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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 57

The Instrumentalist

August 2002-July 2003, vol. 57

Interviews and Profiles
Amherst Saxophone Quartet by Jeremy S. Brown (1/03, p. 32)
James Barnes (composer) by Thomas Liley (11/02, p. 12)
Paul Bierley (Sousa historian) by Trey Reely (11/02, p. 32)
David Bloom (jazz educator) by James Sellers (2/03, p. 12)
Michel Debost (flute performer) by John Knight (5/03, p. 12)
David Gregory (veteran director) by John Thomson (4/03, p. 12)
Rick and Barbara Lambrecht (band directors) by Elizabeth Dallman (10/02, p. 14)
Ted Lega (band director) by Dana Rothlisberger (3/03, p. 12)
Leonard Meretta (band director) by Robert L. Spradling (12/02, p. 26)
Nicholas Payton (jazz trumpeter) by Doug Beach (8/02, p. 14)
Gene Pokomy (tubist) by Thomas Bough (7/03, p. 12)
Timothy Reynish (British band director) by Matthew Smith (5/03, p. 20)
Heinrich Schiff (Austrian cellist) by Leonne Lewis (6/03, p. 26)
Donald Stauffer (veteran conductor) by James Latten (10/02, p. 32)
Clark Terry (jazz performer) by Stuart Ling (1/03, p. 14)
Nestor Torres (flute performer) by Victoria Jicha (2/03, p. 28)
Luigi Zaninelli (composer) by Thomas Fraschillo (6/03, p. 12)

Analyses and Conducting Articles
Andrew Boysen Explores A Tribute to a Fallen Student by John Thomson (3/03, p. 20)
The Many and Complex Intonation Problems of Full Concert Bands by Robert Foster (4/03, p. 17)
Persichetti’s Serenade for Band: A Study in Texture and Color by Andrew Mast (10/02, p. 27)
Western Harmony Meets Eastern in Konagaya’s Japanese Tune by James Ripley (8/02, p. 31)

Articles on Teaching Music
Another View on Beginning Bands by Suzanne Bannister (11/02, p. 30)
Beginners Can Learn to Add Expression and Good Phrasing by Michael D. Stone (3/03, p. 16)
The Difficult Art of Writing Creative Music for Young Bands by Deborah Sheldon (7/03, p. 25)
Discipline Is the Only Pathway by Barry Green (6/03, p. 16)
Easy Improvisation Drills by Kevin Mixon (7/03, p. 50)
Even The Youngest Students Can Solve Musical Problems by Kenneth Laudermilch (9/02, p. 27)
Good Intonation Starts Early by Charles Groeling (6/03, p. 20)
Instrument Choices Are Easier After Students Try Them All by Julia Ann Schmidt (5/03, p. 44)
Many Ways to Develop Ensembles In Small-School Programs by Jeffery Wenz (10/02, p. 58)
More Is Not Always Better If Mistakes Become Ingrained by Brent Coppenbarger (4/03, p. 40)
Nothing Can Match The Wonderful Sound of a Full Concert Band by Harry Begian (12/02, p. 12)
Opportunities In Teaching A Course in General Music by George Rogers (7/03, p. 44)
Ostling’s Criteria for Choosing Fine Music for All Ensembles by Mark Fonder (1/03, p. 40)
Progress In Making Good Sounds Precedes Learning to Read Music by John A. Lychner (11/02, p. 27)
Rehearsals Should Be Fun by Bradford Meyerdierks (11/02, p. J7)
Start with Rhythms and Tapping When Beginners Learn to Read by Kevin Mixon (8/02, p. 50)
String Bowings Can Improve Performances of Band Transcriptions by Arnald D. Gabriel (10/02, p. 19)
With Band Music Eric Ewazen Is Like a Child in a Candy Store by Heather Pettit (4/03, p. 32)
With Great Sounds to Match Students Will Improve by Alfred S. Townsend (3/03, p. 29)
Work Harder Than The Students To Survive as a New Teacher by Elizabeth Peterson (9/02, p. 18)

Woodwind Articles
Alternate Saxophone Fingerings Simplify Difficult Passages by Richard D. Smiley (4/03, p. 46)
Blowing the Oboe Is Unlike Playing Any Other Instrument by Ray Still (12/02, p. 16)
Bocals, Reeds, and Instruments for English Horn Beginners by Grover Schiltz (8/02, p. 46)
Clarinet Section Intonation by Larry Maxey (4/03, p. 70)
Flute Fingering Faults by Diane Boyd Schultz (9/02, p. 42)
In Developing a Clarinet Sound So Much Depends on Embouchure by Carol Jessup (2/03, 71)
Moving Beyond the Method Book With Solo Pieces for Bassoonists (12/02, p. 50)
Overtones in Saxophone Vibrato by Paul Haar (6/03, p. 38)
Posture, Exercise, and Relaxation For Good Clarinet Articulation by Ruth Rhodes (9/02, p. 54)
The Progression from Basic Scales to Performing Daphnis et Chloe by Brian Jones (8/02, p. 52)
Recommended Clarinet Solos For the First Five Years by Carola Winkle (4/03, p. 52)
Tips for Good Basic Tone In Beginning Clarinetists by Matt Whitfield (11/02, p. 52)
Woodwind Quintet Literature by Joanna White (1/03, p. 56)

Brass Articles
Choosing A Trumpet Mouthpiece With the Best Characteristics by Joseph Bowman (5/03, p. 36)
Difficult Trombone Passages In Standard Band Repertoire by Larry B. Campbell (10/02, p. 40)
The Dimensional Characteristics of Brass Mouthpieces by Renold Schilke (5/03, p. 40)
Fast Runs, High Notes, and Mutes, Basic Fare for Euphonium Parts by Masahito Kuroda (3/03, p. 87)
For the Love of Beethoven, A Study Center in California by William Meredith (4/03, p. 74)
Independence and Cooperation Best Learned in Brass Choirs by Michael Brown (1/03, p. 48)
Simple and Dependable Advice For Recruiting Tuba Players by Thomas Bough (2/03, p. 52)

Percussion Articles
The Fun of Playing Percussion Flams, Rolls, and Paradiddles by Arthur Lipner (12/02, p. 60)
Multiple-Stroke Warm-Ups on the Drumset and Snare by Scott Snow (2/03, p. 46)
Playing Tips on Tambourine, Triangle, and Crash Cymbals by Craig Collison (8/02, p. 38)
Teaching Timpanists to Play Scales, Arpeggios, and Chorales by Eric Willie (10/02, p. 54)
Orchestra and String Articles More Logical and Entertaining Method Books for Bass Students by Virginia Dixon (3/03, p. 38)
When an Accomplished Flutist Began Again as a String Player by Elaine Fine (10/02, p. 50)

Jazz Articles
Excellence on the Field Comes with Good Fundamentals by James Batcheller (8/02, p. 18)
Good Improvisation Evolves From Jazz Forms, Chord Progressions by Thomas Dust (5/03, p. 17)
In Teaching Beginners to Solo, Start with a Simple Melody by Jeff Jarvis and Doug Beach (4/03, p. 24)
Jazz Band Is a New Experience For Many Young Saxophonists by J. Derek Jones (11/02, p. 42)

Marching Articles
Accuracy In Music and Movement for Outstanding Marching Shows by Bill Dejournett (7/03, p. 36)
Annual Auxiliary Tryouts by Kevin Pollock (6/03, p. 32)
Four Views on Developing an Outstanding Marching Band by Thomas Bough (9/02, p. 13)
Morale in the Marching Band by John P. Paynter (9/02, p. 44)

Miscellaneous Articles
2002 Directory of Music Schools (10/02)
Summer Camp Directory (3/03, p. 56)
2002 Survey of School Music Budgets (8/02, p. 22)
Adventures with Music by Shirley Strohm MulIins(7/03,p. 19)
The Charm of Senior Bands Full of Dedicated Beginners by Linda Hartley (7/03, p. 18)
Conductor and Cornet Soloist Leonard Smith (1915-2002) (9/02, p. 88)
Deep Admiration and Dedication in the Revelli-Goldman Letters: A Different Pace in a Bygone Era (8/02, p. 74)
The Enduring Value Of Great Masterpieces by John Knight (1/03, p. 26)
Excessive Practicing May Cause Muscle Tremors, Focal Dystonia by Peter W. litis (9/02, p. 38)
Fine Music For Wind Ensembles Written During the 1990s by Frank Battisti (2/03, p. 32)
Gerald Beal Taught Unorthodox Approaches to Awkward Passages by Daniel Morganstern (1/03, p. 19)
High School Fundraising Augmented by Former Students by Mark Hosier (5/03, p. 50)
Italian Bandmaster Ponchielli Left a Legacy of Over 300 Works by Henry Howey (7/03, p. 30)
Profiles of Ensembles At the 2002 Midwest Clinic (12/02, p. 32)
Rehearsals Should Be Fun by Joseph E. Maddy (ll/02,p. 50)
So Much Progress After Ten Years on the Podium by Jessica Paff (9/02, p. 30)
Vincent Persichetti’s Editor Recalls the Man Behind the Notes by Daniel Dorff (5/03, p. 28)
What’s New in the Music Industry (2/03, p. 16)
William Russo, Educator, Composer (1928-2003) (3/03, p. 91)

Personal Perspectives
Music As Competitions by William Gora(7/03,P.96)
Audiences Love Theme Concerts by Mark Fonder (3/03, p. 96)
Classical Music is a Bore by Joseph Kreines(10/02,p. 112)
Creative Band Concerts For Students and Audiences by Collin Crossley (6/03, p. 64)
Dead Again by Gary Graffman (2/03, p. 80)
Going Back to the Band Room by R. Jack Mercer ($,’02, p. 96)
Hope For the Future of Music by Howard Hanson (5/03, p. 80)
Six Maxims for Musicians by Robert Weirich (9/02, p. 104)
Some Offbeat Resolutions by Robert Weirich (1/03, p. 80)
That Sousa Guy by Trey Reely (11/02, p. 88)
Welcome Audiences with a Smile by Leone Buyse (4/03, p. 80)
What It Takes to Draw Audiences To Concerts by Community Bands by R.Jack Mercer (12/02, p. 88)

Author Index
Batcheller, James, Aug./18 (M)
Battisti, Frank, Mar./32, (X)
Beach, Doug, Aug./14 (I); Apr./24, (J)
Begian, Harry, Dec./12, (E)
Bough, Thomas, Sept./13, (M); Feb./52(B); July/12, (I)
Bowman, Joseph, May/36 (B)
Boyd Schultz, Diane, Sept./42, (W)
Brown, Jeremy S., Jan./32, (I)
Brown, Michael, Jan./48, (B)
Campbell, Larry B., Oct./40, (B)
Collison, Craig, Aug./38, (P)
Coppenbarger, Brent, Apr./40 (E)
Crossley, Collin, June/64 (PP)
Dallman, Elizabeth, Oct./14, (I)
Dejournett, Bill, July/36, (M)
Dixon, Virginia, Mar./38, (Q)
Dorff, Daniel, May/28, (X)
Dust, Thomas, (May/17, (J)
Fonder, Mark, Jan./40, (E); Mar./96 (PP)
Foster, Robert, Apr./17, (C)
Fraschillo, Thomas June/12, (1)
Gabriel, Arnald D., Oct./19, (E)
Gora, William, July/96 (PP)
Graffman, Gary, Feb./80, (PP)
Green, Barry, May/16, (E)
Groeling, Charles, June/20, (E)
Haar, Paul, June/38 (W)
Hanson, Howard, May/80, (PP)
Hartley, Linda, July/18, (X)
Hosier, Mark, May/50, (X)
Howey, Henry, July/30, (X)
Peter W, Sept./38, (X)
Jarvis, Jeff, Apr./24, (J)
Jessup, Carol, Feb./71, (W)
Jicha, Victoria, Feb./28, (I)
Jones, Brian, Aug./52, (W)
Jones, J. Derek, Nov./42, (J)
Knight, John, Jan./26, (X); May/12, (I)
Kreines, Joseph, Oct./112, (PP)
Kuroda, Masahito, Mar./87, (B)
Latten, James, Oct./32, (I)
Laudermilch, Kenneth, Sept./27, (E)
Lewis, Leonne, June/26, (I)
Liley, Thomas, Dec./12, (I)
Ling, Stuart, Jan./14, (I)
Lipner, Arthur, Dec./60, (P)
Lychner, John A., Nov./27, (E)
Maddy, Joseph E., Nov./50, (X)
Mann, Jenny, Dec./50, (W)
Mercer, R. Jack, Aug./96, (PP); Dec./88, (PP)
Mast, Andrew, Oct./27, (C)
Maxey, Larry, Apr./70, (W)
Meredith, William, Apr./74 (X)
Meyerdierks, Bradford, Nov./17, (E)
Mixon, Kevin, Aug./50, (E); July/50, (E)
Morganstern, Daniel, Jan./19, (X)
Mullins, Shirley Strohm, July/19, (X)
Paff, Jessica, Sept./30, (X)
Paynter, John P., Sept./44, (M)
Peterson, Elizabeth, Sept./18, (E)
Pettit, Heather, Apr./32 (E)
Pollock, Kevin, June/32, (M)
Reely, Trey, Nov./32, (I), Nov./88, (PP)
Rhodes, Ruth, Sept./88, (W)
Ripley, James, Aug./31, (C)
Rogers, George, July/44, (E)
Rothlisberger, Dana, Mar./12, (I)
Schilke, Renold, May/40, (B)
Schiltz, Grover, Aug./46, (W)
Schmidt, Julia Ann, May/44, (E)
Sellers, James, Feb./12, (I)
Sheldon, Deborah, July/25, (E)
Smiley, Richard D., Apr./46 (W)
Smith, Matthew, May/20, (I)
Snow, Scott, Feb./46, (P)
Spradling, Robert L., Dec./26, (I)
Still, Ray, Dec./16, (W)
Stone, Michael D., Mar./16, (E)
Thomson, J., Mar./20, (C); Apr./12 (I)
Townsend, Alfred S., Mar./29, (E)
Weirich, Robert, Sept./104,(PP); Jan./80, (PP)
Wenz, Jeffery Oct./58, (E)
White, Joanna, Jan./56,(W)
Whitfield, Matt, Nov./52, (W)
Willie, Eric, Oct./54, (P)
Winkle, Carola, Apr./52, (W)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
PP = Personal Perspective
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles