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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 66

The Instrumentalist

August 2011-July 2012, vol. 66

Interviews and Profiles
Adventures Every Summer Running A Music Camp, An Interview with Fritz Stansell by John Thomson (3/12, p. 11)
Building a High-Tech Band, An Interview with Chris Harper by Dan Blaufuss (8/11, p. 14)
A Chance to Learn in Every Moment, An Interview with Joseph Hebert by Edward R. McClellan (11/11, p. 14)
Consistency is Key with Middle School Bands, An Interview with Douglas Akey by John Thomson (1/12, p. 14)
Give Everyone a Chance to Shine, An Interview with Richard Meyer by Dan Blaufuss (5/12, p. 20)
No Tricks, No Gimmicks by Nicholas Contorno (11/11, p. 22)
Passing the Test at Hersey High, An Interview with Scott Casagrande (10/11, p. 12)
A Small Town Feel in a Big School, An Interview with Bill Thomas (4/12, p. 14)

Analyses & Conducting Articles
Common Elements of Successful Concert Programs by Bruce Moss (12/11, p. 24)
Interpreting Gustav Holst’s Second Suite in F by Robert J. Garofalo (10/11, p. 18)
Mennin’s Canzona by Barry Kopetz (9/11, p. 54)
Music We Love, Top Composers Reflect on Overlooked Gems (9/11, p. 14)
Unforgettable Lessons from L. Stokowski by Legh W. Burns (11/11, p. 28)

Teaching Music
Aim for Artistry by Lawrence Stoffel (11/11, p. 24)
Ambiguous Wind Articulations by Gary Stith (6/12, p. 18)
Beginning Composition Lessons by Steven P. Katzenmoyer and David S. Zerull (9/11, p. 40)
How Students Should Listen by Michael Burch-Pesses (2/12, p. 31)
Leading Rehearsals with Discipline and Dignity by Mary Land (6/12, p. 8)
Mark Music Effectively by Matthew Temple (4/12, p. 28)
Master Rhythm by Brian Anderson (11/11, p. 22)
Minute Clinic: Tone Production by Patricia George (5/12, p. 46); Rehearsal Habits by James Shaw (6/12, p. 48)
The Nuts and Bolts of Good Rehearsals by George Hayden and RoAnn Romines (2/12, p. 10)
Off to a Great Start, Advice from Veteran Directors (8/11, p.25)
Take Recruiting on the Road by Michael D. Stone (12/11, p. 30)
Taking Care of Tuning by Bruce Heim (9/11, p. 28)
Tales from First Year Teachers by Elizabeth Peterson (9/11, p. 20)
Teaching More than the Next Concert by Fred David Romines (5/12, p. 40)
The Wisdom of F. McBeth (3/12, p. 16)
Words of Wisdom from Francis McBeth (2/12, p. 15)

Bad Bass Habits by Linda McKnight (6/12, p. 14)
Bassoon Repairs on a Limited Budget by Elizabeth R. Fetters (10/11, p. 92)
Chamber Music with Young String Quartets by Samantha George (2/12, p. 24)
Clarinet Maintenance by Carol Jessup (1/12, p. 44)
Develop Better Bowing by Samantha George (3/12, p. 33)
A Distinctive Tone on the Saxophone by Sean Murphy (3/12, p. 28)
The Double Stroke in Mallet Technique by Mitchell Peters (4/12, p. 40)
Drumset Basics by Nathan Buonviri (2/12, p. 28)
Equipped to Succeed by Matthew McCutchen (5/12, p. 29)
Finding Your Sound by Patricia George (3/12, p. 82)
Great Books for Promising Trumpet Players by A.D. Griffin (12/11, p. 34)
A Guide to Better Flute Intonation by Bradley Garner (9/11, p. 36)
Improvisation in 12 Weeks by Jason Bouchard (6/12, p. 25)
The Ins and Outs of Buying Tubas by Jason Bouchard (9/11, p. 32)
The Lasting Value of Jazz Transcription by Kevin Schoenbach (5/12, p. 26)
Oboe Articulation by Nora Lewis (4/12, p. 31)
Percussion Exercises for Beginning Brass by Nathan Langfitt (1/12, p. 28)
Picking Timpanists by Gene Fambrough (9/11, p. 39)
A Picture is Worth 10,000 Words by Patricia George (11/11, p. 33)
Professionalism in School Jazz Bands by Jonathan R. Hinkle (1/12, p. 18)
Saxophone Maintenance by Sean Murphy (6/12, p. 22)
Starting a Jazz Program by Jason Bouchard (3/12, p. 24)
Teach Strings to Tune by Julie Along Carr (10/11, p. 30)
Tips for Clarinetists by Brent Coppenbarger (8/11, p. 30)
Tools for a Great Start by Julie Along Carr (12/11, p. 40)
Tumpet Intonation by Adrian D. Griffin (4/12, p. 34)

Marching Articles
Logical Steps to Drillwriting by Brandt Payne (4/12, p. 18)
Making the Marching Band Stand Out by Mark Hosler (5/12, p. 15)
Marching Without Competing by Stephanie Silosky (8/11, p. 20)
Students Help Design Drill by Erik Parmenter (4/12, p. 24)

2011 College Directory (10/11, p. 44)
2011 DCI World Championships (9/11, p. 52)
2011 Midwest Preview (12/11, p. 14), Clinic Preview
2012 Camp Directory (3/12, p. 42)
90th Birthday Celebration for Robert Willoughby by Leonard Garrison (12/11)
Festival Auditions by Adrian D. Griffin (11/11, p. 36)
The First Few Years by Stephanie Silosky (1/12, p. 48)
Life of Reely by Trey Reely: The Other Side (8/11, p. 46); Understanding Band Directors (9/11, p. 60); Make Rehearsals Memorable (10/11, p. 102); The Art of Communication (11/11, p. 48); Band Directors’ Letters to Santa (12/11, p. 54); Countdown to Contest (1/12, p. 24); Brushes with Fame (2/12, p. 48); Coming to Terms (3/12, p. 88); Breaking in a New Boss (4/12, p. 48); River City Revisited (5/12, p. 48); Mozart & Microbes (6/12, p. 46)
The Nuts and Bolts of Instrument Maintenance by Roger Venaas (8/11, p. 36
One Quick Question: From Average to Outstanding (9/11, p. 63); Wiser College Choices (10/11, p, 42); Start Strong in the New Year (12/11, p. 42)
A Piece of Their Own by Lloyd Potter (4/12, p. 25)
Planning Multimedia Concerts by Anthony Pursell (6/12, p. 28)
Taking Care of Accompanists by Steven P. Katzenmoyer (2/12, p. 44)
When a Student Asks by Patricia George (10/11, p. 24)

Notes from Northfield
Adventures in Sydney by Matthew Temple (5/12, p. 2)
The Best 12 Days of My Life by Ryan Callis (5/12, p. 44)
A Dilemma by Ernestine Whitman (4/12, p. 2)
The First School-Owned Instruments by Joseph. E. Maddy (8/11, p. 2)
Happy New Year by Ann Rohner Callis (9/11, p. 4)
The Path by J.M. Rohner (1/12, p. 2)
Reflections on Francis McBeth by John Knight (3/12, p.2)
Remembering McBeth by James T. Rohner (2/12, p. 2)
So Many Treasures by Dan Blaufuss (11/11, p. 2)
What I’ve Learned in 10 Years by Dan Blaufuss (6/12, p. 2)
Winter in Chicago by James M. Rohner (12/11, p. 2)
Worth the Work by Dan Blaufuss (10/11, p. 2)

Author Index
Anderson, Brian, Nov./22 (E)
Blaufuss, Dan, Aug./14 (I); Oct./2 (N); Nov./2 (N); May/20 (I); June/2 (N)
Bouchard, Jason, Sep./32 (B); Mar./24 (J); June/25 (J)
Buonviri, Nathan, Feb./28 (P)
Burch-Pesses, Michael, Feb./31 (E)
Burns, Legh, Nov./28 (C)
Callis, Ann Rohner, Sep./4 (N)
Callis, Ryan, May/44 (N)
Carr, Julie Along, Oct./30 (O); Dec./40 (O)
Contorno, Nicholas, Nov./18 (I)
Coppenbarger, Brent, Aug./30 (W)
Fambrough, Gene, Sep./39 (P)
Garner, Bradley, Sep./36
Garofalo, Robert J., Oct./18 (C)
George, Patricia, Oct./24 (X); Nov./33 (W); Mar./82 (W); May/46 (E)
George, Samantha, Feb./24 (O); Mar./33 (O)
Griffin, Adrian D., Nov./36 (X); Dec./34 (B); Apr./34 (B)
Hayden, George, Feb./10 (E)
Heim, Bruce, Sep./28 (E)
Hinkle, Jonathan R., Jan./18 (J)
Hosler, Mark, May/15 (M)
Jessup, Carol, Jan./44 (W)
Katzenmoyer, Steven P., Sep./40 (E); Feb./44 (X)
Knight, John, Mar./2 (N)
Kopetz, Barry, Sep./54 (C)
Land, Mary, June/8 (E)
Langfitt, Nathan, Jan./28 (B)
Lewis, Nora, Apr./31 (W)
Maddy, Joseph E., Aug./2 (N)
McBeth, W. Francis, Feb./15 (E); Mar./16 (E)
McClellan, Edward R., Nov./14 (I)
McCutchen, Matthew, May/29 (P)
McKnight, Linda, June/14 (O)
Moss, Bruce, Dec./24 (C)
Murphy, Sean, Mar./28 (W); June/22 (W)
Parmenter, Erik, Apr./24 (M)
Payne, Brandt, Apr./18 (M)
Peters, Mitchell, Apr./40 (P)
Peterson, Elizabeth, Sep./20 (E)
Potter, Lloyd, Apr./25 (X)
Pursell, Anthony, June/28 (X)
Reely, Trey, Aug./46 (X); Sep./60 (X); Oct./102 (X); Nov./48 (X); Dec./54 (X); Jan./24 (E,X); Feb./48 (X); Mar./88 (X); Apr./48 (X); May/48 (X); June/46 (X)
Rohner, James M., Dec./2 (N); Jan./2 (N)
Rohner, James T., Feb./2 (N)
Romines, Fred David, May/40 (E)
Romines, RoAnn, Feb./10 (E)
Schoenbach, Kevin, May/26 (J)
Shaw, James, June/48 (E)
Silosky, Stephanie, Aug./20 (M); Jan./48 (PP)
Stith, Gary, June/18 (E)
Stoffel, Lawrence, Nov./24 (E)
Stone, Michael D., Dec./30 (E)
Temple, Matthew, Apr./28 (E); May/2 (N)
Thomson, John, Jan./14 (I); Mar./11 (I)
Venaas, Roger, Aug./36 (X)
Whitman, Ernestine, Apr./2 (N)
Zerull, David S., Sep./40 (E)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
N = Notes from Northfield
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles