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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 37

The Instrumentalist

August 1982-July 1983, vol. 37

Advice from a Friend/John LaBarbera, Mar-39
The Art of Accompanying Student Soloists/Shirley Strohm Mullins, Dec-16
Basic Band Repertory/Children’s March by Percy Grainger/Frederick Fennell, Dec-20
Basic Band Repertory/Colonial Song by Percy Grainger/Frederick Fennell, Mar-14
Basic Band Repertory/Country Gardens by Percy Grainger/Frederick Fennell, Jan-20
Basic Band Repertory/The Immovable Do by Percy Grainier/Frederick Fennell, May 32
Beginning Band – Don’t Wait for the Instruments/John R. Carr, July-20
Beware of Burnout/Gary Stollak, Dec-14
Bryan Music Boosters – An Organization that Works/Tony Gretick, May-21
The Building of a Second Orchestra/Michael Allen, Aug-20
The Chatfield Brass Band Free Music Lending Library/Lee A. Mendyk, Oct-21
Check Your Calendar – It’s Time for the Mid-West/Judy Soltwedel, Nov-16
Chicago Chamber Brass/Lynn Sprentall, Mar-8
Choosing Music for Your Orchestra/Alvin Mistak, July-15
Computer Technology in Instrumental Music Education/G. David Peters, Feb-35
Contest of Champions, Oct-28
D.C.I.’s Marching Music Convention/Hilda S. Mitrani and Christopher M. Sullivan, June-13
The Delicious Donut Disaster/Rosagitta Podrovsky, Mar-12
A “Different” Community Band/Gene Salamony, Nov-18
Drum Corps World in I983/Steve Vickers and Linda Hilton, June-16
Emperata Overture: The Composer’s Thoughts on Interpretation/Claude T. Smith, Nov-10
A Flip of the Coin/Jerry Hoover, Aug-41
Franz Allers’ Conducting Workshop/Daniel Sommerville, Oct-14
From Backyards to Bandstands/Samuel Laudenslager, Jr., Apr-22
Grades Should Teach Something, Too/Max Ervin, Nov-14
How Do You Make Music?/Gregory Robinson, Jan-19
I Feel It!/Tim Lautzenheiser, Oct-30
I Love a Parade, Sept-17
Indiana Bandstands, Apr-20
The Initial Split/Bill Bondurant, Aug-18
An Interview with Peter Erskine/Sue Bradle, Nov-20
Intro to Music Copying/Clinton Roemer, Jan-22
Itzhak Perlman/Sue Bradle, Jan-14
John Kinyon: Composer, Arranger, Teacher/Andrew Balent, Feb-38
The Legacy of the Repasz Band/Gene Bardo, Jan-33
The Legal Aspects of an Out-of-State Band Trip/J.L. Gerardi, May-12
Leopold Stokowski – A Centenary Tribute/Michael Gartz, Sept-26
The Marching Sequence Sheet/Paula Crider, July-18
Meet the Composer – An Interview with Clare Grundman, Sept-20
Michigan State University Symphony Band at Orchestra Hall, Dec-18
Musical Analysis and Drill Design/Bentley Shellahamer, June-22
Newspapers – An Important Ally/Shirley Strohm Mullins, Oct-22
Paula Robison – A Vibrant Virtuoso/Sue Bradle, May-26
A Portable Video Tape Recording Systme for Your Program/Frank Abdoo, Sept-22
Professional Profiles – David Shifrin: An Artist-Teacher for the ’80s/Robert J. Elias, Apr-13
Research Shows Reasons for Band Drop-Outs, Oct-13
Run and Get the Red Book/Shirley Strohm Mullins, July-16
Selecting the Right Composition/Robert L. Spradling, July 14
A Self-Evaluation for Conductors/David Waybright, Sept-18
Soloing Jazz/George Broussard, Apr-16
Tax Forms Aren’t Tough/Barbara Kreader, Apr-26
Techniques for Better Sight-Reading/Harry Jenkins, Feb-42
Tips for Playing Auditions/Eric Hoover; Part I Oct-26, Part II Jan-36, Part III Mar 10
Together in Concert/Jack L. Simon, Apr-25
Travel Tips from the Professionals, May-8
Woodwind Crisis in Corps-Style Bands/Robert Anderson, Nov-13

The Challenge of Change/Frank B. Wickes, Apr-81
The N.B.A./DeMoulin Contest Pieces/Thomas L. Dvorak, Oct-36
Ray Wright and the N.B.A. Honors Jazz Band/Patrick C. Dorian, Jan-76
Success at the Festival/Melvin Shelton, Mar-45
Teaching and “Un-Teaching”/Charles Martyn, Feb-88

Carole Reinhart – Solo Trumpeter Supreme/Sue Bradle, Nov-34
Interview with Cornet Virtuoso James Burke/Guy Kinney, Aug-52
Learning the B Flat/F Double Horn/Christopher Leuba, Oct-70
Meet Philip Jones/Oda Egeland, Apr-28
Notes on Brass Ensemble Music/David Uber, Sept-38
Sumner Erickson – Tuba Prodigy/Ann Hemmelberger Wald, May-36
Thoughts on Contest Performance/Richard T. Roznoy, Part I Feb-73, Part II Mar-41

Flute Master Classes, Summer 1983/Kathleen Trahan, Mar-28
Improving Finger Technique/Victoria Grenier, Apr-37
An Interview with Robert Willoughby, Part II/William Montgomery, Aug-42
Musings on a Masterclass/ William Montgomery, Sept-30
Spitting Seeds: Flute Tips Takahashi Style/Donna Rose, Oct-32
What Is the N.F.A. Convention?/Mary Jean Simpson, Feb-57

Improvisational Methods and Materials/John Kuzmich, Jr., Sept-99
A Selective List of Jazz Recordings/Joel Leach, Nov-70
Band Equipment for the Jazz Ensemble/James S. Balentine, Mar-20
What Jazz Contest Judges Look For/Joel Leach, Feb-92

Drop-Out Prevention/Donn Laurence Mills, Jan-82
To Each There is a Season/Donn Laurence Mills,, Apr-53
Eurhythmies for Orchestra/Donn Laurence Mills, Oct-64
Let Me Entertain You/Donn Laurence Mills, Feb-90
Orchestral Offerings from the Not-So-Famous/Donn Laurence Mills, Nov-75
That Other Thing Called Charisma/Donn Laurence Mills, Sept-58

Mallet Keyboard Sight-Reading/Jeff B. Smith, Mar-25
New Percussion Solos and Methods/Don R. Baker, Feb-78
Percussion Accessories You Can Make/James McKinney, Apr-46
Percussion Readiness: The Director’s Resources/Don R. Baker, Sept-44
Re-Defining Rudiments/George Tutlhill, May-48
Teaching the Vibraphone/Mario A. Gaetano, Nov 40
Timpani Fundamentals: Rolls/Bill Wiggins, Oct-73
Tips for Good Cymbal Playing/Paul Brazauskas, Aug-46

The Cello Choir/Shirley Strohm Mullins, June-58
Conversations in String Teaching – An Interview with James Buswell/Robert Klotman, Mar-32
Gateway to the Positions/Louis Durflinger, Oct-77
The Perfect “10” – Finding the Ideal Teaching Method/Robert Klotman, Aug-60
Review of Recordings/Robert Klotman, Nov-73
String Fingerings for the Band Director/Kay Potter-Wanamaker, Sept-54
String Tone and the Sounding Point/Tyrone Greive, Feb-85
Teaching Young Bassists/Marsha Shapiro; Part I Apr-97, Part II May-44

Beauty and the Beast – Taming the Bass Clarinet/Linda Baker, Oct-66
Clarinet Symposium: Tips for Students from Hasty, Kitt, Marcellus, Paul, and Russianoff, Aug-48
Four Keys to a Successful Start On the Oboe/Jean Oelrich, Sept-32
Recordings for Woodwinds/George Waln, Nov-29
A Saxophone Lesson with Frederick L. Hemke, May-40
Teaching and Playing the “Other Clarinets”/Donald E. McCathren, Feb-62
Tips for Reed Players/Robert Thompson, Mar-30

Annual Directory of Summer Camps, Clinics, and Workshops, Mar-48; Addendum, Apr-72
Annual Review of Solos and Studies; Part I Dec-51, Part II Jan-42
The Buyer’s Guide, July-22
Directory of Music Organizations, Sept-84
Directory of Music Schools, Dec-66
The Guide to Marching Contests, June-24; Addendum to 1982 Guide, Sept-108
Marching Music Guide, June-45
The N.B.A. Journal, Sept-95
1982 Survey of School Instrumental Music Budgets/Kenneth L. Neidig, Aug-12
What’s New in the Music Industry, Feb-19

Adjudication: Who is the Real Judge?/Tim Lautzenheiser, Sept-116
Are You Losing Your Job?/Ede Kidder, Dec-96
The Arts Rate High/Pamela Tellejohn, Mar-98
Back to Basics for Band Programs/Karol Howard, Feb-104
Corps-Style Kills Concert Bands/Tom Metcalf, July-52
Don’t Forget Ensembles/Bruce W. Galbraith, Nov-92
Do We Really Need Competitive Jazz Festivals?/Frank Gagliardi, Apr-106
Challenge Response: Howard Applauded/John J. Papastefan, May-90
Challenge Response: Howard Criticized/Anthony Maiello, May-90
It’s Hard Work If You Want It/Marion Roberts, Nov-92
Music Copying – Art or Otherwise?/A. L. Lee, June-64
Old-Fashioned Truth Appreciated/William Baker, Aug-72
Serving All Students Who Wish to Play/Donald L. Hofmeister, Oct-96
Teachers as Advisors/Martha Sobaje, Aug-72
What Are We Teaching?/Stephen Melillo, June-64
Who Teaches the Audience?/David C. Hunt, Jan-96

The Bookshelf with Jay Fry: Dec-84, Jan-90, Mar-90
Bring Back the Halftime Bands/Lois Harms, Nov-88
Come to the Circus – A Musical Extravaganza/Jack W. Bowman, Apr-83
Corps-Style Bands: The Best of Both Worlds/Charles E. Van Vorst, Apr-6
The Cymbal/Robert Capella, Jan-85
Easing the Transition/Jack N. Lites, Nov-78
Faulkner’s World/Maurice Faulkner, Aug-66, Oct-92, Dec-89, Apr-8
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Concert/Gene Bardo, Jan-87
How I Met Arnold Schoenberg/Muriel P. Turoff, Oct-88
How to Survive Directing a High School Band/Stacy G. Ellis, Dec-90
The Ideal Teacher-Dealer Relationship/John Scripps, July-4
Making Extra Minutes Count/Roland Stycos, Apr-82
Musing with the Moffits/Jeannette and Bill Moffit: Aug-68, Sept-111, Oct-94, Nov-90, Dec-94, Feb-102, Mar-96, Apr 104, May-88, June-6
Old Loves Are Soundest/Don Uhl, July-43
An Open Letter to a Student Teacher/Shirley Strohm Mullins, Jan-88
Parents: A Renewable Resource/Raymond D. Willard, Jr., June-41
A Parent’s Perception/Richard H. Hunt, Nov-88
Perfection/Ray Moyer, Jan-86
Run With the Wind/Judy Soltwedel, Oct-80
Singing To Tune/Dennis L. Johnson, May-74
Success is Dealing with Murphy’s Law/Tim Lautzenheiser, Feb-98
Teaching Key Signatures/Dennis McClanahan, Apr-84
A Toscanini Rehearsal/Maurice Faulkner, Feb-86