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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 64

The Instrumentalist

August 2009-July 2010, vol. 64

Interviews and Profiles
Anne Drummond, The Next Generation of Jazz by Horace Alexander Young (2/10, p. 28)
Beatboxing with Greg Patillo by Victoria Jicha (9/09, p. 22)
Catching Up with David Holsinger by Heather Pettit-Johnson (3/10, p. 14)
Chatting with Charles Staley by Judy Nelson (2/10, p. 14)
A Composer’s Story, An Interview with Roger Cichy by Dan Blaufuss (1/10, p. 10)
An Interview with Barbara Butler (7/10, p. 14)
An Interview with Gary Czapinski by Thomas Bough (5/10, p. 15)
An Interview with John Lynch by Dan Blaufuss (4/10, p. 18)
The Kiel Municipal Band (7/10, p. 44)
Marking Time with Mike Alverson by Dan Blaufuss (8/09, p. 12)
Passionate Teachers, An Interview with Andy Pettus and Leslie Welker by Dan Blaufuss (11/09, p. 12)
A Team Effort, An Interview with Eric Everhart by Judy Nelson (6/10, p. 16)

Analyses & Conducting Articles
Advanced Placement, Moving Players to Build Excitement by James Ripley (8/09, p. 28)
Early Band Works by Lawrence Stoffel (1/10, p. 22)
Eight Rules for Conductors by Daniel Alt (10/09, p. 39)
Irish Tune from County Derry by Frederick Fennell (8/09, p. 32)

Teaching Music
Common Missteps of New Teachers by Alfred Stuart Townsend (9/09, p. 28)
A Composition Project by Evan Doyle (11/09, p. 24)
The Daily Six-Second Tryout by R. Teweleit and H. Haines (5/10, p. 40)
Delightful Beginners, Teaching Fifth- and Sixth-Grade Brass and Percussion by RoAnn Romines and George Hayden (10/09, p. 16)
Delightful Beginners, Teaching Fifth- and Sixth-Grade Students by R. Romines and G. Hayden (9/09, p. 14)
Ear Training in Rehearsals by Thomas Seddon (7/10, p. 26)
Five Perspectives on Warm-Ups by Sue Samuels (10/09, p. 12)
Keep Daily Drills from Becoming Routine by Jim Shaw (4/10, p. 58)
Musical Warmups by Matthew Temple (12/09, p. 16)
The Note-Name Game by Jaimie Hall (1/10, p. 42)
A Practical Path to Better Tuning by James Barnes (5/10, p. 30)
Rehearsing Wisely by C. Groeling (11/09, p. 18)
Teaching Composition by Andrea Hollenbeck (10/09, p. 22)
Teaching Students to Listen by Matthew Temple (2/10, p. 22)
Tips for Travelling Teachers by Lisa Martin (1/10, p. 16)
What We Learn Along the Way by John Thomson (4/10, p. 26)

Instrument Clinics
The Art of Trombone Section Playing by Joel Elias and LaMar Jones (11/09, p. 40)
Basic Trumpet Truths by Elizabeth Peterson (8/09, p. 46)
Beatboxing with Greg Patillo by Victoria Jicha (9/09, p. 22)
Brass Questions Answered by Jay Friedman (5/10, p. 36)
Cello Fundamentals by Daniel Kazez (9/09, p. 50)
Developing Double Reed Tone by Elizabeth Rusch Fetters (10/09, p. 42)
Getting the Grip by J. May (2/10, p. 44)
Growing a Quintet by Judy Nelson (4/10, p. 32)
Horn Hand Position by Howard Hilliard (2/10, p. 34)
Horn Maintenance by James Boldin (9/09, p. 32)
An Interview with Barbara Butler (7/10, p. 14)
Mallet Percussion Tips by Jason Kihle (3/10, p. 45)
Playing Rags, A Masterclass with the Carolina Brass by Judy Nelson (8/09, p. 54)
Quick Tips for Percussionists by Nathan Buonviri (11/09, p. 30)
Rediscovering the Cornet by Travis Heath (1/10, p. 28)
Saxophone Solutions by Sean Murphy (4/10, p. 42)
The Secret Lives of Clarinet Pads by Roger Venaas (2/10, p. 49)
Taming the Oboe by N. Lewis (3/10, p. 28)
Teaching with Analogies by Jesse Krebs (9/09, p. 39)
Techniques for Vibraphone by Brett Jones (10/09, p. 28)
Tuba Pedal Tones by Donald Stauffer (12/09, p. 30)
Woodwind Articulation by Loraine Enloe (8/09, p. 51)

Marching Articles
Band Camp Snapshots (7/10, p. 19)
Between The Lines by Gary Czapinski: Transition Tips (6/10, p. 26); Four Points of Show Planning (7/10, p. 24)
Choosing Marching Music by Thomas Bough (6/10, p. 32)
Filling Holes by Heidi Sarver (9/09, p. 8)
Getting the Most from Marching Rehearsals by David Montgomery (8/09, p. 18)
An Interview with Gary Czapinski by Thomas Bough (5/10, p. 15)
My Take on Marching by Eric Wiltshire (9/09, p. 60)

2009 College Directory (10/09, p. 50)
2009 DCI Finals (9/09, p. 62)
2009 Midwest Preview (12/09, p. 22)
2010 Camp Directory (3/10, p. 48)
Advice for Better Honor Bands by James Barnes (3/10, p. 20)
Band Directors and Burnout by Steven Katzenmoyer (6/10, p. 22)
Good Advice for Future Music Majors by Rich Holly (10/09, p. 6)
Great Expectations by Nicholas O’Sullivan (8/09, p. 63)
A High-Tech Approach to Clinics by Anthony Pursell (3/10, p. 24)
Holst’s First Suite, A Century of Memories (12/09, p. 12)
Life of Reely by Trey Reely: Instant Classics (8/09, p. 6); The Lesson (9/09, p. 61); The Raven (10/09, p. 112); The Fun of the Pun (11/09, p. 47); Mistakes Teachers Make (12/09, p. 52); Ridiculous Questions (1/10, p. 2); Simple Pleasures (2/10, p. 4); Updates (3/10, p. 87); Getting the Gig, Tips for Job Hunters (4/10, p. 61); Recommendation (5/10, p. 6); War Stories (6/10, p. 45); Country Roads (7/10, p. 46)
Medical Problems Affecting Performance by W.J. Dawson (5/10, p. 22)
Playing Rags, A Masterclass with the Carolina Brass by Judy Nelson (8/09, p. 54)
Small Schools, Small Ensembles by Dori Waggoner (7/10, p. 32)
Technology for Tight Budgets by Mike Fedyszyn (6/10, p. 12)
Tips for Student Teachers by Meghan Cabral (6/10, p. 42)
The Unusual Tale of Loading Dock Rehearsals by M. Oubre (5/10, p. 56)
Voice Lessons for Instrumentalists by E. Messerschmidt (12/09, p. 46)

Notes from Northfield
The Art of Performing Poorly by Dan Blaufuss (9/09, p. 6)
At Home at the Hilton by James M. Rohner and Dan Blaufuss (12/09, p. 2)
A Band Wife’s Point of View by Candy Gamble-Parks (5/10, p. 2)
Internet Bandwagons by Dan Blaufuss (10/09, p. 4)
The Invisible Man by James M. Rohner (3/10, p. 4)
Jazz Greats by J.M. Rohner (2/10, p. 2)
A Musical Feast by J. Knight (8/09, p. 4)
On the Shoulders of Giants by James M. Rohner (11/09, p. 2)
Rally the Troops by James T. Rohner (4/10, p. 2)
Taking Time to Look by Dan Blaufuss (6/10, p. 2)
Thanks for the Memories by Kent Smith (7/10, p.2)

Author Index
Alt, Daniel, Oct./39 (C)
Barnes, James, Mar./20 (X); May/30 (E)
Blaufuss, Dan, Aug./12 (I); Sep./6 (N); Oct./4 (N); Nov./12 (I); Dec./2 (N); Jan./10 (I); Apr./18 (I); Jun./2 (N)
Boldin, James, Sep./32 (B)
Bough, Thomas, May/15 (I,M), Jun./ 32 (M)
Buonviri, Nathan, Nov./30 (P)
Cabral, Meghan, Jun./42 (X)
Czapinski, Gary, Jun./26 (M); Jul./24 (M)
Dawson, William J., May/22 (X)
Doyle, Evan, Nov./24 (E)
Elias, Joel, Nov./40 (B)
Enloe, Loraine, Aug./51 (W)
Fedyszyn, Mike, Jun./12 (X)
Fennell, Frederick, Aug./32 (C)
Fetters, Elizabeth Rusch, Oct./42 (W)
Friedman, Jay, May/36 (B)
Gamble-Parks, Candy, May/2 (N)
Groeling, Charles, Nov./18 (E)
Haines, Harry, May/40 (E)
Hall, Jaimie, Jan./42 (E)
Hayden, George, Sep./14 (E,W); Oct./16 (E,B,P)
Heath, Travis, Jan./28 (B)
Hilliard, Howard, Feb./34 (B)
Hollenbeck, Andrea, Oct./22 (E)
Holly, Rich, Oct./6 (X)
Jicha, Victoria, Sep./22 (I,W)
Jones, Brett, Oct./28 (P)
Jones, LaMar, Nov./40 (B)
Katzenmoyer, Steven, Jun./22 (X)
Kazez, Daniel, Sep./30 (S)
Kihle, Jason, Mar./45 (P)
Knight, John, Aug./4 (N)
Krebs, Jesse, Sep./39 (W)
Lewis, Nora, Mar./28 (W)
Martin, Lisa, Jan./16 (E)
May, John, Feb./44 (P)
Messerschmidt, Edward, Dec./46 (X)
Montgomery, David, Aug./18 (M)
Murphy, Sean, Apr./42 (W)
Nelson, Judy, Aug./54 (B,X), Feb./14 (I); Apr./32 (B); Jun./16 (I)
O’Sullivan, Nicholas, Aug./63 (PP)
Oubre, Michael, May/56 (X)
Peterson, Elizabeth, Aug./46 (B)
Pettit-Johnson, Heather, Mar./14 (I)
Pursell, Anthony, Mar./24 (X)
Reely, Trey, Aug./6 (X); Sep./61 (X); Oct./112 (X); Nov./47 (X); Dec./52 (X); Jan./2 (X); Feb./4 (X); Mar./87 (X); Apr./61 (X); May/6 (X); Jun./45 (X); Jul./46 (X)
Ripley, James, Aug./28 (C)
Rohner, James M., Nov./2 (N); Dec./2 (N); Feb./2 (N); Mar./4 (N)
Rohner, James T., Apr./2 (N)
Romines, RoAnn, Sep./14 (E,W); Oct./16 (E,B,P)
Samuels, Sue Oct./12 (E)
Sarver, Heidi, Sep./8 (M)
Seddon, Thomas, Jul./26 (E)
Shaw, Jim, Apr./58 (E)
Smith, Kent, Jul./2 (N)
Stauffer, Donald, Dec./30 (B)
Stoffel, Lawrence, Jan./22 (C)
Temple, Matthew, Dec./16 (E); Feb./22 (E)
Teweleit, Russ, May/40 (E)
Thomson, John, Apr./26 (E)
Townsend, Alfred Stuart, Sep./28 (E)
Venaas, Roger, Feb./49 (W)
Waggoner, Dori, Jul./32 (X)
Wiltshire, Eric, Sep./60 (M,PP)
Young, Horace Alexander, Feb./28 (I,J)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
N = Notes from Northfield
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles