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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 44

The Instrumentalist

August 1989-July 1990, vol. 44

Conducting a Youth Orchestra / Bernard Lurie, September 62
The Conductor’s Responsibilities / Harry Begian, April 14
Creative Conducting Techniques / John Knight, October 18
Dello Joio’s Variants on a Mediaeval Tune / Barry E. Kopetz, November 21
Gordon Jacob’s An Original Suite / Barry E. Kopetz, June 22
Harry Begian Speaks from Experience / James Hile, June 12
Herbert von Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra / Maurice Faulkner, January 85
Hindemith’s Symphony for Band / Barry E. Kopetz, March 24
Joseph Schwantner’s From a Dark Millennium / Jeffrey Renshaw, September 22
Mastering the Score / Paul B. Moore, March 44
My View of the Wind Repertoire / Frank Battisti, October 12, November 16, December 19
The Score – Mechanics of Preparation / W. Francis McBeth, May 8
Score Reading: Transpositions and Clefs / Robert Garofalo, August 22
String Orchestra Rehearsal Techniques / Robert Gillespie, February 50

Buying Music on Approval / Ed Cannava, August 54
Careers in the Music Industry / Alfred Reed, September 98
Charting the Course of the School Band / William D. Revelli, January 13
Choosing a Music School / Donn Laurence Milts, October 68
Don’t Lose Your Audience / George Weimer, November 12
A Festival Preparation Checklist / Richard Prenshaw, December 38
Games You Can Count On / Ed Solomon, April 36
Giant Steps for Beginning Improvisers / James Warrick, December 54
Giant Steps for Teaching Improvisation — Dominant Seventh Scales / James Warrick, May 74
How to Spoil Your Concert / Leroy Anderson, August 69
Improving Sight-Reading Skills / George Wolfe, December 76
Look at Me / Ed Cannava, October 43
Making the Most of Your Practice Time / Arthur Woodbury, January 74
Matching Students and Instruments / Ed Cannava, January 50
The Middle School Connection / Edward Solomon, September 19
A Music Educator’s Booklist / Paul Haack and James Warrick, October 29
On the Road Again / Barbara Prentice, January 27
Practicing with a Plan / Kenneth Kronholz, May 58
Put It In Writing – Newsletter Techniques / James Warrick, June 33
Recruit Parents, Too / James T. Madeja, May 87
Recruiting Ideas from a Program That Works / John S. Davis, August 73
Rehearsal Techniques / Paul Kirby, August 36
Selecting a Summer Music Camp / John Thomson, March 67
Steps to Better Sight-Reading / Martha R. Lewis, November 64
The Strobe – A Forgotten Friend / Frank Wickes, July 44
Student Coaches: A Boon to String Programs / John Brzozowski, December 44
Year-End Wrap Up / James Warrick, April 22
Your Place or Mine – The Magic of Exchange Concerts / Ed Solomon, March 22

How a Composer Works / Alfred Reed, June 48
Karel Husa – Keeping Ties With Tradition / Frank Battisti, July 11
Orchestrating a Film Score / Fred Karlin and Raybum Wright, June 18
Reminiscing with Billy May / Bob Laber, July 16
Some Thoughts on Young Composers /Alex Lubet, June 50
Witold Lutoslawski – Witness to 20th-Century Music / Bogdan Gieraczynski, May 12

Advancing the Virtuoso Tradition / David Hickman, December 14
Buzzing Practice for Beginners / Robert Reely, January 46
The Chicago Brass Sound / Dale Clevenger and Jay Friedman as told to Harvey Phillips, February 14
The Evolution of the Chicago Brass Sound / Adolph Herseth, Philip Farkas,
and Arnold Jacobs, September 30
J.J. Johnson – Expanding the Envelope / Lida Belt Baker, April 17
Raymond Crisara: Taking a Bold Approach / Gary Mortenson, September 38
Slip Sliding Away: A Guide to Trombone Intonation / Mark Fonder, November 43
“What is This Thing Called Warm-Up?” / John Schlabach, April 47

Percussion, String
An Interview with Cellist Karine Georgian / Shirley Strohm Mullins, November 34
Judging Marching Percussion / Sherman Hong, September 44
The Mallets Make a Difference / John J. Papastefan, December 48
Practicing the Snare Drum / John J. Papastefan, February 36
Teaching Spiccato to String Classes / Robert Gillespie, November 52
A Tribute to Josef Gingold / Harvey Phillips, January 16

Adapting Flute Mouthpieces / J. Charles Culbreath, May 62
Better Clarinet Articulation / David Evans, October 38
Breaking in Clarinet Reeds / James M. Hinson, March 34
Circular Breathing for Wind Players / Michele Gingras, May 66
Flute Intonation /John W. Knight, August 42
Hints for the Young Piccoloist / Jan Gippo, February 56
In Praise of the Complete Musician / Sol Schoenbach, February 25
Introduction to Legato / James D. Heffernan, June 44
Playing Jazz Flute / Matt Marvuglio and Wendy Rolfe, July 36
Recent Compositions for Saxophone and Band / Tedd Griepentrog, September 51
Robert Bloom: Eminent American Oboist / Richard Woodhams, December 24
Selecting a Clarinet / C. Stier, January 55
Supporting the Bassoon / William Dietz, May 50
Teaching Flute Vibrato / Art Hoberman, December 86
Ten Seconds to a Terrific Tone / Paul W. Cherry, August 58
Thoughts on Playing the Flute / James Galway, January 20
Tips for the Solo Saxophonist / Andrew D. Cowan, March 41
Trends in Clarinet Embouchures / John Graulty, April 50

The Accidentally Successful Guest Conductor / David Waybright, January 36
Advice, 9,000 Auditions Later / Carl Topilow, May 17
The Art of Writing Music Manuscripts / Dave Schoettle, November 46
Artie Shaw: The Restless Spirit / Bob Laber, February 67
Audition Advice / Dee Stewart, January 32
The Baroque Trio Sonata / Jesse Read, December 78
The Beginnings of the Casals Festival / Alexander Schneider, September 92
Blame It on Mom / Frank Heath, August 71
The British Are Coming – Again / Douglas Field, September 70
Bunny Berigan – Still My Hero / Dan Clements, September 58
The 15-Hour Recording Session / Philip Farkas, August 28
Friendly Advice from Directors and Industry / July 20
Give Music Another Look / Phillip Coffman, December 80
How to Succeed in Band / Robert Reely, April 87
The Ivory Tower Revisited / Cliff Colnot, December 32
Looking Forward: Electronic Music in the Classroom / Donn Laurence Mills, April 32
Louis Ouzer Photo Gallery, March 99
Marching Band Personnel Draft / Ray A. Moyer, April 58
Melanie Barocas Photo Gallery, September 105
Milt Hinton Photo Gallery, January 65, February 75, April 83
Music by Leroy Anderson / Frederick Fennell, April 26
Musical I.Q. Test / Sonny Burnette, May 82
Musico-i-logical Research in Instrumental Music (k) / Harvey Rudolf, November 76
No Trouble in River City / Zane Knauss, November 29
Rolling with Count Basie / Bob Laber, May 24
Sascha Gorodnitzki on Music, May 32
Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us / James Croft, October 27
Students I Have Known / Carol Montparker, December 84
Thoughts on Jan Education – An Interview with Rich Matteson / Harvey Phillips, March 16
The Wizards of Doodletown – The Sauter-Finegan Legacy / Bob Laber, August 18

Association News
National Band Association Journal, October 65
N.B.A. News / William F. Malambri and Martin Hughes, April 70
National School Orchestra Association Journal, February 61
National School Orchestra Association News, October 46
N.S.O.A. News / Pamela Tellejohn, January 82
N.S.O.A. News / Arlene Wine, April 72

Annual Features
Annual Directory of Summer Camps, Clinics, and Workshops, March 70
Buyer’s Guide and Musicians’ Directory, July 61
The Instrumentalist’s 1989 Directory of Music Schools, October 76
National Band Association Journal, February 61
National School Orchestra Association Journal, February 61
1989 Survey of School Music Budgets / Elaine Guregian, August 15
What’s New in the Music Industry, February 20

Musical Stories
Amazons in Berlin, August 67
Anybody Here Play Ophicleide? November 87
Asleep in the Deep, April 75
“But They Said They Were Friends of Yours,” June 4
But Isn’t It Supposed to Hurt? April 44
Down to the Sea in Ships, July 4
Ego 101, January 78
Right 42 Ready for Takeoff, December 13
A Guy Has to Have His Pride, April 75
Is That How You Got the Job? March 10
Just Happy to Be Here, February 86
Make My Day, February 86
Missing in Action, January 78
A Morning at Minsky’s, November 86
Revelli, January 79
Siegfried, Roger, and Tommy, September 110
Take It Up an Octave, Too, May 91
Tale of Two Cities, June 4
Trojans – 1, Tchaikovsky-0, September 110
Weber Not Wagner, May 91
“Wives, Cling to Your Husbands,” March 10
“You Can Fool Some of The People…,” August 67