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Annual Index Flute Talk 2016-2017

Flute Talk

September 2016-July 2017

Ask the Pro: Breath Control, S. Nichols (Nov./4)
Ask the Pro: Flutter Tonguing, C. du Toit (Dec./4)
Ask the Pro: Nervousness, J. Choi (Jan./4)
Ask the Pro: Concentration, R. Dick (Feb./4)
Ask the Pro: Recordings, E. Murphy (April/40)
Ask the Pro: Effective Practice Time, C. Ballatori (May/June/34)
Ask the Pro: Fundraising, L. Marchinowski (July/8)

Italian Flutist Luisa Sello: From Baroque to Multimedia Flute Music, W. Kummer (Oct./8)
Enjoying the Best of Two Worlds, P. George (Nov./12)
A Conversation with Julia Bogorad-Kogan, L. McNee (Dec./12)
The Silent Pull of What You Love: A Conversation with Claire Chase, K. Lewis (Jan./14)
Pittsburgh Symphony Flutist Lorna McGhee, W. Kummer (March/12)
A Conversation with Julie Duncan Thornton, M. Stanley (April/20)
A Conversation with Sharon Sparrow, J. Bouton (May/June/10)
A Conversation with Denis Bouriakov, A. Clayton (July/10)

Everything You Do Builds From Here: Reflections of Current and Recent Flute Majors, P. George (Sept./12)
Preparing for College: A Roundtable Discussion (Oct./26)
Playing Flute in Church (Feb./12)
After Pomp and Circumstance, Part 1, (April/10)
After Pomp and Circumstance, Part 2, (May/June/16)

Performance Guides
A Flutist’s Look at Mahler’s 4th, M. Sparks (Nov./20)
30 Caprices for Flute by Sigfrid Karg-Elert, A Performance Guide, G. Hambrecht (July/34)

Robert Willoughby, 95 Lessons, K. Jones, L. Breithaupt (Sept./24)
A Fall Checkup, P. George (Sept./22)
Make the Most of Fall Lessons, P. George (Oct./22)
Teach Students to Sightread with Confidence, S. Abderhalden (Nov./33)
Developing An Embouchure, P. George (Nov./26)
The Importance of Playing Softly, J. Fridkis (Dec./22)
Teaching Tone Production, P. George (Dec./24)
10 Steps to Better Soft Playing, N. Seidman (Jan./10)
Switching to Flute from Other Instruments, K. Melago (Jan./32)
Improving Articulation, P. George (Jan./36)
How to Rehearse Chamber Music, C. Goodman (Feb./22)
Motivation, P. George (Feb./28)
The Benefits of Breath Attacks, M. Sparks (March/18)
Taking Control of the Air Stream, A. Clayton (March/24)
Changing Things Up, P. George (March/26)
Whispering High B-Flat, M. Sparks (April/24)
Tip of the Day, P. George (April/27)
Planning a Masterclass, P. George (May/June/24)
Developing Critical Listening, P. George (July/28)

Other Flutes: Piccolo, Alto, Bass, Traverso
Q & A with Caitlyn Valovick Moore (Sept./32)
Q & A with Jeffery Zook (Nov./38)
Big Flutes, Little Players, W. Kummer (Dec./40)
Q & A with Christine Beard (Jan./40)
Getting Started with Alto Flute, J. Ranck (Feb./40)

Keeping Music Fresh, T. Kane (Sept./2)
Make Music Day 2016 in Pittsburgh, W. Kummer (Sept./30)
Flute Collecting: Curse or Pleasure, M. Lynn (Oct./16)
Technology and Good Manners, N. Esposito (Oct./34)
Go Back or Not? L. Stevens (Oct./38)
Is My Flute Making Me Sick?, J. Dening (Nov./30)
Collecting Flute Memorabilia, J. Bent (Nov./40)
What About the Audience, E. Boysen (Dec./30)
From the Paris Flute Convention, A. Reynolds (Dec./36)
Marcel Moyse, P. George (Dec./34)
Playing Flute on Broadway, R. Cipris (Jan./22)
Embellishment, Italian Style, Ornamenting the Largo Movement of Vivaldi’s C Major Piccolo Concerto, W. Kujala (Feb./32)
Flute Festival of Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia, E. Kornishina (March/48)
Frances Blaisdell: Leading the Way, P. George (March/28)
What to Expect: The Doctoral Preliminary Exam, L. McNee (May/June/20)
Harmonic Anchors: Phrasing from the Bottom Up. L. Breithaupt (July/24)
NFA 2017: Minneapolis: Thoughts from the NFA Program Chair, L. Garrison (July/18)

Fantaisie sur le Choeur des Baigneuses (des Huguenots) of Cottignies, M. Lynn (April/31)

Personal Perspective
Amateur Musicians: Sharing a Love of Music, J. Oliver (Oct./48)
Flute Doubling in Solo Literature, W. Kujala (July/48)

2017 Directory of Summer Masterclasses, Camps & Festivals, (March/30)
2017-2018 Directory of Competitions (May/June/31)

Donald E. McGfinnis (Dec./10)
Philip Dikeman (July/4)

Index by Author
Abderhalden, Stephanie (Nov./33)
Ballatori, Cristina (May/June/34)
Beard, Christine (Jan./40)
Bent, Jane Brown (Nov./40)
Bouton, Jenny (May/June/10)
Boysen, Erika (Dec./30)
Breithaupt, Leela (Sept./24), (July/24)
Choi, Jasmine (Jan./4)
Cipris, Ryu (Jan./22)
Clayton, April (March/24), (July/10)
Dening, Jeff, (Nov./30)
Dick, Robert (Feb./4)
Du Toit, Cobus (Dec./4)
Esposito, Nicole (Oct./34)
Fridkis, Jake (Dec./22)
Garrison, Leonard (July/18)
George, Patricia (Sept./12), (Sept./22), (Oct./22), (Nov./12), (Nov./26), (Dec./24), (Dec./34), (Jan./36), (Feb.28), (March/26), (March/28), (April/27), (May/June/24), (July/28)
Goodman, Craig (Feb./22)
Hambrecht, George (July/34)
Jones, Kathering Borst (Sept./24)
Kane, Trudy (Sept./2)
Kornishina, Ekaterina (March/48)
Kujala, Walfrid (Feb./32), (July/48)
Kummer, Wendy Webb (Sept./30), (Oct./8), (Dec./40), (March/12)
Lewis, Kim (Jan./14)
Lynn, Michael (Oct./16), (April/31)
Marchinowski, Laurel, (July/8)
Melago, Kathy (Jan./32)
McNee, Lauren (Dec./12), (May/June/20)
Moore, Caitlyn Valovick (Sept./32)
Murphy, Erin K., (April/40)
Nichols, Sara (Nov./4)
Oliver, Jennifer (Oct./48)
Ranck, John (Feb./40)
Seidman, Naomi (Jan./10)
Sparks, M, (Nov./20), (March/18), (April/24)
Stanley, Michelle (April/20)
Stevens, Leah (Oct./38)
Zook, Jeffery (Nov./38)