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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 72

The Instrumentalist

August 2017-June 2018, vol. 72

Interviews and Profiles
Band Music is My Passion, A Conversation with Ed Huckeby by Marc Decker (3/18, p. 10)
The Canadian Brass by Vincent Cichowicz and Jean Oelrich (6/18)
A Conversation with Munford High School’s Barry Trobaugh by Dan Blaufuss (4/18, p. 8)
Everyone Has a Story, An Interview with James Seda by John Thomson (8/17, p. 10)
Catching Up with Gabe Musella (8/17, p. 20)
An Interview with Alfred Watkins by John Thomson (12/17, p. 16)
An Interview with Christopher Selby by Dan Blaufuss (5/18, p. 6)
An Interview with Stephen Williamson, Principal Clarinetist of the Chicago Symphony by John Thomson (2/18, p. 8)
The Right Turn that Changed a Culture, An Interview with Mitch Bahr by Dan Blaufuss (10/17, p. 8)
The University of Minnesota’s Emily Threinen (11/17, p. 6)

Conducting and Literature
America the Beautiful, The Story Behind the Band Classic by Timothy Todd Anderson (6/18)
Conducting and Musicality by James Popejoy (9/17, p. 12)
Gordon Jacob’s Flag of Stars by Sixto F. Montesinos (9/17, p. 16)
Rushing and Dragging by Anthony Pursell (3/18, p. 16)
Steps to Score Mastery by Onsby C. Rose (8/17, p. 28)
A Symphony Player Looks at Con¬ductors by Kurt Loebel (6/18)

Teaching and Rehearsal Ideas
Braving Transition by Gerry Miller (11/17, p. 12)
Coaching Chamber Groups by Terry B. Ewell (9/17, p. 32)
Concerto for Conductor and Unbalanced Orchestra by Donn Laurence Mills (1/18, p. 25)
Counting in Rehearsals by Steven Riley, Ernest Jennings (8/17, p. 26)
Creativity and Advocacy by Tom Lizotte (12/17, p. 48)
Developing the Right Mindset by Matthew Arau (5/18, p. 18)
Difficult Questions from New and Future Teachers by Meghan Cabral (3/18, p. 52)
Expressive Phrasing by Matthew Temple (8/17, p. 22)
Five Truths about Breathing by Micah Everett (10/17, p. 20)
Lessons from a First Year of Teaching by Isaac Brinberg (12/17, p. 44)
What Students Need to Know about Practicing by Andrew J. Allen (11/17, p. 24)

Instrument Clinics

Fast Trombone Slides by Micah Everett (3/18, p. 20)
Improving Flexibility by William Stowman (12/17, p. 36)
Premiere of Jennifer Higdon’s Low Brass Concerto by Thomas Bough (3/18, p. 2)
Tuning the Tuba by Thomas Bough (2/18, p. 30)
When Science Meets Brass by Peter W. Iltis (8/17, p. 36)

Part Assignment by Nathan Buonviri (8/17, p. 32)
Percussionists in Warmups by Nathan Buonviri (4/18, p. 20)
Preparing Percussion for Adjudication by Mark Lortz (2/18, p. 22)
Proper Playing Areas by Aaron Graham (9/17, p. 28)
Suspended Cymbal Techniques by Nathan Buonviri (10/17, p. 22)
Unconventional Works for Percussion Ensemble by Aaron Graham (5/18, p. 24)

How to Practice the Prelude of J.S. Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 on Other Instruments by Benjamin Whitcomb (6/18)
Solfege in Orchestra by Carla K. Bartlett and Justin Lee (11/17, p. 18)

Clarinet Tongue Position by Tracy Heavner (11/17, p. 21)
Fixing the Flute Section by Patricia George (12/17, p. 34)
Mastering the Eb Clarinet by David Cook (1/18, p. 22)
Saxophone Tonguing Myths by Andy Wright (3/18, p. 23)
Sore Lip Solutions by Tracy Heavner (4/18, p. 24)
Taking Care of the Headjoint by Patricia George (6/18)
Tricky Trills for Saxophone by Andrew Allen (10/17, p. 26)

Jazz Articles
After 50 Years of Play-A-Longs: Perspectives on Jazz Education by Jamey Aebersold (1/18, p. 8)
Jazz Drumset by David Fodor (1/18, p. 14)
Programming Tips for Jazz Band by Tom Lizotte (1/18, p. 18)
The Shape of Jazz to Come: Moving Forward in the 21st Century by Steve Wiest (1/18, p. 10)

Marching Articles
Drill for Small Bands by Steven Riley (5/18, p. 12)
Drumline Essentials by Justin Preece (9/17, p. 22)
Last-Minute Band Camp by Nolan Hauta (8/17, p. 16)

2017 Directory of Schools of Music (10/17, p. 30)
2018 Summer Camps and Clinics (3/18, p. 26)
A Crash Course in Teaching Choir by Stefanie Cash (9/17, p. 40)
A Different Kind of Band Trip by Phil Aguglia and Laura Jay (10/17, p. 26)
Duet Club by Andrew J. Allen (6/18)
Everything You Do Builds from Here, Reflections of Current and Former Flute Majors compiled by Patricia George (10/17, p. 14)
Introducing Mr. Reed’s Tales by Brian Anderson (6/18)
Life of Reely by Trey Reely: A Teachers’ Meeting: A One-Act Play (8/17, p. 48); Ghosts Alive (9/17, p. 2); Music at Midwest (11/17, p. 2); The Best of 2017 (12/17, p. 2); The Battle Against Vocabulary En¬hance¬ment (1/18, p. 32); Turnabout is Fair Play (2/18, p. 48); Sandpiper Middle School Music Review (3/18, p. 56); In My Shoes (4/18, p. 40); Final Bell (5/18, p. 2); The Art of Falling on Your Sword (6/18)
Midwest 2017 Performers and Clinicians (12/17, p. 22)
Musical Diplomacy: The Great Mexican Band’s 1884 Triumph by Sixto F. Montesinos (4/18, p. 16)
The New Job To-Do List by Kirk Hickman (4/18, p. 28)
Sharing Students by Elise Allen (2/18, p. 38)
The 100-Gig Challenge by Michael Pavlik and The Students’ Take on Chamber Music (2/18, p. 14)

Notes from Northbrook
A Few Well-Chosen Notes by James M. Rohner (1/18, p. 2)
How Hard to Push by James M. Rohner (10/17, p. 2)
A Jungle Stream by James M. Rohner (2/18, p. 2)
Out with the Old by Matthew Temple (8/17, p. 2)
Strange, Special Air by Matthew Temple (4/18, p. 2)

Personal Perspective
Dear Younger Me, Advice I Wish I Had in College by Meghan Cabral (10/17, p. 80)
Honest Answers by Dean Snavely (9/17, p. 48)
Ten Great Podium Habits by John Selzer (5/18, p. 32)
A Time of Change by Isabel Goodwin (12/17, p. 6)
A Trip to Grainger’s House by John Knight (11/17, p. 40)

Index of Authors
Aebersold, Jamey, Jan./8
Aguglia, Phil, Oct./26
Allen, Andrew, Oct./25, Nov./24, June
Allen, Elise, Feb./38
Anderson, Brian, June
Anderson, Timothy Todd, June
Arau, Matthew, May/18
Bartlett, Carla K., Nov./18
Blaufuss, Dan, Oct./8, Apr./8, May/6
Bough, Thomas, Feb./30, Mar./2
Brinberg, Isaac, Dec./44
Buonviri, Nathan, Aug./32, Oct./22, Apr./20
Cabral, Meghan, Oct./80, Mar./52
Cash, Stefanie, Sep./40
Cichowicz, Vincent, June
Cook, David, Jan./22
Decker, Marc, Mar./10
Everett, Micah, Oct./20, Mar./20
Ewell, Terry B., Sep./32
Fodor, David, Jan./14
George, Patricia, Oct./14, Dec./34, June
Goodwin, Isabel, Dec./6
Graham, Aaron, Sep./28, May/24
Hauta, Nolan, Aug./16
Heavner, Tracy, Nov./21, Apr./24
Hickman, Kirk, Apr./28
Iltis, Peter W., Aug./36
Jay, Laura, Oct./26
Jennings, Ernest, Aug./26
Knight, John, Nov./40
Lee, Justin, Nov./18
Lizotte, Tom, Dec./48, Jan./18
Loebel, Kurt, June
Lortz, Mark, Feb./22
Miller, Gerry, Nov./12
Mills, Donn Laurence, Jan./25
Montesinos, Sixto F., Sep./16, Apr./16
Musella, Gabe, Aug./20
Oelrich, Jean, June
Pavlik, Michael, Feb./14
Popejoy, James, Sep./12
Preece, Justin, Sep./22
Pursell, Anthony, Mar./16
Reely, Trey, Aug./48, Sep./2, Nov./2, Dec./2, Jan./32, Feb./48, Mar./56, Apr./40, May/2, June
Riley, Steven, Aug./26, May/12
Rohner, James M., Oct./2, Jan./2, Feb./2
Rose, Onsby C., Aug./28
Selzer, John, May/32
Snavely, Dean, Sep./48
Stowman, William, Dec./36
Temple, Matthew, Aug./2, Aug./22, Apr./2
Thomson, John, Aug./10, Dec./16, Feb./8
Whitcomb, Benjamin, June
Wiest, Steve, Jan./10
Wright, Andy, Mar./23