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Annual Index Flute Talk 1991-1992

Flute Talk

September 1991-July 1992

Michel Debost:
Basics of Flute Playing, Sept. 2
Enjoyable Flute Playing, Oct. 2, Nov. 2
Tonguing and Attacks, Dec. 2
Language of Music, Jan. 2
Flute Tradition or Labor Camp, Feb. 2
Nostalgic Flute Journey, Mar. 2
System of Memorization, Apr. 2
Planning a Program, May 4
Suzuki, July 2

Barry Green:
Let It Happen, Nov. 4
Stop Trying to Be a Good Musician, Dec.4
Permission to Fail, Jan. 4
Techniques of Trust, Feb. 4
To Read or Not, Mar. 4
Pressure, Olympic Style, Apr. 4.

George Morey Interview (Linking the Past and Present) by Mary Karen Clardy, Sept. 8
Jan Gippo Talks Pice by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Oct. 8
Katherine Hoover Interview (Composing with Clarity) by Dennis Hugh Avey, Nov. 8
Susan Milan Interview (Beyond the Orchestra) by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Dec. 8
John Barcellona Interview (Nothing But Music) by Elizabeth Church-ville, Feb. 9
Michael Daugherty-Composing with Imagination by Kathy Chastain Debost, Mar. 14
Harold Bennett, Flute Doctor by Carol Montparker, Mar. 16
Immanuel Davis Interview, 1992 Flute Talk Competition Winner by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Apr. 8
American Composer Otto Luening by Emily Good, May 18
Maxence Larrieu: (Stylistic Playing) by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, July 14

Ingredients of Good Practicing by Karen Yonovitz, Sept. 18
Starting a Teaching Studio by Martha Lewis, Sept. 20
Improving Piccolo Technique by Jan Gippo, Oct. 12
Starting to Play Piccolo by Stephen Tanzer, Oct. 18
Piccolo Auditions by Janice Smith, Oct. 22
Playing D-flat Repertoire on C Piccolo by Richard Roberto, Oct. 27
The Genius of Moyse’s Melodious Studies by Marilyn Shotola, Nov. 15
A Guide to Improvisation by Ellen Burr, Nov. 11
It’s Never Too Late by Dorothy McDade Johns, Nov. 19
Advice for Future College Flutists by Walfrid Kujala, Nov. 28
The Teaching of Marcel Moyse by Julia Bogorad, Dec. 12
The Rampal Discography by Denis Verroust, Dec. 20
Historic Flutes by Thomas J. Brown, Dec. 16
Flute Vibrato by Robert Willoughby, Jan. 24
Dispelling Vibrato Myths by Kimberly Johnson, Jan. 25
Controlling the Airstream by David Jacobsen, Jan. 14
The Legendary Kincaid by John Krell, Feb. 12
Wind and Song by Arnold Jacobs, Feb. 13
Understanding Baroque Music by Carolyn Krysl, Feb. 21
Flute Fingerings: In Homage to Henri Altes by Walfrid Kujala, Mar. 8
Evaluating the Performances by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Apr. 11
Comparing the Bach Sonatas by Robin B. Fellows, Apr. 19
Nutrition for Musicians by Leone Buyse, Apr. 25
Playing in Tune by Alan Zoloth, Apr. 29
Advice for Young Flutists by Ervin Monroe, May 6
Flute Intonation by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, May 8
Intonation Beyond the Strobe by Kenneth Meisinger, July 16
Intonation and the Harmonic Series by Andrea Kapell Loewy, July 18
Embouchure Problems by Hanna Szapiro, July 25
Embouchure Development by Phillip Kaplan, July 26
Baroque Performance by Norman C. Chapman, July 22

Performance Guides:
Arthur Farwel’s Suite for Flute and Piano by Pat Harper, Sept. 15
Performing Ravel’s Daphnis and Chloe by Walfrid Kujala, Oct. 28
Guide to Performing Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring by Mary Karen Clardy, Jan. 8
Performance Guide to Ravel’s Daphnis and Chloe by Mary Karen Clardy, May 13

Suite for Flute and Piano, Op. 114 by Arthur Farwell, Sept. 12
Carmen’s Piccolo Duet by John Wion, Oct. 20
Away in a Manger arranged by Dennis Hugh Avey, Nov. 20
]ingle Bells arranged by Bill Holcombe, Dec. 15
Kim’s Chase by Stuart Ling, Jan. 18
Swingin’ Flutist by Bill Holcombe, Feb. 19
Sensations for Flute and Percussion by Ostap Soroka, Mar. 20
Flute Works by Douglas Derek Bell, Apr. 27
Sweepin’ by David Schoettle, May 24
Flute Fanfare by Otto Luening, May 16

A Dozen Reasons for Piccolo Playing by Jan Smith, Sept. 32
Directory of Flute Competitions, Oct. 25
1992 Flute Master Classes by Susan Waller, Mar. 24
A Close Relationship by Robin Chapman, May 3.

Soft Piccolo Playing by Zart Dombourian-Eby, Oct. 32
Early Piccolo Lessons by Cynthia Ellis, Nov. 32
Stress or Strain Forever by Walfrid Kujala, Feb. 32

Jan Gippo:
Piccolo History, Dec. 32
Clement Barone Interview, Jan. 32
Symphony Piccoloists, Mar. 32
Repertoire, Apr. 32
New Piccoloist and Concerto, July 32