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A Few Favorite Covers

Editor | August 2015

A Few Favorite Covers: an anniversary gallery of favorite
Instrumentalist covers.

August 1980

November 1987

March 2013

October 1978

September 1989

September 2006

December 1994

July 1987

November 1984, Wynton Marsalis

October 1995, Sir Georg Solti

April 1977, Adolph Herseth

March 2010, David Holsinger

December 1992, W. Francis McBeth

April 1993, Isaac Stern

December 1973, in memory of Pablo Casals

March 1993. The opportunity to photograph Dizzy Gillespie’s trumpet came suddenly. Dizzy sent his trumpet to Schilke Music, who made the instrument, for minor repairs. After his death Joan Schilke inquired whether we would like to take pictures before returning the instrument to his family.