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2022 Directory of Summer Camps

compiled by editors | February March 2022

2022 Directory of Summer Camps

Photo courtesy of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
home page image courtesy of Shell Lake Arts Center

After the challenges of the past two years, we all look forward to a brighter future and a return to the joys of summer music programs. As circumstances remain unpredictable, we will update the online listing and print an addendum in the April/May issue. We encourage summer camps to send us updates if any details change.

This is the 76th annual summer music camp directory published by The Instrumentalist.
Camps are listed alphabetically by state. Directors may make up to 100 copies of this magazine version of listing for distribution at no cost to students, parents, or teachers. ©2022 The Instrumentalist Publishing Co.You may link to the online version on your social media –

An addendum will be printed in the March/April issue. If your camp was not included or you would like information about print advertising, email