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Annual Index Flute Talk 2014-2015

Flute Talk

September 2014-July 2015

A Letter to College Freshmen, V. Jicha (Sept./2)
Going Beyond Winning and Losing, K. Jones (Oct./2)
So How’s It Going, V. Jicha (Nov./2)
Starting Over, G. Rizzo (Dec./2)
Listening at Concerts, V. Jicha (Jan./2)
Musical Communication or Follow the Ink, V. Jicha (Feb./6)
Change Your Life with a Summer Masterclass, K. Jones (Mar./2)
A Time of Reflection, N. Esposito (April/2)
The Pros and Cons of Cempetitions, V. Jicha (May/2)
Chain of Command or How to Play Nicely With Others, V. Jicha (July/2)

Flute, Dance, & More: Exploring Possibilities with Zara Lawler, (Sept./10)
A Passion for Teaching: An Interview with Sophie Cherrier, Professor at the Conservatoire de Paris, H. Bledsoe (Oct./10)
Performer and Teacher: An Interview with Aldo Baerten (Nov./10)
A Conversation with Mary Kay Fink, C. Ellis (Dec./10)
A Conversation with Composer Shulamit Ran, J. Brown (Jan./12)
Playing with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, An Interview with Emily Beynon, (Feb./10)
A Conversation with Adriana Ferreira, C. Potter (Mar./12)
Early Music: A Conversation with Barthold Kuijken, L. Breithaupt (April/10)
The Call of the Flute: Wendy Webb Kumer on Teaching, Playing, and Flute Choirs (May/10)
Not Just Birds and Whistles, Zart Dombourian-Eby On a Life with Piccolo, C. Ellis, (July/10)

Performance Guides
Teaching Andersen’s 24 Etudes, Op. 33, With Ideas from Harold Bennett, J. Barcellona (Nov./14)
Surviving The Nutcracker, L. Garrison (Dec./16)
Performing Baroque Music: Beat Hierarchy, Microdynamics, and Articulation, L. Breithaupt (Jan./18)
The Excerpt List, C. Ellis (Mar./48)

Bringing It to the Table, P. George (Sept./20)
Where to Stand, P. George (Oct./27)
The Joys of A Major, P. George (Nov./22)
A New Year’s Resolution, P. George (Dec./20)
Becoming a Better Student, P. George (Jan./22)
Teaching Middle School Flutists, J. Ensley (Feb./16)
Playing Fast, P. George (Feb./23)
Words of a Master: Arnold Jacobs, P. George (Mar./22)
What I Wished I Had Known Before I Entered the Conservatory, P. George (April/24)
Senioritis? Burnout? Exhaustion?, P. George (May/15)
Making A Schedule, P. George (July/22)

Other Flutes: Piccolo, Low Flutes, Traverso, and Shakuhachi
How to Choose a Piccolo Player for Band or Orchestra, J. Schaub (Sept./32)
Pacing Your Practice, N. Raphael (Oct./40)
Back to the Baroque, A Look at Traverso Flute, L. Breithaupt (Oct./14)
Exploring Tone Color on Piccolo, J. Schaub (Nov./32)
Challenges of Playing Multiple Flutes, C. Potter (Dec./32)
Piccolo Articulation, J. Schaub (Jan./32)
Pick a Letter, C. Ellis (Feb./32)
Vibrato, C. Ellis (April/32)
The Shakuhachi, M. Firman (May/18)
Big Flute Basics, P. Louke (July/32)

Self-Examination: Using Recording in Daily Practice, Part 2, M. Sparks (Sept./16)
Chicago Flute Club Celebrates 25 Years, J. Frank (Sept./24)
Wiser College Choices (Oct./18)
Writing a DMA Document, L. Leach-Sparks (Oct./23)
Using YouTube In the Studio and Classroom, K. McLaughlin Large (Oct./30)
Now Play It Again A Half-Step Down, I. Davis (Dec./23)
Practical Tips for Effective Memorization, C. Nelson (Jan./28)
On Memorizing, W. Kujala (Feb./19)
Reflections on Inspiration and Spontaneity, Part 1, M. Sparks (Mar./18)
Reflections on Inspiration and Spontaneity, Part 2, M. Sparks (April/16)
Work with a Harpist, E. Huntington (April/20)
What’s in Your Flute Bag? The Essentials for Gigging, E. Hicks-Kimmey (May/32)
How to Make a Living with a Music Degree, L. Leach-Sparks (May/26)
Mathieu-Andre Reichert: An Extraordinary Virtuoso, L. McNee (July/25)
Thoughts from the NFA Program Chair, J. Bassett (July/18)
Things to do in DC J. Rohner (July/20)

Personal Perspective
The Best Lessons Ever: With Baker and Kujala, J. Gippo (Oct./35)
Grit and the Flute, B. Leibundguth (Mar./40)
How to Be Teachable, A. Powell (May/22)

Annual Directory of Competitions (Nov./26)
2015 Director of Summer Masterclasses, Camps, & Festivals (Mar./26)

Paul Horn (1930-2014) (Sept./27)
Frans Brüggen (1934-2014) (Sept./27)

Index by Author
Barcellona, John: (Nov./14)
Bassett, Joanna: (July/18)
Bledsoe, Helen: (Oct./10)
Breithaupt, Leela: (Oct./14) (Jan./18) (April/10)
Brown, Jennie: (Jan./12)
Davis, Immanuel: (Dec./23)
Ellis, Cynthia: (Dec./10), (Feb./32), (Mar./48), (April/32), (July/10)
Ensley, Julianne: (Feb./16)
Esposito, Nicole: (April/2)
Frank, Jan: (Sept./24)
Firman, Michael: (May/18)
Garrison, Leonard: (Dec./16)
George, Patricia: (Sept./20), (Oct./27), (Nov./22), (Dec./20), (Jan./22), (Feb./23), (Mar./22), (April/24), (May/15), (July/22)
Gippo, Jan: (Oct./35)
Hicks-Kimmey, Elizabeth: (May/32)
Huntington, Ellen: (April/20)
Jicha, Victoria: (Sept./2), (Nov./2), (Jan./2), (Feb./6), (May/2), (July/2)
Jones, Katherine Borst: (Oct./2), (Mar./2)
Kujala, Walfrid: (Feb./19)
Large, Karen McLaughlin: (Oct./30)
Leach-Sparks, Lindsay: (Oct./23), (May/26)
Leibundguth, Barbara: (Mar./40)
Louke, Phyllis Avidan: (July/32)
McNee, Lauren: (July/25)
Nelson, Conor: (Jan./28)
Potter, Christine: (Dec./32), (Mar./12)
Powell, Ardal: (May/22)
Raphael, Nan: (Oct./40)
Rizzo, Geri: (Dec./2)
Schaub, Jennifer Bouton: (Sept./32), (Nov./32), (Jan./32)
Sparks, Mark: (Sept./16), (Mar./18), (April/20)