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Dawn Carol by Margaret Lowe

compiled by editors | May 2020

Originally printed in October 2001 Flute Talk

    Composer Margaret Lowe wrote Dawn Carol as a gift for Carol Knie­busch Noe and the James Madison University flute choir in Harrison­burg, Virginia and should be per­formed by many flutists scattered around the hall and among the audi­ence. Each player enters canonically when the previous player reaches the asterisk.
   The piece should be played with some flexibility of rhythms so the phrases do not coincide but overlap with varying pauses. The result should be continuing sound with players drop­ping out as they reach the end of the first section. After a short break the sec­ond section begins in similar fashion and dynamics are indicated only as a guide.
   Dawn Carol has been performed throughout the United States and the composer put the rights to the piece in the public domain. "I have no desire to make financial profit. After all, it is based on a simple chord, which is common property to all musicians. I am happy for it to be photocopied but I usually suggest a donation to a fund known as the Birmingham Flute Commission which commissions new composi­tions for flute."
   Retired flutist and composer, Lowe lives in Birmingham, England and studied composition at Uni­versity of Birmingham and flute at Birmingham Conservatoire with Geoffrey Gilbert.