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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 55

The Instrumentalist

August 2000-July 2001, vol. 55

Interviews and Profiles
John Bird’s Fascinating Quest to Understand Percy Grainger by James Croft (2/01, p. 18)
Herbert Blomstedt (conductor) by John Knight (3/01, p. 12)
Robert A. Boudreau (conductor) by Frank Battisti (1/01, p. 44)
Mark Camphouse (composer, conductor) by Jeremy S. Brown (1/01, p. 12)
Thomas Duffy (composer) by Frank Battisti (5/01, p. 19)
Norman Dello Joio (composer) by Debra Torak (11/00, p. 26)
James Galway (flutist)/D. Kodner (4/01, p. 29)
Lloyd W. Hoover (veteran director) (10/00, p. 12)
The Legend of Eugene Ormandy by John Knight (10/00, p. 27)
The Pacifica String Quartet by Shirley Strohm Mullins (3/01, p. 24)
William Russo (jazz educator) by Forrest Buchtel (2/01, p. 12)
Shirley Strohm Mullins by Thomas Kennedy (9/00, p. 15)

Analyses and Conducting Articles
Band Music from Down Under by Deborah Sheldon (12/00, p. 34)
Chorale and Shaker Dance from the Composer’s Perspective by John Thomson and Matthew Baumer (12/00, p. 11)
Classical Works by Clifton Williams, by John Wojcik (11/00, p. 32)
Conducting Without Music by John Knight (12/00, p. 16)
Exploring Claude T. Smith’s Classic God of Our Fathers by D. Sheldon (8/00, p. 32)
Exploring Vesuvius with Frank Ticheli by John Thomson/M. Baumer (6/01, p. 22)
Robert Jager’s Perspectives on Colonial Airs and Dances by John Thomson and Matthew Baumer (4/01, p. 12)
The Legacy of Eugene Ormandy bv John Knight (10/00, p. 27)
Performing Watchhman, Tell Us with Camphouse on the Podium/Jeremy S. Brown (1/01, p. 16)
Refining the Craft of Conducting by John Wojcik (6/01, p. 15)

Articles on Teaching Music
Books on Jazz Pedagogy by Linda Hartley and Tom Pompei (3/01, p. 44)
Developing the Best in Students with Discipline and Dedication, Interview with Lloyd Hoover (10/00, p. 12)
Diagnosing Problems Behind Poor Tone in Young Bands by Q. Hilliard (3/01, p. 30)
Fixing Often Distorted Rhythms by Michael Johns (4/01, p. 45)
Grabbing Students’ Interest by Charles T. Menghini (10/00, p. 54)
If I Knew Then What I Know Now by David Hanke (l 1/00, p. 20)
Marking Rehearsal Scores With Analytical Shorthand by Steven Bird (5/01, p. 29)
Please Be Seated by W. Francis McBeth (9/00, p. 34)
Preparing For Contest by David Maccabee (2/01, p. 54)
The Progress and the Future of Bands and Wind Ensembles/F. Battisti (2/01, p. 38)
Seating Bands for the Music by Jeffrey Renshaw (10/00, p. 18)
Shifting the Beat For Cleaner Technique by Walfrid Kujala (6/01, p. 36)
Subtle and Overlooked Factors Change the Difficulty of Music by Charles Groeling (4/01, p. 18)
A System for Sightreading by Stephen Johnson III (6/01, p. 12)
Teach Rhythms to Beginners with Foot-Patting and Games by Michael Brown and Rod Chesnutt (4/01, p. 44)
Understanding Students With Help from Parents by David Maccabee (9/00, p. 12)
Weeding Students From Your Garden by Mary Beth Molenaar (5/01, p. 93)
Wonderful Band Transcriptions Should Be Played and Enjoyed by Victor Bordo (5/01, p. 42)

Woodwind Articles
Basic Woodwind Maintenance compiled by Brian Jones (9/00, p. 38)
Crossing the Clarinet Break by Tod Kerstetter (12/00, p. 50)
Developing Bassoon Embouchure by Barrick R. Stees (1/01, p. 50)
A History of Woodwind Ensembles by Michael Johns (12/00, p. 42)
Improved Saxophone Intonation Through Altissimo Exercises by Jeremy Brown (11/00, p. 49)
The Music of James Galway by Diana Kodner (4/01, p. 29)
Sigurd Rascher Retrospective (4/01, p. 84)
Suggested Sax Vibrato by D. Lewis (8/00, p. 64)
Suggested Solos For Clarinetists by Carola Winkle (8/00, p. 54)
Trouble-Shooting Flute Problems by Lisa Garner (9/00, p. 68)

Brass Articles
Advice for Trombonists from Christian Lindberg by Alice S. Campbell (4/01, p. 40)
Basic Brass Maintenance compiled by Brian Jones (11/00, p. 38)
A History of Brass Ensembles by Michael Johns (9/00, p. 72)
Concepts of Brass Sound by Thomas Bough (1/01. p. 34)
Improving Brass Intonation by E. Matlick (10/00, p. 46)
Oiling and Caring for Brass Valves and Rotors by John Huch (5/01, p. 66)
Practical Physics for Trumpeters and Teachers by Renold Schilke (12/00, p. 63)
Solo Trombone Literature by Todd Fallis (6/01, p. 50)
Switching Students to Horn by David Hoover (9/00, p. 60)

Percussion Articles
Instrument Maintenance Steps for Strings and Percussion compiled by Brian Jones (10/00, p. 36)
Just Four Basic Strokes by Eric Janners (3/01, p. 36)
Making the Switch to Timpani by Robert Grifa (5/01, p. 52)
Troublesome Percussion Parts in Band Repertoire by Douglas Overmier (8/00, p. 40)

Orchestra and String Articles
The Energy and Dedication of the Pacifica String Quartet by Shirley Strohm Mullins (3/01, p. 24)
Essential String Markings by Anne Mischakoff Heiles (l/01, p. 19)
Instrument Maintenance Steps for Strings and Percussion compiled by Brian Jones (10/00, p. 36)
Perfecting Tricky String Parts by Making Them More Difficult by Daniel Morganstern (4/01, p. 25)
Leonard Rose Remembered In a Reissued Recording by S. Ballantyne (6/01, p. 70)
Tuning Suggestions for String Players by Jay-Martin Pinner (8/00, p. 81)
Warm-ups to Improve String Playing by James Kjelland (9/00, p. 50)

Jazz Articles
Advice for New Jazz Directors by Todd E. Hill (1/01, p. 56)
Books on Jazz Pedagogy by Linda Hartley and Tom Pompei (3/01, p. 44)
Milt Hinton Remembered (2/01, p. 90) Jazz Piano Styles and Scores by Jerry Tolson (11/00, p. 56)
J.J. Johnson Retrospective (3/01, p. 106)
William Russo Charts Changes in Jazz and School Ensembles by Forrest L. Buchtel (2/01, p. 12)

Marching Band Articles
Adding Variety to Create More Interesting Shows by L. Kevin Kastens (6/01, p. 44)
A Coordinated Approach to Music and Drill Designs, with Richard Saucedo and Michael Pote, by Catherine Sell Lenzini (8/00, p. 13)
Colorguard Designs For Maximum Effect by Heather Rakauskas Sherry (8/00, p. 18)
Corps Style Marches On With One Show Per Year (11/00, p. 12)
Hosting a Marching Competition by Neil Ruby (2/01, p. 60)
Start With a Show Theme Then Add Music and Drill by Phillip Clements (8/00, p. 48)

Miscellaneous Articles
2000 Directory of Music Schools (10/00, p. 72)
2000 Survey of School Music Budgets (8/00, p. 18)
2001 Summer Camp Directory (3/01, p. 62)
Candid Music Reviews by Students (9/00, p. 25)
The Elusive Search for Proof that Music Improves the Mind by Shanna Pranaitis and Richard Ashley (12/00. p. 30)
Good Budget Proposals Include Statistics, Details, and Reasons/S. Gordon (3/01, p. 17)
The History of American Bands by Frederick Fennell (10/00, p. 66)
The Instrumentalist Photo Gallery (8/00, p. 89; 4/01, p. 90)
Instrument Maintenance Steps for Strings and Percussion compiled by Brian Jones (10/00, p. 36)
Three Fundraising Programs That Generate Big Profits by Megan Nortrup and Warren Hasten (6/01, p. 28)
Many Grew Up Listening to Great Music on the Radio by L. McElroy (5/01, p. 60)
Memories of Music Camp, compiled by Megan Nortrup (3/01, p. 58)
New York City, Here We Come by Joseph V. MacDonald (1/01, p. 27)
Preview of the 2000 Midwest Clinic (12/00, p. 26)
The Progress and the Future of Bands and Wind Ensembles, F. Battisti (2/01, p. 38)
What’s New in the Music Industry (2/01, p. 28)

Personal Perspectives
After a Career in Medicine A Happy Return to the Tuba by John Haswell (3/01, p. 112)
Fine Musicians In Many Careers by Jeanine B. Briefel (10/00, p. 120)
Good For a Lifetime by S. Ling (8/00, p. 96)
A Labor of Love by S. Ballantyne (6/01, p. 72)
Lessons I Have Learned by Kenneth Laudermilch (1/01, p. 88)
Mix It Up, Keep It Fun by Robert Rawlins (11/00, p. 88)
Passing the Torch Graciously by Warren Haston (5/01, p. 96)
Rushing to Meet Reiner by David Schwartz (4/01, p. 96)
A Steady Supply of Junk by Brenda Hines Needham (9/00, p. 104)
Surviving Change By Joseph K. Antonelli (2/01, p. 96)
With Thee I Sing by Christopher Banner (12/00, p. 80)

Author Index Cross Reference
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Mullins, Shirley Strohm, Sept./15 (I); Mar./24 (I, O)
McBeth, W. Francis, Sept./34 (E)
Needham, Brenda Hines, Sept./104 (PP)
Nortrup, Megan, Mar./58 (X); June/28 (X)
Overmier, Douglas, Aug.40 (P)
Pinner, Jay-Martin, Aug./81 (O)
Pompei, Tom, Mar./44 (J, E, X)
Pranaitis, Shanna, Dec./30 (X)
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Thomson, John, Dec./11 (C); Apr./12 (C); June/22 (C)
Tolson, Jerry, Nov./56 (J)
Torok, Debra, Nov./26 (I)
Winkle, Carola, Aug./54 (W)
Wojcik, John, Nov./32 (C, I); June/15 (C)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
PP = Personal Perspective
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles