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Annual Index Flute Talk 1999-2000

Flute Talk

September 1999-July 2000

Finger Anticipation, Michel Debost (Sept./4)
Talking About Flutes, Goll-Wilson, (Sept./2)(Oct./2)(Nov./2)(Dec./2)(Jan./2)(Feb./2)(March/2)(April/2)
Repertoire as Practice, Michel Debost (Oct./4)
Faster Than the Speed of Air, Michel Debost (Nov./4)
Pant, Sniff, and Gasp, Michel Debost (Dec./4)
The Guttural Tongue, Michel Debost (Jan./4)
Pumpin’ an’ Stompin’, Michel Debost (Feb./4)
Musical Silence, Michel Debost (March/4)
The French Connection, Michel Debost (April/26)
Endless Improvements, Michel Debost (May/4)
Managing Long Phrases, Michel Debost (July/4)

Timothy Day, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Sept./8)
Patrick Gallois, Jara Kern (Oct./8)
Robert Aitken, Scott Paterson (Dec./8)
Emmanuel Pahud, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Jan./8)
Jean-Michel Tanguy, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Feb./8)
Ervin Monroe, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (March/8)
Alexa Still, Jara Kern (April/8)
Mathieu Dufour, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (May/8)
Jennifer Binney Flute Talk Competition Winner (July/8)

Performance Guides:
Martinu’s Sonata, Timothy Day (Sept./12)
Faure Fantaisie, Leslie Fagan (Oct./12)
Tower, Performing Tower’s Concerto, Carol Wincenc (Nov./8)
Performing Ned Rorem’s Trio, Mary Karen Clardy (Dec./12)
Koechlin’s Les Chants de Nectaire, Francesca Arnone (Jan./13)
Cajun Folk Songs, Lana Johns (Jan./21)
Beyond the Score, Susanna Self Huppert (Jan./27)
Bartok’s Hungarian Suite, Dennette Derby McDermott, (Feb./11)
Berio’s Sequenza, Aralee Dorough (March/11)
Takemitsu’s Voice, Christina Jennings (April/11)
Taktakishvili’s Sonata for Flute and Piano, John Barcellona (May/13)
Benda/s Sonata in G, Dennette Derby-McDermott & Elaina Rigg (July/22)

24 Bach Concert Studies, Ronald Waln (Sept./14)
A Practice Guide to Etudes, Lisa Garner (Oct./17)
The Learning Pendulum, Ernestine Whitman (Nov./18)
Productive Practice, Sandra Sutak (Nov./22)
From Machine Gun Vibrato To Restrained Pulsations, Karen Haid (Dec./17)
Improving Flute Intonation, Robin Fellows (Jan./24)
Pausing Over Transfer Students, Barbara Sands (Jan./26)
Creative Memorizing Tips, Kimberly Gandrup (Feb./24)
Clearly Confusing Notation, Ervin Monroe (March/14)
Shifting the Beat for Cleaner Technique, Walfrid Kujala (April/22)
A First Lesson to Ignite the Spark, Roberto Cento and Judy Smith (May/18)
Memorizing Several Ways, Leonard Garrison (May/20)
Comments from the Contest Judges (July/14)

Piccolo Tremolo Fingerings, Morgan Williams (Sept./32)
Metal or Wood Piccolos, Diane Boyd (Oct./32)
Mahler’s Third Symphony, Jan Gippo (Jan./36)(Feb./32)
Soft Piccolo Playing, Zart Dombourian-Eby (April/32)
Persichetti and the Piccolo, Karen Haid (May/32)
Tamara Thweatt, Dinae Boyd (July/32)

Mozart’s Flute Quartets, Elaina Rigg (Sept./19)
Indianapolis Flute Section, Goll-Wilson (Sept./29)
Directory of Flute Competitions (Oct./22)
Rochester Philharmonic Flutists (Oct./26)
The Delicate Matter of Fees, Guy & Donna Shelley (Nov./16)
Military Flutist Sees Action, Teresa Collins (Nov./20)
Artistic Integrity, Britt East (Nov./22)
Running a Studio as a Business, Rhonda Ringering (Dec./21)
Inspiration From the Dance, Eric Lamb (Dec./22)
Baroque Ornamentation, Nina Barwell (Jan./32)
Acoustics of the Flute, John W. Coltman (Feb./14)
Charles Koechlin’s Flute Works, Karen Garrison (Feb./22)
2000 Flute Master Classes, Grace Petree (March/19)
The Tax Man Cometh (March32)
Fluters of Old Erin, Wendell Dobbs (April/16)
N.F.A. Convention Preview
Annual Index of Articles

Jean Pierre Rampal (July/6))

Author Index Cross Reference
Arnone, Francesca: Jan./13 (G)
Barcellona, John: May/13 (G)
Barwell, Nina: Jan./32 (X)
Boyd, Diane: Oct./32, (L)
Cento, Roberto: May/18 (P)
Clardy, Mary Karen: Dec./12 (G)
Collins, Teresa: Nov./20 (X)
Coltman, John W.: Feb./14 (X)
Day, Timothy: Sept./12 (G)
Debost, M.: Sept./4, Oct./4, Nov./4, Dec./4, Jan./4, Feb./4, March/4, April/26, May/4, July/4 (C)
Dombourian-Eby, Zart: April/32
Dobbs, Wendell: April/16 (X)
East, Britt: Nov./22 (X)
Dorough, Aralee: March/11 (G)
Fagan, Leslie: Oct./12 (G)
Fellows, Robin: Jan./24 (P)
Gandrup, Kimberly: Feb./24 (P)
Garner, Lisa: Oct./17 (P)
Garrison, Karen: Feb./22 (X)
Garrison, Leonard: May/20 (P)
Gippo, Jan: Jan./36, Feb./32 (L)
Goll-Wilson, K.: Sept./2, Oct./2, Nov./2, Dec./2, Jan./2, Feb./2, March/2, April/2 (C); Sept./8 Jan./8, Feb./8, March/8, May/8 (I); Sept./29 (X)
Haid, Karen: Dec./17 (P); May/32 (L)
Jennings, Christina: April/11 (G)
Johns, Lana: Jan./21 (G)
Huppert, Susanna Self: Jan./27 (G)
Kern, Jara: Oct./8, April/8 (I)
Kujala, Walfrid: April/22 (P)
Lamb, Eric: Dec./22 (X)
McDermott, Dennette Derby: Feb./11, July/22 (G)
Monroe, Ervin: March/14 (P)
Paterson, Scott: Dec./8 (I)
Petree, Grace: March/19 (X)
Rigg, Elaina: July/22 (G); Sept./19 (X)
Ringering, Rhonda: De
Sands, Barbara: Jan./26 (P)
Shelley, Guy & Donna: Nov./16 (X)
Smith, Judy: May/18 (P)
Sutak, Sandra: Nov./22 (P)
Waln, Ronald: Sept./14 (P)
Whitman, Ernestine: Nov./18 (P)
Williams, Morgan: Sept./32 (L)
Wincenc, Carol: Nov./8 (G)

C = Columns
I = Interviews
G = Performance Guides
P = Pedagogy
M = Music
L = Piccolo
X = Miscellaneous Articles