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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 67

The Instrumentalist

August 2012-June/July 2013, vol. 67

Interviews and Profiles
Blending Passion and Humor, Lessons Learned over a Career in Music by David Fodor (2/13, p. 10)
The Evolution of a Band Program, An Interview with Ron Wakefield by Michael Doty (10/12, p. 16)
The Evolution of the Chicago Symphony Brass Sound by Harvey Phillips (5/13, p. 20)
Finding a Place for Everyone, An Interview with Gerry Miller by Dan Blaufuss (4/13, p. 10)
Hard Choices Lead to Great Rewards, An Interview with David Pryor by Dan Blaufuss (6/13, p. 10)
An Interview with Robert Rumbelow by John Thomson (1/13, p. 10)
Learning to Read a Rehearsal, An Interview with Duane Chun by James M. Rohner (9/12, p. 12)
A Morton Gould Salute, Reflections on an Open-Minded Genius by Frank Battisti (2/13, p. 16)
A Musical Journey Leads to a Surprising Place, An Interview with Dan Wilson by Dan Blaufuss (11/12, p. 10)
Of Sound and Style, An Interview with Brian Peter by Dan Blaufuss (3/13, p. 10)
Planting Seeds for Lasting Success, An Interview with Chip DeStefano by John Thomson (8/12, p. 14)
Taking Five with Dave Brubeck by Carol Montparker (1/13, p. 40)
Woody Herman’s Musical Journey by Nicholas J. Contorno (5/13, p. 25)

Analyses & Conducting Articles
The Anatomy of a Rehearsal by Kenneth G. Bloomquist (4/13, p. 22)
Making the Most of Marches by C. Heidenreich (12/12, p. 22)
Solving Ensemble Performance Anxiety by Jim Shaw (6/13, p. 31)
Unhelpful Conducting Habits by John Ginocchio (8/12, p. 20)

Teaching Music
Add Fun to Lessons with a Dash of Popular Music by Lisa Martin (4/13, p. 43)
Articulation by P. George (8/12, p. 4)
Beginners and the Chromatic Scale by George Hayden and RoAnn Romines (4/13, p. 18)
Getting Students Singing by Alexander George (11/12, p. 44)
Hidden Motives, Finding Ways to Inspire Students by Trey Reely (3/13, p. 22)
How to Teach Interpretation and Expression by Leslie W. Hicken (8/12, p. 44)
Improvising During Rehearsal by J. Thomas Seddon (9/12, p. 24)
Solving Ensemble Intonation Mysteries by George Hayden and RoAnn Romines (1/13, p. 21)
Strategies for Assessing Music Students by Lisa Martin (6/13, p. 28)
Strengthening Second Chair, How Professional Players Balance the Section Sound by Paul K. Bhasin (1/13, p. 34)
Ten Tips for Working with Young Children by Ryan Bartz and Steve Katzenmoyer (5/13, p. 33)
Theory Conspiracy: Helping Students Find Meaning Inside the Music by Nick Little (2/13, p. 37)
Tips for Building a Chamber Music Program by A. Seddon (11/12, p. 16)
Views from the Judges by Anthony Pursell (1/13, p. 16)

Alternate Fingerings for the Clarinet’s Chalumeau Register by John Knight (11/12, p. 28)
Beautiful Bass Sounds by Linda McKnight (4/13, p. 34)
Clarinet Hand Position by John Knight (1/13, p. 30)
Daily Maintenance and Core Practice by Adrian D. Griffin (1/13, p. 24)
Developing Violin Vibrato by Samantha George (12/12, p. 30)
Double Tonguing on Saxophone, Tips from the Masters by Sean Murphy (11/12, p. 22)
Ear Training for Percussionists by Nathan Buonviri (12/12, p. 37)
The Easy Move from Alto Sax by Andrew J. Allen (9/12, p. 28)
Exercises for Oboists by Tracy Carr (12/12, p. 34)
Getting Saxophonists in Tune by Andrew J. Allen (4/13, p. 30)
Great Brass Recordings by Jaimie Hall (6/13, p. 33)
Improving High Notes on the Saxophone by S. Murphy (5/13, p. 30)
Improving Percussion Sounds by Elizabeth DeLamater (10/12, p. 24)
Making Reeds Behave by Terri Armfield (9/12, p. 31)
Making the Switch to Piccolo by Patricia George (3/13, p. 25)
Problem Solving for Low Brass Students by Skip Gray (8/12, p. 39)
Sightreading Practice by Samantha George (2/13, p. 42)
Starting a String Orchestra from Scratch by Justin Antos (6/13, p. 24)
Teach Shifting to Young Violinists by Samantha George (10/12, p. 28)
Teaching Clarinet Fundamentals by Carola Winkle (8/12, p. 24)
Triumphant Auditions by Adrian D. Griffin (3/13, p. 29)
What I Learned from the Clarinet by Walfrid Kujala (5/13, p. 36)

Marching Articles
The Best and Worst from the Marching Field (9/12, p. 20)
Great Performances While Marching by Timothy Todd Anderson (6/13, p. 20)
Three Tips for a Smooth Start by Ken Tonaki (8/12, p. 12)
Views from the Press Box, Lessons and Advice from Marching Adjudicators by Anthony Pursell (5/13, p. 12)

2012 College Directory (10/12, p. 38)
2012 Midwest Preview (12/12, p. 12)
2013 Camp Directory (3/13, p. 36)
After Signing the Contract, Steps to Take Before the First Day of Classes by Anthony Pursell (10/12, p. 10)
Building a Great Pep Band by Laura Zamzow (11/12, p. 34)
Getting Ready for College by Anthony Kirkland (9/12, p. 34)
How to Make Successful Recordings by Bill Thomas (3/13, p. 18)
Jazz Advocacy in the 21st Century by Steve Wiest (12/12, p. 27)
Life of Reely by Trey Reely: Not in Service (8/12, p. 48); What Band Directors Like (9/12, p. 44); Marketing for Band Directors (10/12, p. 104); Would You Rather (11/12, p. 48); New Year’s Resolutions for Others (12/12, p. 48); News Flashes from the Podium (1/13, p. 48); Section Leader Essays (2/13, p. 56); Hidden Motives (3/13, p. 22); Imagine (4/13, p. 48); Cheers (5/13, p. 48)
Remembering Janos Starker
Rhythm and the Brain by Benjamin Helton (11/12, p. 31)
The Secrets of Professionals by Mark Hosler (6/13, p. 16)
Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us by James Croft (11/12, p. 40)
Sousa Shaves, Makes Headlines by Thomas Trimborn (10/12, p. 100)
Woodwind Repairs Directors Can Make by Roger Venaas (2/13, p. 46)

Notes from Northfield
Almost Viral by James M. Rohner (6/13, p. 2)
The Band that Shook the World by James M. Rohner (8/12, p. 2)
College Try (10/12, p. 2)
Chicago, Fleurus, and Jupiter by Dan Blaufuss (11/12, p. 2)
A Fabulous Journey by James T. Rohner (3/13, p. 2)
Making Musical Memories by Ann Rohner Callis (12/12, p. 2)
The Marks of a Good Musician by Dan Blaufuss (2/13, p. 2)
Musical Intelligence by Robert Calvert and Valerie Simosko (5/13, p. 2)
Playing for Fun by D. Blaufuss (9/12, p. 2)

Personal Perspective
Lessons from the Back Row by Timothy Todd Anderson (3/13, p. 80)
The Road Forward Circles Around by Matthew C. Saunders (9/12, p. 48)
So Much to Learn by Dan Wilensky (6/13, p. 48)
Still Going Strong by R. Jack Mercer (11/12, p. 46)
Teaching to a Higher Purpose by Ron Wakefield (12/12, p. 46)

Index by Author
Allen, Andrew J., Sep./28 (W); Apr./30 (W)
Anderson, Timothy Todd, Mar./80 (PP); June/20 (M)
Antos, Justin, June/24 (O)
Armfield, Terri, Sep./31 (W)
Bartz, Ryan, May/33 (E)
Battisti, Frank, Feb./16 (I)
Bhasin, Paul K., Jan./34 (E)
Blaufuss, Dan, Sep./14 (N); Nov./2 (N); Nov./10 (I); Feb./2 (N); Mar./10 (I); Apr./10 (I); June/10 (I)
Bloomquist, Kenneth G., Apr./22 (C)
Buonviri, Nathan, Dec./37 (P)
Callis, Ann Rohner, Dec./2 (N)
Calvert, Robert, May/2 (N)
Carr, Tracy, Dec./34 (W)
Contorno, Nicholas J., May/25 (I, J)
Croft, James Nov./40 (X)
DeLamater, Elizabeth, Oct./24 (P)
Doty, Michael, Oct./16 (I)
Fodor, David, Feb./10 (I)
George, Alexander, Nov./44 (E)
George, Patricia, Aug./4 (E); Mar./25 (W)
George, Samantha, Oct./28 (O); Dec./30 (O); Feb./42 (O)
Ginocchio, John, Aug./20 (C)
Gray, Skip, Aug./39 (B)
Griffin, Adrian D., Jan./24 (B); Mar./29 (B)
Hall, Jaimie, June/33 (B)
Hayden, George, Jan./21 (E); Apr./18 (E)
Heidenreich, Christopher, Dec./22 (C)
Helton, Benjamin, Nov./31 (X)
Hicken, Leslie W., Aug./44 (E)
Hosler, Mark, June/16 (X)
Katzenmoyer, Steven P., May/33 (E)
Kirkland, Anthony, Sep./34 (X)
Knight, John, Nov./28 (W); Jan./30 (W)
Kujala, Walfrid, May/36 (W)
Little, Nick, Feb./37 (E)
Martin, Lisa Apr./43 (E); June/28 (E)
McKnight, Linda, Apr./34 (O)
Mercer, R. Jack, Nov./46 (PP)
Montparker, Carol, Jan./40 (I, J)
Murphy, Sean, Nov./22 (W); May/30 (W)
Phillips, Harvey, May/20 (B, I)
Pursell, Anthony, Oct./10 (X); Jan./16 (E); May/12 (M)
Reely, Trey, Aug./48 (X); Sep./44 (X); Oct./104 (X); Nov./48 (X); Dec./48 (X); Jan./48 (X); Feb./56 (X); Mar./22 (E, X); Apr./48 (X); May/48 (X)
Rohner, James M., Aug./2 (N); Sep. 12 (I); June/2 (N)
Rohner, James T., Mar./2 (N)
Romines, RoAnn, Jan./21 (E); Apr./18 (E)
Saunders, Matthew C., Sep./48 (PP)
Seddon, Alana, Nov./16 (E)
Seddon, J. Thomas, Sep./24 (E)
Shaw, Jim, June/31 (C)
Simosko, Valerie, May/2 (N)
Thomas, Bill, Mar./18 (X)
Thomson, John, Aug./14 (I); Jan./10 (I)
Tonaki, Ken, Aug./12 (M)
Trimborn, Thomas, Oct./100 (X)
Venaas, Roger, Feb./46 (X)
Wakefield, Ron, Dec./46 (PP)
Wiest, Steve, Dec./27 (J, X)
Wilensky, Dan, June/48 (PP)
Winkle, Carola, Aug./24 (W)
Zamzow, Laura, Nov./34 (X)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
N = Notes from Northfield
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles