Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 48

The Instrumentalist

August 1993-July 1994, vol. 48

Interviews and Profiles
Always Preparing for Next Year, An Interview with Robert Foster/Harvey Phillips, September, p. 10.
The Beat of the M.J.Q./Harvey Phillips, August, p. 60.
Beyond Mechanical Conducting, An Interview with Craig Kirchhoff/John Thomson, June, p. 10.
Breaking the Tradition of Formal Concerts, An Interview with Chuck Daellenbach and Gene Watts/Harvey Phillips, July, p. 10.
A Conversation with Milt Hinton/Rufus Reid, August, p. 50.
Creating the Dallas Wind Symphony/Toni Ryon, January, p. 24.
Enduring Wisdom From William Schuman, An Unpublished 1986 Interview/Michael Brown, November, p. 26.
Hampton Virtually Invented the Vibes/Robert Laber, July, p. 24.
Listening Objectively, An Interview with Ray Cramer/Catherine Sell, August, p. 12.
Nine Decades With Conviction – William Revelli Reminisces/Harvey Phillips, December, p. 10.
The Path From Engineering to College Conducting, An Interview with Frank Wickes/Stuart Ling, April, p. 10.
Profile of Composer Ron Nelson/ Stephen Peterson, June, p. 49.
Pursuing a Focused Trombone Sound, An Interview with Charles Vernon/Harvey Phillips, October, p. 12.
Rekindling the Flame – A Half-Century on the Road/Robert Laber, December, p. 24.
Remembering Bird, A Portrait of Charlie Parker/Whitney Balliett, March, p. 14.
Sideman to Jazz History/Robert Laber, May, p. 25.
Sustaining Rehearsal Intensity/Eugene Corporon, January, p. 10.
Teaching Music With Passion, An Interview with Anthony J. Maiello/ Heather Pettit, March, p. 10.
The Unforgettable Revelli, Recollections of Colleagues and Students, January, p. 14.
Viewing Audiences Objectively, An Interview with Robert Spevacek/ Harvey Phillips, November, p. 13.

Analyses and Conducting Articles
Bach’s Fantasia in G/Barry E. Kopetz, August, p. 25.
Conducting Iannaccone’s After A Gentle Rain/Jeffrey Renshaw, April, p. 27.
Conducting Persichetti’s Divertimento/Thomas Fraschillo, July, p. 16.
Conducting Schuman’s Chester Overture/Michael Brown, November, p. 29.
The Fearless Conducting of Fritz Reiner/John Knight, May, p. 11.
Interpreting Wood’s Mannin Veen/ Barry E. Kopetz, January, p. 30.
Lessons in Interpretation from Arturo Toscanini/John Knight, December, p. 16.
Playing to a Full House/Stewart L. Ross, September, p. 58.
Podium Pitfalls, Lessons Learned Along the Way/John Knight, February, p. 12.
Roll Over Beethoven/Jay Friedman, September, p. 24.

Teaching Music
Avoiding Common Manuscript Problems/Steven Powell, April, p. 50.
The Box Office Test For Concert Programs/Leonard B. Smith, May, p. 16.
College Was Never Like This, The Diary of a First-Year Teacher/Ann Crawford, September, p. 38.
College Was Never Like This, Diaries of First-Year Teachers (Part 2)/Jessica Paff and Randy Sundell, October, p. 22.
Composing for Brass, Advice from a Veteran Composer/David Uber, March, p. 69.
Computer Analysis of Playing Problems/Russ Widener, December, p. 42.
A Dean’s View of College Choices/Robert Werner, October, p. 54.
Developing Creativity Through Improvisation/Frank Bencriscutto, October, p. 38.
Dissecting Difficult Parts/Roger Rocco, February, p. 18.
Of Honor Bands and Guest Conductors/W. Francis McBeth, April, P. 15.
Identifying Bad Habits in Beginning Students, Advice from Experienced Teachers, September, p. 15.
Improving Ensemble Recordings/Robert Elliott, May, p. 56.
The Many Steps in Concert Publicity/Stewart L. Ross, January, p. 50.
Musical Warm-Ups/Roland Stycos, November, p. 54.
New Approaches to Teaching Notation/Richard E. Clark, Laura Hamm, and Julianne Dent, November, p. 58.
Older and Wiser/Catherine Sell, October, p. 17.
Older and Wiser, Part 2/Catherine Sell, November, p. 16.
Organized and Ready/Barbara Prentice, July, p. 40.
Practical Studio Policies for Private Teachers/Martha Beth Lewis, Jim K. Kunitz, and Kenneth Renshaw, April, p. 64.
Preparing a Musical/Robert Reely and Tracy Meadows, June, p. 38.
Recruiting Parents/Ruth Mock, May, p. 48.
Rehearsing with a Purpose/Roland Stycos, July, p. 34.
Sight-Reading with Skill/Robert Reely, January, p. 42.
Using Chamber Music Beyond Contest Season/Roland Polancich, December, p. 34.

Woodwind Articles
Adjusting Bassoon Reeds/Richard Ramey, February, p. 28.
Divergent Views on Flute Fingerings/Kathleen Goll-Wilson, March, p. 26.
Flute Embouchure Problems/Katherine Borst Jones and Judith K. Delzell, September, p. 81.
Flutists’ Common Mistakes/Walfrid Kujala, December, p. 49.
Holding a Bassoon Correctly/Robert Barris, November, p. 38.
Subtle Differences in Bassoon Bocals/Richard Ramey, August, p. 36.

Brass Articles
Alternate Trombone Slide Positions/ John Swallow, June, p. 32.
Coping with Braces on Brass Students/Kenneth Laudermilch, November, p. 46.
Expanded Bass Sounds/Jim Self, January, p. 54.
The Man Behind the Book Every Brass Player Uses/Jean-Pierre Mathez, June, p. 16.
Neglected Slide Technique/Milton Stevens, February, p. 24.
Preparation for College Horn Players/Douglas Hill, September, p. 70.
Revisiting Caruso’s Calisthenics/Ron Falcone, March, p. 34.
Selecting Music for Low Brass Ensembles/Jerry Young, May, p. 42.
Solving Horn Mysteries/Eldon Matlick, April, p. 34.

String Articles
Developing Violin Vibrato/Jerrie Lucktenberg, May, p. 32.
Prices, Labels, and Tones Of Used String Instruments/Edward C. Campbell, June, p. 22.
Recurrent Problems in String Sections, Robert Gillespie, October, p. 84.

Miscellaneous Articles
Buyers Guide, July, p. 65.
Charlie Parker Photo Gallery, March, p. 19.
Chicago Symphony Photo Gallery, May, p. 71.
The Instrumentalist Photo Gallery, June, p. 43.
Learning From Contest Comments/Robert Reely, August, p. 79.
Lionel Hampton Photo Gallery, July, p. 27.
The London Symphony in Summer Residence/Heather Pettit, August, p. 42.
Louis Ouzer Photo Gallery, December, p. 71.
Louis Ouzer Photo Gallery, April, p. 73.
Memories of Music Camp, March, p. 40.
1993 Directory of Music Schools, October, p. 58.
Survey of School Music Programs, August, p. 16.
Directory of Music Camps, March, p. 44.
Reincarnated Composers/Louis Schafer, October, p. 106.
What’s New in the Music Industry, February, p. 40.

Musical Stories
An Impossible Request, August, p. 10.
Just for the Heck of It, May, p. 6.
Knowing Your Place, August, p. 10.
Married to Music, July, p. 4.
Missing in Action, August, p. 10.
Money-Back Guarantee, October, p. 6.
On a Clear Day I Can See Forever, October, p. 6.
Premiere Problems, June, p. 4.
Reiner’s First Days in Chicago, May, p. 6.
Returning the Favor, July, p. 4.
Street Smarts, July, p. 4.
Trombone Tales, February, p. 4.
Tuba in the Tub, August, p. 10.
Vich Vay, October, p. 6.
View from the Audience, June, p. 4.

Music Printed
Double Quintet Fanfare/Arthur Frackenpohl, July, p. 59.

Personal Perspectives
The Conductor’s Conduct/James Croft, December, p. 80.
Getting Even/Charles Brodie, March, p. 88.
Jazz Judgements/Stan Seckler, April, p. 80.
The Labels Mean Little/Frank Battisti, July, p. 96.
Launching a Career/Mark Poland, June, p. 64.
Looking Back on Budget Cuts/Edward Cannava, October, p. 112.
Meaningful Contests/James Austin, November, p. 80.
The Perils of Holding Sectional Rehearsals/Victor Bordo, August, p. 80.
Raising the Standards of Literature/W. Francis McBeth, January, p. 80.
Searching For Mozart, Finding Bruckner/Jerry Kupchynsky, May, p. 80.
The Spinning Wheels of School Reform/Karl Raschkes, February, p. 80.
A Talk on Bands/Edwin Franko Goldman, September, p. 112.