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Annual Index Flute Talk 1994-1995

Flute Talk

September 1994-July 1995

Michel Debost:
Stress and the Flute (Sept./4)
Don’t Study the Study (Oct./4)
Mandible Mania (Nov./4)
Fulcrums of Flute Playing (Dec./4)
Freedom Disciplined (Jan./4)
Beloved Neuroses (Feb./4)
My Friend the Diaphragm (Mar./4)
Fulcrum Pressure (April/3)
Closing the Closest Key (May/3)
Holding Steady on Trills (July/4)

George Barrere, Conquering the New World, Nancy Toff (Mar./16)
Jeanne Baxtresser, Drawn to the Music, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (April/6)
Jacob Berg, Continuing the Kincaid Legacy, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (May/6)
Demetrios Callimahos, First Carnegie Hall Flutist, Andrew Callimahos (Jan./11)
Timothy Hutchins, Success Building Success, Jonathan Bayley (Sept./8)
Conrad Klemm, Musicality First by Robert Rawlins (Oct./13)
Walfrid Kujala and Judith Bentley, Puffing Is Not Hazardous to Flute Playing, Kerry Walker (Feb./12)
Donald Peck, Still Enjoying the Challenge, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Mar./6)
Paula Robison, Projecting Sound and Spirit, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Nov./8)
Lance Sanford, 1995 Competition Winner, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (July/8)
Robert Willoughby, Combining the Best of Schools, Kerry Walker (Dec./8)

Performance Guides:
Berlioz’ Delusive Delights, Diane Boyd (Feb./21)
Flute Music of Ernest Bloch, Kim McCormick (Jan./8)
Georges-Hue’s Fantaisie, George Pope (Nov./13)
Paul Whear’s Five Haiku, Wendell Dobbs (Oct./20)
Debussy’s Interlude from the Sonata for Flute, Viola, and Harp, Robin Fellows (April/12)

Dutilleux’s Sonatine, John Barcellona (Dec./13)
Enesco’s Cantabile et presto, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Mar./12)
Honegger’s Danse de la Chevre, Robin Fellows (Sept./14)
Mower’s Sonata Latino, Thomas W Brown (May/12)
Jolivet’s Concerto, Brian Luce (May/13)
Persichetti’s Parable far Solo Flute, Alan Zoloth (Feb./6)
“The Children’s March” from John Corigliano’s Pied Piper Fantasy, Nora Lee Garcia (July/17).

Adjust it Yourself, Robert Ambs (May/22)
Exploring the Sources of Bach’s Concert Studies, Ronald Waln (May/16)
Expressive Vibrato, Jim Walker (July/15)
Into the Jaws of Inflation, Walfrid Kujala (Oct./10)
Jazz Scales for Classical Flutists, Robert Rawlins (Jan./18)
New Perspective on Note Releases, Walfrid Kujala (April/15)
Of Metronomes and Tempo, John Knight (Feb./28)
Articulation, John Hinch (Dec./18)
Benefits of Inflation, Walfrid Kujala (Oct./28)
Breathing Exercises, Tadeu Coelho (Nov./24)
Flute Fundamentals, Mary Karen Clardy (Sept./18)
Flute Tone and Intonation, Robert Willoughby (Dec./11)
LaMontaine’s Flute Music, by Paula Hutchinson (Feb./15)
Mental Concepts to Improve Performance, Sonny Burnette (Feb./ 26)

Five-Six, Nancy DeHaven Hall (Jan./24)
The Holly and the Ivy, Anthony Scott Watson (Dec./22)
Variations on Yankee Doodle, Otto Luening (Sept./21) (Oct./23)

Directory of Flute Competitions (Oct./30)
Index of Orchestral Performance Guides, Leonard Garrison (May/24)
Index of Performance Guides, Leonard Garrison (April/23)
1995 Master Classes, Mary Jean Simpson (Mar./20)
1995 NFA Convention, Angeleita S. Floyd (July/22)
On Becoming a Music Major (Jan./ 20)
Playing Pops Concerts, Leonard Garrison (Sept./26)
Preparing for Performances, Stephen Zolper (May/10)
Road That Never Ends, Lynn Harrell (Jan./15)
Take Your Pick, Walfrid Kujala (Nov./18)
Judges’ Comments from the 1995 Flute Talk Competition (July/11)
Buying a Used Flute, Ginger Hedrick (May/20)
Keeping Instruments in Shape, James Phelan (Nov/22)
Coltrane’s Harmonic Roll, Bill McBirnie (April/21)
Enthusiasm for Jazz, Denis DiBlasio (Sept./27).

Method and Exercise Books, Tammy Sue Kirk (Sept./32)
Tchaikovsky’s 4th, Laurie Sokoloff (Oct./36)
Rave Reviews (Nov./31)
LaMontaine’s Sonata for Piccolo and Piano, Jan Gippo (Dec./30; Jan./32)
Military Piccoloists, Therese Wacker (Feb./36)
Vibrato Workouts, Jan Smith (Mar./31; April/32)
Berlioz and the Piccolo, Jan Gippo (May/28)
Special Piccolo Fingerings (July/30)

C = Columns
I = Interviews
G = Performance Guides
P = Pedagogy
M = Music
L = Piccolo
X = Miscellaneous Articles