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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 53

The Instrumentalist

August 1998-July 1999, vol. 53

Interviews and Profiles
Pierre Boulez (composer and conductor) by Kathleen Goll-Wilson and John Knight (6/99, p. 12)
Bill Cahn (percussionist) by W. Francis McBeth (6/99, p. 22)
Nicholas Contorno (Marquette director) by Sal Terassi (4/99, p. 12)
Frank Crisafulli (trombonist) by Stewart Ross (5/99, p. 65)
Kathleen DeBerry (school orchestra director) by Catherine Sell Lenzini (11/98, p. 14)
Hugh Downs (composer) by John Bell Young (4/99, p. 38)
George Edge (school band director) by Stuart Ling (2/99, p. 12)
Sandy Feldstein (publisher and educator) by Catherine Sell Lenzini (12/98, p. 10)
Robert Garofalo (composer and conductor) by John Thomson, (5/99 p. 21)
Louis Moreau Gottschalk (composer) by S. Frederick Starr (9/98,p. 56)
John Harbison (composer) by Frank Battisti (7/99, p. 17)
Robert Jager (composer) by Catherine Sell Lenzini (12/98, p. 37)
W. Francis McBeth (composer) by Jeffrey Renshaw (8/98, p. 10)
Margene Pappas (school band director) by Catherine Sell Lenzini (3/99,p 17)
H. Owen Reed (composer) by Peter L. Boonshaft (9/98, p. 44)
Michael Stone (school band director) by Catherine Sell Lenzini (1/99, p. 12)
Allen Vizzutti (trumpeter) by Jeffery V. Sells (3/99, p. 23)

Analyses and Conducting Articles
Clare Grundman’s Hebrides Suite, Analysis of a Grade 3 Work by Barry Kopetz (8/98, p. 36)
Darius Milhaud’s Suite Française by Stuart Stone (1/99, p. 31)
The Finest Band Works of the Past Fifty Years by Robert Foster (1/99, p. 77)
Flourish for Wind Band, An Analysis of Vaughan Williams’s Grade 3 Work by Stuart Stone (6/99, p. 28)
Great Works for Young Bands by Deborah Sheldon (6/99, p. 18)
An Analysis of La Fiesta Mexicana by John Knight (9/98, p. 32)
Jumping on the Ghost Train, An Analysis of Eric Whitacre’s Grade 4 Work by Stuart Stone (4/99, p. 24)
Lessons from Otto Klemperer by John Knight (10/98, p. 23)
The Lost Lyricism of Guido Cantelli (conductor) by John Knight (7/99, p. 25)
Masterworks for Grade 4 Bands by Robert Grechesky (9/98, p. 25)
Music as the Curriculum, Score Selection and Preparation by Charles T. Menghini (5/99, p. 28)
Renaissance Dances in Latham’s Court Festival by John Wojcik (5/99, p. 34)
Robert Jager’s Third Suite for Band by John Wojcik (12/98, p. 27)
The Splendor of Symphonic Marches by Robert Foster (10/98, p. 48)
The Stately British March Played Around the World by Daniel Brame (6/99, p. 72)
Toccata – A Musical Hoax by Arnald D. Gabriel (11/98, p. 26)
Tyranny on the Podium by John Knight (1/99, p. 18)

Articles on Teaching Music
The Block Schedule Gimmick (5/99, p. 12)
A Clean Start on a New Job by Charles T. Menghini (9/98, p. 74)
After We Tried A Block Schedule by Trey Reely (11/98, p. 86)
The Art of Guest Conducting by Gary Barton (1/99, p. 74)
The Dynamics of Breathing by Kevin Kelly (12/98, p. 70)
Emergency Instrument Repairs by Ronald Saska (2/99, p. 58)
From Passive Players to Careful Listeners by Catherine Sell Lenzini (11/98, p. 14)
Improving Intonation for Beginning Strings by Brenda Hines (10/98, p. 30)
Intonation Exercises for Middle School Bands by Joseph Phillips (1/99, p. 15)
Just Notes, Until Now by Flora Lim (2/99, p. 16)
Matching Sounds Across the Ensemble by Michael Johns (9/98, p. 16)
Music Handbooks Set the Rules Before Most Problems Arise by Michael Stone (7/99, p. 32)
Pep Bands Can Be Fun by Steve Gordon (11/98, p. 42)
Preparing for College Auditions by Kenneth Laudermilch (10/98, p. 14)
The Repertoire is the Curriculum by John Thomson (11/98, p. 10)
Research on Block Schedules by Richard B. Miles and Larry R. Blocher (11/98, p. 84)
Rules, Deadlines, and Perils in the Solo Festival Rush by Michael Brown (2/99, p. 44)
September Song, Reflections on the New School Year by Bradford Meyerdierks (10/98, p. 12)
Seven Effective Habits for Better Rehearsals by Michael Burch-Pesses (2/99, p. 20)
Sharpening the Ax in Junior High Band by Randy Kulik and David Carroll (7/99, p. 12)
Suggested Repertoire for College Auditions (10/98, p. 16)
Suggestions on Commissioning a Work by Jeff Jarvis (10/98, p. 40)
Time-Saving Tips For Directors by Hoyt LeCroy (11/98, p. 90)
Tips for Small Ensembles by Charles Villarubia (6/99, p. 52)
Turning Notes Into Phrases by K. Tod Kerstetter (12/98, p. 14)
Warm-Ups that Work by Mark Ely and Amy Rashkin (3/99, p. 12)

Woodwind Articles
Basic Bassoon Articulations by Terry Ewell (3/99, p. 28)
The Basics of Bassoon Intonation by Kristin Wolfe Jensen (5/99, p. 72)
Bassoon Embouchure and Fingering Adjustments by Kristin Wolfe Jensen (8/98, p. 56)
Clarinet Reeds and Mouthpieces by Christopher Sumner (4/99, p. 56)
Flute Section Intonation by Joseph Bonner (4/99, p. 46)
Of Percy Grainger and Saxophones by Paul Cohen (2/99, p. 50)
The Ins and Outs of Clarinet Tone by Carola Winkle (7/99, p. 44)
Troublesome Clarinet Passages in Standard Band Repertoire by Brian D. Jones (12/98, p. 18)
Troublesome Flute Passages by Joseph Bonner (8/98, p. 24)
Tuning the Clarinet Section by Brian Jones (6/99, p. 46)

Brass Articles
Brass Trio Repertoire by M. Britt, M. Belcik, and K. Kirk (4/99, p. 52)
The Dynamics of Breathing by Kevin Kelly (12/98, p. 70)
Of Horns and Hands by Gary L. Reeves (6/99, p. 70)
Teaching with Trumpet Duets by Michael Brown (7/99, p. 58)
Trombone Warm-ups by Joel Elias (10/98, p. 54)
Trumpet Intonation Pitfalls by Kenneth Laudermilch (11/98, p. 34)
Vibrato Skills for Trumpet Students by Kenneth Laudermilch (5/99, p. 48)

Percussion Articles
Basic Mallet Techniques by Christopher Day. (1/99, p. 38)
Drumset Practice Tips by Kristen Shiner McGuire (11/98, p. 48)
The Intellectual Side of Percussion Playing by Bill Cahn (6/99, p. 22)
Of Drummers and Brushes by Jake Jerger (8/98, p. 78)
Salt Peanuts by Dizzy Gillespie (8/98, p. 84)
Timpani Techniques for Beginning Students by David Eyler (3/99, p. 34)

Orchestra and String Articles
Buzzes and Rattles in String Instruments by Brenda Hines (5/99, p. 56)
Improving Intonation for Beginning Strings by Brenda Hines (10/98, p. 30)
The Influence of Suzuki on America String Education b Brenda Hines (1/99, p. 50)
String Bass Posture and Technique by Paul Ellison (4/99, p. 18)

Jazz Articles
Simplifying Jazz Improvisation by Kyle Mack (10/99, p. 10)
Marching Band Articles A Century of Marching at the U. of Michigan by Kevin L. Sedatole (11/98, p. 58)
From Paper to Field Drills by L. Kevin Kastens (7/99, p. 34)
Marching with a Method by Phillip Clements (6/99, p. 40)
Saving Time During Marching Rehearsals by Phillip Clements (8/98, p. 50)

Miscellaneous Articles
1998 Directory of Music Schools (10/98, p. 86)
1998 Survey of School Music Budgets (8/98, p. 17)
1999 Summer Camp Directory (3/99, p. 62)
170 Years of the Allentown Band by Ronald Demkee (2/99, p. 89)
The Army Field Band by Alicia Garges (9/98, p. 99)
Arnold Jacobs (1915-1998) (11/98, p. 18)
Choosing a Music School by Karen Wolff (10/98, p. 81)
A Gallery of Jazz Greats (5/99, p. 89)
The Instrumentalist Photo Gallery (4/99, p. 89)
The Marine Band Turns 200 by Frank Battisti (12/98, p. 90)
Memories of Music Camp (3/99, p. 56)
Louis Ouzer Photo Gallery (1/99, p. 89)
Preview of the 1998 Midwest Clinic (12/98, p. 46)
School Support for Music Programs (9/98, p. 100)
A Sublime Reading List by Trey Reely (4/99, p. 93)
Time For Sports and Music by Robert Foster (4/99, p. 32)
George Waln (3/99, p. 94)
What’s New in the Music Industry (2/99, p. 26)

Idea Exchanges
Advice for Community Band Conductors by Adah Jaffer (9/98, p. 108)
Better Than a Metronome by Brenda Hines (12/98, p. 93)
Life As A Substitute Teacher by Christopher Casadonti (11/98, p. 92)
Rehearsing With a Purpose by Andrew Mast (8/98, p. 93)
A Simple Approach to Sharps and Flats by David Carroll (6/99, p. 75)
Surviving Deadlines and Details by Brian Dewald (8/98, p. 91)
Team Teaching At Seven Schools by J. Howard Baxter (94/99, p. 95)

Personal Perspectives
Beyond The Technique to the Essence of Music by Frank Battisti (3/99, p. 96)
Cherished Band Memories by Mary Beth Stanford (7/99, p. 112)
Competing with Star Wars by R. Jack Mercer (5/99, p. 80)
Defining Greatness by John C. Stansberry (10/98, p. 128)
Getting Back to Music by Gene Pokorny (5/99, p. 96)
Lost With the Left Hand by Daniel A. Klingbeil (l/99, p. 96)
Of Clinics, Ballads, and Boredom by Trey Reely (12/98, p. 96)
Playing With Conviction by Stewart L. Ross (8/98, p. 96)
Marching Voluntarily by Martin Province (9/98, p. 112)
Passing on the Passion by Brenda Hines (2/99, p. 96)
Shaping Lives by Robert Foster (11/98, p. 96)
Where Have All the Marches Gone? by Kevin Kaisershot (4/99, p. 96)

Author Index Cross Reference
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Young, John Bell, April/38 (I)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
IE = Idea Exchange
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
PP = Personal Perspective
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles