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International Pep Band Competition

Trey Reely | February 2009

Required Instrumentation:
    10 Snare Drummers
    5 Bass Drummers
    3 Cymbal Players
        (Bands may substitute five drumset players
          for the above.)
    1 Tambourine Player
    1-3 Cowbell Players
    2 Piccolo Players
    6 Flute Players (optional)
    6 Clarinet Players (optional)
    17 Alto Sax Players
    3 Bari Sax Players
    31⁄2 Trumpet Players
    2 Trombone Players
    2 Electric Guitar Players
    1 Bass Guitar Player

    (100 total points possible)

    90 points; groups playing below
        ffffff receive an automatic 20-
        point deduction.
Choreography, Horn Flashes,
    5 points.
Prompt Cut-offs.
    5 points; during the performance,
        bands must be able to stop
        promptly when judges sound a buzzer.
Extra points will be given for any
    permanent fixture that falls from
        the gymnasium walls or ceiling
        during the performance.

    Southwest Airlines Decibel Award
        for the loudest pep band.
    Dancing with the Stars Award
        for the best choreography.
    Clanging Cowbell Award
        for the loudest cowbells.

    No pair of drumsticks can match.
    Absolutely no tuning permitted.
    No earplugs allowed.
    Munching of popcorn and dill pickles
        allowed and even encouraged during
        the performance.