Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 62

The Instrumentalist

August 2007-July 2008, vol. 62

Interviews and Profiles
Against All Odds (Rick Flores) by Keith Dye (1/08, p. 18)
Leroy Anderson Centennial by Kurt Anderson (6/08, p. 22)
At Home in Two Worlds (Bruce Moss) by H. Pettit-Johnson (5/08, p. 18)
A Conversation with Frank Ticheli by Dan Blaufuss (3/08, p. 18)
Jazz at One O’Clock (Neil Slater) by Heather Pettit-Johnson (12/07, p. 18)
Many Paths to the Podium by Heather Pettit-Johnson (2/08, p. 22)
Music Thrives at Jackson High School by Dan Blaufuss (2/08, p. 16)
New Zealand’s Conducting Flutist (Uwe Grodd) by Julie Koidin (11/07, p. 35)
On Top of the World (Chris Martin) by Thomas Bough (9/07, p. 18)
The Ripple Effect of Good Decisions (Terry Austin) by John Thomson (6/08, p. 17)
Starting Over (Charles Gray) by Dan Blaufuss (8/07, p. 38)
Gordon Stout by J. Smales (11/07, p. 26)
Taking Time to Teach Jazz (Brian Usher) by Dan Blaufuss (4/08, p. 16)

Analyses & Conducting Articles
Anticipating Problems on the Podium by John Lychner (8/07, p. 46)
Robert Russell Bennett by Thomas Trimborn (12/07, p. 42)
The Case for Score Memorization by Erik Janners (9/07, p. 62)
Dissecting Conducting by Craig Fuchs (9/07, p. 30)
The Elegant Lyricism of Giulini by John Knight (4/08, p. 34)
The Glorious Warmth of Mountain Song by Marshall Forrester (3/08, p. 31)
Great Works for Middle School Bands by Shianne Wheeler (9/07, p. 24)
Meet the Composers compiled by Elizabeth Peterson (10/07, p. 38)

Teaching Music
Adventures in Student Teaching by Andy Malovance (10/07, p. 30)
The Art of Practicing Well by Patricia George (4/08, p. 57)
A Few Small Details by Kenneth Thompson (4/08, p. 48)
A Fresh Look at Chamber Music by Patrick F. Casey (1/08, p. 24)
The Hard Work of Recruiting and Re-tention by Paul R. Schilf (6/08, p. 55)
Keeping the Peace with Pullout Les-sons by David Carroll (3/08, p. 26)
A Map for Each Rehearsal by Bill DeJournett (11/07, p. 55)
Middle School Tips: In Search of Clarity by Jim Shaw (10/07, p. 46); Getting Students to Watch by Jim Shaw (1/08, p. 64); Student Teachers by Eddie Briskey (4/08, p. 62); Students Listen When a Clinician Speaks by Joseph P. D’Alicandro (5/08, p. 58); Teach Tuning Early by Victor Vallo, Jr. (6/08, p. 58)
Performances That Score, The Small Details in a Superior Performance by Lewis H. Strouse (12/07, p. 24)
Play to a Full House by Nicholas Contorno (8/07, p. 30)
Rehearsal Tips, Practical Suggestions from 21 Directors (10/07, p. 18)
Sightreading, A Year-Long Approach by Barbara Lambrecht (1/08, p. 32)
Success Is in the Cards by Keith Dye (8/07, p. 71)
Teaching Parents and Administrators by Brian Anderson (8/07, p. 51)
Translating Jazz Chord Symbols by Chris Sharp (2/08, p. 42)
Tune to the Part by P. King (3/08, p. 51)
Why Students Quit by Steven P. Katzenmoyer (9/07, p. 34)

Instrument Clinics
Aim for a Perfect Sound by Rhonda Larson (12/07, p. 46)
All About Headjoints by Patricia George (10/07, p. 54)
Bassoon Repairs by Elizabeth Rusch Fetters (3/08, p. 46)
Bossa Nova by John May (11/07, p. 30)
Buying Timpani by Craig Zerbe (11/07, p. 21)
Chamber Strings by Charles Emmons (9/07, p. 48)
Clarinet Mouthpiece Pitch by Steven Barton (6/08, p. 6)
Critical Choices on Trumpet Mouth-pieces by Adrian Griffin (2/08, p. 34)
Finding the Right Trumpet by Tony Domenico (12/07, p. 56)
First Lessons: Violin by Sally O’Reilly and Betty Haag (12/07, p. 72); Tuba by Harvey Phillips and Roger Rocco (1/08, p. 42); Saxophone by Frederick L. Hemke and David Demsey (2/08, p. 44); Percussion by James Lambert and Robert Grifa (3/08, p. 40); Trombone by Charles Vernon and Gail Eugene Wilson (4/08, p. 40); Oboe by Grover Schiltz and Kimme Katz (6/08, p. 38)
Flute Choir Tips by Patricia George (2/08, p. 48)
Helping the Horns by David W. Snyder (11/07, p. 50)
A Masterclass with Chris Martin (6/08, p. 28)
Percussion in Holst’s First Suite by Nathan A. Langfitt (5/08, p. 42)
Single Reed Articulation by Edwin Riley (1/08, p. 38)
Snare Sticks by Matthew Eaton (11/07, p. 32)
Trumpet Mutes by Adrian Griffin (10/07, p. 50)

Marching Articles
At Ease in Parades by Mark Hosler (5/08, p. 24)
Connecting the Dots by Thomas Bough (6/08, p. 32)
Wayne Downey and the Blue Devils, The Best in Brass (8/07, p. 22)
The Front Ensemble by Joseph A. Itkor (4/08, p. 22)
Rediscovering Balance in Marching Shows by Roy Holder (2/08, p. 28)
When Motion Trumps Music by Stuart Benkert (9/07, p. 42)

50 Years of Great Commissions by Michael Golemo (8/07, p. 54)
2007 College Directory (10/07, p. 60)
2007 Midwest Clinic (12/07, p. 32)
2008 Camps and Clinics (3/08, p. 54)
Autism in the Audience by Lawrence Van Oyen (6/08, p. 53)
Band Students in Full Orchestra by David Newell (1/08, p. 48)
Dealing with Drummers by Garwood Whaley (8/07, p.60)
Disney World Welcomes 2,000,000th Performer (6/08, p. 62)
Finding Money for College by Preethi Burkholder (10/07, p. 56)
Inspired Fundraisers by Brian Nutting (4/08, p. 28)
Life of Reely by Trey Reely: Show-down at the 50-Yard Line (8/07, p. 72); My Checklists (9/07, p. 64); If I Ruled the World (10/07, p. 112); The Tracks of My Tears (12/07, p. 80); What I Believe (1/08, p. 6); Things to Avoid (2/08, p. 12); The Reason I Didn’t Practice (3/08, p. 93); A Losing Battle (4/08, p. 63); With Thanks (5/08, p. 8); Enjoy the Silence (6/08, p. 60)
The Military Option by Bradford Meyerdierks (5/08, p. 32)
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss by Douglas T. Owens (10/08, p. 23)
Organizing an Honor Band by Craig Fuchs (11/07, p. 44)
Playing After College by Marco Thomas (11/07, p. 72)
Preparing for Auditions by William Jobert (10/07, p. 58)
Saxophone Choirs by Theodore R. McDowell (3/08, p. 94)
Ring of Fire by William C. Moffit (5/08, p. 61)
Scholarship Myths by Stuart Benkert (12/07, p. 78)
Sustaining Passion with Community Bands by David C. McCormick (5/08, p. 59)
Unexcused by P. Rounding (2/08, p. 64)
When Sharing Is Stealing by Scott Johnson (11/07, p. 68)

Notes from Northfield
Confirmed Rehearsal Tips by Dan Blaufuss (6/08)
A Fundraiser Lays an Egg by James M. Rohner (9/07)
Getting the Picture by J.M. Rohner (1/08)
The Lure of Live Music by James M. Rohner (12/07)
Off the Sidelines by D. Blaufuss (11/07)
Only in C by Dan Blaufuss (2/08)
The Place to Be by Jim DeCaro (4/08)
A Pro Goes to School by John Knight (10/07)
Taking the Long View by James M. Rohner (8/07)
With Character by J.T. Rohner (3/08)

Author Index
Anderson, Brian, Aug./51 (E)
Anderson, Kurt, June/22 (I)
Barton, Steven, June/6 (W)
Benkert, Stuart, Sept./42 (M); Dec./78 (X)
Blaufuss, Dan, Aug./38 (I); Nov./4 (N); Feb./4 (N); Feb/16 (I); March/18 (I); April/16 (I); June/4 (N)
Bough, Thomas, Sept./18 (I); June/32 (M)
Briskey, Eddie, April/62 (E)
Burkholder, Preethi, Oct./56 (X)
Carroll, David, March/26 (E)
Casey, Patrick, Jan./24 (E)
Contorno, Nicholas, Aug./30 (E)
D’Alicandro, Joseph P., May/58 (E)
DeCaro, Jim, April/4 (N)
DeJournett, Bill, Nov./55 (E)
Demsey, David, Feb./44 (W)
Domenico, Tony, Dec./56 (B)
Dye, Keith, Aug./71 (E); Jan./18 (I)
Eaton, Matthew, Nov./32 (P)
Emmons, Charles, Sept./48 (O)
Fetters, Elizabeth Rusch, March/46 (W)
Forrester, Marshall, March/31 (C)
Fuchs, Craig, Sept./30 (C); Nov./44 (X)
George, Patricia, Oct./54 (W); Feb./48 (W); April/57 (E)
Golemo, Michael, Aug./54 (X)
Grifa, Robert, March/40 (P)
Griffin, Adrian, Oct./50 (B); Feb./34 (B)
Haag, Betty, Dec./72 (O)
Hemke, Frederick L., Feb./44 (W)
Holder, Roy, Feb./28 (M)
Hosler, Mark, May/24 (M)
Itkor, Joseph A., April/22 (M)
Janners, Erik Sept./62 (C)
Jobert, William, Oct./58 (X)
Johnson, Scott, Nov./68 (X)
Katz, Kimme, June/38 (W)
Katzenmoyer, Steven P., Sept./34 (E)
King, Paul, March/51 (E)
Knight, John, Oct./4 (N); April/34 (C)
Koidin, Julie, Nov./35 (I)
Lambert, James, March/40 (P)
Lambrecht, Barbara, Jan./32 (E)
Langfitt, Nathan A., May/42 (P)
Larson, Rhonda, Dec./46 (W)
Lychner, John, Aug/46 (C)
Malovance, Andy, Oct./30 (E)
Martin, Chris, June/28 (B)
May, John, Nov./30 (P)
McCormick, David C., May/59 (X)
McDowell, Theodore R., March/94 (X)
Meyerdierks, Bradford, May/32 (X)
Moffit, William C., May/61 (X)
Newell, David, Jan./48 (X)
Nutting, Brian, April/28 (X)
O’Reilly, Sally, Dec./72 (O)
Owens, Douglas T., Oct./23 (X)
Peterson, Elizabeth, Oct./38 (C)
Pettit-Johnson, Heather, Dec./18 (I); Feb/18 (I); May/18 (I)
Phillips, Harvey, Jan./42 (B)
Reely, Trey, Aug/72 (X); Sept./64 (X); Oct./112 (X); Dec./80 (X); Jan./6 (X); Feb./12 (X); March/93 (X); April/63 (X); May/8 (X); June/60 (X);
Riley, Edwin, Jan./38 (W)
Rocco, Roger, Jan./42 (B)
Rohner, James M., Aug./4 (N); Sept./4 (N); Dec./4 (N); Jan./4 (N)
Rohner, James T., March/4 (N)
Rounding, Phil, Feb./64 (X)
Schilf, Paul R., June/55 (E)
Schiltz, Grover, June/38 (W)
Sharp, Chris, Feb./42 (J)
Shaw, Jim, Oct./46 (E); Jan./64 (E)
Snyder, David W., Nov./50 (B)
Smales, Joel Nov./26 (I)
Strouse, Lewis H., Dec./24 (E)
Thomas, Marco, Nov./72 (X)
Thompson, Kenneth, April/48 (E)
Thomson, John, June/17 (I)
Trimborn, Thomas Dec./42 (C)
Vallo, Victor, June/58 (E)
Van Oyen, Lawrence, June/53 (X)
Vernon, Charles, April/40 (B)
Whaley, Garwood, Aug./60 (X)
Wheeler, Shianne, Sept./24 (C)
Wilson, Gail Eugene, April/40 (B)
Zerbe, Craig, Nov./21 (P)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
N = Notes from Northfield
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles