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Annual Index Flute Talk 2007-2008

Flute Talk

September 2007-July 2008

Lips for Leaps, M. Debost (Sept./2)
How Much is Too Much, M. Debost (Oct./2)
Santa’s Flute Baket, M. Debost (Dec./8)
Tummy In Tummy Out, M. Debost (Jan./2)
Between Scylla and Charybdis, M. Debost (Feb./4)
Bass Flute in the Front Yard, C. Potter (Feb./2)
Simplicity and Gibberish, M. Debost (April/2)
Teaching Hints, M. Debost (May/2)
Vibrato si, vibrato la, M. Debost (July/2)

Sharon Bezaly, Petra Jones (Sept./10)
Uwe Grodd, J. Koidin (Oct./10)
Greg Pattillo, V. Jicha (Nov./6)
Arlene Drew, R.T. Andres (Dec./10)
Bart Geller, C. Guenther (Jan./10)
Celso Woltzenlogel, J. Koidin (Feb./14)
Amy Porter, V. Jicha (March/8)
Heather Holden, S. Amaya (April/6)
Erv Monroe, V. Jicha (May/8)
Ali Ryerson, V. Jicha (July/18)

Performance Guides
Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloe, E. Whitman (Sept./18)
Mower’s Opus di Jazz, K. Fortenberry, (Jan./14)
Debussy’s Syrinx, L. Ronai (March/18)
Myslivecek’s Concerto in D Major,
L. Johns (April/12)
Schumann Three Romances, Op. 94, A.R. Heck (July/30)

14 Tips to Improve Performance, P. George (Sept./24)
Conducting from the Flutist’s Chair,
J. Keeble (Oct./22)
In the Mailbox, P. Goerge (Oct./24)
Summers with William Kincaid, P. George (Nov./12)
Motivate Students, J. Titus (Nov./20)
Explore New Styles, T. Miller (Dec./15)
Teaching Chromatic Scales, P. George (Dec./19)
Fixing Reading Problems, K. Clark (Dec./22)
Scales and College Auditions, P. George (Jan./14)
Teaching with Flute Choirs, P. George (Feb./8)
Art of Practicing Well, P. George (March/13)
Teaching at a Small College, M.L. Poor (March/36)
After the Notes, P. George (April/20)
When Anteaters Practice the Flute,
N. Schmalz (May/40)
Adding Theory to Private Lessons,
J. Hobbs (May/14)
Musical Phrasing, P. George (May/18)
Solving Musical Problems, P. George (July/28)
To Play or Not To Play, N. Perlove (July/34)
“Follow” – Joyful Lessons Guaranteed,
N. Schmalz (July/38)
Colorful Sounds, S. Rea (July/42)

Allegro from Dueto II, Charles DeLusse,
M. Lynn (Sept./26))
Autumn Fiesta, M. Adler (Nov./28)
Trio 1, G. Demachi, ed. Lynn (Jan./18)
Valentine Duet, M. Adler (Feb./26)
You’re a Grand Old Flag, G.M.Cohan, arr. M. Adler (July/36)

Flutist from the Past, K. Haid (Jan./24))

Opening a Teaching Studio, P. Louke (Nov./24)
Starting a Chamber Ensemble,
S.T. Winton (Feb./32)

Tone Production, C. Ellis (Sept./38)
N.F.A. Events, L. Slack (Oct./40)
Sleeping Beauty Ballet, C. Ellis (Dec./32)
Fantasia on Popular Irish Airs, C. Ellis (Jan./32)
Careers in Military Bands, C. Ellis (March/40)
Tricky Trills, C. Ellis (April/32)
International Piccolo Sumposium,
A. Gonzalez (May/32)
Copland’s Billy the Kid, C. Ellis (July/48)

The Studio of Cindy Ann Broz, V. Jicha (Sept./14)
Finding Money for College, P. Burkholder (Oct./18)
Flutist’s Guide to the Library, A. Jackson (Oct./29)
Festivals and Competitions, N. Esposito (Nov./32)
How Low Do They Go, P. Long (Feb./19)
Confessions of a Flute Junkie, L. Cessna (March/4)
Sixty Years of Joyful Teaching,
K.L. Green¬field (April/23)
Summer Fun with Music, J. Titus (May/24)
Flute Music of Howard Buss, K. McCor¬mick (May/40)
High Notes in the Highlands, P. Music, (July/10)
F6 Flute, J. Keeble (July/14)
Huzzah for the John Marshall Fife and Drum Corps, E. Ford (July/24)

Jindrich Feld (Oct./36)
Clifford Benson (Oct./36)
Gary Sigurdson(Oct./36)

Author Index Cross Reference
Adler, Marc: Nov./28, Feb./26, July/36 (M)
Amaya, Sasha: April/6
Andres, Rebecca: Dec./10
Burkholder, Preethi: Oct./18 (X)
Cessna, Leah: March/4 (X)
Clark, Kimberly: Dec./22 (P)
Debost, Michel: Sept./2, Oct./2, Dec./8, Jan./2, Feb./4, April/2, May/2, July/2 (C)
Ellis, Cynthia: Sept./38, Dec./32, Jan./32, March/40, April/32, July/48 (P)
Esposito, Nicole: Nov./32 (X)
Ford, Elizabeth: July/24 (X)
Fortenberry, Kara: Jan./14 (G)
George, Patricia: Sept./24, Oct./24, Nov./12, Dec./19, Jan./14, Feb./8, March/13, April/20, May/18, July/28 (P)
Gonzalez, Abraham: May/32 (L)
Greenfield, Katrina: April/23 (X)
Guenther, Christine: Jan./10 (I)
Haid, Karen: Jan./24 (H)
Heck, Angela: July/30 (G)
Hobbs, Julie: May/14 (P)
Jackson, Amy: Oct./29 (X)
Jicha, Victoria: Sept./14 (X); Nov./6, March/8, May/8, July/18 (I)
Johns, Lana: April/12
Jones, Petra: Sept./10 (I)
Keeble, Jonathon: Oct./22 (P); July/14 (X)
Koidin, Julie: Oct./10, Feb./14 (I)
Long, Paige: Feb./19 (X)
Louke, Phyllis Avidan: Nov./24 (B)
Lynn, Michael: Sept./26, Jan./18 (M)
McCormick, Kim: May/40 (X)
Miller, Tess: Dec./15 (G)
Music, Petra; July/10 (X)
Perlove, Nina: July/34 (P)
Poor, Mary Louise: March/36 (P)
Potter, Christine: Feb/2 (C)
Rea, Stephanie: July/42 (P)
Ronai, Lisa: March/19 (G)
Schmalz, Nancy: July/38, May/40 (P)
Slack, Lise: Oct./40 (L)
Titus, Jaimie: Nov./20 (P); May 24 (X)
Whitman, Ernestine: Sept./18 (G)
Winton, Sharon: Feb./32 (H)

C = Columns
I = Interviews
G = Performance Guides
P = Pedagogy
M = Music
H = History
B = Business
P = Piccolo
X = Miscellaneous