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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 54

The Instrumentalist

August 1999-July 2000, vol. 54

Interviews and Profiles
P.D.Q. Bach/Peter Schickele (composer) by Kathleen Goll-Wilson (3/00, p. 32)
Frank Battisti (conductor) by Fred Harris (10/99, p. 12)
Greg Bimm (high school band director) by Catherine Sell Lenzini (8/99, p. 13)
Joe Burgstaller, (trumpeter and jazz educator) by Del Lyren (2/00, p. 94)
Charles Carter (composer) by Patrick Dunnigan and Robert Thurston (8/99, p. 44
The Conductors Who Developed Six Fine American Orchestras by John Knight (1/00, p. 26)
Christoph von Dohnányi (conductor) by John Knight (3/00, p. 12)
Daniel Long (middle school orchestra director) by Kelly Wilson (4/00, p. 12)
Laura Lovich (middle school band director) by Catherine S. Lenzini (9/99, p. 13)
David Maccabee (high school band director) by Catherine S. Lenzini (2/00, p. 12)
Martin Mailman (composer) by Catherine Sell Lenzini (10/99, p. 40)
Kurt Masur (conductor) by John Knight (11/99, p. 12)
Richard Nunemaker (clarinetist) by L. Michael Flake (4/00, p. 36)
Artur Rodzinski (conductor) by John Knight (4/00, p. 20)
Robert H. Phillips (school orchestra director) by Catherine S. Lenzini (6/00, p. 12)
Gerald Prescott (conductor) by Hoyt LeCroy (12/99, p. 78)
Jean-Pierre Rampal (flutist) by Denis Verroust (5/00, p. 34)
The Reiter Brothers Influenced the Style of Orchestral Horns by Norman Schweikert (4/00, p. 81)
H. Robert Reynolds (conductor) by Barry Ellis (12/99, p. 12)
Deborah Shofner (middle school band director) by Catherine Sell Lenzini (1/00, p. 10)
Garwood Whaley (high school band director) by Catherine S. Lenzini (5/00, p. 12)

Analyses and Conducting Articles
Arnold’s Four Scottish Dances by John Knight (2/00, p. 46)
The Basic Tools of Conducting by John Knight (9/99, p. 18)
Charles Carter’s Symphonic Overture by Stuart Stone (8/99, p. 36)
Conducting Asymmetrical Meters by Anthony Maiello (4/00, p. 16)
Contemporary Literature for Grade 1 and 2 Bands by Craig Naylor (5/00, p. 30)
The Dean of American Composers by Frank Battisti (8/99, p. 58)
Exciting Works for Young Bands by Deborah Sheldon (8/99, p. 26)
Find a Preparatory Beat That Matches the Music by James Ripley (1/00, p. 15)
Hidden Musical Nuances by John Wojcik (11/99, p. 30)
The Joys of Playing Ragtime Music by William Kenny (6/00, p. 34)
Lots of Wind from P.D.Q. Bach by Trey Reely (3/00, p. 28)
Martin Mailman’s Flowing Lines in Liturgical Music for Band by John Wojcik (10/99, p. 26)
Nothing Perks Up an Audience Like An Exciting Concert March by Victor Bordo (7/00, p. 17)
An Original Musical Hybrid of Concert-Jazz Band Styles by Stuart Stone (1/00, p. 36)
Rediscovering Morton Gould’s Family Album Suite for Band by William Kenny (1/00, p. 18)
Renaissance Music for Band by Stuart Stone (5/00, p. 22)
The Secrets of the Conductor by Fritz Reiner (10/99, p. 54)

Articles on Teaching Music
50 Random Reflections On Music and Teaching by W. Francis McBeth (6/00, p. 17)
Accomplishments and Regrets At the End of the Year compiled by L. Michael Flake (6/00, p. 20)
Assessing the Future of Music Education (11/99, p. 18)
Attention Grabbing Warm-ups by Ann Porter (12/99, p. 22)
Electronics in Education by Michael Smedstad (1/00, p. 46)
From Relaxed Walking to Playing an Instrument by Barbara Prentice-Lambrecht (12/99, p. 74)
Free Trips for Students With Stunning Sub Sales by Roderick Booker (6/00, p. 38)
Implied Nuances and Inflections by Douglas Overmier (3/00, p. 18)
Industry Help for Educators by Glenn Holtz (3/00, p. 22)
Inherent Pitch Problems of Wind Instruments by Barbara Prentice-Lambrecht (4/00, p. 48)
The Ongoing Process of Tuning an Ensemble by Michael Burch-Pesses (4/00, p. 46)
Play to a Full House with Good Publicity by Steve Litwiller (8/99, p. 84)
Realistic Choices to Develop Balanced Band Instrumentation by Michael Brown (2/00, p. 85)
Seek Chamber Music Qualities in a Full Concert Ensemble by Leslie W. Hicken (6/00, p. 28)
A Simple Approach to Pep Bands by Greg Tipps (11/99, p. 84)
Solo and Ensemble Contests that Inspire Students by Charles T. Menghini (2/00, p. 97)
Steps to Good Intonation in Middle School Ensembles by Michael Stone (12/99, p. 52)
Summer Reading For Directors by Linda Hartley and David Woike (7/00, p. 28)
Teaching Multiple Tonguing in a Full Band Rehearsal by Michael Brown (5/00, p. 44)
Tricks of the Trade for School Directors by Mark Stevens (5/00, p. 20)
Veteran Drill Writers Cite Common Pitfalls compiled by Catherine Sell Lenzini (7/00, p. 12)
Warm-ups for the Purpose of Teaching Musicianship by Craig Fuchs (2/00, p. 17)
Why Students Can’t Fail by Jerry Jesness (10/99, p. 44)

Woodwind Articles
The Art of Flutemaking by Robert Austin (10/99, p. 18)
The Basics of Flute Trills by Joseph Bonner (8/99, p. 54)
Blending Flutes and Clarinets by Leone Buyse (2/00, p. 88)
Conquering the Altissimo Register by Brian Jones (6/00, p. 44)
Eliminating the Clarinet Break by Brian Jones (12/99, p. 44)
Fundamentals to Emphasize On Clarinet and Saxophone by L. Michael Flake (4/00, p. 36)
Improving Saxophone Intonation by Jeremy S. Brown (9/99, p. 36)

Brass Articles
From Lip Slurs To Trombone Legato by David Kassler (10/99, p. 50)
The Heroic Sound of C Trumpets by Kenneth Laudermilch (9/99, p. 58)
The Horn Ensemble Tradition by Eldon Matlick (11/99, p. 44)
Legato and Detached Trombone Articulations by Edward Kleinhammer and Douglas Yeo (7/00, p. 25)
Low Brass Sections In Tone and In Tune by Thomas Bough (7/00, p. 36)
The Next Méndez by D. Lyren (2/00, p. 94)
The Reiter Brothers Influenced the Style of Orchestral Horns by Norman Schweikert (4/00, p. 81)

Percussion Articles
From Chaos to Orderly Percussion by John Beck (4/00, p. 52)

Orchestra and String Articles
Beyond Bach and Beethoven, Recommended Repertoire for School Orchestras compiled by Kelly Wilson (12/99, p. 17)
Bringing Wind Players Into a String Orchestra by Brenda Hines Needham (07/00, p. 48)
Crowd-Pleasing Cello Quartets by Diane Winder (1/00, p. 52)
Jazz for String Players by Adam Davis (11/99, p. 62)
Rehearsal Tips for String Quartets by Brenda Hines (9/99, p. 48)

Jazz Articles
Advice for Novice Jazz Teachers by Justin DiCioccio (4/00, p. 30)
Jazz for String Players by Adam Davis (11/99, p. 62)
Tips on Publishing Jazz Charts by Jeff Jarvis (5/00, p. 58)

Marching Band Articles
Books and Videos on Marching Bands by Robert Meaux (8/99, p. 50)
Fundamental Colorguard Techniques by Heather Rakauskas Sherry (9/99, p. 30)
Veteran Drill Writers Cite Common Pitfalls compiled by Catherine Sell Lenzini (7/00, p. 12)

Miscellaneous Articles
1999 Directory of Music Schools (10/99, p. 86)
2000 Musician’s Directory (7/00, p.76)
1999 Survey of School Music Budgets (8/99, p. 18)
2000 Summer Camp Directory (3/00, p. 66)
This Cast of Characters Appears in Every Band by Trey Reely (1/00, p. 76)
Choosing a Music School (10/99, p. 80)
Community Bands Thrive from Coast to Coast by Robert Foster (3/00, p. 38)
Early American School and College Bands (5/00, p. 86)
The Instrumentalist Photo Gallery
The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Photo Gallery (5/00, p. 89)
Memories of Music Camp compiled by Michael L. Flake (3/00, p. 60)
Preview of the 1999 Midwest Clinic (12/99, p. 28)
What’s New in the Music Industry, (2/00, p. 20)

Idea Exchanges
The Great March Search by Bill Park (5/00, p. 95)
Sampling Canadian Band Music by Stuart Stone (10/99, p. 65)
A Simple Approach to Pep Bands by Greg Tipps (11/99, p. 84)
Song Writing Contest For Young Musicians by Donald Benham (9/99, p. 80)
Of Stains and Lost Buttons by Robert Spence (12/99, p. 82)
Too Many Saxophones, Not Enough Trombones by David Stufft (8/99, p. 70)

Personal Perspectives
Beyond Good Performances by Garwood Whaley (10/99, p. 128)
Characteristic Tones by Marc Dickey (9/99, p. 112)
Conquering the Mess by Susan Antonetti (11/99, p. 96)
From Conversation to Contracts In Commissioning a New Work by William Treat (8/99, p. 96)
In Combat by Brig. Gen. Mark Welsh (3/00, p. 96)
Memories of 30 Midwests by John Knight 12/99, p. 88)
More Than a Job by Susan Antonetti (2/00, p. 104)
Music That Teaches and Inspires by Frank Battisti (4/00, p. 96)
Summer Reflection and Renewal by Mark Stevens (7/00, p. 112)
Travel Disasters Despite Experience and Planning by David Hanson (1/00, p. 80)
Travel With the Pros by Larry Liner (5/00, p. 96)
Why I Teach Music by John Knight (6/00, p. 80)

Author Index Cross Reference
Antonetti, Susan, Nov./96 (PP); Feb./104 (PP)
Austin, Robert, Oct./18 (W)
Battisti, Frank, Aug./58 (C); Apr./96 (PP)
Beck, John R., Apr./52 (P)
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Park, Bill, May/95 (IE)
Porter, Ann, Dec./22 (E)
Prentice-Lambrecht, Barbara, Dec./74 (E); Apr./48 (E)
Overmier, Douglas, Mar./18 (E)
Reely, Trey, Jan./76 (X); Mar./28 (C)
Reiner, Fritz, Oct./54 (C)
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Welsh, Brig. Gen. Mark, Mar./96 (PP)
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Wilson, Kelly, Dec./17 (O); Apr./12 (I)
Winder, Diane, Jan./52 (O)
Woike, David, July/28 (E)
Wojcik, John, Oct./26 (C); Nov./30 (C)
Yeo, Douglas, July/25 (B)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
IE = Idea Exchange
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
PP = Personal Perspective
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles