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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 59

The Instrumentalist

August 2004-July 2005, vol. 59

Interviews and Profiles
The Art of Guest Conducting by Gary Stith (2/05, p. 13)
A Bright Example for Other Quintets by William Jones (10/04, p. 26)
Concertmaster of the Lyric, An Interview with Violinist Robert Hanford by Daniel Morganstern (7/05, p. 18).
A Creative Approach with Middle School Bands, an Interview with Director Cheryl Floyd by John Thomson (5/05, p. 12)
Directors Comment on Low-Cost Instruments In School Programs (1/05, p. 15)
Tom Dvorak Leads Groups from College Ensembles to Middle School Winds by John Knight (9/04, p. 12)
Evaluating Conductors from the Trombone Section, An Interview with James Desano by John Knight (12/04, p. 28)
JoAnn Falletta by Christopher Knighten (10/04, p. 12)
Bob Lark’s Creative Approach to Teaching Jazz Ensembles by John Thomson (11/04, p. 14)
Music from the Heart, An Interview with Sam Hazo by John Thomson (3/05, p. 12)
Remembering Frederick Fennell (1914-2004) (2/05, p. 17)
A Shrewd and Gracious Man by Robert Foster (11/04, p. 34)
Janos Starker by Janos Starker (1/05, p. 24)
Joan Tower: How She Came to Write Fascinating Ribbons by Frank Battisti (4/05, p. 32)

Analyses and Conducting Articles
Adventures in Samba With Carnaval in Sao Paulo by Robert J. Damm (9/04, p. 38)
Analysis of Fascinating Ribbons by John Fletcher (4/05, p. 34)
An Analysis of Vaughan Williams’ Folk Song Suite by Frederick Fennell (5/05, p. 25)
Common Sense on the Podium by Max Dalby (6/05, p. 22)
Conducting Wisdom from Harry Begian by Barry Ellis (8/04, p. 22)
The Conducting Wisdom of Harry Begian (Part 2) by Barry Ellis (9/04, p. 26)
The Conducting Wisdom of Harry Begian (Pt. 3) by Barry Ellis (1/05, p. 32)
Effective Conducting Gestures by Frank Battisti (6/05, p. 12)
Holst’s Suite in Eb by Frederick Fennell (2/05, p. 32)
How Conductors Create Big Slurs, Black Holes and Musical Pablum by Jay Friedman (4/05, p. 24)
A Performance Analysis of William Byrd Suite by Frederick Fennell (3/05, p. 21)
A Treasure of Pasodobles by Norman Wika (4/05, p. 14)
The Wonderful Marches of Clifton Williams for Grade 3-4 Bands by Jeff Jordan (12/04, p. 36)

Articles on Teaching Music
Better Balance in Small Bands by Phillip M. Hash (12/04, p. 50)
Conductor’s Clinic: My Struggle to Teach More Than Just Notes by Garwood Whaley (2/05, p. 24)
Good Method Books For High School Bands by S. Daniel Galyen (10/04, p. 18)
Just Watch the Baton During These Warmups by Ann Marie Musco (1/05, p. 12)
Metronomes and Slow Tempos To Learn Tough Passages by David Shea (9/04, p. 52)
Most Recommended Band Music on 25 States’ Selective Lists by John Stevenson (8/04, p. 18)
Proven Method Books for Beginning Bands (12/04, p. 14)
Proven Ways to Recruit Students (5/05, p. 16)
Pullouts Can Work by Phillip M. Hash (6/05, p. 38)
The Qualities That Make Some Directors Outstanding by Mark Leonard (8/04, p. 12)
Take Our Advice (7/05, p. 12)
Teaching Musicality With Familiar Songs by Nathan Madsen (1/05, p. 55)
Ways to Help Students Get Ready for College by Barrick Stees (10/04, p. 50)

Woodwind Articles
Adjusting Bassoon Reeds by Mark Popkin and Loren Glickman (4/05, p. 57)
An Annotated List of Clarinet Method Books by Linda Simon-Mietus (5/05, p. 50)
Basic Oboe Adjustments by Allison Baker (9/04, p. 46)
The Essential Saxophone Basics by Jeremy Polk (8/04, p. 50)
Selected Oboe Solos At Levels 2, 3, and 4 by Nora A. Lewis (2/05, p. 50)
Some Tips for Directors On Starting Bassoonists by Elizabeth Rusch Fetters (1/05, p. 42)

Brass Articles
Alternative Horn Placement by Howard Hilliard (10/04, p. 32)
A Bright Example For Other Quintets by William Jones (10/04, p. 26)
A Look Behind The Pioneers Of Brass Groups by Harvey Phillips (10/04, p. 28)
The New York Brass at Ithaca High School by Frank Battisti (10/04, p. 30)
The New York Brass Quintet Celebrates Its 50th Year (10/04, p. 26)

Percussion Articles
Choosing Mallets and Strokes for Different Marimba Sounds by Mark Ford (5/05, p. 58)

Orchestra and String Articles
Exuberant Cello Festivals by Shirley Strohm Mullins (3/05, p. 38)
String Literature for Middle School by Jeffrey S. Bishop (1/05, p. 50)

Jazz Articles
From Chords and Melodies to Simple Jazz Solos by Mark Nagy (6/05, p. 32)

Marching Articles
Finding the Right Instructor for the Colorguard and Drumline by Thomas Bough (5/05, p. 46)
How to Paint a Field by Brian Balch (7/05, p. 38)
More Reasons to March Than Just Winning Trophies by Mark Hosler (8/04, p. 16)

Miscellaneous Articles
The 2004 Directory of Music Schools (10/04, p. 58)
2005 Summer Camp Directory (3/05, p. 48)
Advice from College Deans To High School Students (10/04, p. 54)
Bands of the Civil War by Nicholas J. Contorno (4/05, p. 44)
Before a Guest Clinician Arrives by Gary Garner (9/04, p. 75)
Choosing a Summer Music Camp by Skip Taylor (3/05, p. 45)
Creating a Music Website by David Summer (12/04, p. 46)
Getting Ready for Chicago (12/04. p. 18)
A Look Behind The Pioneers Of Brass Groups by Harvey Phillips (10/04, p. 28)
Love Bein’ Here With You by Ron Modell (8/04, p. 78; 9/04, p.77; 10/04, p.94; 11/04, p. 70; 12/04,
p. 78; 1/05, p.70; 3/05, p. 88; 4/05, p. 70; 5/05, p. 71; 6/05, p. 64)
A Master of Programming by Keith Brion (11/04, p. 50)
Money For School Music Increased 8% In 2004 (8/04, p. 32)
The New York Brass at Ithaca High School by Frank Battisti (10/04, p. 30)
Patriotism and Marketing Built the Sousa Legend by Frank Byrne (11/04, p. 20)
Recording an Ensemble with Com¬puter Software by David Summer (8/04, p. 44)
Retracing the Paths of Beethoven and Schoenberg by John Knight (6/05, p. 18)
Reviewers Choices Revisited, Grades 2-3 Concert Band, Strings, and Orchestras (3/05, p. 17)
Reviewers Choices Revisited, Grade 4 Concert Band (4/05, p. 18)
Reviewers Choices Revisited, Grades 1-2 Jazz Bands (5/05, p. 37)
Reviewers Choices Revisited, Grade 5 Concert Bands (6/05, p. 42)
Reviewers Choices Revisited, Grades 3-4 Jazz Bands (7/05, p. 28)
Sousa Often Changed Parts of His Marches by John R. Bourgeois (11/04, p. 54)
The Stars and Stripes Forever by Robert Foster (11/04, p. 46)
Take Care of Your Lips by Heather Rentz (11/04, p. 56)
Teaching Music on an Indian Reservation by Joel Dodd (7/05, p. 42)
A Tribute to Gary Zolman by Kevin Bartram (1/05, p. 68)
Tricks of the Trade Selecting Music for Great Recitals by Christine E. Beard (2/05, p. 53)
What’s New in the Music Industry (2/05, p. 28)

Personal Perspectives
An Accidental Mute Maker by Dennis Wick (1/05, p. 72)
Another View on Band Music by Chris Donze (7/05, p. 72)
Band Music on Solemn Occasions by Robert Foster (8/04, p. 80)
The Depth of Music by Eric Ostling (9/04, p. 80)
Honoring Our Heritage by Robert Foster (11/04, p. 72)
The Last Rehearsal by Mark Grauer (6/05, p. 62)
The Midwest Schedule, 50 Years Ago (12/04, p. 80)
School Concert Music Part 2 by Stephen Budiansky (5/05, p. 72)
They Play Great But. . . by Stephen Budiansky (4/05, p. 72)
A Timpanist’s Plea by Craig T. Paré (10/04, p. 96)
The Universal Truths of Faulkner by John Knight (2/05, p. 72)

Notes from Northfield
Cheapening Education by Samuel J. Hazo (6/05, p. 6)
Dinner with Harry and Dean by Mark Thomas (9/04, p.2)
Downs Versus Downbeats by Trey Reely (8/04, p.2)
Exciting Music by Donald Stauffer (10/04, p.2)
Frederick Fennell (1914-2004) by James T. Rohner (1/05, p.2)
Just for Enjoyment by Nora A. Lewis (2/05, p. 4)
Lucky Stars by Donald Stauffer (5/05, p. 4)
My Ideal Teacher by Mark Stevens (11/04, p.2)
The Old Heave-Ho by John Knight (4/05, p. 4)
Real World University by Trey Reely (12/04, p.2)
(Student) Notes from Northfield by Trey Reely (3/05, p. 4)
Willing and Forgotten by Trey Reely (7/05, p. 4)

Author Index
Baker, Allison, Sept./46 (W)
Balch, Brian, July/38 (M)
Bartram, Kevin, Jan./68 (X)
Battisti, Frank, Oct./30 (X) Apr./32 (I); June/12 (C)
Beard, Christine E., Feb./50 (X)
Bishop, Jeffrey S., Jan./50
Bough, Thomas, May/46 (M)
Bourgeois, John R. Nov./54 (X)
Brion, Keith, Nov./50 (X)
Budiansky, Stephen, Apr./72 (PP); May/72 (PP)
Byrne, Frank, Nov./20 (X)
Contorno, Nicholas J., Apr./44 (X)
Dalby, Max, June/22 (C)
Damm, Robert J., Sept./38 (C)
Dodd, Joel, July/42 (X)
Donze, Chris, July/72 (PP)
Ellis, Barry, Aug./22 (C); Sept./26 (C); Jan./32 (C)
Fennell, Frederick, Feb./32 (C); Mar./21 (C); May/25 (C)
Fetters, Elizabeth Rusch, Jan./42 (W)
Fletcher, John, Apr./34 (C)
Ford, Mark, May/58 (P)
Foster, Robert E., Aug./80 (PP); Nov./34 (X); Nov./46 (I); Nov./72 (PP)
Friedman, Jay, Apr./24 (C)
Galyen, S. Daniel, Oct./18 (E)
Garner, Gary, Sept./75 (X)
Glickman, Loren, Apr./57 (W)
Grauer, Mark, June/62 (PP)
Hash, Phillip, Dec./50 (E); June/38 (E)
Hazo, Samuel J., June/6 (N)
Hilliard, Howard, Oct./32) (B)
Hosler, Mark, Aug./16 (M)
Jones, William, Oct./26 (B, I)
Jordan, Jeff, Dec./36 (C)
Knighten, Christopher, Oct./12 (I)
Knight, J., Sept./12 (I); Dec./28 (I), Feb./ 72 (PP); Apr./4 (N); June/18 (X)
Leonard, Mark, Aug./12 (E)
Lewis, Nora, Feb./4 (N); Feb./50 (W)
Madsen, Nathan, Jan./55 (E)
Modell, Ron, Aug./78 (X); Sept./77 (X); Oct./94 (X); Nov./70 (X); Dec./78 (X); Jan./70 (X), Mar./88 (X), Apr./70 (X), May/71 (X), June/64 (X)
Morganstern, Daniel, July/18 (I)
Mullins, Shirley Strohm, Mar./38 (O)
Musco, Ann Marie, Jan./12 (E)
Nagy, Mark, June/32 (J)
Ostling, Eric, Sept./80 (PP)
Phillips, Harvey, Oct./28 (B, X)
Polk, Jeremy, Aug./50 (W)
Popkin, Mark, Apr./57 (W)
Reely, Trey, Aug./2 (N); Dec./2 (N); Mar./4 (N); July/4 (N)
Rentz, Heather, Nov./56 (X)
Rohner, James T., Jan./2 (N)
Shea, David, Sept./52 (E)
Siemon-Mietus, May/50 (W)
Starker, Janos, Jan./24
Stauffer, Donald, May/4 (N)
Stees, Barrick, Oct. /50 (E)
Stevens, Mark, Nov./2 (N)
Stevensen, John, Sept./18 (E)
Stith, Gary, Feb./13 (I)
Summer, D., Aug./44 (X); Dec./46 (X)
Taylor, Skip, Mar./45 (X)
Thomas, Mark, Sept./2 (N)
Thomson, John, Nov./14 (I); Mar./12 (I); May/12 (I)
Whaley, Garwood, Feb./24 (E)
Wick, Denis, Jan./72 (PP)
Wika, Norman, Apr./14 (C)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
N = Notes from Northfield
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
PP = Personal Perspective
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles