Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 61

The Instrumentalist

August 2006-July 2007, vol. 61

Interviews and Profiles
Adventures in Repairs (Clayton Wuensche) by Mike Downey (5/07, p. 45)
An American School in Doha, Qatar (10/06, p. 18)
The Best Class of the Day (Mary Land) by D. Gregory (4/07, p. 18)
Blend and Balance (Dennis Zeisler) by John Thomson (8/06, p. 18)
Catching Up With Quincy Jones by Ron Modell (7/07, p. 22)
Ami Custodia by T. Bough (7/07, p. 14)
Sandra Dackow (3/07, p. 18)
Fun in Middle School Band with Robert Jenkins by Dan Blaufuss (2/07, p. 26)
Gary Garner: A Legend in West Texas by Jim Shaw (11/06, p. 18)
Great Sounds in Seattle (Robert Knatt) (1/07, p. 34)
Husa’s Early Years by Daniel Belongia (7/07, p. 47)
Earl McConnell by J. Rohner (6/07, p. 18)
Mile-High Musical Traditions by David Kish (6/07, p. 58)
A Mime Teaches Conductors (Bud Beyer) by J. Thomson (5/07, p. 18)
One Big Family (Dwalyn Jackson) by Dan Blaufuss (9/06, p. 18)
The Orchestra That Matthew Bridges Built by Dan Blaufuss (1/07, p. 24)
A Portrait of Charlie Parker by Whitney Balliett (5/07, p. 37)
Robbinsdale Band Centennial by Mike Serber (11/06, p. 54)
Starting Band with Steven Katzenmoyer by D. Blaufuss (12/06, p. 18)
The Sterling Municipal Band by Dan Blaufuss (7/07, p. 38)
A Surprise At Every Rehearsal by Stuart Townsend (9/06, p. 25)
Talking with Philip Sparke by Thomas Bough (2/07, p. 18)
True Grit in Louisiana, Rebuilding a Jazz Band After Katrina by Glen J. Hemberger (11/06, p. 24)
Turn the Page and Pass the Bug Spray by James M. Rohner (8/06, p. 46)

Analyses and Conducting Articles
Abracadabra, Mysteries and Mischief in Ticheli’s Grade 3 Work by Thomas Bough (11/06, p. 28)
Chance’s Elegy by J. Ripley (9/06, p. 36)
Choosing the Best Baton by Brian Anderson (2/07, p. 50)
A Colorful Approach to Score Study by Craig Fuchs (3/07, p. 24)
Fermatas by Joel Plaag (9/06, p. 52)
Overlooked Gems of Howard Hanson by Doug Droste (8/06, p. 24)
Simple, Clear Gestures by Brian Anderson (11/06, p. 36)
With Contrast and Clarity in Con¬ducting Gestures by Brain Norcross (10/06, p. 32)

Articles on Teaching Music
Consistency in Private Lessons by Jason Freeland (6/07, p. 30)
Contest Preparation with 20 Rehear¬sals to Go by Craig Fuchs (1/07, p. 18)
Difficult Situations and Worst Case Scenarios by Chad Nicholson and Chris Heidenreich (6/07, p. 26)
From a Judge’s Perspective by Melvin P. Kessler (3/07, p. 40)
Getting Ready for September by Jeffrey S. Bishop (9/06, p. 58)
High Tech Music by Dennis Mauricio (2/07, p. 39)
Higher Scores at Contests, Behind the Scenes with Veteran Judges by Kevin Mixon (1/07, p. 44)
Learning on the Job By Trial and Error by Ron Payne (11/06, p. 46)
Long Distance Lessons by Keith Dye (5/07, p. 49)
Middle School Tips: Classes That Captivate by J. Shaw (8/06, p. 64); Learning Scales by R. Kulik (9/06, p. 95); Starting Young Flutists by S.P. Katzenmoyer (10/06, p. 40); Muscle Memory by Randy and Ami Kulik (11/06, p. 72); Mix It Up by S.Daniels (2/07, p. 70); Great Contest Music by J. Shaw (3/07, p. 80) Sixth Graders Go to College by R. Workman, S. Tobias, and J. Ross (5/07, p. 24); Great Expectations by D. Webb (6/07, p. 61); How to Make Friends for the Music Program by H. Petit-Johnson (7/07, p. 43)
Problems with Pitch by David Willson (10/06, p. 43)
Reviving a Program After Years of Neglect by Q. Breese (9/06, p. 30)
Sixth Graders Go to College by Rodney Workman, Scott Tobias, and John Ross (5/07, p. 24)
Staying Together by Helping the Stragglers by J. Shaw (1/07, p. 30)
Theme Programs by Timothy Oliver (4/07, p. 32)

Amplified Bass by Gordon Lewis (3/07, p. 34)
Avoidable Flute Problems by Phyllis Avidan Louke (1/07, p. 40)
Bassoon Myths by Elizabeth Rusch Fetters (3/07, p. 36)
Clarinet Tuning by Brent Coppenbarger (6/07, p. 44)
Four Mallet Mastery by Joseph P. D’Alicandro (4/07, p. 44)
Good Clarinet Tone by Carola Winkle (11/06, p. 50)
Long Tones & Legato by Jay Friedman (5/07, p. 43)
Marching Cymbals by Jerry Hoover (9/06, p. 66)
The Orchestra That Matthew Bridges Built by Dan Blaufuss (1/07, p. 24)
Percussion Clinic: Assigning the Parts by Robin Linaberry (11/06, p. 44)
Saxophone Tips by J. Terry Stewart (8/06, p. 40)
Starting the Trumpets by Adrian Griffin (4/07, p. 46)
Starting Young Flutists by Steven P. Katzenmoyer (10/06, p. 40)
Swing Style by John May (7/07, p. 34)
The Switch to Bassoon by Sonja Coppenbarger (9/06, p. 62)
Synthetic Bassoons by Elizabeth Rusch Fetters (9/06, p. 64)
Timpani Tips by Joseph D’Alicandro (12/06, p. 48)
Trombone Articulation, Start Teaching Articulation Early by Jeremy Kolwinska (1/07, p. 48)
The Unwritten Rules of Playing Jazz by Tim Karth (12/06, p. 42)
Working up to High C by Thomas Bough (12/06, p. 36)

Marching Articles
Fixing Drill by D. Willson (6/07, p. 36)
How to Use the Horn Arc by Stuart Benkert (8/06, p. 36)
Make Plans for Marching, Managing the Details Before Taking the Field by Heidi Sarver (5/07, p. 30)
Marching Backwards by Thomas Bough (9/06, p. 44)
Marching Cymbals by Jerry Hoover (9/06, p. 66)
Pep Band Prep by B. Leeb (10/06, p. 104)
Predictable and Boring by Stuart M. Benkert (11/06, p. 41)
Refining the Show by Charles Pennington (9/06, p. 40)
Spring Planning for Marching by Charles Pennington (4/07, p. 42)
Student Leaders by H. Sarver (7/07, p. 26)

Miscellaneous Articles
2006 Midwest Clinic (12/06, p. 24)
2006 College Directory (10/06, p. 62)
2006 Survey of School Music Budgets (8/06, p.30)
2007 Camps and Clinics (3/07, p. 50)
A Battisti Birthday Reunion by Elizabeth Peterson (9/06, p. 86)
Breathing Toys by W. Kimball (2/07, p. 54)
Choosing a Music School by W. Bailey and K. Boelter (10/06, p. 58)
The D.C.I. Championships (10/06, p. 36)
Essential Theory for Future Music Majors by J. Check (11/06, p. 67)
Harmony on the Border, Five Decades at the International Music Camp by Carola Winkle (7/07, p. 60)
Instrument Abuse by Frank Thurkauf (9/06, p. 48)
Life of Reely by Trey Reely: Tales of Woe (8/06, p. 61); Bio Engineering (9/06, p. 94); The Best of My Bookshelf (10/06, p. 10); Meet the Press (11/06, p. 70); The Midwest on $5 a Day (12/06, p. 71); Slow Works Students Like (1/07, p. 78); The Science of Teenagers (2/07, p. 67); Lucky Charm (3/07, p. 8); Joining the Old Guard (5/07, p. 62); Coming Soon (6/07, p. 64); Hard Sell (7/07, p. 62)
Love Bein’ Here with You by Ron Modell: A Frightening Vote on School Music (8/06, p. 62); Warmed Up (9/06, p. 92); A Seven Course Meal (10/06, p. 103); Inspiration (11/06, p. 71); The Best Routine (12/06, p. 72); A Fine Middle Line on Patience (1/07, p. 80); Great New C.D.s (2/07, p. 68); Power, Range, and Endurance (3/07, p. 77); What It Means to Be a Professional (4/07, p. 64); Tips for Directors Starting in Jazz (5/07, p. 64); Farewell (7/07, p. 64)
Many-Headed Hydraphone by Martin Chandler (8/06, p. 10)
The Marching Kingdom by Meg Brandl (11/06, p. 69)
Microphone Choices by Joseph and Elizabeth Fetters (4/07, p. 38)
My Views on Music Education by Dave Black (4/07, p. 26)
On the Road with Karl King by Gene Milford (1/07, p. 50)
Sousa Movie Fact and Fiction by Rod Schueller (7/07, p. 44)
Summer Repairs (7/07, p. 63)
Technology in Rehearsals by Edward Briskey (12/06, p. 52)
Working With the Athletic Director by B. Meyerdierks (10/06, p. 25)

Personal Perspectives
Music Plus Sports by Mark Hosler (9/06, p. 96)
My Four Great Years by Ashley Parkins (8/06, p. 6)
A Wedding Story by Shirley Strohm Mullins (6/07, p. 48)

Notes from Northfield
10,000 Reviews Later by Charles R. Groeling (3/07, p. 4)
Christmas 1906 by Lisette Rohner Schultz (12/06, p. 4)
Five Years Later by D. Blaufuss (6/07, p. 4)
The Last Dance by James M. Rohner (11/06, p. 4)
The Long Journey Home by John Knight (4/07, p. 4)
Not Very Urgent by Dan Blaufuss (9/06, p. 4)
Notes from Northfield by Thomas Bough (1/07, p. 4)
Nuances by J.M. Rohner (5/07, p. 4)
Remembering Rampal by Michel De¬bost (8/06, p. 4)
Simply Amazing by D. Blaufuss (2/07, p. 4)
Stuck in the Middle by James M. Rohner (7/07, p. 4)
The Sunny Side of the Street by James M. Rohner (10/06, p. 4)

Author Index
Anderson, Brian, Nov./36 (C); Feb./50 (C)
Bailey, Wayne, Oct./58 (X)
Balliett, Whitney, May/37 (I)
Belongia, Daniel, July/47 (I)
Benkert, Stuart, Aug./36 (M); Nov./41 (M)
Bishop, Jeffrey S., Sept./58 (E)
Black, Dave, April/26 (X)
Blaufuss, Dan, Sept./4 (N); Sept./18 (I); Dec./18 (I); Jan./24 (I, O); Feb./4 (N); Feb./26 (I); June/4 (N); July/38 (I)
Boelter, Karl, Oct./58 (X)
Bough, Thomas, Sept./44 (M); Nov./28 (C); Dec./36 (B); Jan./4 (N); Feb./18 (I); July/14 (I)
Brandl, Meg, Nov./69 (X)
Breese, Quentin, Sept./30 (E)
Briskey, Edward, Dec./52 (X)
Chandler, Martin, Aug./10 (X)
Check, John, Nov./67 (X)
Coppenbarger, Brent, June/44 (W)
Coppenbarger, Sonja, Sept./62 (W)
D’Alicandro, Joseph, Dec./48 (P); April/44 (P)
Daniels, Steve, Feb./70 (E)
Debost, Michel, Aug./4 (N)
Downey, Mike, May/45 (I)
Droste, Doug, Aug./24 (C)
Dye, Keith, May/49 (E)
Fetters, Elizabeth Rusch, Sept./64 (W); March/36 (W); April/38 (X)
Fetters, Joseph, April/38 (X)
Freeland, Jason, June/30 (E)
Friedman, Jay, May/43 (B)
Fuchs, Craig, Jan./18 (E); March/24 (C)
Gregory, David, April/18 (I)
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Hemberger, Glen J., Nov./24 (I)
Hosler, Mark, Sept./96 (PP)
Hoover, Jerry, Sept./66 (M, P)
Karth, Tim, Dec./42 (J)
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Lewis, Gordon, March/34 (O, J)
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Mauricio, Dennis, Feb./39 (E)
May, John, July/34 (J, P)
Meyerdierks, Bradford, Oct./25 (X)
Milford, Gene, Jan./50 (X)
Mixon, Kevin, Jan./44 (E)
Modell, Ron, Aug./62 (X); Sept./92 (X); Oct./103 (X); Nov./71 (X); Dec./72 (X); Jan./80 (X); Feb./68 (X); March/77 (X); April/64 (X); May/64 (X); July/22 (I); July/64 (X)
Mullins, Shirley, June/48 (PP)
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Thurkauf, Frank, Sept./48 (X)
Tobias, Scott, May/24 (E)
Townsend, Stuart, Sept./25 (I)
Webb, Darren, June/61 (E)
Willson, David, Oct./43 (E); June/36 (M)
Winkle, Carola, Nov./50 (W); July/60 (X)
Workman, Rodney, May/24 (E)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
N = Notes from Northfield
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles