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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 43

The Instrumentalist

August 1988-July 1989, vol. 43

Feature Articles, Interviews, Five-Star Essays
The American String Quartet / Margaret M. Barela, August 30
Arranged by Merle Isaac / Alexander Harley, June 13
Barry Tuckwell: Heifetz of the Horn / Peter Landgren, September 44
Becoming a Team Player / Jeanne Baxtresser, September 28
Being Your Own Teacher / Roger Bobo, December 23
Brass Ensembles: Opportunities for the Tubist / Daniel Perantoni, December 20
Careers Behind Symphonic Scenes / John E. Graham, November 34
Choosing Music Notation Software / Bruce P. Mahin, June 20
College Music Programs: Progress Without Purpose /David Burge, March 23
The Euphonium in Chamber Music / Dan S. Vinson, December 18
The Evolution of the Tuba / Euphonium Ensemble / R. Winston Morris, December 14
Getting Ready for Advanced Study / Skip Gray, December 29
lona Brown – Leading from Within / Ruth Lupul, May 16
Jazzman Gerry Danovitch / Heather Kirkwood, July 19
James VanDemark, Friend of the Double Bass / David Raymond, January 26
The Influence of Jazz on the History and Development of Concert Music / Gunther Schuller, November 16
Leon Russianoff: 50 Years of Teaching / Ann McCutchan, November 8
Morton Subotnick: Riding the Wave of New Musical Thought / Bruce P. Mahin, March 16
Passing On the Tradition / Aaron Rosand, February 22
The Quest for a Symphony Job / Russell Stamets, October 18
Random Thoughts About Teaching / Dorothy DeLay, July 10
Robert Jager – Commitment to Listeners / Nicholas DeCarbo, October 12
A Salute to “The President’s Own” / Sorab K. Modi, January 36
Sound Ideas for Listening / Edward L. Solomon, February 16
Straight Ahead with Sammy Nestico / James Warrick, February 13
The Studio Tubist / Jim Self, December 25
Tailoring the Teaching of Improvisation / Phil Wilson, May 13
What’s New in the Music Industry / February 19

Avoiding Contest Pitfalls / Stewart L. Ross, February 28
Band Conducting as a Profession / H. Robert Reynolds, July 24
Band Directors, Behold the Orchestra / Shirley Strohm Mullins, March 20
Band Directors’ Report Card: Rate Your Repertoire / Gerald Welker, November 77
Cassette Partners / Harold E. Griswold, September 72
Contests: Agony or Ecstasy? / John W. Knight, January 13
Creative Concerts for Beginning Bands / Byron Gray, September 94
Developing Jazz Band Articulation / Bruce Dalby, August 21
Don’t Ignore Your Marching Soloists / Jon R. Dugle, November 52
Halftime Entertainment That Wins Applause / Ronald E. Predl, June 18
Host a Guest Artist / Gordon L. Fung, January 83
Ingolf Dahl’s Sinfonietta for Concert Band — An Interpretive Analysis / Byron Adams, October 21
Instant Orchestras / Shirley Strohm Mullins, July 22
Marching Band Warm-Ups for Stiff Chops / Martin Province, August 18
New Repertoire for High School Orchestras / Paul H. Kirby, May 66
Peter Mennin’s Canzona: An Interpretive Analysis / Barry E. Kopetz, January 17
Practice Makes Perfect — Tips for the Beginning Conductor / Douglas Bianchi, January 42
Put Some Spirit into Your Pep Band / Robert B. Klevan, January 23
Score Reading — The Silent Skill / Frank Battisti, September 32
Selecting Quality Literature for Bands and Orchestras / Elliott A. Del Borgo, November 22
Sight-Reading: Is It a Lost Art? / Paula A. Crider, May 29
So You’re Putting On a Musical? / Kim Trytten, October 29
Soloing with Success / Bill Russell Scott, May 36
Take Our Advice / James Warrick, September 23
Tips for New Teachers / Sonja Rehbein, November 13
Toot Your Band’s Horn / Barbara Prentice, March 30
24 Flutes and 3 Trombones / George L. Rogers, December 66
What Price Technology? / Lynn Elliott Moller, May 21
Wonderful Washington — Going There, Staying There, Playing There / Barbara Prentice, December 52
Humor Humorous Effects from the Percussion Section / Leonard B. Smith, December 62
Loony Laws / Robert W. Pelton, July 41
Marching Musicians in Medieval Times / Robert Capella, November 74

Birth of a Band / Jack Mercer, June 48
Bridging the Gap / Sorab K. Modi, March 48
Career Training at Keystone / Gerald R. Endsley, March 50
Death, Taxes, and Memorizing / Eric Street, March 52
The Euphonium in 1988 / Roger Behrend, December 40
Gunther Schuller Concerto Premiered / Elaine Guregian, December 47
Louis Outer Photo Gallery / August 24, October 43, January 62, July 28
Making the Most of Your Music Degree / Stephen Pratt, October 49
Music Industry Support for Music Education / Jim Kleeman, December 83
Programming Pascal, Part III / Bruce P. Mahin, February 84
The Rules of Good Page Turning / Linda Jenks Colby, March 56
Sergiu Luca: Building Audiences / Leslie Kandell, May 70
The Story Behind Octubafest and TubaChristmas / David Lewis, December 36
A Student’s Guide to a Superior Festival Rating / William Clayton Miller, January 46
T.U.B.A. in 1988 / Robert Daniel, December 82
Teacher-Composer Alliance: New Sounds for Young Ears / Rebecca Leff, November 73
Through the Author’s Eyes: A New Look at Class Method Books, Part V / James Warrick, November 79;
Part VI, February 48
Victor Herbert: America’s Forgotten Bandmaster / Ronald J. Dicker, February 34

Developing Euphonium Tone / Brian L. Bowman, February 31
Diagnosing Embouchure Problems / Lewis H. Strouse, October 38
Improving the Horn Section / Harry Stephen Hager, November 56
Scoring for Euphonium / David R. Werden, December 32
Solutions to Common Trumpet Intonation Problems / Robert W. Howard, July 36
Tuning the Brass Section / James South, March 44

The Care and Feeding of Young Drummers / Barbara Prentice with Julie Sutton, May 40
Managing the Percussion Section / Cort McClaren, September 62

Fresh Approaches to Scale Practice / Tyrone Greive, February 44
Getting to Know Your String Instrument / Tyrone Greive, September 78
Selecting a String Instrument / Tyrone Greive, June 40
Strategies for String Recruitment / Robert Gillespie, January 50

An Annotated Course for Traditional Saxophone Study / Bill Perconti and Ronald Tyree, May 54 Developing and Improving Oboe Vibrato / Howard Niblock, June 34
Exercises for Better Tonguing / Wilbur L. Moreland, November 44
Flute Tone Quality: Does the Metal Make a Difference? / Joan Lynn White, May 72
Solving Embouchure Problems / Arthur Holton, September 52
Teaching Young Flutists Breath Control / Kerry Elizabeth Walker, January 56
Taming Clarinet High Notes / Wilbur L. Moreland, March 36

Association News
Association of Concert Bands News / November 92
Association of Concert Bands News / Donald M. Hardisty, February 70
National Band Association Journal / October 71
National Band Association News / Andrew D. Gowan, December 92
National School Orchestra Association News / October 68
National School Orchestra Association News / Pamela Tellejohn, January 83
National School Orchestra Association Bulletin / February 79

Challenge/Personal Perspective
Are We Preaching to the Converted? / James Warrick, March 92
The Band – Artistic Viability Through Literature / W. Francis McBeth, January 92
Over-Conductors: Heed! / Maurice Faulkner, August 64
Music Is for Life / Jamey Aebersold, September 108
Respect Your Percussionists / Rod Mclntyre, October 96
Students of Music for Life / John Madden, November 96
Teaching Your Own Child / David M. Young, February 92

Annual Features
Annual Directory of Music Schools / October 75, Addendum November 70
Annual Directory of Summer Camps, Clinics, and Workshops, March 58
Buyer’s Guide and Musician’s Directory, July 59