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Annual Index Flute Talk 1989-1990

Flute Talk

September 1989-July 1990

A Tribute to Gaston Crunelle by Michel Debost, Apr.-29
Minuet or Funeral March? by Michel Debost, May-6
Music and Technique by Michel Debost, July-6
Jimmy’s Corner by James Galway, Dec-26; Feb.-2; Apr.-2; May-2; July-2

Bonita Boyd — Flutist Savant by Barbara Klipp, Sept.-8
Late Bloomer Rien de Reede by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Sept.-12
A la Kujala by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Oct.-8
Robert Dick Extends the Boundaries by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Nov.-8
A Tribute to Murray Panitz by Eileen Grycky, Nov.-22
The Boland-Dowdall Duo: They’ll Take You Back in Time, Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Dec-8
Michel Debost Teaches How to Learn by Charles Andrews, Jan.-8
Ransom Wilson: Flutist and Conductor by Rebecca Magg, Jan.-17
Observant Teacher Samuel Baron by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Feb.-8
Peter Lloyd: In Search of Musical Ideal by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, Mar.-8
Peter Lloyd Remembers Moyse by Joan Marie Bauman, Mar.-12
Harry Houdeshel — The Magic Never Stops; Houdeshel Remembers Kincaid by Thomas A. Kennedy, Apr.-8
Profile of Winner Jennifer Debiec by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, May-8
I Could Have Laughed All Night: An Interview with Peter Schickele by Kathleen Goll-Wilson, July-8

Performance Guides:
Performance Guide: Eric Arnal’s Echos from Hiroshima by Joan Marie Bauman, Nov.-12
Performance Guide: Charles Nicholson’s Roslin Castle by Jan Boland, Dec.-11
Performance Guide: Robert Dick’s Lookout! by Robert Dick, Feb.-14

The Art of Writing Music Manuscripts by Dave Schoettle, Sept.-16
Flute Tips by Jim Walker, Sept.-14
Oh No, Not Sightreading! by Jane Bent, Sept.-19
The Contemporary Flutist by Stephen Kujala, Oct.-11
Playing Opera by John Wion, Jan.-13
Flute Intonation by John Knight, Jan.-22
Motivation by Shirley Strohm Mullins, eb.-19
Practice Tips for Technical Passages of J.S.
Bach’s A Minor Partita by Robin Fellows, Apr.-16
Teaching Adult Beginners by Alan Zoloth, May-20
Sascha Gorodnitzki on Music by Sascha Gorodnitzki, May-21
Circular Breathing for Wind Players by Michele Gingras, May-25
The Dynamics of Breathing by Kevin Kelly, Oct.-14
A Survey of Ambiguous Wind Articulations by Gary Stith, Dec-22
Let It Swing by Matt Marvuglio and Wendy Rolfe, Feb.-24
Flute Sonatas Fit for a King by Barbara Jackson, July-20

Chant from Three for Two, One by Alexander Tkaczevski, Sept.-21
Echoes from Hiroshima for solo flute by Eric Arnal, Nov.-18
Flute Duet No. 1 by Michaela Huber, Jan.-20
The Pinkie Polka by Ernie Block, Mar.-18
Fantasy for flute alone by Stephen Demb-ski, Apr.-20
Canonic Duets by James Perone, May-16
Moulade in June by Randy Budnikas, July-18

Directory of Flute Competitions, Oct.-22
The Baroque Flute and Harpsichord Ensemble by Penelope Mathiesen, Dec-18
The First James Galway International Seminar by Catherine Sell, Dec.-20
The Flute and the Glass Harmonica by Kenneth Piotrowski, Feb.-26
The Art of Flutist Paul Taffanel by John Ranck, Mar.-14
The Legend of Daphnis and Chloe by Dennette McDermott, Mar.-16
How to Release Tension by Phyllis Nefsky, Mar.-17
1990 Summer Master Classes b

Readers Respond by Jan Gippo, Sept.-32, Dec-32
The Year of the Picc by Jan Gippo, Oct.-32
Piccolo Repertoire by Jan Gippo, Nov.-32
The New and the Old by Jan Gippo, Jan.-32
The Nutcracker and the Piccolo by JanGippo, Feb.-32
Playing the Adjective by Jan Gippo, Mar.-32
Soloing with the Band by Jan Gippo, July-32