Annual Index Flute Talk 1990-1991

Flute Talk

September 1990-July 1991

Jimmy’s Corner by James Galway, Sept.-2
Flute Expectations by Michel Debost, Sept.-6
Tempo: Machine or Heartbeat? by Michel Debost, Oct.-4
Hit Parade or Hit List? by Michel Debost, Nov.-2
Recipe for Flute Playing by Michel Debost, Dec-6
Difficulties Made Simple by Michel Debost, Jan.-2
Interpretation is Imagination and Grammar by Michel Debost, Feb.-2
Freedom, Equality, and Stability by Michel Debost, Mar.-2
Play Big, Blow Small by Michel Debost, Apr.-2
Simple Mechanics of Breathing by Michel Debost, May-2
The Basics of Instrumental Playing by Michel Debost, July-3

A Conversation with Ned Rorem by Dennis Hugh Avey, Sept.-8
Soichi Minegishi, Teacher and Orchestral Player by Mary Karen Clardy, Sept.-16
Right Place, Right Time by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Oct.-8
Walter Haedrich Found His Way by Kristina Karla Haedrich, Nov.-12
Perpetuating the Art by Ann McCutchan, Dec-8
Alexander Murray on Interpretation by Catherine A. Sell, Feb.-6
A Conversation with Mark Thomas by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Mar.-8
Jean-Pierre Rampal on Making Music by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, May-8
Winning With Musicality: An Interview with Dionne Hansen by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, July-10

Performance Guides:
Performance Guide Interpreting Syrinx by Roy E. Ernst and Douglass M. Green, Feb.-13
Schubert’s Theme and Variations on Trockne Blumen by John Barcellona, Apr.-6
Sousa’s Stars and Stripes by Carol Kniebusch Noe, Jan.-19
Analysis of Telemann’s Sonata in G Major by Roy E. Ernst and Douglass M. Green, May-14

Technique of Sound by Angelita Stevens Floyd, Sept.-11
The Diaphragm Mystique by Raymond Fabrizio, Oct.-18
Listening to Learn: Flute Forum by John Wion, Oct.-29
Listen to More Than Recordings by Ervin Monroe, Nov.-6
Flutists Don’t Have All the Answers by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Nov.-8
Improving Articulation by John Barcellona, Nov.-15
Deficient Dynamics by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Dec-13
Playing from Orchestral Parts by John Wion, Dec-24
Challenging Talented Students by Karen C. Rogers, Dec-25
Vibrato and the Flute by Jim Walker, Jan.-4
The Vitality of Music by Carol Wincenc, Jan.-8
Connecting with the Crowd by Denis Di-Blasio, Jan.-13
Controlling Dynamics by John Barcellona, Jan.-17
Concepts of Phrase Breathing by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Feb.-l0
Jean-Pierre Rampal on Syrinx: Another Point of View by Jean-Pierre Rampal, Mar.-12
Developing Natural Musicianship by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Apr.-13

Lady’s Frolic by Randy Budnikas, Oct.-24
Silent Night, Holy Night arr. by Bill Holcombe, Nov.-24
Les Papillons by Thea Musgrave, Dec.-33
Song by David Schoettle, Jan.-22
Dance by Kim Theodore, Jan.-25
Friends for Flute Quartet by Catherine Dill, Feb.-26
Grace by James Perone, Mar.-30
Song for Flute and Piano by Steven Harlos, May-25
Two for Two, Two — II: Vivaldina by Alejandro Tkaczevski, July-32

Flutist Georges Barrere by Frank Crane, Feb.-22
Post-Concert Small Talk by Ervin Monroe, Mar.-6
1991 Summer Master Classes by Susan Waller, Mar.-20
The 19th National Flute Association Convention, July-24
Orchestral Flutists, July-28
The Strobe: A Forgotten Friend by Frank Wickes, Sept.-20
Renewing Old Standards by Karen Yonovitz, Sept.-26
Louis Ouzer Photo Gallery, Sept.-24
Combining Music and Business by Lee-Ann Horning, Oct.-14
Directory of Competitions, Oct.-20
The Career Musician by Mary Karen Clardy, Dec.-16
Ceramic Flutes by Iris Brooks, Dec.-22
The Alec Wilder Legacy by Virginia Nanzetta, Feb.-20
Flute Sonatas Fit for a King by Barbara Jackson, Sept.-18
Misleading Music Notation by Bruce Berr, Nov.-20
Advice from the Judges by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Apr.-19
Evaluating Contest Performances by Monroe, Powell, Smith, July-14
Mozart’s Flute Music by Kathleen Goll-Wilson and Robert Rawlins, Mar.-14
Altissimo Register Fingering Chart by Ernie Brock, Mar.-16
Learning Artistry by Gerald Eugene, Apr.-25
The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green, May-21

Alternate Fingerings by Jan Gippo, Sept.-30
Piccolo Repertoire Expands by Jan Gippo, Oct.-32
Preparing Rossini’s Semiramide by Jan Gippo, Nov.-32
The Butterflies by Jan Gippo, Dec.-36
Piccolo Tidbits by Jan Gippo, Jan.-32
Shostakovich and the Piccolo by Jan Gippo, Feb.-32
Piccolo Blend by Jan Gippo, Mar.-32
Ballet Music and the Piccolo by Lois Schaefer, Apr.-31
Symphony Piccolo Players by Jan Gippo, May-32
Piccoloists of Note by Jan Gippo, July-37