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Annual Index Flute Talk 1987-1988

Flute Talk

September 1987-July 1988

Goll-Wilson, Kathleen, The 1988 Flute Talk Competition Winner: Amy Porter, May, 8
Goll-Wilson, Kathleen, Albert Tipton – A Scholarly Musician, December, 6
Goll-Wilson, Kathleen, Communicating Without Speaking, July/August, 8
Goll-Wilson, Kathleen, Donald Peck – A Musician Who Happens to Play the Flute, October, 8
Goll-Wilson, Kathleen, Judith Lapple: At Ease With The Flute, April, 6
Goll-Wilson, Kathleen, Karl Kraber: Staying on Track, January, 6
Goll-Wilson, Kathleen, Kathy Chastain: Don’t Call Her Madame, March, 6
Goll-Wilson, Kathleen, Leone Buyse Pictures Success, November, 6
Montgomery, Sally, Jim Walker – A Life of Changes, September, 10
Yonovitz, Karen/Waller, Susan, William Hebert: Playing Piccolo with Pride, February, 6

Performance Guides:
Harper, Patricia, Sidney Lanier’s “Wind-Song,” December, 29
Robison, Paula/Fisk, Eliot, Performance Guide: Robert Beaser’s Mountain Songs, July/August, 14
Stout, Glennis, Gordon Jacob’s The Pied Piper, February, 13

Richards, Ann, How to Get the Most Out of Your Private Lessons, May, 23
Averitt, Frances Lapp, Gamme-Game of Michel Debost, The, March, 14
Baxtresser, Jeanne, Becoming an Ideal Student, May, 12
Dick, Robert, The Linguistic-Articulation Connection, November, 29
Kujala, Walfrid, 24 Practical Exercises for Flute, October, 31
Kujala, Walfrid, Jawboning and the Embouchure – Part II, September, 12
Kujala, Walfrid, Jawboning and the Embouchure – Part III, October, 30
Peck, Donald, Too Much Tongue in Tonguing, October, 14
Trenkamp, Anne, Solving Musical Problems, December, 11
Watson, William, Breakthroughs for the Adult Amateur, November, 17
Watson, William, The Role of the Inner Voice, July/August, 25

Brahms, Johannes, 12 Canons (from 13 Kanons fur Frauenstimmer for Flute Ensemble), Movements 1, 2, and 3 transcribed by Tom A. Kennedy, Jr., May, 29
Burswold, Lee, “Annie’s Jazz Waltz,” December, 24
Corrette, Michel, Duet, Six Sonatas, Op. 23, September, 24
Cornell, Richard, Duos Traversos, “I. Episode (Canon),” April, 30
Debussy, Claude, Suite Bergamasque, “Passepied”, October, 22
Jacob, Gordon, Pied Piper, The, February, 16 (see Performance Guides, by Glennis Stout)
Kuhlau, Friedrich, Duet One, Opus 102, 1, April, 25
Lanier, Sidney, Wind-Song (1874), December, 30
Mozart, W.A., Allegro Maestoso from Concerto in G, K. 313, January, 18
Mozart, W.A., Seventeen Duets from The Magic Flute, “Dies Bildness ist Bezau-berndschon” and “Der Holle Rache Kocht in Meinem Herzen,” November, 12
Mozart, W.A., Seventeen Duets from The Magic Flute, “O Isis und Osiris,” February, 26
Tanaka, Akira, Most Amazing Duet Book Ever, The, “Au Printemps (In Spring),” October, 21
Tucker, Greg, Idle Conversations for Two Flutes, March, 20

Aitken, Robert, Why Teach?, October, 35
Bailey, John, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, February, 19
Ferguson, Betty White, Concentration Thieves, February, 24
Galway, James/Goll-Wilson, Kathleen, Galway’s Challenge, December, 34
Kniebusch, Carol, How to Prepare Audition Tapes, October, 24
Lapple, Judy, Overcoming Performance Anxiety, April, 12
Adair, William A., M.D., The Pleasure and Pain of Performing, January, 33
Aitken, Shelagh, The British Flute Society’s London Flute Day, September, 21
Averitt, Frances Lapp, An Outsider’s View, Inside the Paris Conservatoire, March, 11
Bloom, Peter, Antique Flute Prices Make History, March, 25
Hecox, Steve, Plugging in the Flute, September, 13
Kraber, Karl, Quintet Technique, January, 12
Leff, Rebecca, Do You Really Need a Manager? October, 16
Montgomery, William/Wincenc, Carol/ de Wetter-Smith, Brooks, Congratulations and Advice – A Synopsis of the Judges’ Roundtable, May, 17
Norris, Mary Beth, The Penny Whistle School, November, 22
Rice-Young, Amy, The Well-Planned Public Performance, December, 21
Thomas, Mark, Sweet 16, May, 24
Adair, William A., M.D., Flutists Ask the Doctor, April, 18
Bloom, Peter, Contemporary Sounds for the Baroque Flute, January, 27
Brown, Carol, Piccolo Solos, February, 11|
Chamber Music Repertoire, January, 11
de Wetter-Smith, Brooks, In Search of Gold, March, 17
Directory of Hute Competitions, September, 16Flute Master Classes 1988, April, 20
Gordon, Sam, The Repair Shop, September, 8
Gordon, Sam, The Repair Shop, October, 6
Mills, Donn Laurence, The Flute Boom -An Embarrassment of Riches, February, 22
Prentice, Barbara, How Do You Spell Relief (for Stress)? E-x-e-r-c-i-s-e, April, 14
San Diego Convention 1988, The, July/ August, 19