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Annual Index Flute Talk 2005-2006

Flute Talk

September 2005-July 2006

Memories of Francis Poulenc, M. Debost (Sept./2)
Exploring Flute Repertoire, M. Debost (Oct./2)
Sightreading or Prima Vista, M. Debost (Nov./2)
Flute Notes, V. Jicha (Dec./2)
Stability with Relaxation, M. Debost (Jan./2, Feb./2)
The French School, M. Debost (March/2)
Flute Notes, V. Jicha (May/2)
July Debost (July/2)

Baum, Jamie, V. Jicha (Sept./9)
Kraber, Karl, V. Jicha (Oct./8)
Wye, Trevor, V. Jicha (Nov./8)
Coelho, Tadeu, V. Jicha (Dec./6)
Rónai, Laura, T. Moore (Jan./6)
Schocker, Gary, V. Jicha (Feb./6)
Hessemer, Fritz, V. Jicha (Feb./29)
Järvi, Maarika, M.E. Hutton (March/6)
Caliendo, Christopher, V. Jicha (April/6)
Stolper, Mary, V. Jicha (May/9)
Arimany, Claudi, P. Bacchus (July/ 16)

Performance Guides:
Ibert, Concerto, L.G.Santa, (Oct./12, Nov./16)
Piston, Sonata, J. Dunnavant (Dec./11)
Hoover, Kokopeli, K. Baeth (Jan./11)
My Take on the Partita, M. Debost (May/6)
Marttinen, Tauno, Alfa, M. Caruso (July/22)

To Expand Tone Colors Try Moyse’s 24 Little Melodies, G. Pope (Sept./13)
Technology in the Studio, T. Campbell (Sept./20)
Smart Practicing for College Students, M. Siegel (Sept./32)
Make the Most of Your College Experience, P. George (Oct./36)
Phrasing Styles of Kincaid and Tabuteau, L. Herbine (Nov./22)
Staying in Shape, P. George (Nov./32)
Fundamentals of Intonation, E. Goode (Dec./14)
New Ideas from Unexpected Sources, P. George (Dec./21)
A Simplified Approach to Taffanel & Gaubert, P. George (Jan./28)
The Purpose of Etudes, P. George (Feb./14)
Improve Tone with Fun Songs, C. Potter (April/24)
Where Did the Rhythm Go?, P. George (April/29)
Painting With Sound, P. George (May/29)
All About Headjoints, P. George (July/32)

Allegro from Allettamento IV, Giovanni Chinzer (Sept./18)
Allegro ma non troppo, Devienne (Oct./18)
Poco Largo and Vivace from Sonata III, Godfrey Finger (Dec./22)
Trio IV, Allegro Poco assai, Devienne (Jan./16)
Dances and Daydreams, G. Schocker (Feb./16)
Allegro from Sonate Sesta, Thomas Lot (April/20)
Aria – Largo and Allegro, Jean-Daniel Braun (May/24)
Flute Talk Blues, Marc Adler (July/28)

The Flute in Early America, C. Anderson (Oct./22)
Boehm’s Very Good Idea, S. Kocher (Jan./14)
Mozart’s Flute and Harp Concerto, R. Dunnell (Feb./10)
From Hindemith to Copland, J. Solum (March/12)
Bach, A-Minor Partita, J. Pauley (April/10)

Prepare for a Freelance Career, L. Herbine (Feb./18)
Flute As A Double, S. Kennedy (April/22)

Gershwin and the Piccolo, C. Ellis (Sept./28)
A New Gem in Renaissance Style, C. Ellis (Oct./40)
Premieres and Personalities, K. Dyer (Nov./26)
Lior Eitan, K. Dyer (Dec./32)
A Night at the Opera, C. Ellis (Jan./32)
Sticks, Swabs, and Piccolo Bores, C. Ellis (Feb./20)
Another Kind of Employment, C. Ellis (March/32)
Piccolo Recordings, C.E. Beard (April/18, May/19)
Puccini’s Turandot, C. Ellis (April/32)
Etudes Just for Piccolo, C. Ellis (May/32)
Sarah Jackson in Los Angeles, C. Ellis (July/40)

2005-2006 Competition Directory (Oct./35)
Big Flutes, P.A. Louke (Nov./12)
Florida Flutists in France, P. Long and K. McCormick (Nov./30)
Healthy Performance, T. Mitchell (Dec./28)
Care and Feeding of Guest Artists, E. Butterfield (Jan./20)
Music Inspired by Love, V. Jicha (Feb./32)
Successful College Auditions, B. Hopkins (March/18)
2006 Masterclass Directory, T. Watson (March/21)
An Ideal College Curriculum, H.K. Woeller (May/16)

Author Index Cross Reference
Adler, Marc: July/ (M)
Anderson, Claudia: Oct./22 (H)
Bacchus, Peter: July/? (I)
Baeth, Katherine: Jan./11 (G)
Beard, Christine: April/18, May/19 (L)
Butterfield, Emily: Jan./20 (X)
Campbell, Tiffany: Sept./20 (P)
Caruso, Mya: July/22 (G)
Debost, Michel: Sept/2, Oct./2, Nov./2, Jan/2, Feb./2, March/2, July/2 (C); May/6 (G)
Dunnavant, Jessica: Dec./11(G)
Dunnell, Rebecca: Feb./10 (H)
Dyer, Kathleen: Nov./26, Dec./32 (L)
Ellis, Cynthia: Sept./28, Oct./40, Jan./32, Feb./20, March/32, April/32, May/32, July/40 (L)
George, Patricia: Oct./36, Nov./32, Dec./21, Jan./28, Feb./14, April/29, May/29, July//32 (P)
Goode, Elizabeth: Dec./14 (P)
Herbine, Lois Bliss: Nov./22 (P); Feb./18 (B)
Hopkins, Barbara: March/18 (X)
Hutton, Mary Ellyn: March/6 (I)
Jicha, Victoria: Dec./2, May/2 (C); Sept/9, Oct./8, Nov./8, Dec./6, Feb./6, Feb./29, April/6, May/9 (I); Feb./32 (X)
Kennedy, Shannon: April/22 (B)
Kocher, Stephanie: Jan./14 (H)
Long, Paige: Nov./30 (X)
Louke, Phyllis Avidan: Nov./12 (X)
McCormick, Kim: Nov./30 (X)
Mitchell, Terri: Dec./28 (X)
Moore, Tom: Jan./6 (I)
Pauley, Jennifer: April/10 (H)
Pope, George: Sept/13 (P)
Potter, Christine: April/24 (P)
Santa, Lisa Garner: Oct./12, Nov./16 (G)
Siegel, Merrie: Sept./32 (P)
Solum, John: March/12 (H)
Woeller, Heidi: May/16 (X)

C = Columns
I = Interviews
G = Performance Guides
P = Pedagogy
M = Music
H = History
B = Business
P = Piccolo
X = Miscellaneous