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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 46

The Instrumentalist

August 1991-July 1992, vol. 46

Baroque Performance Techniques, Lewis Peterman, November, p. 54.
Choosing Literature for Young Bands, Quincy Hilliard, January, p. 10.
Clifton Williams’ Dedicatory Overture, Barry Kopetz, January, p. 24.
Communicating in Rehearsals, Joseph L. Casey, April, p. 20.
Conducting Irregular Meters, John Knight, June, p. 16.
Frescobaldi’s Toccata, Barry Kopetz, May, p. 33.
Gossec’s Military Symphony in F, Barry Kopetz, September, p. 26.
Jazz Rehearsal Techniques, Charles Booker, Jr. July, p. 14.
Paul Lavalle Interview (“From Toscanini to the Band of America”), Joseph Estock, May, p. 20.
Music with a Purpose, Quincy Hilliard, April, p. 14.
Olivier Messiaen’s Et Exspecto, An Interpretive Analysis, Jeffrey Renshaw, November, p. 28.
Rehearsal Preparation, Max Dalby, January, p. 44.
Janis Stockhouse Interview (“Balancing a Program”), Harvey Phillips, December, p. 25

Teaching/Music Education
Advice for College Freshmen, Harvey Phillips, October, p. 38.
Assessing the Future of Music Education, James M. Rohner, September, p, 14.
Assessing the Wind Ensemble, W. Francis McBeth, March, p. 27.
Concepts of Phrase Breathing, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, December, p. 28.
James Croft Interview (“Balanced Programs and Tarnished Trophies”), John Thomson, February, p. 10.
Defending Music Programs with Economic Analysis, John Benham, August, p. 14.
Efficient Marching Rehearsals, Patrick Dunnigan, July, p. 28.
From Director to Administrator, Richard Kamm, November, p. 22.
Learning from William Revelli, Jerry Bilik, July, p. 22.
Michael Kaufman Interview (“Keeping Students Interested”), John Thomson, April, p. 10.
Martin Krivin Interview (“On Teaching Jazz”), Shirley Mullins, August, p. 28.
Donald E. McGinnis and Mark Kelly (“From the Podium”), Roger Rocco, October, p. 12.
Podium to Principal, Advice from an Administrator, Paul Duker, August, p. 43.
Qualities of the Great Teachers, Shirley Mullins, May, p. 17.
William D. Revelli Interview (“The Most Determined Director”), Harvey Phillips, November, p. 12.
Marvin Stamm Interview (“A Clinician’s View of Music Programs”), James M. Rohner, June, p. 10

Alec Wilder Remembered, (“The President of the Derriere-Garde”), Whitney Balliett, February, p. 14.
Back from the Cutting Edge, Stephen Kent Goodman, March, p. 50.
John Dankworth (“Bright Light of British Jazz”), Bob Laber, June, p. 24.
Tommy Dorsey (“The Sentimental Gentleman of Swing”), Bob Laber, February, p. 26.
A Gathering of Composers, Mary Druding, Martha Weale, and Roxy Balent, January, p. 14.
Michael Kamen Interview (“Chameleon Composer”), Maureen Meloy, April, p. 44.
The Kenton Crusade, Bob Laber, September, p. 34.
Malcolm Arnold at 70, John Swallow, October, p. 16.
Manny Albam, Arranger’s Arranger, Bob Laber, October, p. 20.
W. Francis McBeth Interview (“Band Music and the Paper-Plate Mentality”),
Roger Rocco, December, p. 12.
Visiting Composers, Stuart J. Ling, September, p. 54.

General Articles/Listings
Buyers Guide, July, p. 49.
Directory of Music Schools, October, p. 74.
Music’s Inner Game, Barry Green, March, p. 33.
1991 Survey of School Music Budgets, August, p. 24.
1992 Summer Camp Directory, March, p. 58.
What’s New in the Music Industry, February, p. 34.
The Work Behind Workshops, Anne Mischakoff, April, p. 17.

The Authentic Cornet, David Hickman, May, p. 46.
Chamber Music for Brass, Bruce Barrie and Larry Zimmerman, October, p. 28.
Concentrate on Sound, Dale Clevenger, May, p. 12.
French Horn Trills, Gary Reeves, January, p. 62.
Memories of Emory Remington, Donald R. Hunsberger, March, p. 14.
Piccolo Trumpet Misconceptions, John Schlabach, December, p. 52.
Trombone Legato, David Uber, August, p. 49.
Trombone Upper Register, Kyle Mack, December, p. 56.
Froydis Wekre, Different Styles of Horn Playing, Harvey Phillips, August, p. 20.
Wind and Song, Arnold Jacobs, November, p. 18.

Beginning Percussion Ensembles, Robert Reely, August, p. 56.
Disruptive Percussion Sections, Kerry Hart, January, p. 38.
Percussion on the March, Marty Province, September, p. 49.
Teaching Snare Techniques, Barry Bridwell, June, p. 40.

Differing Editions, Tyrone Greive, April, p. 38.
Oliver Edel (“Profile of a Master Teacher”), Shirley Mullins, March, p. 10.
Mendelssohn’s Concerto Revisions, Tyrone Greive, February, p. 65.
Pablo Casals, Henry Temianka, June, p. 33.

Advice for Future College Flutists,Walfrid Kujala, November, p. 36.
Clarinet Intonation, Kalman Block, November, p. 42.
Mitchell Lurie Interview (“A Lifetime of Musical Opportunities”), Harvey Phillips, July, p. 10.
Of Bassoons and Conductors, Leonard Sharrow, December, p. 16.
Practice Tips for Technical Passages of J.S. Bach’s A Minor Partita, Robin Fellows, May, p. 30.
Saxophone Stratosphere, Robert Williams, October, p. 44.
Saxophones in Jazz Ensembles, Stan Seckler, February, p. 50.
Selecting Clarinet Reeds, Robert Miller, August, p. 35.
Starting on Piccolo, Stephen Tanzer, March, p. 32.
The Turbulent History of the Saxophone, Tedd R. Griepentrog, September, p. 66.
Michele Zukovsky Interview (“Clarinet Style and Nuance”), Janet Averett, September, p. 22

Short Articles/Miscellaneous
Band Classics Revisited, September, p. 82, October, p. 72, December, p. 49, January, p. 59,
May, p. 55, June, p. 59.
Benefits of Community Bands, Paul Lawrence, January, p. 70.
Developing Community Band Programs, Christian Wilhjelm, September, p. 74.
Divergent Music Lists, Kurt Saville, October, p. 50.
The Educational Legacy of Lawrence Berk, Bob Laber, December, p. 64.
Emory Remington Photo Gallery, Louis Ouzer, March, p. 23.
From Battlefield to Concert Hall, The Career of Patrick S. Gilmore, Rusty Hammer, June, p. 46.
The Gentle Art of Tuning, Mishka McCowan, August, p. 71.
Inspired Instrument Maintenance, Robert Reely, December, p. 79.
The Instrumentalist Photo Gallery, April, p. 51, June, p. 29.
The Last Bugle Call, Mary Lazarus-Woodbury, May, p. 56.
Louis Ouzer Photo Gallery, September, p. 61, November, p. 65, January, p. 65.
Managing M.I.D.I., Robert Elliot, October, p. 54.
Milt Hinton Photo Gallery, December, p. 59, May, p. 73.
N.A.M.M. Survey of Student Dropouts, January, p. 79. 1991
Midwest Clinic, December, p. 38.
Paying the Piper, Michael R. Brown and Carolyn Ross, February, p. 68.
Preparing for Band Festivals, Lacey Powell, January, p. 68.
Recording the Boston Pops, Bob Laber, April, p. 28.
Recruiting Band Beginners, Mike Corke, August, p. 46.
Selected Elementary Band Literature, Daniel Kohut and Karen Mohr-Sheahan, November, p. 49.
Teaching Music with Stories, Sonny Burnette, June, p. 52.
Test Your Musical Literacy, Robert Reely, October, p. 58.
The Virtue of Silence, David Newell, March, p. 95.

Music Printed
Fanfare for Trombone Quartet, David Uber, August, p. 54.
Festival Fanfare, Manny Albam, December, p. 70.
Southwind, Stuart Ling, February, p. 70.

Personal Perspectives
Breakfast with Bud, Jerry M. Kupchynsky, February, p. 96.
The Case for Full Bands, Victor Bordo, April, p. 80.
Lasting Impressions, Edward Solomon, June, p. 64.
More Than Just Notes, Stephen Peterson, May, p. 80.
Pursuing Music in College, Stewart L. Ross, October, p. 108.
Reducing Dropouts, Jack Mercer, August, p. 72.
Returning Honor to Honor Bands, Robert Spradling, November, p. 80.
Starting Rehearsals, Lloyd Schmidt, December, p. 80.
Substance, Not Style, William Guegold, January, p.80.
The 12-Minute Season, September, p. 104.
Unqualified Performance Majors, Grover Schiltz, July, p. 80
What’s in a Name, Mark Reimer, March, p. 96.

Musical Stories
Aggressiveness 101, September, p. 4
Aggressiveness 404, September, p. 4
Back to Basics, May, p. 4
Buddy, Buddy, August, p. 8
Formal Analysis, June, p. 4
Gauging the Dynamics, July, p. 4
Gordon Pulis, January, p. 4
The Grand Tour, November, p. 6
Harold of Greece, May, p. 4
That Heckelphone’s a Heckler, June, p. 4
How to Beat 5/4 , June, p. 4
I also Double String Bass, December, p. 10
I’d Like a Pizza with Polish Sausage, September, p. 4
It’s a Matter of Perspective, July, p. 4
It’s in the Mind of the Beholder, May, p. 4
Just Following Directions, March, p. 4
The Last Minute, May, p. 4
A Lesson in Honesty, November, p. 6
Let’s Try Blues in D, January, p. 4
New Products, February, p. 8
Nobody Use Alternate Positions, October, p. 6
Perfect Recall, April, p. 4
Perhaps a Career in Welding, October, p. 6
Quick Thinking, March, p. 4
Revelli 101, August, p. 8
Summer Idylls, July, p. 4
Teachers are Counselors ‘Too, April, p. 4
Von Karajan Live, October, p. 6
Who Runs the Show, May, p. 4