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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 38

The Instrumentalist

August 1983-July 1984, vol. 38

Aaron Copland: The Vigorous Old Man of American /Richard Cromonic, Nov-24
Advice from a Winner/Dan Black, April-35
Basic Band Repertory: Hill-Song No. 2 by Percy Aldridge Grainger/Frederick Fennell, Feb-22
Basic Band Repertory: Molly on the Shore by Percy Aldridge Grainger/ Frederick Fennell, Oct.-24
Bix Lives/Linda Bendorf, Jan-38
Brass Playing in the Marching Band/David Waybright, June-12
Chamber Music Anyone?/Alice Earnheart Maas, Mar-76
Chamber Music – What Can It Do for Your Program?/Arthur LaBar, Apr-60
Check Points for Conductors/John Grashel. Jan-32
Clarinet in the Concert Band/Russell Landgrabe, May-16
The Clarinet – Its History and Development/William David, May-5
Clarinetists You Should Know/James Gillespie, May-26
Community Performance Guidelines/Lloyd Conley, Aug-30
Computers for Music Teachers – Consider the Software/John Kuzmich, Jr., Apr-10
Contest Countdown/Donald E. Wilkes, Nov-18
Decoupage a Collage/Ed Solomon, July-12
A Directory of Clarinetists in American Symphony Orchestras, May-34
Drum Corps World/Steve Vickers, June-9
Fischoff Chamber Music Competition/Kenneth L. Neidig, Feb-18
48 Phone Calls and 48 Sales/Raymond Roth, July-16
Good Ideas from Oberlin/Henry Duckham, Mar-26
Gordon Jacob – “I aim at greater simplicity nowadays”/Kevin Thompson, Sept-38
Go Team Go (or The Use and Abuse of an Assistant)/Ed Solomon, Feb-16
“Go Tell It on the Mountain” – The John Mack Oboe Camp/Mary Greiner, Mar-74
How to Improve Clarinet Section Sound and Intonation/Robert Schmidt, May-30
How to Pick a Marching Band Contest/Robert F. Miller, July-20
Instructional Literature for the Clarinet/David Etheridge, May-8
Intensity Designs – Guidelines for Show Planning/Richard A. Miller, June-14
The International Clarinet Society/Jerry Pierce, May-25
An Interview with James D. Ployhar/Andrew Balent, Jan-34
Jean-Pierre Rampal – The Magic Flutist/Elizabeth F. von Bergen, Jan-10
Joining a Winner in Georgetown, Texas/Laura Foster, Oct-30
Killer in the Classroom/Ed Solomon, Nov-20
The Kingbowl Marching Festival/Bruce Caldwell, June-I6
Lorin Maazel – Master of His Craft/Kathleen Hinton-Braaten. Jan-30

Marching and Music – A Continuing Challenge:
What Do Students and Parents Really Think?/George L. Rogers
The Director’s View/Judy Soltwedel,
The Band Interest Survey/James R. Sochinski and Vernon Burnsed,
Realism, Efficiency, and Contest Excellence/Kenneth L. Neidig, Sept-21

Marching Band Warm-Ups/James G. Hejl, Aug-26
A Medical/Musical Analysis: The Dynamics of Breathing with Arnold Jacobs and David Cugell, M.D./Kevin Kelly. Dec-6
Medicine and Music at Aspen/Laura Koplewitz, Jan-23
Meet Eugene Rousseau – Saxophone Performer and Professor/Christopher T. Kelton, Sept-9
The 1983 Mid-West – New Ideas for Music/Judy Soltwedel, Nov-26
“Music for America” – The First Annual Adult Band Conference/Judy Soltwedel, June-18
Music Making and More in Uptown/Judy Soltwedel, Dec-18
Mutual Admiration/Merlin Bruening and Lee Schneider, Dec-50
Nathaniel Rosen/Carol Montparker, Oct-10
Pass the Popcorn – An Interview with John Williams/Bernie Dobroski and Claire Green July-6
Personal Computers – To Buy or Not to Buy/Gary W. Baker, Mar-10
In Praise of the Singer/Donn Laurence Mills, Jan-62
Professional Profiles: Hermann Baumann/Robert J. Elias, Sept-66
Professional Profiles – James Walker L.A.’s Double-Barreled Flutist/ Robert J. Elias, Aug-54
R. B. Hall Day/Robert Hudson, Dec-54
Scales, Scales, Scales/Dale Jayne, Aug-20
Selecting and Adjusting Clarinet Reeds/Jerry Pierce, May-12
Selecting An Overseas Tour Company/Bill Scott, Jan-16
Sight-Reading or Sight-Guessing?/Ed Solomon, Jan-14
Sight-Reading Skill – It Can Be Taught/Charles Elliot, Sept-34
A Silver Anniversary, July-49
Stage Fright? Never!/Randall G Reyman, Dec-15
A String Program That Doesn’t Play Second Fiddle/Paula Devlin, Aug-25
The Student and The Instrument – A Matched Pair/Ed Solomon, Oct-16
Tasteful Sounds – The Toshiko-Tabackin Big Band/Bill Hochkeppel, Apr-21
Thoughts on Conducting/Edwin C. Kruth, Jan-29
The Trojan Spirit Band – A Portrait of Community Involvement/David C. Hunt, Jan-60
A Tuning Guide for the Full Orchestra/Gerald E. Anderson, Oct-34
Tyrants of the Podium: Legendary Maestros of Fury/Robert Baxter, Sept-40
Vary (Not Bury) That Tune/Thomas Dodson, July-10
The Why, When, Where, What, and How of Practice/William Allgood, Sept-32
William Montgomery – A Model Flute Teacher/Mary Jean Simpson, Feb-30
Winning the Grammy/Polly Hansen. June-20
Your Own Recording/Michael E. Lamm and John C. Lehmann, Nov-10

Fund Raising Advice for Band Directors/Charles Martyn, Sept-70

Alternate Slide Positions/Donald L. Banschbach, Feb-55
The Application of Bel Canto to Trumpet Pedagogy/Malcolm Beauchamp, Oct-64
The Art of Trombone Section Playing/Joel Elias and LaMar Jones, Sept-90
Brass Recordings/Maurice Faulkner, Aug-64
Get Ready, Get Set, Warm-Up!/Thomas Everett, May-40
The Miracle on 46th Street: A Profile of Carmine Caruso and his “Calisthenics for Brass”/Ron Falcone, June-54
Mouthpiece Buzzing for Low Brass/Tucker Jolly and Sherman VanderArk, May-36
New Literature for Tuba/R. Winston Morris, Apr-48
Tuba Talk: Part I – Technical Information/Daniel Perantoni, Nov-38
Tuba Talk: Part II – Performance Tips/Daniel Perantoni, Jan-40
Two Tips for Trumpeters: Tonguing Problem? – Maybe Not!/Wayne C. Cameron, Mar-87

Adjusting to Braces/Kay Ragsdale, Oct-54
The Art in Articulation/Ruth Duning Rover, Sept-78
Fantasia in D Minor by Georg Philipp Telemann. first movement/Richard Graef, Apr-40
Flute Master Classes – Summer 1984/Kathleen Trahan, Mar-71
Julius Baker – The Complete Flutist/Polly Hansen, June-48
On Tour with the Chicago Flute Society . . . How Is A Flute Made?/Zart Dombourian-Eby, Nov-30

Generic Voicings for Jazz Piano/Frank Mantooth, June-59
Jazz Guitar – Techniques and Skills/Grant Geissman, Sept-72
Jazzing It Up On The High Seas/Dave Black, Apr-42
Ten Great Jazz Saxophone Albums/David Dempsey, May-51
Top Quality Jazz Band Charts/Joel Leach, Oct-72

Learning the Basics Can Be Fun/Barry Hoffman, Mar-82
Samuel Applebaum Discusses Some Frequently Overlooked Techniques/G. Jean Smith, Nov-66

Common Errors in Snare Drum Playing/Dan Spalding, May-42
Conga Technique/Brian R. Kilgore, Mar-90
Editing Overwritten Percussion Parts/Paul Brazauskas, Apr-52
Is It Live or Is It a Drum Machine?/Dave Black, June-61
Maintaining Concert Percussion Equipment/George Frock, Sept-80
A Percussion Ensemble – A Director’s Best Friend/James Lambert, Oct-38
Preparing for Percussion Auditions/Rich Holly, Nov-62
Sonata for Timpani – The Composer’s Concept/John Beck, Feb-36

Extension Fingerings/Robert Klotman, Aug-71
Left Hand Principles for Cellists/Antony Cooke, Apr-56
Preparing an Ensemble for Contest/Robert Klotman, Nov-74
Starter Solos for Violin and Orchestra/Roland Stycos, June-63
Symphony Auditions – Greatest Hits for the Violinist, Violist, and Cellist/Richard Worcester and Cathy Worcester, Sept-96
Teaching Cello Vibrato/Daniel Kazez, May-46

Advice for Bassoonists/Sol Schoenbach, Apr-44
Coping With Commercial Oboe Reeds/Jerome Kaplan and Mary Greiner, Mar-78
High Note Fingerings on Saxophone/Raymond Wheeler, Jan-44
The Selling of Slow Movements/Howard Klug, Aug-60

Fund-Raising Tips for Bands on the Move/Ruth Cornock, Oct-58

Annual Directory of Summer Camps, Clinics, and Workshops, Mar-49
Annual Review of Solos and Studies; Part I Dec-25, Part II Jan-89
The Buyer’s Guide, July-50
Directory of Music Organizations, Sept-100
Directory of Music Schools, Dec-74; Addendum to 1983 Guide, Jan-89
Marching Music Guide, June-36
The N.B.A. Journal, Oct-49
1982 Survey of School Instrumental Music Budgets/Kenneth L. Neidig, Aug-14
What’s New in the Music Industry; Part I Feb-9, Part II Mar-12

Advice for Manufacturers and Publishers/Sheldon H. Pitesky, Feb-86
Challenge Response: Approval for Metcalf’s Opinions/Burton E. Hardin, Nov-104
Challenge Response: Taking the Offensive/Joseph Riposo, Nov-104
Competition in Music – Is It Appropriate?/Bruce Caldwell, May-98
The Contest Controversy/Walter Lovell, Oct-116
Corps Style – The Controversy Continues/Melanie Robbins, June-72
Corps-Style Controversy – Fuzzy Flute Sounds, Too/Cheryl Dawson, May-98
Corps vs. Concert?/William Camphouse, Apr-104
Education and Contests/William J. Moody, Aug-84
Let’s Not Forget Music/Frank Bencriscutto, Jan-100
Let’s Not Forget the Composer/Thomas G. Everett, Nov-104
Metcalf Missed the Point/J.S. Stevenson, Mar-102
The Nightmare Continues. . ./Stewart L. Ross, Sept-120
Ordering Extra Parts/Dennis Sterner, Mar-102
Warning – The Comprehensive Music Festival/Kenneth R. Raessler, Dec-92

“A.I.D.A.”/Donn Laurence Mills, Jan-92
All-Knowing Rep/Gene Bardo, Nov-87
American Performance of European Band Music/George Foeller, Nov-81
The Big Picture/Donn Laurence Mills, Nov-86
The Bookshelf with Jay Fry; Aug-82, Apr-95
The Bookshelf with Jay Fry (guest review by Frederick Fennell), Oct-9
Commissioning a Composition/James A. Van Develde, June-39
The Conference Approach/Robert Quay, Oct-94
Crowd Control/Donn Laurence Mills, Oct-108
A Euphonium By Any Other Name Is Not A Baritone/David R. Werden, Apr-62
Expectations and a Little Magic/Donn Laurence Mills, Apr-63
The Jazz Warm-Up/Keith Koons, Feb-76
Marching to the Concert/Paula Crider, June-38
Meet My Band Director/Lisa Zuppio, Aug-4
Musical Warm-Ups for Band/Jerry Gardner, Oct-100
Musing with the Moffits/Jeannette and Bill Moffit; Sept-118, Oct-114, Nov-102-Dec 89,
Jan-96, Feb-82, Mar-100, Apr-102, May-92, June-70
An Open Letter to Players and Conductors/William Shepherd, Jan-92
A Plea for Moderation/Charles Groeling, Nov-88
Resident Artist Program/Tom Snyder, Sept-8
The Rotating Schedule/Edward Cannava, Nov-84
Sensible Skills for Accompanying Beginners/Fred Kersten, Nov-80
Singing – Instrumentally Speaking/Dennis L. Johnson, Nov-83
Successful Coaching for Orchestra Auditions/William J. Hammond, Oct-96
Teach Them the C Scale/Gregory Rudgers, Nov-90

Big Ten Music Making/R.E. Potter, III, Dec-52
A Home for the Baltimore Symphony, Apr-16
The Other Side of Jim Barnes/Dave Kraus, Oct-106