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Annual Index Flute Talk 2003-2004

Flute Talk

September 2003-July 2004

Laws, Hubert (Sept., 7)
Sparks, Mark (Oct., 6)
Willoughby, Robert (Nov., 4)
Mercelli and Lombardi (Dec., 5)
Adams, Patti (Feb. 6)
Debost, Michel (Jan., 5)
Wentz, Jed (March, 5)
Shostac, David (April, 6)
Bentley, Judith Cook (May, 6)
Bottazini, Vieri (July, 6)

Performance Guides:
Gordeli, Concerto, W. Kujala (Sept., 11)
Dvorak, Symphony #8, M. Sparks (Oct., 10)
Telemann, Fantasia #2, Willoughby (Nov., 10)
Welcher, Florestan’s Falcon, Barcellna (Dec., 10)
Jolivet, Chant de Linos, A. Martin (Feb., 14)
Ravel, Daphnis and Chloe, M. Debost (Jan., 10)
Griffes, Poem, V. Jicha (March, 10)
Larsen Aubade, T. Campbell (April, 11)
Vinci, G Major Sonata, J. Keeble (May 12 )
Feld, Quatre Piece, D. McDermott (July, 13)

Rehearsing with an Accompanist, Ringering and Olson (Sept., 22)
Three Equal B-flat Fingerings, L.G. Santa (Sept., 24)
Tone and Resonance, Barcellona (Sept., 24)
The Artistry of Fine Phrasing, M. Shotola (Oct., 19)
Posture, Strain, and Tension, Barcellona (Oct., 32)
Moyse’s Melody Book, V. Jicha (Nov., 12)
Hand Strength and Coordination, P. George (Nov., 18)
Playing with Braces, C. Shansky (Nov., 21)
Breathing and Breath Support, Barcellona (Nov., 32)
Beyond Mezzo-forte, Barcellona (Dec., 32)
Air Speed and Articulation, Barcellona (Feb., 32)
Extended Techniques and Beginners, D. Stallard (Jan., 12)
Note Endings, Barcellona (Jan., 17)
Go Beyond the Notes, D. Peck (March, 2)
Double Tonguing Dilemmas, Barcellona (March, 32)
Key Slapping, Barcellona (April 32)
Practice Tips, P. Henley (May, 18)
Rhythm, Barcellona (May, 30)
Stealing is not a Crime, M. Debost (May, 4)
The Energetic William Bennett, P. Hansen (May 26)
Sam Baron’s Low-Register Exercises, V. Gunter (July, 29)
Vibrato Speed Changes, Barcellona (July, 32)

Andantino Gratiosos by Cambini (Sept., 16)
Capricio by Zimerman (Nov., 16)
Chaconne by Monteclair (Feb., 16)
Duetto IV by Devienne (Jan., 14)
Two Irish Reels (March, 16)
Nouvelle Methode de Flute by Vanderhagen (April, 16)
Sonata for Two Flutes by Williams (May, 16)
Allegro from Sonata #3 by Boismortier (July, 16)

Malcom Arnold’s Wind Quintet Rediscovered, P. Harris (Sept., 14)
1926 Profile of J. Wummer (Sept., 30)
Remembering Julius Baker (Oct., 14)
Italian Flute Legacy, G. Discepelo (Dec., 7)
Dinner With Harry and Dean, M. Thomas (April, 2)
Mozart Flute Quartets, J. Pauley (April, 13)
George Washington’s Flute, V. Jicha (April, 26)
Boehm and Cooper, S. Graef (July, 18)

Galay, Daniel, Seven Doubts, C. Ellis (Sept., 26)
Zart Dombourian-Eby, C. Ellis (Nove., 28)
Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, C. Ellis (Dec., 18)
Piccolo in Chamber Music, C. Ellis (Feb., 23)
Prokofiev’s Cinderella, C. Ellis (Jan., 18)
Band Music Solos, N. Raphael (March, 28)
East Meets West in David Loeb, C. Ellis (April, 30)
Mike Mower’s Piccolo Sonata, R. Helcher (May, 19)
Friedman’s Paying the Piper, R. Helcher (July, 26)

2003 Convention Highlights, D.B. Schultz (Oct., 31)
Arranging for Flute Choirs, V. Jicha (Dec., 12)
Thoughts on Auditions, M. Debost (Feb., 2)
John Boulton on 40 Years of College Teaching, R. Meador (Feb., 11)
Paul Hindemith’s Flute Music, S Fain (Feb., 18)
First Years In An Orchestra, J. Gippo (Jan., 19)
Mariano, Joseph at Eastman, V. Jicha (Jan., 29)
2004 Masterclass Directory (March, 13)
Summer Camp Tips, P. George (March, 18)
Artistry in the Second Chair, A. Richards (April, 24)
Flutes of John Gallagher, W. Dobbs (May, 28)
Talented Turkish Flutists, L. Leifer (July, 21)

Studio Business Forms, J. Lawson (Dec., 26)

Author Index Cross Reference:
Barcellona, John: Sept./32, Oct./32, Nov./32, Dec./10, Dec./32 Jan./17, Feb./32, Mar./32, Apr./32, May/30, July/32(P)
Boulton, John: Feb./11(X)
Campbell, Tiffany: Apr./11(M)
Debost, Michel: Jan./10 (M); Feb./2 (G); May/4 (P(
Discepelo, Gerardo: Dec./7 (H)
Dobbs, Wendell: May/28 (X)
Ellis, Cynthia: Sept./26; Nov./28; Dec./18; Jan./18; Feb./23; April./30 (H)
Fain, Susan: Feb./18 (X)
George, Patricia: Nov./18(P) Mar./18(X)
Gippo, Jan: Jan./19(X)
Graef, Sandra: July/18(H)
Harris, Paul: Sept./14(H)
Hansen, Polly McKay: May/26(P)
Henley, Paul T.? May/18(P)
Helcher, Regina: May/19; July/26(L)
Jicha, Victoria: Sept./7; Oct./6; Nov./4; Dec./5; Jan./5;Feb./6; Mar./5; May/6 (I); Nov./12(P) Dec./12; Jan./29(X) Mar./10(M); Apr./26 (H)
Keeble, Jonathan: May/12(P)
Kujala, Walfrid: Sept./11 (M)
Lawson, Joyce: Dec./26 (B)
Leifer, Lyon: July/21 (X)
Martin, Andree: Feb./14 (M)
Olson, Rebecca: Sept./22(P)
Paule, Jennifer: Apr./13(H)
Peck, Donald: March/2 (P)
Raphael, Nan: March/28(L)
Richards, Ann: April/24(G)
Ringering, Rhonda: Sept./22(P)
Santa, Lisa Garner: Sept./24(P)
Schultz, Diane Boyd: Oct./31(G)
Shansky, Carol: Nov./21(P)
Shotola, Marilyn: Oct./19(P)
Sparks, Mark: Oct./10(M)
Stallard, Dean: Jan./12(P)
Thomas, Mark: April/2(H); July/2(G)
Willoughby, Robert: Oct./10(M)

B = Business
I = Interviews
G = Guides
H = History
L = Piccolo
P = Pedagogy
M = Music
X = Miscellaneous