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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 70

The Instrumentalist

August 2015-June 2016, vol. 70

Interviews and Profiles
Aim to Inspire, A Conversation with David Dunham by Dan Blaufuss (2/16, p. 14)
Band Lessons, An Interview with Kevin Sedatole by Onsby C. Rose (5/16, p. 12)
The Commodores (12/15, p. 20)
A Conductor Reflects, An Interview with Anshel Brusilow by Dan Blaufuss (11/15, p. 24)
Desire, Confidence, and Recruiting, A Conversation with Brandon Crawford by Dan Blaufuss (3/16, p. 16)
Leading from Within, An Interview with Vandegrift High School’s Mike Howard by Dan Blaufuss (4/16, p. 10)
Meet the Composer, Tyler S. Grant (11/15, p. 21)
The Pride of Pizitz, An Interview with Kim Bain by James M. Rohner (11/15, p. 18)
Pursuit of Excellence, An Interview with Parker Bixby by Dan Blaufuss (10/15, p. 12)

Conducting and Literature
Before They Were Classics (8/15, p. 54)
Expression Unlocked: Developing the Skills of Young Conductors by Brian Shelton (12/15, p. 30)
Friendship and Discovery in a Summer on the Road by Onsby C. Rose (1/16, p. 10)
Imagery and Ensemble Balance by Jerry Nowak (1/16, p. 16)
Past the Page: Moving from Reading Notes to Beautiful Performance by Stephen Rhodes (4/16, p. 16)
Style and Expressive Performing by Jerry Nowak (9/15, p.24)

Teaching and Rehearsal Ideas
Branching Out: Teaching Outside Your Primary Area of Expertise by Lisa Martin (8/15, p. 45)
The Elements of an Effective Rehearsal by Kevin M. Geraldi (5/16, p. 22)
Extended Techniques for Band by Frederick Jaeschke (2/16, p. 30)
The First Six Weeks: A Beginning Band Curriculum by David Dunham, Part 1 (5/16, p. 16)
A New Look at Band Warmups by Tom Lizotte (11/15, p. 28)
Partner Practice by Schuyler Thornton and Cosette Bardawil (1/16, p. 32)
Perfecting Dynamics by Rod Sims (1/16, p. 20)
Recruiting that Works by Wendy Hart Higdon: Part 1 (2/16, p. 18); Part 2 (3/16, p. 12)
Rehearsal Management by Jim Shaw (9/15, p. 30)
Starting the First Note on a Wind Instrument by Alexander Ritter George (1/16, p. 2)
Student Teaching Portfolios by Gary Fagan (12/15, p. 6)
Teaching Musicianship by Patricia George (11/15, p. 31)
Tricks of the Trade by Chad West (11/15, p. 12)
Unforgettable Lessons Part 1 (8/15, p. 32); Part 2 (9/15, p. 18)
Using a Bow to Teach Wind Articulations by Anthony Pursell (3/16, p. 20)
Using Rehearsal Time Well by John Thomson (10/15, p. 18)

Instrument Clinics
Build a Better Brass Warmup by Micah Everett (3/16, p. 24)
Building a Strong Trumpet Section by Josh Rzepka (5/16, p. 34)
Multiple Tonguing by Adrian D. Griffin (4/16, p. 24)
The Double Stroke in Mallet Technique by Mitchell Peters (1/16, p. 23)
Fixing Percussion Problems During Rehearsals by Jason Kihle (9/15, p.35)
A Partnership with Percussionists by Matthew Temple (4/16, p. 20)
Teaching Drumset by Robert Grifa (10/15, p. 24)
Orchestral String Techniques by Jerome Franke and Samantha George (12/15, p. 40)
Adjusting Saxophone Fingerings by John Seaton (12/15, p. 34)
Beyond Clarinet Basics by Stacey DiPaolo (9/15, p.40)
Playing Lead Alto by Jordan VanHemert (2/16, p. 24)
Saxophone Chamber Music by Andrew J. Allen (10/15, p. 30)
Starting Low Notes on the Saxophone by Andrew J. Allen (4/16, p. 22)
Understanding Bass Clarinet by L. Anne Browne (11/15, p. 34)
Woodwind Books for Band Directors by Andrew J. Allen (12/15, p. 44)

Jazz Articles
Improving Jazz Players’ Sense of Time by Joel Moore (2/16, p. 51)
Moving Beyond the Blues Scale by Luke Malewicz (4/16, p. 26)
Where’s the Groove? by Lee Bash (11/15, p. 38)

Marching Articles
The Ideal Marching Schedule by Sean Smith (8/15, p. 38)
Perfect Steps by Mike Howard (5/16, p. 28)

2015 Directory of Music Schools (10/15, p. 36)
2016 Guide to Summer Camps and Clinics (3/16, p. 34)
Advice for Future College Students (10/15, p. 33)
By the Numbers: Trivia from 70 Years of Magazine Covers (8/15, p. 80)
Farewell to the Sounds of Summer by Timothy Todd Anderson (9/15, p.8)
A Few Favorite Covers (8/15, p. 52)
Flute and Tuba: A Look at a Fascinating Duo by Caitlin Ippolito (2/16, p. 54)
A Letter to Students about Memorizing by Jasmine Choi (3/16, p. 22)
Life of Reely by Trey Reely: The First Two Years (8/15, p. 48); Bananas and Muffins (9/15, p. 44); Band Game Shows (10/15, p. 112); Cutting Down the Nets (11/15, p. 48); Reducing Audition Jitters (12/15, p. 4); Old-School Organization (1/16, p. 4); My Funny Valentine (2/16, p. 64); Cybertraps (3/16, p. 4); Novel Ideas (5/16, p. 48)
The Midwest Clinic in 2015 (12/15, p. 14); Tips from the Clinicians (12/15, p. 22)
Relocating Your Studio by Rachel Taylor Geier (5/16, p. 38)
Why the World Needs Bands by John Philip Sousa (3/16, p. 30)

Anniversary Essays
Always a Friend by Heidi I. Sarver (8/15, p. 30)
Essential Matters by Donald Hunsberger (8/15, p. 23)
Follow Your Dream by Dale Clevenger (8/15, p. 23)
From Canning to College by Colonel Arnald D. Gabriel (8/15, p. 18)
Hard Work Matters by Mark Camphouse (8/15, p. 12)
How to Succeed by Charles T. Menghini (8/15, p. 31)
Inspired by a Pioneer by Mary Land (8/15, p. 16)
Learning from Horses by James Barnes (8/15, p. 16)
Lifelong Learning by Paula A. Crider (8/15, p. 20)
Music’s Intrinsic Value by Frank L. Battisti (8/15, p. 22)
Never Forget by Richard Floyd (8/15, p. 28)
Play for Someone You Love by Steve Wiest (8/15, p. 26)
Those Magic Moments by Terry Austin (8/15, p. 21)
Three Notes by Frank Ticheli (8/15, p. 11)
A Wealth of Mentors by Quincy C. Hilliard (8/15, p. 14)

Notes from Northbrook
Are We Willing to Lose to Win? by James Warrick (4/16, p. 2)
A Beginner’s Journey by Dan Blaufuss (2/16, p. 2)
Christmas Past by James M. Rohner (12/15, p. 2)
The Long and Winding Road by James M. Rohner (9/15, p. 2)
On the Shoulders of Giants by James M. Rohner and Ann Rohner Callis (8/15, p. 2)
Remembering Rogie by Dan Blaufuss (11/15, p. 2)
Time to Think by Michael Reynolds (5/16, p. 2)
Work to Do by James M. Rohner (3/16, p. 2)

Personal Perspective
Conducting Wisdom from Pierre Boulez and Kurt Masur by John Knight (3/16, p. 64)
Finding a Home at the End of the Earth by Marlene Schutter (11/15, p. 4)
Five Facts about Music Competition by Justin Matthew Antos (1/16, p. 6)
Keeping Your Balance by Korey Coffer (9/15, p. 48)
Music for Life by Kathy Melago (10/15, p. 4)
Staying on Task by Lisa Martin (5/16, p. 6)
Strike Down the Band by Trey Reely (4/16, p. 32)

Index of Authors
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