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Annual Index Flute Talk 2010-2011

Flute Talk

September 2010-July 2011

30 Candles for Flute Talk, M. Debost (Sept./6)
Slam-and-Squeeze and Grasping, M. Debost (Oct./2)
The Artist as Technician, M. Debost (Nov./2)
The Flutist’s Audition Guide, B. Garner (Dec./2)
Preparing and Thinking Ahead, M. Debost (Jan./2)
The Flutist’s Guide to Better Intonation, B. Garner (Feb./2)
Grace Notes, M. Debost (Mar./2)
Johann Sebastian Bach Facsimiles, M. Debost (May/2)
Gaston Crunelle, M. Debost (July/2)

Michael Faust, J. Koidin (Sept./10)
Su Lian Tan, T. Moore (Oct./8)
Molly Barth, V. Jicha (Nov./8)
Miguel Angel Villanueva, V. Jicha (Dec./8)
Sarah Jackson, V. Jicha (Jan./8)
Andras Adorjan, J. Koidin (Feb./8)
Louise DiTullio, V. Jicha (April/8)
Francesca Arnone, J. Koidin (May/16)
Maxim Rubtsov, W. O’Neal (July/20)

Performance Guides
Danzi’s Concerto No. 1, Op. 30 in G Major, H. Schuller (Sept./16)
Flute Solo from Brahms’ Symphony No. 4, Final Movement, E. Whitman (Oct./14)
On Wings of Song, A Concerto for Piccolo, J. Gippo (Feb./12)
Minuet from L’Arlesienne Suite No. 2, W. Kumer (May/10)
Flute Talk Classic: Minuet from L’Arlesienne Suite No. 2, W. Kujala (May/12)
Huylebroeck’s Kay El’leM, Sonata for Piccolo and Piano, P. Verhoyen (May/32)

Improvement in a Month, P. George (Sept./23)
Reflections on Music Camp, P. George (Oct./17)
Preparation for a Successful Performance, K. Melago (Oct./22)
Power Practicing, P. George (Nov./14)
Teaching Rhythms in Simple Meters, P. Louke (Nov./24)
Preparing for Interviews, P. George (Dec./13)
A Fresh Look at Sightreading, L. Polisar (Dec./28)
Stick the Landing, P. George (Jan./14)
Michel Debost’s Scale Game, M. Barth (Jan./21)
But, I Hate Exercises, P. George (Feb./20)
Starting a Summer Masterclass, P. George (Mar./17)
The Big Recital, P. George (April/18)
Am I Prepared For My Lesson, N. Esposito (April/23)
The First Lesson, P. George (May/19)
Back to Square One, P. George (July/25)
Turn Practice into Play, E. Ball (July/30)

The Celebrated German Hymn, Ignaz Pleyel, Michael Lynn, editor (Dec./24)
Flutette Six, Marc Adler (Feb./18)
Minuet from L’Arlesienne Suite No. 2, Georges Bizet, Patricia George and Phyllis Avidan Louke, editors (May/14)

30 Piccolo Pieces from the Past Thirty Years, J. Gippo (Sept./40)
30 Minutes for 30 Days, C. Ellis (Oct./32)
Spotlight on Piccolo, K. Dyer, J. Gippo (Nov./24)
Piccolo Solos in The Nutcracker, Cynthia Ellis (Dec./32)
Purchasing a Piccolo, C. Ellis (Feb./32)
Hearing Protection, C. Ellis (Mar./40)
Thoughts on Piccolo Intonation, C. Ellis (April/32)
Piccolo Events in Charlotte, C. Ellis (July/40)

Flute Talk Turns 30, V. Jicha (Sept./2)
Ask Patricia George, P. George (Sept./4), (Oct./6),
Add Stretches to Practice Session, C. Wincenc (Sept./20)
Thirty Ways of Looking at a Flute, P. Robinson (Sept./25)
The Benefits of Study Abroad, W. Dobbs (Sept./26)
Unforgettable Moments, M. Thomas (Sept./33)
The Contrabass Flute from A to Z, P. Long (Nov./19)
The Perils of air Travel, P. Robison (Nov./32)
30 Steps to Success, Mary Karen Clardy (Nov./30)
Ask Patricia George, (Dec./6)
Repertoire Using Extended Techniques, J. Borkowski (Dec./18)
Physical Problems from Marching, S. Fain (Jan./18)
Beyond the Realm of Major and Minor, C. Ippolito (Jan./26)
The Tale of a Nine-fingered Flutist, L. Johns (Jan./32)
Memorable Masterclasses, P. George (Mar./10)
Expressive Speech and Music, N. Schmalz (Mar./34)
A Decade to Celebrate, V. Jicha (April/2)
Gaubert Vivant, J. Koidin (April/14)
Remedies for Style and Phrasing, J. Barcellona (April/28)
Inspired by Improv, C. Thackston (May/24)
Convention in Charlotte (July/12)
My First Convention (July/12)

2010-2011 Directory of Competitions (Oct./23)
2010-2011 Directory of Flute Festivals (Oct./27)
2011 Directory of Summer Masterclasses (Mar./22)

Albert Cooper (Mar./8)

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H = History
L = Piccolo
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