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Annual Index Flute Talk 1993-1994

Flute Talk

September 1993-July 1994

Michel Debost:
Flutes, Phantasms, Phetishes (Sept./2)
Flute Expectation (Oct./2)
The First Six Months (Nov./2)
The French School: Miracle or Method (Dec/2)
Crunelle’s Practice Philosophy (Jan./2)
Repertoire as Practice (Feb./2)
Playing Long Phrases (Mar./2)
Musical Silence (Apr./2)
Phrasing Musically (May/2)

Doriot Anthony Dwyer, Dean Elder (Jan./8)
Andrea Griminelli, Performing with Pavarotti, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Feb./8)
Gaspar Hoyos, 1994 Flute Talk Competition Winner, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (May/8)
Trudy Kane, Joan Sparks (Feb./13)
Emmanuel Pahud, The Road to Berlin, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Mar./8)
Felix Skowronek, Switching to Wood, Megan Lyden (Oct./8)
Robert Spano, Trading Flute for Baton, Kathleen Chastain (Dec/12)
Himie Voxman, The Voxman Method, Shirley Strohm Mullins (Nov./15)

Performance Guides:
Concertino for Flute With a New Twist, Thorn Ritter George (Nov./8)
Correcting Schubert’s Second Variation, John Wion (Apr./29)
Exercise on Syrinx, Stevens Hewitt (Feb./16)
Performing Aaron Copland’s Duo for Flute and Piano, John Barcellona (Dec./8)
Performing Gustav Hoist’s The Planets, Mary Karen Clardy (Jan./12)

After Syrinx, Madelyn Holmes (Dec./15)
Crossing Over Into Jazz, Bill McBirnie (Mar./17)
Frederick the Great, Flutist and Composer, Hal Ott (Sept./8)
John Corigliano’s Flute Music, Paul Doebler (Sept./20)
Judges’ Roundtable Discussion, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (May/12)./
Interpreting Bach’s Appoggiaturas, J. Franklin Fenley (Apr., 16)./
Landing an Orchestral Job, Sarah D. Swersey (Jan./18)
New Approaches to Teaching Notation, Richard E. Clark, Laura Hamm, and Julianne Dent (Jan./21)
Setting Studio Policies, Martha Beth Lewis, Jim Kunitz, and Kenneth Renshaw (Feb./22)
Swimming Practice Applied to Music, Eileen Yarrison (Dec./17)
Teaching Musicality with Rhythm, Peter Gries (Mar./12)
Performing Messiaen’s Le Merle Noir, Paula Hutchinson (Oct./8)
Revisiting Rubank’s Selected Studies,Wendell Dobbs (Nov./12)
Sigfrid Karg-Elert’s Flute Works, Douglas Worthen and George Hambrecht (Sept./13)
18th-Century Woodwind Articulation, Wendy Herbener Mehne (Apr./13)
A Gem of a Master Class, Kathleen Goll-Wilson (Apr./6)
Overcoming Tension, Katherine Glaser (Feb./25)
Performance Tips for Intermediate Players, Sonny Burnette (Sept./22)
Vocalizing on the Flute, Philippe Bernold (May/20)

Canonical Studies III and IV, Otto Luening (Sept./24)
Claude Debussy’s Syrinx, (Feb./18)
Tchaikovsky’s Danse des Mirlitons (Feb./19)
Early One Morning, arr. by Thomas Brawn (Mar./26)
Monologue by Aaron Einbond (Jan./16)
Solo per il Flauto Traverso #126, by Frederick the Great (Oct./17)
Solo per il Flauto Traverso #145, by Frederick the Great (Nov./22)
Solo per il Flauto Traverso #190, by Frederick the Great (Dec./20)
Sonata in E Major, B.W.V. 1035, J.S. Bach (Apr./19)
Vocalises, Philippe Bernold (May/20).

Beethoven’s Mistake (Sept./32)
Mahler’s Piccolo Parts (Oct./32)
Playing Ravel with Elegance (Dec./29)
Dvorak’s Piccolo Solos (Jan./32)
Brahms and the Piccolo (Feb./32)
Practicing Difficult Passages, (Mar./32)
Simplifying Difficult Passages (Apr./32)
Noteworthy Changes to Rima (May, 32

Competition Winners, Lois Schaefer (Nov./32)
Directory of Flute Competitions (Oct./24)
Flute Clubs and Choirs compiled by Grace Petree (Feb./27)
Flutist’s Common Mistakes by Walfrid Kujala (Oct./27)
Memories of Music Camp (May/18)
Musical Birds, Ervin Monroe (Sept./27)
1994 Summer Master Classes, Mary Jean Simpson (Mar./21; Apr./24)

C = Columns
I = Interviews
G = Performance Guides
P = Pedagogy
M = Music
L = Piccolo
X = Miscellaneous Articles