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Annual Index Flute Talk 2019-2020

Flute Talk

September 2019-April 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, April 2020 was the final print issue of Flute Talk. There were several web-only issues through June 2021 that are available on this website in the Flute Talk archive section.

Ask the Pro: Rushing in Fast Passages, K. Trolier (Sept./2)
The First 30 Minutes of Practice: Warm Up with Mindful Breathing, C. Wincenc (Sept./32)
Ask the Pro: What Was I Thinking?, N. Molumby (Oct./2)
The First 30 Minutes of Practice: Warm Up with Mindful Breathing, J. Bogorad-Kogan (Oct./32)
Ask the Pro: Preparing for College Auditions, N. Stagnitta (Nov./6)
The First 30 Minutes of Practice: Warming Up, M. Stolper (Nov./32)
Ask the Pro: Difficult Passages, R. Bishop (Dec./2)
The First 30 Minutes of Practice: My Practice Laboratory, N. Gyori (Dec./32)
Ask the Pro: Music Theory, C. Romano (Jan./2)
Personal Perspective: Playing with a Sense of Humor, A. Dade (Jan./22)
The First 30 Minutes: Focusing on Sound, J. Fridkis (Jan./32)
Ask the Pro: Practice Motivation, E. Tucker (Feb./2)
The First 30 Minutes: Finding the Sound and Refining Technique, C. Gustafson (Feb./32)
Ask the Pro: Attending a Summer Camp, S. Thompson (Mar./2)
Personal Perspective: Summer Flute Study for Adults, B. Schroeder-Buck (Mar./20)
The First 30 Minutes: Focusing on Sound, A. Toland Jones (Mar./40)
Ask the Pro: Memorizing Ideas, A. Martin (Apr./2)
Personal Perspective: Applying Business Skills to Flute Playing, G. Myers (Apr./20)
The First 30 Minutes: Tone, Tongue, and Fingers, D. Bailey (Apr./32)

Master Teacher and Performer: Following Your Passion, An Interview with Linda Chesis, J. Lau (Sept./8)
A Passion for Teaching: An Interview with Jennifer Parker-Harley, L. Vaughn (Oct./12)
A Conversation with Amanda Blaikie, Detroit Symphony Second Flute, P. George (Nov./10)
A Conversation with Kersten McCall, A. Wills (Dec./10)
A Conversation with Judith Mendenhall, P. George (Feb./8)
Reflections at 95, A Conversation with Walfrid Kujala, P. George (Feb./20)
Susan Levitin: A Chicago Treasure, P. George (Mar./8)
From Quito to Kansas, Talking with Daniel Velasco, P. George (Apr./08)

Stirring the Pot, Adding Spice to Winter Practice (Jan./8)

Teacher’s Studio: Five Rules to Develop Musicianship, P. George (Sept. 18)
Teacher’s Studio: Seamless Slurs: Three Approaches, P. George (Oct./28)
Teacher’s Studio: Increasing Studio Numbers, P. George (Nov./24)
Teacher’s Studio: Flute Choir Programming: The Classical Concert, P. George (Dec./23)
Teacher’s Studio: Flute Choir Programming: The Classical Concert, P. George (Jan./25)
Teacher’s Studio: Working a Melody, P. George (Mar./16)
Teacher’s Studio: Fast Fingers, P. George (Apr./22)

Flute Choir and Other Flutes (Piccolo, Alto, Bass, Contra, Traverso)
Joining a Flute Choir, S. Nichols (Sept./24)
Baroque Flute, Instrument Care, M. Lynn (Nov./16)
Composing and Arranging for Flute Choirs and Ensembles, P. Avidan Louke (Jan./16)

The Benefits of Random Practice, J. Borkowski (Sept./20)
All Flutists Should Juggle, J. Duggan (Sept./28)
Audition Preparation, T. Robertello, (Oct./20)
Studying Abroad, S. Thornton (Oct./24)
Terraced Metronome Practice Method, A. Clayton (Nov./22)
Above It All, M. Sparks (Dec./18)
Developing Rhythmic Confidence, E. Nilsson (Dec./20)
Do I Really Know This Piece?, P. Dillery (Dec./26)
Exercises for Success, Balancing Symmetry and Asymmetry, S. Fain (Feb./16)
Mendelssohn Symphony No. 4 in A Major, Op. 90: Detailed Duos, M. Sparks (Mar./14)
Phrasing in the Allemande of Bach’s Partita in A Minor for Solo Flute, L. Garner Santa/M. Santa (Apr./14)

2020 Directory of Summer Masterclasses, Camps & Festivals (Mar./26)

Robert Stallman, (1946-2019) (Nov./2)

Flute Talk Classics
Flute Tips (from Sept. 1989), J. Walker (Nov./20)
A Performance Checklist for Debussy’s Syrinx (from Feb. 1976), W. Kuala (Feb./24)

Index by Author
Bailey, Don, (Apr./32)
Bishop, Rose, (Dec./2)
Bogorad-Kogan, Julia, (Oct./32)
Borkowski, Jennifer, (Sept./20)
Clayton, April, (Nov./22)
Dade, Alice K., (Jan./22)
Dillery, Patrick, (Dec./26)
Duggan, Julia, (Sept./28)
Fain, Susan, (Feb./16)
Fridkis, Jake, (Jan./32)
George, Patricia, (Sept. 18), (Oct./28), (Nov./10), (Nov./24), (Dec./23), (Jan./25), (Feb./8), (Feb./20), (Mar./8), (Mar./16), (Apr./08), (Apr./22)
Gustafson, Christine, (Feb./32)
Gyori, Noemi, (Dec./32)
Jones, Adah Toland, (Mar./40)
Kujala, Walfrid, (Feb./24)
Lau, Joanna, (Sept./8)
Louke, Phyllis Avidan, (Jan./16)
Lynn, Michael, (Nov./16)
Martin, Andrée, (Apr./2)
Molumby, Nicole, (Oct./2)
Myers, Gia, (Apr./20)
Nichols, Sara, (Sept./24)
Nilsson, Elsa, (Dec./20)
Robertello, Thomas, (Oct./20)
Romano, Charlene, (Jan./2)
Santa, Lisa Garner/Santa, Matthew, (Apr./14)
Schroeder-Buck, Barbara, (Mar./20)
Sparks, Mark, (Dec./18), (Mar./14)
Stagnitta, Nancy, (Nov./6)
Stolper, Mary, (Nov./32)
Thompson, Shauna, (Mar./2)
Thornton, Schuyler, (Oct./24)
Trolier, Kimberly, (Sept./2)
Tucker, Erich, (Feb./2)
Vaughn, Lauren (Oct./12)
Walker, Jim, (Nov./20)
Wills, Aysha, (Dec./10)
Wincenc, Carol, (Sept./32)