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2020 Directory Summer Camps and Clinics


Opportunities for a musical summer await students and teachers alike.

2020 Directory of Summer Camps

Photo courtesy of International Music Camp
home page image courtesy of Eastern U.S. Music Camp

This is the 74th annual summer music camp directory published by The Instrumentalist. Student camps are marked as S. Programs for college and graduate students and directors are marked with an A for adult. Camps are listed alphabetically by state. Within each state, student camps are listed first, then programs with offerings for both students and adults, and then those for adults only. You may link to the online version on your social media –

Directors may also make up to 100 copies of this listing for distribution at no cost to students, parents, or teachers. ©2020 The Instrumentalist Publishing Co.




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  • Syracuse University
  • Wenger
  • Bob Rogers
  • Eastman Summer
  • Dinkles
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