Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 63

The Instrumentalist

August 2008-July 2009, vol. 63

Interviews and Profiles
Amazing Music at Roxbury High, An Interview with Todd Nichols by Dan Blaufuss (3/09, p. 18)
Beyond the Beat, An Interview with Stephen Squires by John Thomson (1/09, p. 18)
Carolina Brass, An Interview with Tim Hudson by Judy Nelson (6/09, p. 10)
Everyone’s in Music, An Interview with the Directors at Chaska Middle School West by Dan Blaufuss (2/09, p. 14)
Getting Down to Business, An Interview with RoAnn Romines and George Hayden by M. Forrester (10/08, p. 22)
In Step with Freddy Martin (8/08, p. 16)
Inspiring Students to Take the Lead, An Interview with Scott Lang by Thomas Bough (7/09, p. 18)
An Interview with Steven Barton by Dan Blaufuss (9/08, p. 18)
A Musical Family, Sharing Wisdom Across Generations (1/09, p. 34)
A Passion for Percussion, An Interview with Lisa Rogers (11/08, p. 18)
Stars of Indiana, Keith Rudolph and the Penn High School Band by Judy Nelson (4/09, p. 14)
Tradition with Innovation, An Interview with Jeff Fiedler by Dan Blaufuss (5/09, p. 14)

Analyses & Conducting Articles
Conducting Myths by Erik Janners (11/08, p. 42)
A Movement for Rosa by Matthew Temple (10/08, p. 28)
Music from the Movies by William Ouellette (10/08, p. 58)
Learning to Listen by T. Ruby (4/09, p. 28)
Overconducting, Getting in the Way of the Music by Anthony Pursell (3/09, p. 15)
Rediscovered Gems of Vincent Persichetti by Andrew Mast (2/09, p. 24)
Solos with Band Accompaniment by Chris Heidenreich (6/09, p. 30)
Sticks and Stones by Cody Gifford (11/08, p. 36)
Thoughts on Conducting Myths by Melvin P. Kessler (1/09, p. 8)

Teaching Music
The Art of Sightreading by Thomas Bough (2/09, p. 18)
Check Patterns by Troy Bennefield (7/09, p. 24)
Common Sightreading Problems by Eric Wiltshire (2/09, p. 20)
Discipline Comes Before Instruction by Jim Shaw (10/08, p. 42)
Doing More with Less by Mary Lund (9/08)
Focus on Scales by Caitlin Ippolito (11/08, p. 57)
High-Definition Rehearsals by Thomas McCauley (8/08, p. 62)
If I Only Had Less Rehearsal Time by Donn Laurence Mills (7/09, p. 38)
Jazz Essentials by B. Lark (10/08, p. 10)
Let Students Try Instruments by Steven P. Katzenmoyer (9/08, p. 32)
Musical Adventures with Michael Colgrass by Daniel Albert (1/09, p. 22)
A New School, A New Beginning by Jim Shaw (8/08, p. 22)
Practicing Jazz by N. Getz (5/09, p. 22)
The Rules of Swing Style by Bob Lark (11/08, p. 6)
The Secret of Success by Nicholas Contorno (1/09, p. 30)
Secrets of Subdivision by Bob Lark (4/09, p. 4)
Smart Work by Donn Laurence Mills (7/09, p. 38)
Starting from Scratch, Lessons from My High School Director by Peter Holsberg (8/08, p. 36)
With Joy and Enthusiasm by Frank Battisti (12/08, p. 26)

Instrument Clinics
10 Flute Tips for Band Directors by Phyllis Avidan Louke (5/09, p. 36)
10 Tricky Piccolo Trills by Cynthia Ellis (9/08, p. 62)
Conga Basics by Joseph P. D’Alicandro, Jr. (11/08, p. 32)
Cornets and Pocket Trumpets for Beginning Players by Jason Dovel (4/09, p. 34)
Difficult Bassoon Notes by Elizabeth Rusch Fetters (10/08, p. 60)
Double Reed Care by Sonja Coppen-barger (6/09, p. 42)
First Lessons on Clarinet by Victor Bordo and Larry Combs (8/08, p. 42); Horn by Dale Clevenger and Alice Render (10/08, p. 54); Bassoon by Robert Barris and Michael Jampole (11/08, p. 51); Bass by Alvin Mistak and Michael Hovnanian (12/08, p. 50); Cello by Richard Hirschl and Shirley Strohm Mullins (5/09, p. 52)
A Flute Masterclass by Patricia George (12/08, p. 40)
Headjoint and Body by Patricia George (1/09, p. 40)
Horn: Stopped and Muted by James Boldin (9/08, p. 48)
One Quick Tip (2/09, p. 6)
Overcoming Clarinet Tendencies by Gregory Dufford (1/09, p. 32)
Percussion Rolls by Brett Jones (3/09, p. 30)
Shifting by Shirley Strohm Mullins (9/08, p. 54)
Starting Young Players on Tuba by Rodney Workman (7/09, p. 27)
Tale of the Tape by Burke Sorensen (10/08, p. 34)
Teaching Keyboard Percussion by Virginia Wayman Davis (9/08, p. 44)
Timpani Maintenance by Stacey Duggan (11/08, p. 24)

Marching Articles
10 Tips to Improve Drill Writing by Brian Soules (7/09, p. 12)
Band Camp by A. Pursell (8/08, p. 29)
The Best Drum Majors by Kevin Kastens (9/08, p. 26)
Big Plans for Band Camp (6/09, p. 16)
Steps to a Great Color Guard by Lori Valenzuela (6/09, p. 26)
What I Learned in Drum Corps by Kyle Baker (9/08, p. 10)

2008 College Directory (10/08, p. 62)
2008 DCI Finals (10/08, p. 116)
2008 Midwest Clinic (12/08, p. 32)
2009 Camp Directory (3/09, p. 40)
Another Military Option, Life in a Guard Band by Richard Fitz (7/09, p. 40)
Arranging for Jazz Combo by Kris Berg (12/08, p. 16)
Balance Goals with Experience by M. McNamara-Cabral (3/09, p. 71)
Chamber Music All Year by Greg Snyder (4/09, p. 22)
Creating and Editing Your Movies by Alejandro Cremaschi (5/09, p. 32)
For the Love of Music by Shirley Strohm Mullins (12/08, p. 64)
From Our Archives (11/08, p. 62)
Guiding Student Teachers by Stacey L. Larson (4/09, p. 41)
The Journey of Arnald D. Gabriel by Harry Gleeson (1/09, p. 62)
Learned By Heart by Thomas McCauley (5/09, p. 63)
Life of Reely by Trey Reely: The Band Channel (8/08, p.6); Instrument Survey (9/08, p. 63); A Day Unlike Any Other (10/08, p. 119); A Sip of Hot Chocolate (11/08, p. 63); Midwest Fears (12/08, p. 70); From the Message Boards (1/09, p. 61); International Pep Band Competition (2/09, p. 2); Musical World Records (3/09, p. 10); Organized Mess (4/09, p. 47); The Unwritten Rules (5/09, p. 6); Musical Trivia (6/09, p.46); Title Search (7/09, p. 4)
A Maze of Editions by Steven L. Rosenhaus (2/09, p. 46)
A Minnesota Treasure by Sarah Hayden (11/08, p. 60)
Musical Portraits by Dan Dietrich (5/09, p. 58)
A Musician in Charge, Suggestions from a Superintendent by Jenny Preston (10/08, p. 16)
Publicity for the Music Program by Burton Zipser (6/09, p. 45)
Rebuilding New Orleans one Instrument at a Time by P. Aguglia (9/08, p. 38)
The Universe Beyond the Rehearsal Room by Mark Hosler (5/09, p. 28)
Video Recording in the Music Room by Alejandro Cremaschi (3/09, p. 22)

Notes from Northfield
Clap Happy by James M. Rohner (7/09)
Firm Resolutions by D. Blaufuss (1/09)
Making the Most of College by Dan Blaufuss (10/08)
Notes from Northfield by James M. Rohner (8/08)
Passing on a Treasure by Daniel Morganstern (4/09)
Rediscovering Cycling by Dan Blaufuss (6/09)
Remembering Richard Hickox by John Knight (3/09)
Remembering Sousa by Vincent Patterson (7/09, p. 46)
A Song of Freedom by James M. Rohner (9/08)
Speaking Up for Small Bands by Marty Stamps (12/08)
Two-Letter Words by D. Blaufuss (5/09)
Victory Song by J.M. Rohner (11/08)

Author Index
Aguglia, Phil, Sep./38 (X)
Albert, Daniel, Jan./22 (E)
Baker, Kyle, Sep./10 (M)
Barris, Robert, Nov./51 (W)
Battisti, Frank, Dec./26 (E)
Bennefield, Troy, Jul./24 (E)
Berg, Kris, Dec./16 (J,X)
Blaufuss, Dan, Sep./18 (I); Oct./4 (N); Jan./4 (N); Feb./14 (I); Mar.18 (I); May/4 (N); May/14 (I); Jun./2 (N)
Boldin, James, Sep./48 (B)
Bordo, Victor, Aug./42 (W)
Bough, Thomas, Feb./18 (E), Jul./18 (I)
Clevenger, Dale, Oct./54 (B)
Combs, Larry, Aug./42 (W)
Contorno, Nicholas, Jan./30 (E)
Coppenbarger, Sonja, Jun./42 (W)
Cremaschi, Alejandro, Mar./22 (X); May/32 (X)
D’Alicandro, Joseph P., Nov./32 (P)
Davis, Virginia Wayman, Sep./44 (P)
Dietrich, Dan, May/58 (X)
Dovel, Jason, Apr./34 (B)
Dufford, Gregory, Feb./32 (W)
Duggan, Stacey, Nov./24 (P)
Ellis, Cynthia, Sep./62 (W)
Fetters, Elizabeth Rusch, Oct./60 (W)
Fitz, Richard, Jul./40 (X)
Forrester, Marshall, Oct./22 (I)
George, Patricia, Dec./40 (W); Jan./40 (W)
Getz, Noah, May/22 (E,J)
Gifford, Cody, Nov./36 (C,P)
Gleeson, Harry, Jan./62 (X)
Hayden, Sarah, Nov./60 (X)
Heidenreich, Chris, Jun./30 (C)
Hirschl, Richard, May/52 (O)
Holsberg, Peter, Aug./36 (E)
Hosler, Mark, May/28 (X)
Hovnanian, Michael, Dec./50 (O)
Ippolito, Caitlin, Nov./57 (E)
Jampole, Michael, Nov./51 (W)
Janners, Erik, Nov./42 (C)
Jones, Brett, Mar./30 (P)
Kastens, Kevin, Sep./26 (M)
Katzenmoyer, Steven P., Sep./32 (E)
Kessler, Melvin P., Jan./8 (C)
Knight, John, Mar./6 (N)
Land, Mary, Sep./16 (E)
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Larson, Stacey L. Apr./41 (X)
Louke, Phyllis Avidan, May/36 (W)
Mast, Andrew, Feb./24 (C)
McCauley, Thomas, Aug./62 (E); May/63 (PP)
McNamara-Cabral, Meghan, Mar./71 (X)
Mills, Donn Laurence, Jul./38 (E)
Mistak, Alvin, Dec./50 (O)
Morganstern, Daniel, Apr./2 (N)
Mullins, Shirley Strohm, Sep./54 (O); Dec./64 (X); May/52 (O)
Nelson, Judy, Apr./14 (I); Jun./10 (I)
Ouellette, William, Oct./58 (E)
Patterson, Vincent, Jul./46 (X)
Preston, Jenny, Oct./16 (X)
Pursell, Anthony, Aug./29 (M); Mar./15 (C)
Reely, Trey, Aug./6 (X); Sep./63 (X); Oct./119 (X); Nov./63 (X); Dec./70 (X); Jan./61 (X); Feb./2 (X); Mar./10 (X); Apr./47; May/6 (X); Jun./46 (X); Jul./4 (X)
Render, Alice, Oct./54 (B)
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Snyder, Greg, Apr./22 (X)
Sorensen, Burke, Oct./34 (O)
Soules, Brian, Jul./12 (M)
Stamps, Marty, Dec./4 (N)
Temple, Matthew, Oct./28 (C)
Thomson, John, Jan./18 (I)
Valenzuela, Lori, Jun./26 (M)
Wiltshire, Eric, Feb./20 (E)
Workman, Rodney, Jul./27 (B)
Zipser, Burton, Jun./45 (X)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
N = Notes from Northfield
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles