, 3 orch., 3 chor.

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Saint Xavier University
(Chicago) combines a safe south-side Chicago suburban community with easy access to the countless attractions and performance opportunities that exist downtown. Graduates of the program comprise some of the region’s most inspiring teachers and highly-skilled performers. Our NASM-accredited program also hosts an extremely popular music minor option. Contact: Jason Thompson, 3700 W. 103rd St., 773-298-3448, [email protected] Deadline: rolling. Tui­tion: $33,300. Degrees: 1,2,9. 40 music ma­jors, 23 faculty, 3,700 total en­rollment. 2 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 chor.

Southern Illinois University (Carbon­dale). SIU covers the spectrum, from symphony to solo, theory to composition, with our students adding their own hues. Faculty are instrumentalists, vocalists, and composers who understand the passion that brings a student to study music. We offer many different degrees to provide opportunities for a multi-dimensional array of creative expression. Contact: Jennifer Presar, 1000 S. Normal Ave., 618-536-8752, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 12/1. Undergraduate de­grees: 1-4,9,11,12, Liberal Arts. Grad­uate deadline: 7/15, 11/15. Graduate degrees: 1-6. 90 music majors, 30 graduate students, 23 faculty, 8,438 total enrollment. 3 band, 1 jazz band, 2 orch., 2 chor.

University of Illinois (Urbana). Per­for­mance, education and research programs with access to world-class libraries and facilities within the campus of a Big-Ten Land-Grant University. Contact: Angela Tammen, 1114 W. Nevada St., 217-244-7899, [email protected] Un­der­grad­uate deadline 1/5, early action: 11/1. Under­grad­uate degrees: 1-5,9,12, Music + Computer Science, Music Tech­nology. Grad. deadline: 12/1. Grad. de­grees: 1,2,4,5,6,9. 375 music majors, 325 grad. students, 88 faculty, 33,467 total enrollment. 7 bands, 10 jazz bands, 3 orch., 6 chor.

VanderCook College of Music (Chicago). VanderCook College of Music is the only degree-granting institution in America dedicated solely to preparing band, choral, string, and general music teachers. For over 100 years, VanderCook has offered comprehensive, practical, and affordable graduate and undergraduate music education degree programs. Continuing education also available. Continuing education also available. Contact: Cindy Tovar, 3140 S. Federal St., 312-788-1120, [email protected] Dead­line: Rolling. De­gree: 2. 90 music majors, 35 faculty, 90 total en­rollment. Grad. deadline: Rolling. De­gree: 2. 20 grad. students, 33 faculty. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

Western Illinois University (Macomb). Prepare graduates who possess the aural, analytical, conceptual, technological, and performance skills needed to be successful in the fields of education, therapy, performance, composition, and industry, or in an advanced degree program. Con­tact: Trista Trone, Browne 121A, 1 University Circle, 309-298-1087, [email protected] Under­grad. deadline: rolling. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,4,8,9,12, music business. Grad. deadline: 1/31. Graduate degrees: 1,2,4-6,9,12, piano pedagogy, performance certificate. 165 music majors, 25 graduate students, 42 faculty. 9 bands, 7 jazz bands, 3 orch., 5 chor.

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Anderson University (Anderson). Anderson University’s School of Music, Theatre, and Dance offers a comprehensive academic experience and rich variety of opportunities to compose and perform. Music education graduates have 100% job placement since 2011. Through Orange­haus Records and Publishing students experience the business of music, from developing projects to running the recording studio. Contact: Michelle Holmes, 1100 E. 5th St., 765-641-4037, [email protected] Deadline: 3/6. Tuition: $30,700. Degrees: 1-5,7,11-13, songwriting, theatre, dance. Graduate tuition: $400/cr. Graduate degrees: 2. 110 music majors, 20 grad students, 10 faculty, 1,600 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Ball State University (Muncie). The school of music is dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality, student-centered undergraduate and graduate education in music. It offers a wide range of programs, excellent student-faculty ratio, over 300 performances annually, state-of-the-art facilities, and nationally recognized faculty. Con­tact: Peter Opie, 2000 W. University Ave., 765-285-5503, [email protected] Un­der­grad. deadline: 5/1. Undergrad. degrees: 1,2,4,9,13. Graduate deadline: 2/15. Grad. degrees: 1-6. 370 music majors, 100 grad students, 80 faculty, 22,500 total enrollment. 6 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 5 chor.

Bethel University (Mishawaka). The mu­sic department has a 99% placement rate for music education graduates, 1998-2019. Bethel is a Christ-centered, NASM accredited institution striving to bring each student to an understanding of the pedagogical, historical, and theoretical as­pects of musical performance, while also striving for the highest levels of technical and artistic performance. Contact: Stephanie Hoch­stetler, 1001 Bethel Circle, 574-807-7000, [email protected] Degrees: 1,2, music (general). 27 music ma­jors, 3 faculty. 1 band, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 2 chor.
Butler University (Indianapolis). As a musician at Butler University, you can easily pursue a double major, study abroad, complete research, or teach in the Community Arts School. Our flexible curriculum affords you the opportunity to achieve more, and shape a course of study that’s about reaching your career goals and pursuing your passions. Contact: Courtney Trachsel, 4600 Sunset Ave., 317-940-9065, [email protected] Deadline: 11/1. Undergrad. degrees: 1,2,4,9,10. Grad. degrees: 1,2,4,5,6; Piano Pedagogy. 200 music ma­jors, 40 graduate students, 45 faculty, 5,095 total enrollment. 2 band, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

DePauw University (Greencastle). We challenge students to develop artistic excellence, creativity, and critical thinking skills; engage audiences from the stage, within their communities and across digital platforms; act as socially minded entrepreneurial musicians; recognize and champion diversity of all kind; and leverage technology in the creation and dissemination of music. Contact: George Palton, 204 E. Seminary Street, 765-658-4118, fax: 765.658.4042, [email protected] Deadline: 2/1. Tuition: $48,860. Deg: 1,2, Bachelor of Musical Arts. 151 music majors, 45 faculty, 2,267 total enrollment. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor., chamber ensembles.

Goshen College (Goshen). Goshen College is a music-intensive liberal arts environment. We are committed to educating the whole person while calling forth and supporting a high level of performance from each musician. Students studying music at Goshen College enjoy the benefits of our state-of-the-art music center, renowned for its exceptional acoustics. Contact: Marcia Yost, 1700 S. Main St., 574-535-7535, [email protected] Tui­tion: $35,000. Degrees: 1,2,4,7,12, Music for Social Change. 60 music majors, 8 music faculty, 950 total enrollment. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Indiana State University (Terre Haute).
The ISU School of Music graduates outstanding students in music education, music business, performance, composition, and liberal arts. Graduates can be found in teaching and music industry positions, as well as in graduate schools of music. Graduates of the masters of music program experience success in higher education and other music careers. Contact: Annika Clawson, 300 N. 7th Street, 812-237-2771, [email protected] Un­der­grad­uate deadline: 6/1. Under­grad­uate degrees: 1,2,4,11. Gra­d­uate deadline: 6/1. Gra­d­uate degrees: 1,2,6. 187 music majors, 7 graduate students, 37 music faculty, 13,584 total enrollment. 5 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music (Bloomington). The IU Jacobs School offers the benefits of a world-class conservatory with the re­sources of a major research university, all at one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation. With over 1,100 performances an­nually, including six fully staged operas and three ballets, there are numerous performing opportunities. Contact: Espen Jensen, 1201 E. 3rd St., 812-855-7998, fax: 812.856.6086, [email protected] Deadline: 11/1. Degrees: 1,2,4,9,13. Grad. deadline: 12/1. Grad. degrees: 1-7,9. 1,600 music students, 180 music faculty. 9 bands, 5 jazz bands, 7 orch., 8 chor.

Indiana Wesleyan University (Marion). The IWU Division of Music is committed to preparing you completely with courses in liberal arts, applied instruments, theory, history, conducting, instrumental techniques, and piano skills and composition, as well as offering you a variety of vocal and instrumental ensemble opportunities. IWU is a Christ-centered institution. Contact: Michael Flanagin, 4201 South Washington St., 765-677-2564, email: [email protected] Deadline 3/1. Tuition: $27,296. Degrees: 1,2,4,7,8, songwriting, worship studies/music ministry applied music. 155 music majors, 27 faculty, 3,000 total enrollment. 2 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Purdue University Fort Wayne offers degrees in Music Education, Music Performance, Music Therapy, Music In­dus­try, Popular Music, and Music Technology. Low tuition and scholarships available. Unique partnerships with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Sweetwater and other community partners. Contact: Sandra Franke, 2101 E. Coliseum Blvd., 260-481-6714, [email protected] Tuition: $8,500 res., $19,500 non-res. 200 music majors/pre majors, 62 faculty, 9,000 total enrollment. Undergrad. degrees 1,2,8,13. 3 bands, 2 jazz band, 1 orch., 3 chor., opera company, chamber ensembles.

University of Evansville (Evansville). UE offers motivated students the opportunity to be challenged, providing first-class music degrees in a liberal arts setting. Degrees in Music Therapy, Performance, Education, Management, and Music Studies feature a comprehensive curriculum and an emphasis on active learning, giving our students extensive experience in the chosen field of study. Contact: Linda Happe, 1800 Lincoln Avenue, 812-488-2742, [email protected] Undergrad deadline: 11/1. Degrees: 1,2,11, music therapy. 100 music majors, 29 faculty, 2,400 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

University of Indianapolis (In­di­an­ap­o­lis). The University of Indianapolis ap­peals to students looking to engage with a first-rate faculty and connect in a closely-knit educational environment, all within minutes of downtown Indianapolis. Close proximity to the downtown area provides a vibrant setting for internship possibilities as well as culturally engaging opportunities for students. Contact: Grace Labens, 1400 E. Hanna Ave, 317-788-3255, [email protected] Dead­line: rolling. Degrees: 1-4,7-9,13, music business. 100 music majors, 50 faculty, 4,200 total enrollment. 2 concert bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor.

University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame).

The Band of the Fighting Irish is comprised of students from across the U.S. and overseas, enrolled in every field of study at the University. We also welcome students from Saint Mary’s College and Holy Cross College. Notre Dame meets the financial needs of every student. Contact: Shelley Way, 100 Ricci Band Rehearsal Hall, 574-631-7136, [email protected] Deadline: 1/1. Tuition: $55,553. Marching band, 3 bands, 11 section ensembles, 3 jazz bands.

Valparaiso University (Valparaiso). The Department of Music offers a rigorous music curriculum, outstanding ensembles, excellent studio instruction, and, most important, a faculty focused on nurturing the gifts of the college undergraduate. Facilities include the Center for the Arts and the Chapel of the Resurrection, one of the world’s largest collegiate chapels. Contact: Nicole Lee, 1709 Chapel Drive, 219-464-5454, [email protected] Dead­line: 1/25. Tuition: $40,520. Degrees: 1,2,4,7,8. Graduate tuition: $650/hr. 65 music majors, 35 faculty, 3,600 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Coe College (Cedar Rapids). Coe College is a selective, private, nationally recognized four-year liberal arts college providing superior educational experiences for students since 1851. Coe offers Bachelor of Music degrees in education, performance, and composition, and the Bachelor of Arts in Music with emphasis in jazz, musical theatre, music industry, and pre-music therapy. Contact: Bob Benson, 1220 1st Avenue, NE, 319-399-8500, [email protected] Dead­line: 3/1. Tuition: $45,230. Degrees: 1,2,4,8,9,11,12. 50 music majors, 31 faculty, 1,400 total enrollment. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 1 chor.

Iowa State University (Ames). Profes­sional studies for students who wish to prepare for careers in music education, performance, and composition. Courses in music literature, theory, areas of performance, and string ensembles. Contact: Kevin Judge, Music Hall, 515-294-3345, [email protected] Dead­line: 2/8. Tu­i­tion: $14,912 res., $21,292 non-res. Degrees: 1,2,4. 130 music majors, 36 faculty, 36,000 total enrollment. 8 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

St. Ambrose University (Davenport). Offering more than 60 majors, St. Ambrose University is committed to academic excellence, the liberal arts, social justice, and service. Music scholarships are available to both music majors and those pursuing degrees other than music. Contact: Terri Flynn, 518 W. Locust, 563-333-6145, [email protected] Deadline: rolling. Degrees: 1,2. 3,600 total enrollment. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 5 chor.

University of Iowa (Iowa City). The University of Iowa School of Music offers degree paths in all areas of music, from performance and academics to music education and music therapy. UI has a remarkable 9 to 1 student to faculty ratio; with a combined 450 undergraduate and graduate students, it is large enough to sustain strong programs in all areas of specialization, yet small enough to provide individual attention to every student. Contact: Pauline Wieland, 93 E. Burlington St., [email protected],
319-335-1604. Deadline: 3/1. Degrees: 1-9. Graduate deadline: 7/15. Graduate degrees: 1-9. 450 music majors, 60 faculty, 31,387 total enrollment. 5 bands, 7 jazz bands, 3 orch., 5 chor.

University of Northern Iowa (Cedar Falls). The UNI School of Music is regarded as one of the finest music programs in the Midwest and is NASM accredited. Students interested in majoring in music or participating in music ensembles will be excited to find exceptional faculty, innovative programs and state-of-the-art facilities at an affordable price. Contact: Caroline Francis, 115 Russell Hall, 319-273-2024, [email protected] Dead­line: rol­ling. Tuition $8,938 res., $19,480 non-res. Degrees: 1-6,9-11,13. Graduate deadline: rolling. Graduate tuition: $10,432 res., $20,906 non-res. Degrees 1-6,9. 300 music majors, 50 grad. students, 60 faculty, 11,905 total enrollment. 3 bands, 3 jazz bands, 1 orch., 5 chor.

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Kansas State University (Manhattan). More than 3,000 Kansas State students participate in music. Our music education program, in particular, is one of the strongest programs anywhere. Kansas State Univer­sity’s Department of Music is committed to the highest ideals of music education, performance, scholarship, and service to the arts. Con­tact: New Student Services, Berney Family Welcome Center, 785-532-6318, [email protected] Degrees: 1-6. Grad. degrees: 1-6. 300 music majors, 40 faculty, 24,766 total enrollment. 6 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 1 chor.

Pittsburg State University (Pittsburg) is a comprehensive, regional institution in the southeast corner of Kansas. The music program offers BA, BM, BME, and MM degrees, with many areas of specialty. The school is a member of NASM. Contact: Susan Marchant, 1701 S. Broadway, 620-235-4466, fax: 620-235-4468, [email protected] Deadline: rolling. Tuition: $7,298 res., $18,642 non-res. (fee reduction program available). Undergraduate degrees: 1,2. Grad. deadline: rolling. Options for reduced tuition for students from Ark., Miss., Okla., & Texas. Graduate degrees: 1,2,6. 115 music majors, 15 graduate students, 20 faculty, 7,400 total enrollment. 2 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 3 chor.

University of Kansas (Lawrence). The School of Music at the University of Kansas offers an array of programs of study at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels and contributes to the arts community through student, faculty and visiting artist performances. Contact: Christine Metz Howard, 452 Murphy Hall, 1530 Naismith Drive, 785-864-9751, [email protected] Deadline: 11/1. Under­graduate degrees: 1-9. Graduate deadline: 12/1. Graduate degrees: 1-9. 267 music majors, 204 graduate students, 70 faculty, 20,000 total enrollment. 4 bands, 9 jazz bands, 1 orchestra, 7 chor.

Wichita State University
(Wichita). The School of Music is highly performance oriented, but we also have a wonderful Music Education department. Our Opera department is also outstanding. Our faculty perform regularly with the Wichita Symphony, Music Theatre Wichita, and Wichita Grand Opera. Contact: Russ Widener, 1845 Fairmount, 316-978-6565, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 1/10. Undergrad. degrees: 1-6,9,12. Grad. deadline: 7/15. Grad. degrees: 1-6. 200 music majors, 100 grad. students, 50 faculty, 16,000 total enroll. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Asbury University (Wilmore) is an accredited institutional member of the National As­sociation of Schools of Music. Music faculty help students gain a high level of performance proficiency, a firm theoretical and historical foundation, a solid preparation for a music career and/or graduate study, with a fusion of Christian faith and practice. Contact: Glen Flanigan, 1 Macklem Dr., 859-858-3511, [email protected] Deadline: rol­ling. Tui­tion: $29,900. Degrees: 1,2,4,5,7. 40 music ma­jors, 24 faculty, 1,956 total enrollment. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Murray State University (Murray). The Department of Music offers a wide range of degree programs allowing students to pursue a multitude of musical careers. The faculty and staff strive to ensure that each student receives individual attention and guidance. With multiple bachelor degrees available, the department offers majors in education, performance, composition and business. Contact: Lucia Unrau, 505 Fine Arts Bldg., 809-270-6176, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 12/1. Undergraduate tuition: $9,168 res., $24,792 non-res. Degrees: 1,2,4,10,11,12. Graduate deadline: rolling. Graduate tuition: $544/hr res., $9,466 non-res. 250 music majors, 5 graduate students, 29 faculty, 9,466 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

University of Kentucky (Lexington). For almost 100 years, the University of Kentucky School of Music has helped musicians prepare for careers as performers, educators, researchers, and a wide array of leadership positions in and outside the musical realm. Music majors benefit from world-class teaching and broad academic offerings. There are abundant opportunities to participate in both large and chamber ensembles. Contact: Laurie Flewwellin, UK School of Music, 105 Fine Arts Building, 859-257-4900, [email protected] Degrees: 1,2,10,12. Grad. deg: 1-8,10. 250 music ma­­jors, 150 grad. students, 50 faculty, 30,000 total enroll. 3 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

Western Kentucky University (Bowling Green) The WKU Department of Music promotes the study and experience of music in its broadest sense: preparing artist teachers and performers, enhancing creativity and the human spirit, and enriching the quality of life on campus, in the region, and in our global community. Contact: Jace Lux, 1906 College Heights Blvd., 270-745-0111, [email protected] Deadline: 8/1. Under­grad. tuition: $10,802 res., $26,496 non-res. Undergrad. degrees: 1,2, Liberal Arts in Music, Music Minor. Grad. deadline: 8/1. Graduate tuition: $607/hr. res., $917/hr. non-res. Grad. degrees: 2,6, Pedagogy. 180 music majors, 20 grad. students, 40 faculty, 20,000 total enrollment. 6 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 6 chor.

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University of Louisiana (Monroe). VAPA programs are designed to develop your expertise, challenge your creativity, and fuel your passion for the arts! The Music Program, an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music, offers the Bachelor of Music degree with concentrations in performance, theory and composition, piano pedagogy, and music education. Contact: 700 University Ave., 318-342-5430, [email protected] Under­grad­uate deadline: 12/1. Under­grad­uate de­grees: 1-4, Piano Pedagogy. Grad­uate degrees: Master of Education. 85 music majors, 2 graduate students, 22 faculty, 9,200 total enrollment. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 4 chor.

University of Maine (Orono). UMaine, within the School of Performing Arts, offers the future and present music educators of our state and region degree programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. We also offer programs concentrating in Performance and general B.A. in music and a B.A. with a concentration in jazz. Contact: Laura Artesani, Class of 1944 Hall, 207-581-4700, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: rolling. Undergraduate tuition: $9,600 res., $31,264 non-res. Undergrad. de­grees: 1,2. Grad. deadline: 2/1. Grad. tuition: $8,100 res., $26,382 non-res. Grad. degrees: 1,2. 100 music majors, 12 grad. students, 14 faculty, 10,000 total enrollment. 4 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

University of Southern Maine (Gorham). Excellence is the hallmark of the School of Music, offering a personalized and opportunity-based approach to educating U­ni­ver­si­ty musicians, featuring a faculty of distinguished performers and scholars. Offering degrees in music performance, music education, composition, jazz studies, piano pedagogy, musical theatre, and conducting at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Contact: Christenia Alden-Kinne, 37 College Ave., 207-780-5265, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 8/15. Undergraduate tuition: $9,850 res., $23,590 non-res. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,4,9,12, BA-music. Graduate deadline: 8/15. Grad­uate tuition: $2,895 res., $7,215 non-res. Graduate Degrees: 1,2,4,6,9, MM-pedagogy. 140 music majors, 25 graduate students, 10 faculty, 8140 total enrollment. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hop­kins University (Baltimore).

At the Peabody Conservatory, we are a community of artists – cultivating excellence, embracing new ideas, and committed to the future of music in our world. At Peabody, you’ll learn what it means to be a modern artist, ready to take your place in the world and shape the future with sound. Contact: John Huling, 1 E. Mt. Ver­non Pl., [email protected], [email protected], 667-208-6600. Un­der­graduate deadline: 12/1. Under­graduate tuition: $51,077. Under­graduate de­grees: 1,2,4,9,13. Graduate deadline: 12/1. Graduate tuition: $51,077. Graduate de­grees: 1-6,9,13. 375 music majors, 375 graduate students, 180 faculty, 750 total enrollment. 1 band, 2 jazz bands, 5 orch., 2 chor.

University of Maryland Baltimore County (Baltimore). Our extensive performance op­portunities give students the chance to shine, while our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures a personalized educational experience. Contact: Connie Bailey, 1000 Hilltop Cir., 410-455-2942, [email protected] Deadline: 2/1. Degrees: 1,2,4,5,9,13. 150 music ma­jors, 14 full-time, 32 part-time faculty, 13,637 total enrollment. 1 band, 3 jazz bands, 1 orch., 2 chor.

University of Maryland (College Park). At the University of Maryland you will find the personal attention of an elite School of Music alongside the wealth of experiences only available at a public research institution. Contact: Jenny Lang, 8115 Alumni Drive, 2110 Clarice Smith Center, 301-405-8435, [email protected] Under­grad­uate deadline: 11/1. Under-graduate tuition: $10,779 res., $36,891 non-res. Degrees: 1-4,9. Graduate deadline: 12/1. Graduate tuition: $12,598-$16,255 res., $26,902-$34,135 non-res. Graduate degrees: 1-6,9. 200 music majors, 215 graduate students, 100 faculty, 28,000 total enrollment. 4 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

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Boston Conservatory at Berklee (Bos­ton). Boston Conservatory at Berklee is reimaging, what a conservatory education should be for today’s performing artists. Apply by December 15. Contact: Brian Calhoon, 8 Fenway, 617-912-9153, fax 617.912.9153, [email protected] Deadline: 1/15. Degrees: 1,4,12. Grad­uate deadline: 1/15. Graduate degrees: 1,2,4,6,12. 226 music majors, 86 faculty, total enrollment 660. 3 bands, 3 orch., 4 chor.

Bridgewater State University
(Bridgewater). With easy public transportation to Boston, Bridgewater State University provides exciting opportunities for music performance and education for both music majors and non-majors within a challenging and supportive setting, including a wide range of performance opportunities spanning several genres and styles. Contact: Donald Running, 112 Hunt Hall, 508-531-2054, [email protected] Dead­line: 2/15. Tuition: $11,267 res., $17,417 non-res. Degrees: 1,2,9. Grad. deadline: 4/1. Tuition: $459.96/cr. Degree: 2. 40 music majors, 15 grad. students, 35 faculty, 12,000 total enrollment. 2 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Longy School of Music of Bard College (Cambridge) Study in vibrant Harvard Square – or Los Angeles. The new Master of Music in Music Education (MM/ME) program at our Cambridge campus and our Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in LA lead to Massachusetts and California teacher certification in one year - preparing leaders to foster social justice in urban schools. Contact: Tyler Reece, 27 Garden Street, 617-831-1790, [email protected] Dead­line: 1/3. Tuition: $43,750. Under­graduate degrees: 1,2,4. Graduate tuition: $43,750. Graduate degrees: 1,2,4,9. 39 music majors, 231 graduate students 128 faculty, 270 total enrollment. 2 band, 1 jazz band, 2 orch., 3 chor.

New England Conservatory (Boston). NEC is a premier conservatory that values exploration and collaboration. Our students are mentored by a devoted faculty of esteemed artist-teachers and scholars. Our alumni fill orchestra chairs, concert halls, jazz clubs, recording studios, and arts management positions worldwide. Nearly half of the Boston Symphony Orchestra faculty are NEC alumni/faculty. Contact: Alex Powell, 290 Huntington Ave., 617-585-1101, [email protected] Dead­line: 1/1. Degrees: 1,4,9; Contem­porary Im­prov­­i­sation. Graduate deadline: 1/1. Graduate degrees: 1,3,4,5,9; Con­temporary Im­prov­isation. 400 music ma­jors, 375 graduate students, 230 music faculty, 400 total undergrad. enrollment. 2 bands, 30 jazz bands, 4 orch., 2 chor.

University of Massachusetts (Amherst).

The Department of Music and Dance offers outstanding educational opportunities leading to performance and teaching careers within a diverse university setting. As a close-knit community within a large campus, music students experience conservatory-quality training at the flagship campus of the University of Massachusetts. Contact: Nathaniel Gowen, 263A Fine Arts Center - East, 413-545-6048, fax: 413.545.2092, [email protected] Undergraduate deadlines: Early 11/5, Regular 1/15. Undergraduate tuition: $16,389 res., $35,710 non-res. Under­graduate degrees: 1-5,9. Graduate dead­line: 10/1 for Spring, 2/1 for Fall. Graduate tuition: $16,209 res., $31,724 non-res. Graduate degrees: 1-6,9. 200 music majors, 50 graduate students, 45 faculty, 23,000 total enrollment. 4 bands, 6 jazz bands, 3 orch., 5 chor., 15 chamber/studio ensembles.

Central Michigan University (Mount Pleasant). The School of Music is the artistic hub of Central Michigan University. The School’s dedicated faculty of artist/teachers, a rigorous curriculum, and the outstanding accomplishments of our students and alumni fuel its success and recognition. Contact: Lynn Losey, School of Music 162, 989-774-1950, [email protected] Un­der­graduate deadline 3/15. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,3,4. Graduate deadline: 3/15. Graduate degrees: 1,2,4,6. 400 music majors, 70 graduate students, 48 faculty. 4 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti). EMU School of Music & Dance offers undergrad and grad degrees, including music education, music therapy, performance, collaborative piano, piano pedagogy, and dance within a strong liberal arts tradition. A major university with small classes taught by professors. Lots of performance opportunities, world-class faculty. Afford­able education; instate for Ohio. Contact: Donald Babcock, N101 Alexander, 734-487-4380, [email protected] Under­graduate deadline: March 2020. Under­graduate tui­tion: $9,906 res., $24,622 non-res. Under­graduate degrees: 1,2,8,10, BA, minor. Grad­uate deadline: March 2020. Graduate tuition: $8,364 res., $9,660 non-res. Degrees: 1,2,4,10, piano pedagogy, collaborative piano. 295 music students, 50 grad. students, 60 faculty, 22,000 enrollment. 5 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Grand Valley State University (Allen­dale) is a comprehensive, four-year public institution located near Grand Rapids, Michigan, that has established a reputation for preparing its more than 25,000 students to excel in virtually every field. GVSU’s liberal education focus emphasizes critical thinking, creative problem solving, and cultural understanding – preparing students for life in a fast-changing world. Contact: Caitlin Cusack, 1 Campus Dr., 1300 Performing Arts Center, 616-331-3484, fax 616.331.3100, [email protected] Deadline: 2/1. De­grees: 1,2. 200 music majors, 57 faculty, 25,325 total enrollment. 4 bands, 1 jazz band, 2 orch., 4 chor.

Hope College (Holland). Housed in state-of-the-art Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts (opened 2015), the Hope College Department of Music offers professional training in performance and music education in the context of a private liberal arts college, affiliated with the Reformed Church in America. Scholarship auditions begin November 15. 221 Columbia Avenue, 616-395-7650, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: rolling. Degrees: 1,2,9, BA. 50 music majors, 40 faculty, 3,200 total enrollment. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 2 orch., 5 chor.

Michigan State University (East Lansing). The College of Music prepares students to become world-class musicians within the setting of a major Big Ten university. Our world-renowned faculty help our students discover new worlds of expression and develop a creative style that is uniquely their own. We offer a wide range of performance opportunities and scholarly activities. 333 W. Circle Dr., 517-432-2140, [email protected] Under-graduate deadline: 2/1. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,3,9, BA in Music (General). Graduate deadline: 12/1. Graduate degrees: 1-6,8. 550 music majors, 250 graduate students, 70 faculty, 50,000 total enrollment. 6 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 8 chor.

University of Michigan
(Ann Arbor). Founded in 1880, the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance is one of the finest performing arts schools in the United States. Encompassing programs in dance, music, musical theatre, and theatre, we are consistently ranked among the top performing arts schools in the country. Contact: Julia Hoffert, 1100 Baits Drive, 2290 Moore Bldg., 734-764-0593, [email protected] Dead­line: 2/1. Undergraduate degrees: 1-5,7,9,12,13. Grad. degrees: 1-7,9,13. 150 faculty, total enrollment 29,000. 5 bands, 4 jazz bands, 5 orch., 9 chor.

Western Michigan University (Kala-mazoo) is dedicated to the advancement of the musical arts through traditional study and performance, while promoting the development of new musical paths, preparing students for an ever-changing profession. Contact: Music Advising, 1903 W. Michigan Ave., 269-387-4672, [email protected] Under­grad­. deadline: 2/15. Undergrad. tuition $13,396 res., $16,286 non-res. Undergrad. degrees: 1,2,4,8,9,12,13. Graduate deadline: 3/1. Grad. tuition: $681.67/cr. hr. res., $1,268/cr. hr. non-res. Graduate degrees: 1,4,6,8. 480 music majors, 80 graduate students, 45 faculty, 22,562 total enrollment. 3 bands, 3 jazz bands, 1 orch., 5 chor.

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Augsburg University (Minneapolis) has maintained a strong academic reputation defined by excellence in the liberal arts and professional studies since 1869. A safe and welcoming campus in the heart of Minneapolis, Augsburg offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to more than 3,500 diverse students. Contact: Shonna Fulford, 2211 Riverside Ave., 612-330-1001, fax 612.330.1590, [email protected] Dead­line: rolling. Undergrad. degrees: 1,2,8, BA in Music, BA in Music Business. Grad. degree: 8. 110 music majors, 16 grad students, 48 faculty, 4,524 total enroll. 1 band, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

St. Cloud State University (Saint Cloud). St. Cloud State is an award winning regional public university located on the beautiful Mississippi River. Degrees are available in music education, performance, composition, new media and music therapy. Scholarships range from $1,500 to $5,000, and performance awards are available to non-majors. Contact: Kristian Twombly, 720 Fourth Ave. South, 320-308-3223, [email protected] Dead-line: 5/1. Degrees: 1,2,4,8. 85 music majors, 25 faculty, 13,752 total enroll. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor

St. Olaf College (Northfield) offers renowned performance opportunities and a comprehensive music curriculum within an academically rigorous liberal arts setting. Both BA and BM degrees are offered, with BM majors in performance, theory/composition, music education, church music. St. Olaf’s nationally ranked programs in math and natural sciences also attract talented non-music major participants. 1520 St. Olaf Ave., 507-786-3297, [email protected] Deadline: 12/15. De­grees: 1-5,7, BA in music. 275 music majors, 60 faculty, 3,000 enroll. 2 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 8 chor.

Southwest Minnesota State University (Marshall). SMSU is a 4-year liberal arts college in southwest Minnesota. The university offers many undergraduate degrees including a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Bachelor of Science in Music Education. Emphases include performance, theory/composition, management, and Music in the Liberal Arts as well as instrumental and choral music education. Contact: John Ginocchio, 1501 State Street, 507-537-7209, [email protected] Deadline: 5/30. Tuition: $8,908. Degrees: 1,2,4,11. 30 music majors, 3 music faculty, 2,500 total enroll. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 3 chor.

University of Minnesota (Duluth). The Department of Music at UMD is a vibrant and artistic learning environment with outstanding faculty members who provide students with a comprehensive music education in music, preparing them for employment and enriching their lives through their study of music. Contact: Dee Charles, 31 W. College St., 218-726-7890, fax: 218.726.6824, [email protected] Undergraduate degrees: 1-4,9, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts, Music Minor. Graduate degrees: 1,2,6, Instrumental, Vocal, Collaborative Piano. 160 music majors, 18 graduate students, 40 faculty, 9,239 total enrollment. 4 bands, 4 jazz bands, 3 orch., 5 chor.

University of Minnesota (Minneapolis). At the University of Minnesota School of Music, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the many advantages of a premier research University and vibrant metropolitan arts scene while also benefitting from the welcoming atmosphere created by our small cohort of faculty and students, gaining a truly world-class education. Contact: Anabel Njoes, 2106 4th Street South, 612-624-2847, fax 612.624.8001, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 1/1. Degrees: 1,2,8, BA in Music. Graduate deadline: 12/1. Degrees: 1-6,8, Col­lab­o­rative Piano. 250 music majors, 80 faculty, 30,000 total enrollment. 5 bands, 5 jazz bands, 2 orch., 5 chor.

University of St. Thomas (St. Paul). We are Minnesota’s largest private university with over 10,000 students committed to the common good. We have a renowned faculty of progressive artists and practitioners leading undergraduate studies and graduate programs for educators. Ensembles welcome all and provide academic credit. Scholarships are based on performance and academic achievement. Contact: Shersten Johnson, 2115 Summit Avenue, BEC 05, 651-962-5850, [email protected]. Under­graduate tuition: $41,481. Un­der­graduate de­grees: 1,2,4,7,11,13. Graduate degrees: 2. 80 music ma­jors, 125 graduate students, 50 fa­culty, 10,000 total enrollment. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 6 chor.

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Central Methodist University, Swinney Conservatory of Music (Fayette). CMU students have plentiful performance opportunities, work closely with dedicated faculty, and are part of a vibrant community of scholar-musicians. With a focus on academic excellence, ethical leadership, and social responsibility, CMU offers baccalaureate degrees in Music Education, Performance, Music Ministry, and a Master of Music Education. Con­tact: Tim O’Sullivan, 411 Central Methodist Square, 660-248-6317, [email protected] Un­der­grad­uate deadline: rolling. Under­graduate tu­i­tion: $24,300. Under­graduate degrees: 1,2,7. Graduate deadline: rolling. Graduate tuition: $260/hour. Grad­uate degree: 2. 70 music majors, 20 graduate students, 18 music faculty, 1,150 total enrollment. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 2 chor.

Northwest Missouri State University (Maryville). Northwest Missouri State University is a great place to study music and music education. The Northwest Music program offers Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.) and Bachelor of Arts in Music (B.A.) degrees. Since 1969, Northwest Missouri State University has been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. Contact: Jeremy Waldeier, 800 University Dr., 660-562-1722, [email protected] Un­der­graduate tuition: $10,297.50 res., $17,524.80 non-res. Undergraduate de­grees: 1,2. 105 music majors, 19 music faculty, 5,654 total enrollment. 4 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Truman State University (Kirks­ville). Truman’s success as one of the nation’s premier public liberal arts and sciences institutions can be traced to one guiding principle: an unwavering commitment to the undergraduate student. Truman offers an affordable education where intellectual challenge is embraced in a nurturing and diverse environment. 100 E. Normal Avenue, 660-785-4114, fax: 660.785.7456, [email protected] Deadline: 12/1. Undergrad. degrees: 1,3,4, Jazz Studies minor. Grad. deadlines: 11/1, 4/1, 6/1. Grad. degrees: 1-6, Master of Arts in Education – Music. 154 music majors, 28 graduate students, 24 faculty, 5,853 enroll. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

University of Central Missouri
(Warrens-burg) provides a broad, rich foundation of training and experience, developing flexible artists, ready to engage with the world of music today. Traditional strengths of music education and music technology are complemented by vital emphases in performance, conducting, and pedagogy. De­part­ment of Music, Utt 109, 660-543-4682, fax: 660.543.8271, [email protected] Dead­line ongoing. Degrees: 1,2,9,11,12,13, Piano Ped­agogy. Grad. deadline: 3 weeks prior to starting semester. Grad. degrees: 1,2,5,6,9, Piano Pedagogy. 220 music majors, 60 grad. students, 33 faculty, 14,000 total enrollment. 5 bands, 2, jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

University of Missouri (Kansas City). UMKC is the University of Missouri’s designated campus for the performing arts. The Conservatory is a major contributor and component in the Kansas City arts community. Training tomorrow’s musicians, dancers, actors, and educators by providing exceptional, experienced faculty, plus outstanding student opportunities. Con­tact: Julie Koch, Grant Hall, 5227 Holmes St., 816-235-2900, [email protected] Undergrad. deadline: 12/15. Under­graduate tuition: $10,400 res., $26,300 non-res. Undergraduate degrees: 1-4,8,9, Dance, Theatre. Grad­uate deadline: 12/1. Grad-uate tuition: $9,200 res., $21,800 non-res. Graduate degrees: 1-6,8,9, Theatre. 330 music majors, 220 graduate students, 100 faculty, 13,000 total enrollment. 2 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

University of Nebraska (Kearney). The Department of Music at UNK provides a high-quality music education at an outstanding value. Our highest priority is to educate students to become lifelong, independent learners and practitioners of the arts. Our faculty fosters a student-centered environment with emphasis on leadership, inquiry, and cooperative learning. Contact: LeeAnn Amm, 2510 11th Ave., 308-865-8526, [email protected] Undergraduate dead­line: rolling. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,12, BA, BM, BME. Graduate deadline: rolling. Graduate degrees: 2; MAE. 104 music majors, 16 graduate students, 22 faculty. 4 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch. 5 chor.

University of Nebraska (Lincoln). The Glenn Korff School of Music nurtures the creativity, artistry, and scholarship of students and faculty; educates students to achieve excellence as educators, performers, composers, and scholars; and enriches the education of all students through the study and practice of music and dance. Contact: Janet Sievert, 121 Westbrook Music Building, 402-472-2503, fax: 402.472.8962, [email protected] Under-graduate deadline: 5/1. Under­graduate degrees: 1,2,4, BA, BM, BME. Graduate deadline: 2/1. Grad­uate degrees: 1-6,9, MM, DMA, PhD. 380 music majors, 60 faculty, 25,000 total enrollment. 6 bands, 3 jazz bands, 3 orch., 6 chor.

New Hampshire
Keene State College (Keene). KSC’s versatile Music program includes Bachelor of Music degrees in Music Education, Performance, Composition, and Music Technology, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Music option. Music majors participate in various ensembles, perform in masterclasses with guest artists, and are active in their professional organizations. Contact: admissions office, 229 Main St., 800-572-1909, [email protected] Deg: 1,2,4,6,13. 93 music majors, 729 graduate students, 35 faculty. 12 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

University of New Hampshire (Durham). is located in the beautiful, vibrant, and accessible seacoast area of New Hampshire, we offer programs in performance, composition, and music education. Regardless of program, our dedicated faculty strives to develop our students into the best musicians they can be. Contact: Alexis Zaricki, 30 Academic Way, 603-862-2418, [email protected] Undergrad. dead­line: 2/1. Under­grad. degrees: 1,2,4. Grad­u­ate deadline: 4/1. Grad. degrees: 4-6. 115 music majors, 7 grad. students, 35 faculty, 13,000 total enrollment. 5 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

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New Jersey
Kean University (Union). With a student body of less than 100, the Conservatory of Music, located on a beautiful campus in Union, NJ, is dedicated to the undergraduate music major interested in majoring in performance and/or music education. The private studio faculty are active performing artist from the greater New York area.  Contact: 908-737-4330, [email protected] Dead­line 8/1. Tuition $12,595 res., $19,770 non-res. Degrees: 1,2. 90 music majors, 27 faculty, 14,770 total enroll. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orchestra, 3 choruses.

Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey (New Brunswick). Students at Mason Gross have access to all the resources of a music conservatory situated within a nationally-ranked research university. Located just 45 minutes outside of New York City, the Mason Gross faculty boasts principals and members of the New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Contact: Emalina Thompson, 33 Livings­ton Ave., 848-932-5241, [email protected] Under­grad­uate dead­line: 12/1. Undergrad­uate tui­tion: $11,999 res., $28,036 non-res. Un­der­grad­uate de­grees: 1,2,4,9. Graduate deadline: 2/1. Grad­uate tuition: $19,074. Degrees: 1-6,8. 272 music majors, 75 graduate students, 110 faculty, 35,000 total enrollment. 4 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

New Jersey City University (Jersey City). NJCU’s beautiful campus is located just minutes away from New York City. The university’s close proximity to Manhattan allows students to sample New York’s cultural riches. The department of music also features a world class faculty. Contacts: Paul Robertson or Min Kim, 2039 Kennedy Boulevard, 201-200-2178/2025, [email protected], [email protected] Under­graduate degrees: 1,2,11,12. Grad­uate degrees: 1,2,9, multiple woodwind. 160 music majors, 40 graduate students, 14 full-time faculty.

Plymouth State University (Plymouth). Plymouth State University’s Integrated Clusters model breaks the mold for active participation. Whether you dream of a career in the arts or can’t live without them, you will have many opportunities to combine your talents with students from other majors, and with faculty, staff, working artists, and community partners. Contact: Matthew Wallace, 17 High St. MSC 52, 800-842-6900, [email protected]. Undergraduate deadline: April 1. Under­grad­uate tuition: $14,440 res., $23,330 non-res. Undergraduate degrees: 1,11,12. Grad­uate deadline: April 15. Graduate tuition: $575/cr. res., $800/cr. non-res. Graduate degrees: Integrated Arts. 100 music majors, 5 graduate students, 21 faculty, 4,100 total enrollment. 4 bands, 3 jazz bands, 3 chor.

William Paterson University (Wayne). The Department of Music at William Paterson University is committed to developing students’ talents in a supportive and challenging environment. We offer superior degree programs across the musical spectrum, with focuses from classical music to jazz to popular music and concentrations ranging from music education, industry, production and performance. Contact: Iris Perry, 300 Pompton Rd., 973-720-3466, [email protected] Under­grad. deadline: 6/1. Degrees: 1,2,9,11,13. Graduate deadline varies by program. Grad. degrees: 1,2,4,9,11. 230 music majors, 20 graduate students, 100 faculty, 11,000 total enrollment. 15 bands, 30 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

New Mexico
Eastern New Mexico University (Por­tales). The Eastern New Mexico University Department of Music is committed to providing development of the individual student as an artist, educated member of society and expressive human being; exceptional professional preparation; educational and aesthetic experiences for the community and region; and response to the changing needs of contemporary society. Contact: Jacquelyn Campbell, 1500 S. Ave. K, ENMU Station 16, 800-367-3668, [email protected] Deadline: 8/1. Tuition: $6,450 res., $18,448 non-res. Degrees: 1,2,4,13. 135 music majors, 20 faculty, 6,200 total enrollment. 4 bands, 3 jazz bands, 3 chor.

University of New Mexico (Albu­quer­que). The University of New Mexico Department of Music strives to give each student a first-rate musical education under the guidance of our dynamic artist faculty, and a well-balanced program among the disciplines of performance, music education, theory and composition, jazz studies, string pedagogy, conducting and musicology. Contact: Michael Hix, MSC04 2570, 1 Univer­sity of New Mexico, 505-277-2126, [email protected] Under­grad. degrees: 1-4,9. Grad. degrees: 1-6. 200 music majors, 100 grad. students, 65 faculty, 25,000 total enroll. 4 bands, 4 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

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New York
The College of Saint Rose (Albany).

A progressive community of scholars focused on applying what they’ve learned to engage in the world around them, The College of Saint Rose offers a private, independent, coeducational college experience in a vibrant urban setting. Saint Rose combines rigorous studies with opportunities for students to meaningfully interact with their community. Contact: Sara Sirianni, 432 Western Avenue, 518-485-3383, [email protected] Under­graduate deadline: early decision 12/1, regular decision 2/1. Undergrad­uate tuition: $32,218. Under­graduate degrees: 1,2,11. 229 music majors, 59 faculty, 2,456 total enrollment. 3 bands, 3 jazz band, 2 orch. 5 chor.

Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester (Rochester) maintains the highest standards for artistry, intelligent musicianship, and scholarship and provides an outstanding faculty, broad and continuous playing experience, and innovative ap­proaches to career development. Eastman students enjoy a collaborative musical en­vironment and can earn minors or second degrees at the University of Rochester. Contact: 26 Gibbs Street, 585-274-1000, [email protected] Deadline: 12/1. Undergraduate degrees: 1-4,9, double major. Graduate degrees: 1,2,4-6,9, Opera, Piano Accompanying and Chamber Music. 550 music majors, 450 graduate students, 120 faculty, 1,000 total enrollment. 2 bands, 4 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

Houghton College, Greatbatch School of Music (Houghton) is uniquely situated as a conservatory model school of music within a Christ-centered, nationally-ranked, liberal arts college. Students learn from accomplished faculty who teach with integrity. Opportunities include internships and residencies, international touring with ensembles, Pro Tools certification, Presidential Scholarship Competition, and generous graduate assistantships. Contact: Kelly Van Kirk, 1 Willard Ave., 585-567-9400, [email protected] Under­grad­uate dead­line: rolling. Undergraduate de­grees: 1,2,4, 11, BA, BMus with non-music elective studies. Graduate deadline: roll­ing. Graduate degrees: 1,4,6, MA, MM in Collaborative Performance. 101 music majors, 15 graduate students, 26 faculty, 1,031 total enroll. 1 band, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Ithaca College (Ithaca). Founded in 1892 as a conservatory, the School of Music offers a superb blend of full-time faculty, performance opportunities, and success in job acquisition. With a commitment to undergraduate education, the School of Music has 500 undergraduate and 50 graduate students. Contact: Bradley Whitte­more, 953 Danby Road, 607-274-3366, [email protected] Undergraduate dead­line: 12/1. Under­grad. tuition: $45,274. Undergraduate degrees: 1-4,9,12,13, Per­for­mance & Music Education. Graduate deadline: 12/1. Graduate tuition: $893/cr. Grad­uate degrees: 1,2,4,6. 500 music majors, 50 graduate students, 75 faculty. 6,200 total enrollment. 3 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 3 chor.

The Juilliard School (New York). Since opening in October 1905, Juilliard has set this country’s standard for education in the performing arts. An original constituent of Lincoln Center, Juilliard is growing with the needs of a thriving cultural community in the US and abroad. Contact: Music Admissions, 60 Lincoln Center Plaza, 212-799-5000, [email protected] Dead­line: 12/1. Tuition: $45,110. Deg: 1,4-6,9. 350 music majors, 310 grad. music majors, 250 faculty. 1 band, 2 jazz bands, 4 orch.

Long Island University, Post Campus (Brookville). LIU Post is a liberal arts institution set in a 307 acre estate located only 45 minutes from New York City on the north shore of Long Island, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in performance, music education, composition,  music history, music technology, production, and entrepreneurship. Scholarships are available. Contact: Lisa Meyer, Dept. of Music, 720 Northern Blvd., 516-299-2475, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: rolling. Tuition: $36,452 res., $50,802 (w/ room and board) non-res. Degrees: 1-5,9,11,13. Graduate deadline: rolling. Tuition: $22,482 res., $36,832 non-res. Degrees: 1-6,9. 50 undergrad. music majors, 30 grad. music majors, 43 faculty, 3,000 total enrollment. 4 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 3 chor.

Manhattan School of Music (New York). Manhattan School of Music prepares highly talented students for careers as passionate performers and composers and to be imaginative, effective leaders in the arts. Our students thrive in a supportive atmosphere that encourages excellence, values individuals, and welcomes innovation. Contact: Christian Cassidy, 120 Clare­mont Ave., 917-493-4436, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 12/1. Undergraduate degrees: 1,4,9,12. Graduate deadline: 12/1. Graduate degrees: 1,2,4,6,9. 474 music majors, 490 graduate students, 179 faculty, 964 total enrollment. 2 bands, 5 jazz bands, 6 orch., 3 chor.

Nazareth College of Rochester, Department of Music (Rochester). Nazareth College School of Music, Linking the Professional Arts, Liberal Arts and Fine Arts. The Nazareth College Department of Music offers degrees in Music Therapy, Music Education, Music Performance, Music Composition, and Music Business with each student receiving a paid internship grant within the first two years of study. Contact: Nancy Strelau, 4245 East Ave., 585-389-2691, [email protected] Undergraduate dead­line: rolling. Under­graduate tuition: $33,863. Under­graduate degrees: 1,2,4,8,11,12. Graduate. deadline: rolling. Tuition: $958/cr. Degrees: 1,2,8. 220 music majors, 40 grad. students, 70 faculty, 2,400 total enrollment. 2 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 2 chor.

New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human De­velopment (New York). The Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions at NYU Steinhardt offers professional training combined with the academic excellence of an internationally recognized university. Our programs, baccalaureate through doctoral, share a spirit of openness and innovation that encourages the pursuit of high artistic goals enriched by the world of interdisciplinary ideas. Contact: Paul Horan, 35 W. Fourth St., Suite 1077, 212-995-4043, [email protected]. Undergraduate dead­line: 1/1. Undergraduate tuition: $53,308. Undergraduate degrees: 1-4,9,11-13. Graduate deadlines: Masters 1/6, Doc­toral 12/1. Graduate tuition: $43,080. Grad­uate degrees: 1-4,8-13. 730 music majors, 745 graduate students, 300 faculty, 1,475 total enrollment. 1 band, 25 jazz bands, 4 orch. 7 chor.

Queens College, Aaron Copland School of Music (Queens). The Aaron Copland School of Music (ACSM) is located in Flushing, New York. The School of Music is part of Queens College, of the leading senior college in the City University of New York. ACSM offers a first-class curriculum, renowned faculty, and an extraordinary facility, at an extremely affordable tuition. Contact: Jane Cho, 6530 Kissena Blvd., 718-997-3800, [email protected]
edu. Undergraduate deadline: 1/1. Under­graduate de­grees: 1,2. Graduate deadline: 2/1. Graduate de­grees 1-5,9,13. 200 music majors, 190 graduate students, 105 faculty, 19,000 total enrollment. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 2 orch., 3 chor.

State University of New York
(Fredonia). Fredonia boasts a rich and diverse musical environment, with opportunities to perform, create, innovate, teach, and lead. Our artist faculty is dedicated to teaching. Our facilities are award winning. Our campus is modern, beautiful, and welcoming. Fredonia offers conservatory-quality training at a price that is within reach. Contact: Barry Kilpatrick, 280 Central Avenue, 716-673-3151, [email protected] Un­der­graduate deadline: 4/1. Undergraduate tui­tion: $7,070 res., $16,980 non-res. Under­graduate degrees: 1-6,8-13. Graduate tuition: $11,310 res., $23,100 non-res. Graduate degrees: 1-3,6,8. 550 music majors, 100 graduate students, 100 faculty, 5,200 total enroll. 4 bands, 3 jazz bands, 3 orch., 4 chor.

State University of New York, The Crane School of Music (Potsdam) was one of the first institutions in the country to have programs dedicated to preparing specialists in teaching music in public schools. Through­out Crane’s history the school’s primary mission has been to educate music teachers with an emphasis on excellence in performance. Contact: David Heuser, 44 Pierrepont Avenue, 315-267-2812, [email protected] Un­der­grad. dead­line: 3/1. Undergrad. tui­tion: $6,670 res., $16,320 non-res. Under­grad. de­grees: 1-5,11. Grad. deadline: 5/1. Grad. tuition: $11,090 res., $22,650 non-res. Grad. de­grees: 1,2. 550 music majors, 25 grad.students, 90 faculty, 3,800 total enrollment. 4 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 5 chor.

Syracuse University, Setnor School of Music
(Syracuse). The Setnor School of Music offers opportunities for the highest level of professional musical development, within the context of a broad, humanistic education. We encourage a wide range of creative options, recognizing that the classical tradition continues to grow and that it is only one in a world of others. Contact: Christine Evans, 202 Crouse College, 315-443-2769, [email protected] Undergrad. deadline: 1/1. Undergrad. degrees: 1,2,4,11,13. BA in Music. Grad. deadline: 2/15. Grad­. degrees: 1,2,4,6,11, Voice Pedagogy. 250 music majors, 50 graduate students, 75 faculty, 21,970 total enrollment. 4 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 6 chor.

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North Carolina
Appalachian State University (Boone). The Hayes School of Music fosters a caring, respectful, and inclusive community that focuses on individual student growth and development in the pursuit of musical artistry, academic excellence, and professional success. Accredited by NASM, the Hayes School of Music enjoys a widely renowned reputation, particularly in the Southeast. Contact: Jay Jackson, 813 Rivers St., 828-262-3020, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: rolling opens 8/1. Undergraduate tuition: $7,430 res., $22,337 non-res. Undergrad. de­grees: 1,2,4,7,8,11,13. Grad. deadline: varies by program. Grad. tuition: $8007 res., $21,439 non-res. Grad. de­grees 1,6,8. 450 music majors, 30 graduate students, 58 faculty, 18,000 total enroll. 5 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 5 chor.

East Carolina University (Greenville). The School of Music at ECU provides a nurturing atmosphere where gifted and talented students may grow and develop to their full potential and be prepared for state and national leadership roles in the musical arts. Contact: Mail Stop 508, 252-328-4281, [email protected] 280 music ma­jors, 50 grad. students, 50 faculty, 29,000 total enroll. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

University of North Carolina (Greensboro). UNCG offers the only comprehensive music program from undergraduate through doctoral study in performance and music education in North Carolina. Studies complement rigorous professional training with a broad liberal education. Our approach of combining conservatory style learning, outstanding faculty, and beautiful facilities clearly reaps rewards. Contact: Amanda R. Hughes, PO Box 26170, 336-334-3638, [email protected] Under-graduate deadline: Rolling. De­grees: 1,2,4,9,10. Graduate deadline: 12/1. Degrees 1-4,6, Post-Baccalaureate certificates in Music Theory, Musicology (Historical), Ethnomusicology, Com­po­si­tion, Jazz, and Music Education; Post-Master’s certificate in Music Theory Pedagogy. 375 music majors, 200 graduate students, 65 faculty, 20,000 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 5 chor.

University of North Carolina School of the Arts (Winston-Salem). With select admissions, a robust scholarship program, and 7-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio, we function like a private conservatory within the North Carolina state university system. Offering world-class instruction and an active lineup of distinguished visiting artists, we have a student body ranging from high school students through performing artists certificates. Contact: Sheeler Law­son, 1533 South Main Street, 336-770-3264, [email protected] De­grees: 1,4. Grad. degrees: 1,4,6. 150 music majors, 50 grad. students, 30 faculty, 800 total enroll. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 1 chor.

Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music (Berea). Bold opportunities leading to artistic excellence and innovation are at the center of BW’s Con­servatory of Music. A vibrant arts community and facility, our All-Steinway Conservatory is a top-ranking program of 13 undergraduate majors that provides students with extraordinary opportunities to perform, compose, conduct, teach and excel. Contact: Corrie Anne Riberdy, 275 East­land Rd., 440-826-2368, [email protected] Deadline: 11/1. Tui­tion: $32,326. Degrees: 1-5,8,10-12, Music Theatre Direction. 300 music majors, 72 faculty, 3,961 total enrollment. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 5 chor.

Bowling Green State University (Bowl­ing Green). We offer degrees in jazz studies, music education, music performance, world music, music history, and musical arts. Our renowned faculty produce award-winning students and alumni. A medium-size institution in northwest Ohio, BGSU offers the best of training in a small-town setting. Come belong, stand out, and go far. Contact: Bill Mullins, 419-372-8577, [email protected] Un­der­grad­u­ate dead­line: 2/23. Under­graduate de­grees: 1,2,4,5,9,12, world music. Grad­uate dead­line: 3/1. Graduate degrees: 1-6,9, ethnomusicology. 350 music majors, 150 grad students, 70 faculty, 19,000 total enrollment. 6 bands, 3 jazz bands, 3 orch., 6 chor.

Capital University, Conservatory of Music (Columbus). Our artist faculty want to challenge you, applaud you, and inspire you. Through outstanding performance opportunities, internships, meaningful student teaching experiences, and numerous master classes, your own artistic potential will be nurtured and celebrated. We do all of this to achieve our goal of transforming your life artistically and creatively so you can be a leader and contributor in your community. Contact: Susanna Mayo, 1 College and Main, 614-236-6101, fax: 614.236.7947, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: rolling. Under­graduate degrees: 1,2,4,7,9,11-13, BA in Mu­sic. Graduate deadline: 6/1. Graduate degrees: 2, Emphasis in Instrumental Music, Jazz Pedagogy, and Kodály; degree is summer only, 3-year completion. 400 music majors, 2,700 total undergraduate enrollment.

Cleveland Institute of Music (Cleveland). The Cleveland Institute of Music is distinguished by an exceptional degree of collaboration between students and teachers. Students enjoy numerous performance opportunities, from recitals to chamber music to orchestra and opera. Violinists Ilya Kaler and Olga Dubossarskaya Kaler join CIM’s renowned faculty, which includes 33 members of The Cleveland Orchestra. Contact: Jerrod Price, 11021 East Blvd., 216-791-5000, [email protected] Dead­line: 12/1. Undergraduate degrees 1,3,4,13. Grad­uate degrees: 1,3,4,6. 245 music majors, 160 graduate students, 106 faculty. 1 orch.

Kent State University, Hugh A. Glauser School of Music (Kent). Pursue your passion and your purpose in one of our 15 undergraduate or graduate degree programs. Our dedicated and internationally recognized faculty mentor and nurture students to help them achieve their professional goals. Students also have many opportunities to perform in our variety of 23 ensembles. Contact: Janine Tiffe, 1325 Theatre Drive E101, 330-672-2172, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: rolling. Under­graduate tuition: $10,212 res., $19,088 non-res. Undergrad. degrees: 1,2,4,9,13. Graduate deadline: rolling. Graduate tuition: $11,766 res., $21,952 non-res. Graduate degrees: 1-6, ethnomusicology, collaborative piano, chamber music (string quartet). 280 music majors, 240 grad. students, 65 faculty, 30,000 enrollment. 5 bands, 4 jazz band, 1 orch., 6 chor.

Oberlin College, The Oberlin Conser­va­tory of Music (Oberlin). Founded in 1865 and situated amid the intellectual vitality of Oberlin College, the Oberlin Conser­vatory of Music is renowned internationally as a professional music school of the highest caliber. Pronounced a “national treasure” by the Washington Post, Oberlin’s alumni have gone on to achieve illustrious careers in all aspects of music. Contact: Michael Man­deren, 39 W. College St., 440-775-8413, fax 440.775.6972, [email protected] Dead­line: 12/1. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,4,5,6,9, double degree BM + BA with Oberlin College. Grad. deadline 12/1. Degrees: 1,2,6. 575 music majors, 12 grad. students, 98 music faculty, 2,900 total enrollment. 2 jazz band, 4 orch., 3 chor.

Ohio Northern University (Ada). Fully accredited by NASM, ONU Music offers study abroad opportunities, international touring, superb academics, small classes, faculty with connections, and 90-100% placement in a liberal arts setting. ONU ranks 2nd in “Creative Colleges: A Guide for Students, Actors, Artists, Dancers, Musicians and Writers.” Generous scholarships for majors and non-majors. Contact: Rebecca Casey, 525 South Main Street, 419-772-2156, fax: 419:772:2488, [email protected] Priority deadline: 12/1. Degrees: 1,2, BA in Music with concentrations in Music History/Literature, Music Theory/Composition, or Applied Studies. 65 music majors, 30 faculty, 3,500 total enrollment. 10 bands, 1 orch., 6 chor.

The Ohio State University (Colum­bus). The Ohio State University School of Music educates students for professional careers in composition, performance, scholarship and teaching. As an integral part of a major public university with a strong commitment to teaching, research and service, the school recognizes the relationship that binds music to other academic and artistic disciplines. Contact: Ali Grandey, 110 Weigel Hall, 1866 Col­lege Rd., 614-292-2870, fax: 614.292.1102, [email protected] Deadline: 11/1 for early action & scholarships, 2/1 final. Tuition: $10,726 res., $33,670 non-res. Degrees: 1-5,9,11,13. Graduate dead­line: 11/30. Tui­tion: $21,675. De­grees: 1-6,9. 300 music majors, 150 grad. students, 75 faculty, 45,946 total en­roll. 6 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

Ohio University (Athens). The School of Music is committed to developing confident, creative, and skilled professionals musicians. Undergraduate and graduate students are prepared for careers in music education, performance, music therapy, composition, musicology, and music theory. The School of Music promotes the musical arts within the university, regional, national, and international communities. Contact: Helen Kasler, 1 Ohio University, 740-593-4244, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 12/1 early action, 2/1 final. Degrees: 1,2,4,8. Grad­uate deadline: 2/1. Graduate degrees: 1,2,3,4,6,8, Online MME Degree. 240 music majors, 60 graduate students, 51 faculty, 24,000 total enrollment. 4 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 5 chor.

Otterbein University (Westerville). The Otter­bein University De­partment of Music offers both professional and liberal arts degree tracks and a large number of performing opportunities. Contact: Jennifer Markovich, 1 S. Grove St., 614-823-1219, fax: 614.823.1219, [email protected] Dead­line: rolling. Degrees: 1,2,12; B.A. in Music, B.A. in Music and Business. 155 music majors, 50 faculty, 3,000 total enrollment. 2 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 6 chor.

University of Akron (Akron). Acclaimed as one of the best music schools in the state and region, and at the cultural center of the city, the UA School of Music’s internationally recognized faculty are dedicated to helping our students discover their future in the many diverse fields of music. Contact: Courtney Johnson-Benson. 302 Buchtel Common, 330-972-7590, [email protected] Undergraduate dead­line: roll­ing. Undergraduate tuition: $11,635 res., $15,500 non-res. Undergraduate degrees: 1-4,6,9. Graduate deadline: rolling. Graduate tu­i­tion: $442.10/cr. res., $747.98/cr. non-res. Degrees: 1-4,6,10,13. 240 music ma­jors, 40 grad. students, 60 faculty, 20,000 total enroll. 6 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 2 chor.

University of Cincinnati, College-Conser­vatory of Music (Cincinnati).

Nationally ranked and internationally renowned, the UC College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) is a preeminent institution for the performing and media arts. Contact: John Martin, PO Box 210003, 513-556-9479, [email protected] Un­der­graduate deadline: 12/1. Under­grad­uate degrees: 1,2,4,5,9,12, BM in Com­mercial Music Production. Grad. deadline: 12/1. Graduate degrees: 1-6,9,10, Artist Di­plomas in all instruments. 420 undergraduate music majors, 553 graduate music majors, approx. 145 music faculty, 826 total undergraduate enrollment at CCM, 602 total graduate enrollment at CCM. 3 bands, 11+ jazz bands, 3 orch., 3 chor.

University of Dayton (Dayton). The six degree programs in UD’s Department of Music offer rigorous professional training, a well-rounded liberal arts education, and a welcoming community. Hands-on experience in your chosen field: individual mentoring from our faculty of active performers, recognized scholars, and dedicated teachers: diverse performing opportunities for majors and non-majors. Contact: Karen Solarek, 300 College Park, 937-229-3936, [email protected] Deadline: 2/1. Tu­i­tion: $42,900. Degrees: 1,2,4,5,7-9, Music Studies. 93 music majors, 60 faculty, 8,000 total enrollment. 3 bands, 3 jazz bands, 1 orch., 6 chor.

Wright State University (Dayton). The Wright State University School of Music offers curriculum designed for students wishing to pursue a career in music. A member of NASM, the school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in several areas, including performance, music education, and music history/literature. Col­laborative degrees in Computer Science and Pre-Medicine are also available. Contact: Amy Neace, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., 937-775-2353, [email protected] Under­graduate dead­line: 4/1. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,5. Grad­uate deadline: 4/15. Grad­. de­grees: 1,2,5,6. 200 music majors, 20 grad. students, 40 music faculty, 18,059 total enroll. 5 bands, 1 jazz band, 2 orch., 5 chor.

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Northwestern Oklahoma State Uni­versity (Alva) is a comprehensive public regional university of 2,300 students offering more than 40 undergraduate and master degree programs. Located in Alva, a city situated in scenic Northwest Ok­lahoma, the university is nationally recognized as an institution that offers quality of academic programs within a student-friendly environment. Contact: Michael Cudd, 709 Oklahoma Blvd., 580-327-8191, [email protected] Undergraduate tuition: $6,592.50 res., $7,642.50 non-res. Degrees: 1,2. 2,300 total enrollment. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 3 chor.

Oklahoma Christian University (Ed­mond). Bring your passion and drive to a music performance or music education degree that is highly technical, rigorously demanding and soulfully nourishing. Develop your style, advance your craft and invest your talent in global musical pursuits alongside professors who value individuality and take time to pour into students one-on-one. Contact: Megann Olsson, 2501 E Memorial Rd., 405-425-5045, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 12/1. Tuition: $23,450. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2. 42 music majors, 5 faculty, 2250 total enrollment. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 2 orch., 2 chor.

Oklahoma City University, Wanda L. Bass School of Music (Oklahoma City) features top faculty-artists, concerto competitions, and community partners. 2 orch., 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 5 choirs. Degrees: 1,2,4,6,7,11,12. OCU enrollment: 3,500. Music majors: 392. Faculty: 65. Contact: Kari Barber, Coordinator of Admissions & Student Services, 2501 N. Blackwelder Ave., 405-208-5980; [email protected] Deadline: 3/15. Grad. dead­ine: 3/15.

Oklahoma State University (Stillwater). The music program at Oklahoma State University serves students who plan careers in the field of music as well as those who desire to participate in a comprehensive music program. Professional instruction prepares students for careers in performance, teaching, or the music industry. Contact: Holli Stevens, Greenwood School of Music, 132 Seretean Center for Performing Arts, 405-744-6133, [email protected] Undergraduate de­grees 1,2,11. Graduate degrees: 1,6. 210 music majors, 25 graduate students, 40 faculty, 26,000 total enroll. 4 bands, 3 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Southwestern Oklahoma State U­ni­ver­sity (Weatherford). Southwestern Ok­la­ho­ma State University’s Department of Music works with you to achieve your personal best. Study with superb musicians committed to your advancement. SWOSU gives you the educational and performance opportunities you need for success. Our Department is one of the region’s largest and finest music schools. Come join us!  Contact: Todd Boyd, 100 Campus Dr., 580-774-3063, [email protected] Degrees: 1,2,8,11. 150 music majors. 5 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

University of Central Oklahoma (Ed­mond). As Oklahoma’s metropolitan university, Central offers more than 15,000 students an innovative learning community where teaching comes first. Students develop relationships with faculty and staff guided by the mission of helping students learn and transforming lives. Contact: Sophia Kuschel, 100 N. University Dr., 405-974-5955, [email protected] Under­graduate and graduate deadlines: 3/1. Undergraduate tuition: $216/cr. res., $579/cr. non-res. Under­graduate degrees: 1,2,4,6,9,12,13, Col­la­borative Piano, Pi­ano Pedagogy, Vocal Pedagogy. Grad. tuition: $368/cr. res., $700/cr. non-res. Grad. degrees: 1,2,4,6,9,12,13, Col­lab­o­rative Pi­ano, Piano Pedagogy, Vocal Ped­agogy. 373 music majors, 79 graduate students, 75 faculty, 17,000 total enroll. 3 bands, 4 jazz bands, 2 orch., 4 chor.

Corban University (Salem). God-Cen­tered. Relational. Christian Mu­si­cian­ship. At Corban, music students hone their craft with the gospel at the center, whether they’re training for public education, the concert stage, church service, or anywhere in-between. Intimate class sizes allow for individual attention from professors. En­sembles and scholarships are open to students of all majors. Contact: Michelle Bruhn, 5000 Deer Park Dr. SE, 503-581-8600, [email protected] Degrees: 1,2,7. 43 music majors, 4 faculty, 1021 total enroll. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

University of Oregon (Eugene). Our students and faculty experiment and innovate in a supportive environment. Contact: 1225 University of Oregon, 541-346-5268, fax: 541.346.6101, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 1/15. Undergraduate degrees: 1-5,9. Grad. deadline 12/10. Grad. degrees 1-6,9, Intermedia Music Tech­nol­ogy, Piano/Violin/Viola Ped­agogy, Col­la­borative Piano. 240 music majors, 160 grad­uate students, 68 faculty. 7 bands, 5 jazz bands, 2 orch., 7 chor.

Pacific University (Forest Grove) offers a superb music education within the framework of a nationally recognized liberal arts university. Individual attention is emphasized, combined with rigorous private instruction and challenging ensemble studies. The program serves music majors, minors, and students majoring in other disciplines. Contact: Michael Burch-Pesses, [email protected], 2043 College Way, 503-352-2897. Dead­line: 9/1, 3/1. De­grees: 1,2,8. 66 music majors, 25 faculty, 1,850 under­­grad. enroll. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

Willamette University (Salem). The Wil­lamette University music department offers programs of rigorous training in specialized music disciplines combined with core music historical and theoretical studies, all within the broad spectrum of a distinguished liberal arts university. Em­phasizing individual instruction combined with chamber and ensemble playing, the programs serve music majors, minors, and non-majors. Contact: Mary Randers, 900 State St., 503-370-6303, [email protected] Deadline: 11/15. Tuition: $51,750. Degrees: 1,3,4,9. 22 music majors, 35 faculty, 1,750 total en­roll. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 2 orch., 3 chor.

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Bucknell University (Lewisburg). The Department of Music offers an exceptional education within Bucknell’s liberal arts community. Students collaborate with an active faculty of performers, composers, and scholars to explore music through diverse historical periods for advanced study, the teaching profession, and employment as arts professionals. Contact: Colleen Hartung, 1 Dent Dr., 570-577-2220, [email protected] Dead­line: 1/15. Tuition: $56,092. Degrees: 2; BM Vocal Per­formance, BA with concentration in Performance, Contemporary Composition, Cultural/Critical Studies. 50 music majors, 33 faculty, 3,500 total enrollment. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

Carnegie Mellon University School of Music (Pittsburgh). Be a part of an innovative fine arts community immersed in a top research university. We offer the best aspects of a conservatory (small class size, individual attention, and creative opportunity) along with experiences only a university can offer (double majors, extensive student organizations, and uniquely CMU traditions). Contact: W. Colby Carson, 5000 Forbes Ave., 412-268-4118, [email protected] Dead­line: 12/1. Under­graduate degrees: 1,4,11,13. Grad­uate de­grees: 1,2,4,11,13. 163 music ma­jors, 136 grad. students, 95 faculty, 6,574 undergrad. enroll. 2 band, 1 jazz band, 2 orch., 3 chor.

The Curtis Institute of Music (Phil­adelphia) educates and trains exceptionally gifted young musicians to engage a local and global community through the highest level of artistry. It provides full-tuition scholarships to all of its students, ensuring that admissions are based solely on artistic promise. Contact: Chris Hodges, 1726 Locust St., 215-893-5252, [email protected] Deadline: 2/5. Degrees: 1,4,6. 175 music majors, 112 faculty. 1 orch.

Duquesne University, Mary Pappert School of Music (Pittsburgh). Whether interested in performance, technology, education, or therapy, our students are challenged to blend traditional approaches to music with current technology and focus on both theory and performance. Exciting ensemble and performance opportunities, a world-class faculty and our unbeatable location combine to set our graduates on successful careers in music. Contact: Katherine Shields, 600 Forbes Ave., 412-396-5983, musicadmission[email protected] Dead­line: rolling. Undergrad. degrees: 1,2,4,7-9,13. Grad. degrees: 1,7,9. 275 music majors, 60 grad. students, 90 faculty, 9,500 total enroll. 2 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Elizabethtown College (Elizabethtown) offers a lively environment with high academic standards and numerous performance opportunities. Bachelor of Music degrees in music education and music therapy lead to certification in those fields, while Bachelor of Arts in music provides an excellent foundation for a variety of careers. Contact: Matthew Fritz, One Alpha Drive, 717-361-1212, [email protected] Deadline: roll­ing. Degrees: 1,2,8. 70 music majors, 36 faculty, 1,750 total enrollment. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Gettysburg College Sunderman Con­serv­a­tory of Music (Gettysburg). SCM unites the artistic standards of excellent comprehensive undergraduate musical training with the intellectual breadth afforded by one of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges. Students collaborate with a distinguished faculty of performers, educators, and scholars and go on to fulfilling careers in music and other fields. Contact: Mary Smith, 300 North Wash­ington St., Campus Box 416, 800-431-0803 [email protected] Deadlines: 11/15, 1/15. Tui­tion: $56,390. Degrees: 1,2, BA in Music. 60 music majors, 35 faculty, 2,409 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Grove City College (Grove City). At Grove City College, we believe in higher education for a higher purpose. That’s why everything we do is founded on three essential pillars: A rich academic tradition, an amazing value, and a Christ-centered community. Contact: Jeffrey Tedford, 100 Campus Drive, 724-458-2084, [email protected] Deadline: 2/1. Tuition: $18,470. Degrees: 1,2,7,11,12. 60 music majors, 38 faculty, 2,350 total enrollment. 4 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 5 chor.

Immaculata University (Immaculata) is a Catholic Liberal Arts university offering undergrad. programs in Music Education, Music Therapy and a liberal arts degree with performance emphasis. There is also a masters degree program in Music Therapy. Degree programs are fully accredited by NASM and our music therapy programs are approved by AMTA. Contact: Jerry Wargo, 1145 King Rd., 610-647-4400, [email protected] Dead­line: 7/1. Under­grad. degrees: 1,2, Music Therapy. Grad. degree: Master of Arts. 70 music majors, 30 graduate students, 34 faculty, 3,500 total enrollment. 7 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Indiana). The mission of the IUP Music Department is the professional preparation of music students as teachers, performers, composers, and scholars. We are committed to providing the highest level of creative, intellectual, and cultural experiences through curricular offerings, recitals, concerts, productions, and workshops for both the student body and the community. Contact: Stephanie Caulder, 1011 South Drive, 724-357-2390, [email protected] Deadline: rolling. Degrees: 1,2, general music. Graduate deadline: rolling. Grad­u­ate degrees: 1,2. 180 music majors, 32 grad students, 28 faculty, 12,125 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Lebanon Valley College (Annville). Lebanon Valley College is a liberal arts college. Since the founding of the college, music has been an integral part of a student-centered curriculum. With sophisticated and responsive instruction, students are presented with many performance opportunities and degree options which lead to high success levels in a variety of careers. Contact: Jeffrey Snyder, 101 N. College Ave, 717-867-6275, [email protected] Un­der­grad. degrees: 2,11,13, BA in music. Graduate Degrees: 2. 250 music majors, 17 faculty. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 32 chor.

Messiah College (Grantham).

The Messiah College Department of Music is housed in the School of the Arts and is home to 120 undergraduate music majors pursuing a variety of majors and 100 graduate students enrolled in a Master’s of Music in Conducting program. A professionally active faculty oversees a rigorous curriculum that includes varied performance opportunities in nationally recognized ensembles. Contact: Molly Janczyk, One College Avenue Suite 3005, 800-233-4220, [email protected] Under­graduate deadline: rolling. Undergraduate tuition $35,280. Degrees: 1,2,4,7, music business and commercial music. Graduate dead­line: rolling with three entry points each year. Graduate tuition: $660/hour. Graduate de­gree: 6. 113 music majors, 100 graduate students, 43 faculty. 2 bands, 4 jazz bands, 2 orch., 6 chor.

Moravian College (Bethlehem). Excellent, comprehensive, and personalized degree programs in music integrated with liberal arts studies. Post baccalaureate Teacher Certification in Music Education also offered. 610-861-1320, [email protected] Dead­line: 3/1. De­grees: 1,2,4,7. 70 music majors, 60 music faculty, 1,800 total enroll. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

Seton Hill University (Greensburg). New Performing Arts Center. NASM Ac­cred­ited. Full range of instrumental and vocal ensembles. BM in Music Education, Music Therapy, Performance, Sacred Music, BA in Music. BM in Commercial Music to start in the Fall of 2019. Contact: Allison Sasso, 1 Seton Hill Drive, 1-800-626-6234, [email protected] Deadline: rolling. Degrees: 1,2,7,8, com­mercial music. 70 music major, 21 faculty, 2,400 total enrollment. 3 bands, 3 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Slippery Rock University (Slippery Rock). The Slippery Rock University Department of Music is committed to providing learning experiences to meet the current and future needs of today’s student. The department provides an environment for serious study and musical performance as students prepare for successful careers in music education, music therapy, and performance. Contact: Undergrad. Admis­sions, 1 Morrow Way, 800-929-4778, fax: 724.738.2913, [email protected] Un­der­graduate deadline: rolling. Under­grad­uate tuition: $7,716/sem. res., $11,574/sem. with 3.0 for non-res. Under­graduate degrees: 1,2,8,BA in Music. Graduate deadline: rolling. Graduate tuition: $516/cr. res., $774/cr. non-res. Graduate degrees: 8, 112 music majors, 25 grad. students, 25 faculty, 8,900 total enroll. 4 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Susquehanna University (Selinsgrove). Music has been at the heart of Sus­que­hanna since the university was founded more than 150 years ago. With a combination of conservatory-level training and a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, we make multiple paths in music possible. Susquehanna provides small-school advantages as well as big-school opportunities! Contact: Sara Adams, 514 University Ave., 570-372-4309, [email protected] Dead­line: 2/1. Tuition: $48,560. Degrees: 1,2,4, BA in Music. 100 music majors, 30 faculty, 2,200 total enrollment. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Temple University Boyer College of Music and Dance (Philadelphia).

Temple University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Performance (Jazz and Classical), Music Education, Music Therapy, Conducting, Composition, Music Studies, and Music Technology. As part of the Center for Performing and Cinematic Arts, Boyer offers 500+ concerts, performances, master classes, and recitals each year, giving students numerous opportunities to perform. Contact: Matthew Schillizzi, 2001 N. 13th Street, 215-204-6810, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 2/1. Under­graduate tuition: $19,442 res., $32,570 non-res. Under­grad. degrees: 1-5,8,9,12,13. Graduate deadline: 3/1. Tuition: $9,787 res., $12,892 non-res. Degrees: 1-6,8,9,12,13. 550 music majors, 300 graduate students, 250 faculty, 40,000 total enrollment. 5 bands, 5 jazz bands, 3 orch., 7 chor.

West Chester University of Pennsylvania (West Chester). Explore a career in music at the School of Music at West Chester University, an All-Steinway School, accredited with the National Association of Schools of Music. Bachelors of Music are available in Music Performance, Music Education, Music Theory & Composition, and Elective Studies. Contact: Gabrielle Buzgo, 2 East Rosedale Ave., 610-436-3042, [email protected] Under­­grad­uate dead­line: roll­ing. Under­­grad­uate de­grees: 1-4,8,9, elective studies. Grad­uate dead­line: roll­ing. Grad­uate de­grees: 1-6. 453 music majors, 93 graduate students, 52 faculty, 16,611 undergraduate enrollment.

Westminster College (New Wilmington). The School of Music at Westminster College remains a significant force in the training of future music educators (98% placement) and music performers (100% placement). The band program continues to win accolades for superior performances. In addition, programs relating to music business and pre-music therapy are currently being added. Contact: Thomas Stein, 319 South Market Street, 724-946-7279, fax: 724.946.6270, [email protected] Dead­­line: 2/1. Tuition: $32,520. Degrees: 1,2,11. 70 music majors, 28 music faculty, 1,400 total enrollment. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor.

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South Carolina
Charleston Southern University, Horton School of Music (Charleston). Founded in 1964, Charleston Southern is located near historic Charleston, home of major fine arts events including Spoleto Festival USA. Charleston Southern is one South Carolina’s largest accredited, independent universities. The University’s vision is to be a Christian University nationally recognized for integrating faith in learning, leading and serving. Contact: Matthew Swingle, 9200 University Blvd., 843-863-7364, [email protected] Deadline 8/1. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,7-10. 110 music majors, 32 faculty, 3,600 total enrollment. 4 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Furman University (Greenville) is a private liberal arts university founded in 1826 and nationally acclaimed for its music programs, academic excellence, engaged learning program, sustainability program, Division I athletics, and campus beauty. Students: 2,700 undergraduates from 47 states, 46 countries. Stu­dent/faculty ratio 12:1. 32 music ensembles; 250-280 yearly recitals/concerts. Non-majors are welcome. Con­tact: Coady Shovlain, 3300 Poinsett Highway, 864-294-2034, [email protected] Deadline: varies; ED, EA, RD. Deg: 1-4,7, BA in Music. 250 music majors, 51 faculty, 2,700 enroll. 4 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Limestone College (Gaffney). Majors offered include Studio Art, Graphic Design, Creative Writing and English Education, Music and Music Education, Theatre and Musical Theatre. Limestone College awards a number of Fine Arts scholarships. Contact: Chris Phenicie, 1115 College Drive, 800-795-7151, [email protected] Deadline: open. Degrees: 2. 40 music majors, 5 faculty, 1,110 total enrollment. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 2 chor.

University of South Carolina (Colum­bia). The USC School of Music offers more than 20 degree programs, including music education, performance, jazz composition, theory, history and conducting. Three new concentrations under the Bachelor of Music in Performance are offered: Entrepreneurship, Music Tech­nol­ogy or Chamber Music. Reduced tuition rate available for out-of-state students receiving music/academic scholarships. Contact: Jennifer Jablonski, 813 Assembly St., 803-777-6614, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 12/1. Undergraduate degrees: 1-4,9 BM-Per­formance concentrations: En­tre­pre­neur­ship, Music Technology, Chamber Music. Grad. deadline: rolling. Grad. degrees: 1-6,9. 320 music majors, 180 graduate students, 52 faculty, 25,556 total enroll. 8 bands, 5 jazz bands, 2 orch., 6 chor.

Winthrop University (Rock Hill) has been identified in the US News and World Report as a top 10 Southern regional university for 21 consecutive years. Out-of-state students receiving a scholarship pay in-state fees. Contact: David Rollings, Joynes Hall 701 Oakland Avenue, 800-946-8476, [email protected] Under­graduate deadline: 5/1. Undergraduate tuition: $15,230 res., $29,486 non-res. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,4, Liberal Arts, Music Technology. Graduate deadline: 5/1. Graduate tuition: $15,240 res., $29,328 non-res. Graduate degrees: 1,2,6,10. 180 music majors, 12 graduate students, 45 faculty, 6,200 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 2 chor
South Dakota
Northern State University (Aberdeen). The NSU Department of Music offers the BME and BA undergraduate degrees in music at the Aberdeen Main Campus. The highly qualified faculty is dedicated to student success. The facilities are outstanding and include the newly remodeled 1,000 seat Johnson Fine Arts Center main theatre and new Black Box Theater as well as state-of-the-art practice rooms. Ad­di­tion­ally, NSU opened the first of three new suite-style dorms. NSU is a fully accredited institutional member of NASM. Under­graduate contact: Tracy Jurgens, 1200 South Jay Street, 605-626-2257, [email protected] Degree: 2. Grad­u­ate contact: Tammy Griffith, 605-626-2558, [email protected] Degrees: 2. 119 music majors, 17 faculty, 3,500 total enroll. 3 bands, 3 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Lee University School of Music (Cleve­land) is a Christ-centered university in southeast Tennessee with faculty, curriculum, facilities, and opportunities to prepare you as tomorrow’s musician. 1120 N. Ocoee St., 423-614-8240, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: roll­ing. Degrees: 1,2,7,11. Graduate deadline: rolling. Degrees: 1,2,6,7. 305 music majors, 60 faculty, undergraduate enrollment 5,041. 3 bands, 2 jazz band, 1 orch., 8 chor.

Middle Tennessee State University (Murfreesboro). Located minutes from Nashville, MTSU’s School of Music houses an acclaimed faculty of more than 65 artists/educators who perform, compose, teach, and present their works internationally. Our low faculty-to-student ratio enables personalized instruction and interaction. Focused on the future, we invest deeply in each student to help ensure professional success. Con­tact: Christopher Dye, 1301 E. Main Street, 615-494-8714, fax 615.898.5037, [email protected] Deadline: 2/1. De­grees: 1-4,9,11, audio technology, music business and commercial songwriting offered through Recording Industry department. Grad. deadline: 7/1. Degrees: 1,2,4-6,9. 247 music majors, 35 grad students, 65 faculty. 5 bands, 2 jazz bands, 3 orch., 5 chor.

Tennessee Tech University (Cookeville). TTU School of Music (Cookeville), offers the Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education and Performance. As part of the College of Fine Arts, the School of Music provides the highest level of artistic education, enabling students to reach their full potential as performers, teachers, and citizens. Contact: Wendy Mullen, TTU Ad­missions Office P.O. Box 5006, 931-372-3167, [email protected] Under­graduate deadline: 12/15. Under­graduate de­grees: 1,2,4,9. 170 music majors, 29 faculty, 10,500 total enrollment. 4 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 2 chor.

University of Memphis, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music (Memphis). Our re­nowned program offers bachelor’s through doctoral degrees in 29 areas of concentration, with the distinction of being Ten­nessee’s only doctoral degree granting program in music. In a city as live-music-rich as Memphis, the school is proud to present more performances than any other music organization in the Mid-South. Con­tact: 123 Music Building, 901-678-2541, [email protected] Degrees: 1-6,9. 41 faculty. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 2 chor.

University of Tennessee (Knoxville).  Our tight-knit community provides a nurturing environment in which to explore your full potential. World-class instructors give you the personal attention you need to refine your musical skills. Energetic ensembles provide dynamic performance opportunities. Our academic programs will put you on the right path to achieving your goals. Contact: Lori Brown, 1741 Volunteer Blvd., 865-974-6134, [email protected] Undergraduate deadline: 12/15. Undergraduate tuition: $13,006 res., $31,426 non-res. Undergraduate degrees: 1-5,9. Graduate deadline: 11/1. Graduate tuition: $13,120 res., $31,538 non-res. Graduate degrees: 1-6,9. 290 music majors, 60 graduate students, 56 faculty, 22,000 total enrollment. 9 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 5 chor.

Vanderbilt University, Blair School of Music (Nashville). Blair is an all-undergraduate professional music school within a top 15 university, where all students experience conservatory-level training with an exceptional liberal arts core in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Our faculty is dedicated to teaching and mentoring students with continuing involvement in performance, composition, and/or research. 2400 Blakemore Ave., 615-322-6181, [email protected] De­grees: 1,2,4, liberal arts, engineering, and education. 210 music majors, 130 faculty, 6,800 total enrollment. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

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Baylor University (Waco). Baylor is a private Baptist university and nationally ranked liberal arts institution. Chartered in 1845 by the Republic of Texas, Baylor is the oldest continually operating university in the state. Though 80% of our students come from Texas, we are home to students from all 50 states and 80 countries. Contact: Mary Sage, One Bear Pl. #97408, 254-710-7681, [email protected] Un­der­graduate de­grees: 1-7,9, piano pedagogy. Graduate degrees: 1-7,9, piano pedagogy. 293 music majors, 81 graduate students, 67 faculty, 14,348 total enrollment. 5 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 7 chor.

Hardin-Simmons University (Abilene). The School of Music at Hardin-Simmons University is one of the oldest accredited programs in the state of Texas. Students receive a well-rounded and personalized education in a liberal arts environment. A nationally recognized faculty offers a challenging curriculum for students in all performance disciplines. Contact: Kelsey Davis, 2200 Hickory Street, HSU Box 16050, 325-670-1000, [email protected] Undergraduate degrees: 1-4,6,7,12. Graduate degrees: 1-3. 85 music majors, 4 graduate students, 11 faculty. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 2 chor.

Midwestern State University (Wichita Falls). The Department of Music at Midwestern State is an intensive undergraduate program situated in an academically rigorous public liberal arts college where you will learn at the hands of master teachers in small classes. A private school feel with a public school price. Contact: Susan Harvey, 3410 Taft Blvd., 940-397-4502, [email protected] Deadline: rolling. Degrees: 1,2; BA in music. 85 music majors, 12 faculty, 6,064 total enroll. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 2 chor.

Rice University, Shepherd School of Music (Houston). The Shepard School of Music offers preprofessional training for musicians, combining the intensity of a conservatory experience with the educational excellence of a renowned private university. Our illustrious faculty of artist-teachers dedicate themselves to the special talents and skills of each individual student. Contact: Geoffrey Scott, 6100 Main Street, 713-348-3032, [email protected] Un­der­grad­uate deadline: 12/1. Under­graduate tuition: $48,330. Undergraduate degrees: 1,3-5. Graduate deadline: 12/1. Graduate tuition: $28,850. Graduate degrees: 1,3-6. 95 music majors, 192 graduate students, 69 faculty, 6,800 total enroll. 2 orch., 1 chor.

Texas Woman’s University (Denton). The Department of Music at Texas Woman’s University will develop your appreciation and understanding of the arts. Dedicated faculty provide you with a liberal arts-based education that balances tradition and innovation, while preparing you for professional work, leadership and service in music education, music pedagogy, music performance and music therapy. Contact: Pam Youngblood, P.O. Box 425768, 940-898-2500, [email protected]

University of North Texas, College of Music (Denton). The UNT College of Music is one of the world’s largest and most respected comprehensive music schools. Our faculty includes internationally acclaimed artists and scholars in performance, composition, conducting, theory, history, and education. Contact: Joel Wiley, 1155 Union Circle, #311367, 940-565-3860, [email protected] Deadline: 12/3. Degrees: 1-5,9. Grad. deadline: 12/3. Degrees: 1-6,9, ethnomusicology. 935 music majors, 637 grad. students, 146 faculty, 30,503 total enroll. 7 bands, 15 jazz bands, 3 orch., 6 chor.

University of Texas, Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music (Austin). Located in one of our nation’s most musical cities, the Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music at The University of Texas at Austin offers comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs designed to prepare artists, thinkers, makers and teachers ready and able to make profound contributions to the future of music. Contact: Sarah Borshard, 2406 Robert Dedman Dr. Stop E3100, 512-471-0504, [email protected]­utexas.edu. Under­grad­uate deadline: 12/1. Undergrad. tu­ition: $11,048 res., $39,140 non-res. Undergrad. degrees: 1,2,4,9, BA in Music. Grad. deadline: 12/1. Grad. tuition: $10,336 res., $19,212 non-res. Grad. degrees: 1-7,9, Chamber Music, Collaborative Piano, Ethnomusicology, Literature & Pedagogy, Opera Coaching, Opera Directing. 320 music majors, 95 faculty, 290 graduate students, 40,804 total enrollment. 6 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 3 chor.

The University of Vermont (Burlington). As a department within the College of Arts and Science, the Department of Music & Dance at The University of Vermont offers music within a liberal arts setting. In addition, our Music Education program combines the best of this focus with our outstanding College of Education curriculum. Contact: Patricia Riley, Department of Music & Dance, 392 So. Prospect St., 802-656-3040, [email protected] Deadline: 1/15. Tuition: $16,392 res., $41,280 non-res. Degrees: 1-3,5,9,13. 120 music majors, 34 faculty, 11,000 total undergraduate enrollment. 3 bands, 6 jazz bands, 1 orch., 2 chor, 1 jazz chor.

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George Mason University (Fairfax). The George Mason University School of Music is an inclusive community – students and faculty, performers and scholars, administrators and staff – whose common goal is to inspire artistic and academic excellence as an intrinsic element of a balanced education within an atmosphere of discipline, lifelong learning, and service. Contact: Sean Brazel, 4400 Uni­versity Drive, 703-993-1390, [email protected] Deadline: 11/1 (scholarship), 1/15. Degrees: 1,2,4,9, BA in Music, BA in Music Technology. Grad. deadline: 11/1 (spring), 3/1 (fall). Degrees: 1,2,4,6,9,10. 376 music majors, 85 grad. students, 92 faculty. 30,000 total enroll. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

Longwood University (Farmville). The Department of Music at Longwood University offers a high quality program in a small university, setting, placing strong value on inclusion, personal interaction with faculty, and excellence in academics, performance, and teacher training. Con­tact: Jason Faulk, Department of Music, 434-395-2504, [email protected] Tuition: $424/cr. res., $922/cr. non-res. Degrees: 1,2,12,piano pedagogy. 75 music majors, 16 faculty, 4,600 total enrollment. 1 band, 1 jazz band, 3 chor.

Old Dominion University (Norfolk). The F. Ludwig Diehn School of Music prepares a diverse and talented student body to enter the professional world as outstanding leaders in various musical roles. As an urban center for musical resources, we connect students to the greater community through performances, workshops, prac­ticum, and collaboration with schools and organizations. Contact: Susan Vosler, 1339 West 49th Street, 757-683-4061, [email protected] Deadline: 12/1 (early action), rolling. Tuition: $356/cr. res., $1,028/cr. Degrees: 1-5, 9, 13. Graduate Deadline: 6/1 fall, 11/1 spring. Graduate tuition: $547/cr. res., $1,383/cr. res. Graduate degrees: 2 with emphasis on pedagogy, applied studies/conducting, and research. 200 music majors, 15 graduate students, 50 faculty, 24,400 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Shenandoah University (Winchester). World-renowned Shenandoah Conserv-atory offers intense, specialized, professional training in music, theatre, and dance. Shenandoah Conservatory offers more than 25 degrees at the baccalaureate, master’s, artist diploma, and doctoral levels, as well as four certificate programs, and produces nearly 400 performances a year. 1460 University Drive, 540-665-4581, [email protected] Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,4,7-9,12,13. Graduate degrees: 1,2,4,6,7,10. 285 music majors, 140 graduate students, 2,000 total undergraduate enrollment. 2 bands, 3 jazz band, 1 chamber orch., 4 chamber chor.

University of Puget Sound (Tacoma). The School of Music at University of Puget Sound is uniquely positioned to prepare students for professional careers in music and support non-majors interested in continuing their study. It is one of the few liberal arts colleges in the country with a conservatory-style School of Music. Contact: Megan Grady, 1500 N. Warner St., #1076, 253-879-2906, [email protected] Under­grad. deadline: 1/15. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,10. Grad. deadline: 2/15. Grad. degrees: 2. 84 music majors, 4 grad. students, 36 faculty, 2,600 total enroll. 2 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor.

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West Virginia
Glenville State College (Glenville). Contact: Jason Barr, 200 High St., 304-462-6340, [email protected]

Marshall University (Huntington). Housed in Smith Music Building and Jomie Jazz Center, our more than 40 faculty and staff offer degrees from performance to education to interdisciplinary studies. Students receive a world class education and performance opportunities in a small school setting. Contact: Adam Dalton, 1 John Marshall Drive, 304-696-3117, [email protected] Degrees: 1-6, 9. 125 music majors, 20 grad. students, 40 faculty, 13,700 total enrollment. 3 bands, 2 jazz bands, 2 orch., 3 chor.

West Virginia University (Morgantown). WVU School of Music features fields of music performance and improvisation, composition, music-teacher education, theory, musicology, music therapy, technology, and industry. Our rigorous programs and distinguished faculty provide students the opportunity to develop the abilities to become consummate leaders in the musical arts. Contact: James Froemel, 1436 Evansdale Drive, [email protected], 304-293-4339.Undergraduate deadline: March 1. Tuition: $8,976 res., $25,320 non-res. Degrees: 1,2,4,8,9,11,12. 5 bands, 5 jazz bands, 1 orch., 5 chor.

Carthage College (Kenosha). Carthage, a four-year, private liberal arts college on the shore of Lake Michigan, combines an environment of reflection and self-discovery with a culture of high expectation so our students uncover and ignite their true potential. Students can audition for more than $300,000 in music scholarships. 2001 Alford Park Drive, 800-351-4058, [email protected] Deadline: rolling. De­grees: 1,2,4,12, Piano Pedagogy. 150 music majors, 40 faculty, 2,600 total enroll. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Concordia University Wisconsin (Me­quon). CUW is located on the shores of Lake Michigan 15 miles north of downtown Milwaukee in suburban Mequon, Wisconsin. Concordia is affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and features a core focus in Christian education fostering student growth in mind, body, and spirit. Contact: Johanna Anderson, 12800 N Lake Shore Drive, 262-243-4265, [email protected] Under­grad­u­ate deadline: rolling. Undergraduate tu­i­tion: $29,250. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,7,8. Graduate tuition: $18,390. Grad­uate degrees: 7. 50 music majors, 40 graduate students, 30 faculty, 3,500 total enrollment. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor.

Lawrence University (Appleton).

Charting an uncommon course in higher education for 170 years. Lawrence U­ni­ver­sity uniquely integrates a college of liberal arts and sciences with a conservatory for music, both devoted exclusively to undergraduate education. Consummate musicianship is paired with intellectual agility, cross-disciplinary problem solving, bold creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset. Contact: Kate Bittner, 711 East Boldt Way, 920-832-6993, [email protected] Tui­tion: $48,822. Degrees: 1,2,3,4,9. 350 music majors, 60 faculty, 1,500 total enrollment. 2 bands, 3 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

University of Wisconsin, Witter School of Music (Madison) is one of the top 10 public universities in the country, and the School of Music is ranked in the top 10% of comprehensive music programs. Undergraduate contact: Jared Jellison, 608-263-5986, [email protected] Grad­uate contact: James Doing, Jr., 608-263-3220, [email protected],edu. Undergraduate degrees: 1,2,4. Graduate degrees: 1-6. 250 music majors, 150 grad. students, 50 faculty. 4 bands, 3 jazz bands, 2 orch., 7 chor.

University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee).

At UW-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts, artist/teachers maintain active careers nationally and internationally as solo performers, composers, scholars, and orchestral musicians (Milwaukee Sym­phony Or­ches­tra, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Florentine Opera, Milwaukee Ballet, et al). Contact: Jim Burmeister, P.O. Box 413, 414-229-5126, [email protected] Under­graduate tuition: $9,598 res., $21,168 non-res. Undergraduate de­grees: 1-6,12, collaborative piano, string pedagogy. Graduate tuition: $12,050 res., $25,282 non-res. Graduate de­grees: 1,2,4,5,6, string pedagogy, music history/library science, chamber mu­sic performance, chamber music artist diploma. 250 music majors, 60 graduate students, 64 faculty, 25,000 undergraduate enrollment. 3 bands, 1 jazz band, 1 orch., 4 chor.

University of Wisconsin (Oshkosh). Where excellence and opportunity meet. We offer a high degree of individual attention with an outstanding, internationally recognized student-centered faculty, excellent facilities, and great performing opportunities. Study music in a comprehensive music program with innovative degrees in performance, music education, music re­cording, music business, and composition. Contact: Ashley Elmer, 800 Algoma Blvd., 920-424-4224, [email protected] Dead­line: open. Tui­tion: $9,747 res., $15,194 non-res. Degrees: 1,2,4,11,13. 160 music majors, 31 faculty, 13,000 total enrollment. 2 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 3 chor.

University of Wisconsin (Platteville). UW-Platteville offers undergraduate in­struction to music majors and minors pursuing degrees in teaching and performance. We have outstanding applied faculty members and offer a wide range of ensembles. Contact: Angela Udelhofen, 151C Doud­na Hall, 1 University Plaza, 608-342-1446, [email protected] 2 bands, 2 jazz bands, 1 orch., 5 chor.

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An addendum will be published in the November issue. If your school was not included, contact [email protected] or call 888-446-6888.


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