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Annual Index Flute Talk 1995-1996

Flute Talk

September 1995-July 1996

Artful Articulation, Michel Debost (Sep./3)
Give a Hand to Tone, Michel Debost (Oct./4)
Stealing is Not a Crime, Michel Debost (Nov./4)
Flexing Flute Muscles, Michel Debost (Dec, 4)
Flute Alignment, Michel Debost (Jan./4)
Kujala’s New Textbook, Michel Debost (Feb./3
Jeanne Baxtresser’s Ten Commandments, Michel Debost (Mar./4)
Pain and Pleasure, Michel Debost (July/4)

Jeffrey Khaner, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Mar./8)
William Bennett, Nancy Andrew (Feb./8).
Elena Duran, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Apr./8)
Flora Lim, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (July/10)
Rene Rateau, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (May/8)
Benoit Fromanger, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Nov./8)
Phillipe Bernold, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Jan./8)
Charles DeLaney, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Dec./8)
A Tribute to Julius Baker, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Sep./8)

Performance Guides:
A Guide to Performing Suite de Ballet, Mark Thomas (Oct./8)
Zwilich’s Concerto, Sarah Bassingthwaighte (Feb./14)
Jolivet’s Chant de Linos, John Barcellona (Jan./12)
Donjon’s Pan, by Zart Dombourian-Eby (Jan./18)
The Finale from Debussy’s Sonata, Robin Fellows (Apr./11)
Martinu’s First Sonata, by Dennette McDermott (Mar./13)
Mozart’s Concerto # 2 in D Major, by Leonard Garrison (Nov./12)
Godard’s Allegretto, Susan Klick (Feb., 22)

Getting the Most Out of Lessons, Deniece Schow (Mar./18)
Improving the Odds for a Career in Music, John Bingham (May/25)
Posture, Position, and Sound, Marilyn Shotola (May/23)
Practice Partners, Jim Walker (July/23)
Practicing Scales with Harmonics, Eric Ruyle (Apr./21)
Rediscovering Kincaid’s Notes on Flute Performance, Tadeu Coelho(Nov./23) (Dec, 18)
Another View on Mozart Cadenzas, Betty Bang Mather (Feb./19)
Blending Flutes and Clarinets, Leone Buyse (Apr./14)
18th-Century Tempos in Historical Context, Wendy Mehne (May/18)
Don’t Forget the B-flat Lever, PaulGray (Nov./20)
Finding the Paths to Tone and Technique, Michel Debost (Oct./18)
Fresh Ideas for Mozart Cadenzas, Walfrid Kujala (Dec./12)
The Language of Articulation, John Wion (Dec./27)
Producing the Best Tone, Leone Buyse (Sep./18)
Selected Flute Ensemble Music, Carol Kniebusch Noe (Apr./24)
Tone Colors and Articulation, Donald Peck (Sep./20).

Etudes for Flute Alone, Otto Luening (Feb./26)
Evening at the Pond, Eddy Palmer (Apr./22)
The Girl with Emphysema, Howard Vance (May/21)

Bennett Reflects on Geoffrey Gilbert, Monya Winzer Gilbert (Feb./12)
Celebrating Kincaid’s Centennial, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Sep./24)
Comments from the Judges of the 1996 Flute Talk Competition (July/14)
Composer Otto Luening at 95, by Emily Good (Jan./ 22)
Learning Showmanship from Opera Stars, Susan Hayes (Apr./17)
The Musical Evolution of Strauss, Ravel, Schoenberg, Larry SchanKer (Oct./12)
Patience and Perseverance Pay Off, Jennifer Steele Conner (Jan./26)
1995-96 Directory of Flute Competitions (Oct./31)
1996 Masterclasses, compiled by Mary Jean Simpson (Mar./20)
Preview of the 1996 N.F.A. Convention, Eric Hoover (July, 20)

Copland and the Piccolo, Jan Gippo (Sep./32)
Piccolo Challenges of Copland’s Third Symphony, Jan Gippo (Oct./38)
New Works for Piccolo, Jan Gippo (Jan./32)
Piccolo Solos with Band, Jan Gippo (Mar./32)
Selecting a Piccolo, Jan Gippo (Apr./32)
The Piccolo in Prokofiev’s 5th ( May/32)
Grainger, Persichetti, and the Piccolo (July/32).
The Piccolo Scene in Sydney, Diane Berger (Nov./32)
Noteworthy Piccolo Events, Lois Schaefer (Dec./32)
The Open-Hole Piccolo, John Fonville (Feb./32)

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