Annual Index of Articles

Volume 74, August 2019-June 2020

Interviews and Profiles

Big Results in Small Schools: An Interview with Mike Eagan and Cindy Swan-Egan by John Thomson (8/19, p. 6)
A Conversation with Jules Pegram by Patricia Cornett (11/19, p. 17)
An Interview with Gustavo Dudamel by John W. Knight (12/19, p.10)
Keep on Going: An Interview with Mickey Smith, Jr. (4/20, p. 8)
The Lasting Benefits of Musical Training: An Interview with Baltimore Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker by Mark Lortz (10/19, p. 6)
Passionate Creativity: An Interview with Stephan Shewan by John Thomson (11/19, p. 6)
The Path to Excellence: An Interview with Alex Kaminsky by John Thomson (3/20, p. 6)
The Tricks of the Trade: An Interview with Daniel Galloway by Dan Blaufuss (2/20, p. 8)
Using Band to Create Community: Rhode Island’s Meet in the Middle Program by Timothy Todd Anderson (6/20)

Conducting and Literature
The Challenges of Grade Three Music by Quincy C. Hilliard (3/20, p. 48)
Composers on Score Study by Zachary Friedland (9/19, p. 21)
Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night: Thoughts from Elliot Del Borgo by Jermie Arnold (2/20, p. 14)
The Footlifter March: An Analysis of Henry Fillmore’s Music by Gary Stith (11/19, p. 14)
Interpretation: Unlocking the Drama in Music by W. Francis McBeth (6/20)

Teaching and Rehearsal Ideas
Building Range in Middle School Musicians by Robert E. Foster, Jr. (4/20, p. 18)
Creative Ways to Keep Students Engaged by Heather Dipasquale (9/19, p. 8)
Encouraging Accountability by Jim Shaw (11/19, p. 11)
Improvisation in Beginning Band by Michael Alsop (8/19, p. 12)
Sightreading on a Budget by Anthony Pursell (8/19, p. 24)
Teaching Life Lessons in Music Classes by Christopher Barchesky (10/19, p.10)

Instrument Clinics
Breathing Tips for Each Brass Instrument by Max Matzen (3/20, p. 12)
Tips for Better Tuba Playing by David Dunham (2/20, p. 22)
Tuning Horns by Tom Dust (8/19, p. 22)
Understanding Brass Instruments by Micah Everett (6/20)

Consistent Timpani Tone and Articulations by Timothy Feerst (3/20, p. 16)
Preparing Percussionists for Festival by Matthew Temple (12/19, p. 24)
Strategies for Percussion Reading by Nathan Buonviri (2/20, p. 18)
Tempo Maintenance for Percussionists by Nathan Buonviri (8/19, p. 16)

New Year’s Resolutions for String Players by Samantha George (12/19, p. 30)
Wind and Percussion Techniques Applied to String Playing: An Intervie with Stephen Benham by Anthony Pursell (2/20, p. 24)

Tips for the Clarinet Break by Christine Damm (10/19, p. 14)
Troubleshooting Altissimo Clarinet by Phillip O. Paglialonga (4/20, p. 20)

Jazz Articles
Jazz Band from Scratch by Alyssa Grey and Michael Crawford (6/20)
Starting a Middle School Jazz Program by David Dunham (9/19, p. 12)
Strong Combos Make Strong Big Bands by Tom Lizotte (10/19, p.18)

Marching Articles
Efficient Teaching in Marching Band Rehearsals by Christopher Hoch (6/20)
Quick Tips for a Better Marching Band by Don Green and Trey Reely (6/20)

2019 Directory of Colleges and Universities (10/19, p. 22)
The 2019 Midwest Clinic (12/19, p. 16)
2020 Summer Camps and Clinics (3/20, p. 22)
All Musicians Should Juggle by Julia Duggan (10/19, p. 64)
Director, Check Your Stance by Dwight G. Kier (4/20, p. 32)
Getting a Teaching Job by Tom Lizotte (3/20, p. 20)
Life of Reely by Trey Reely: The Best Checklist (8/19, p. 32); To the Band Director Who Takes My Place (9/19, p. 2); YouTube It (10/19, p. 2); The Best of 2019 (12/19, p. 2); A Christmas Letter (2/20, p. 32); My Run for the Presidency (3/20, p. 56); Takeaways (4/20, p. 2)
A Musician with a Broken Wrist by Gina Ryan (6/20)
Pianists in Large Ensembles by Daniel Lee (4/20, p. 22)
President and King: Lincoln, Sousa, and Springfield by Thomas J. Trimborn (4/20, p. 14)
Selecting Choral Music by Stefanie Cash (11/19, p. 22)
So You Want to Be a Music Major by Andrew Allen (10/19, p. 20)
When Students Want to Drop Music for Advanced Placement Classes by Jeri Webb (9/19, p. 18)

Notes from Northbrook
A Convergence of Tried and True Principles by Dan Blaufuss (2/20, p. 2)
Knowing What’s Coming by Dan Blaufuss (3/20, p. 2)
Simple Gifts by James M. Rohner (11/19, p. 2)
The Strokes of Summer by James M. Rohner (8/19, p. 2)

Personal Perspective
Learning from and Loving the Great Chicago Symphony Orchestra by Thomas J. Trimborn (9/19, p. 32)
A Philosophy of Literature Selection by Jackie Townsend (11/19, p. 40)
Sousa – Still a Somebody by Frederick Fennell (12/19, p.40)

Index of Authors
Allen, Andrew, Oct./20
Anderson, Timothy Todd, June
Alsop, Michael, Aug./12
Arnold, Jermie, Feb./14
Barchesky, Christopher, Oct./10
Blaufuss, Dan, Feb./2, Feb./8, Mar./2
Buonviri, Nathan, Aug./16, Feb./18
Cash, Stefanie, Nov./22
Cornett, Patricia, Nov./17
Crawford, Michael, June
Damm, Christine, Oct./14
Dipasquale, Heather, Sep./8
Duggan, Julie, Oct./64
Dunham, David, Sep./12, Feb./22
Dust, Tom, Aug./22
Everett, Micah, June
Feerst, Timothy, Mar./16
Fennell, Frederick, Dec./40
Foster, Jr., Robert E., Apr./18
Friedland, Zachary, Sep./21
George, Samantha, Dec./30
Green, Don, June
Grey, Alyssa, June
Hilliard, Quincy C., Mar./48
Hoch, Christopher, June
Kier, Dwight G., Apr./32
Knight, John W., Dec./10
Lee, Daniel, Apr./22
Lizotte, Tom, Oct./18, Feb./20
Lortz, Mark, Oct./6
Matzen, Max, Mar./12
McBeth, W. Francis, June
Paglialonga, Phillip O., Apr./20
Pursell, Anthony, Aug./24, Feb./24
Reely, Trey, Aug./32, Sep./2, Oct./2, Dec./2, Feb./32, Mar./56, Apr./2, June
Rohner, James M., Aug./2, Nov./2
Ryan, Gina, June
Shaw, Jim, Nov./11
Stith, Gary, Nov./14
Temple, Matthew, Dec./24
Thomson, John, Aug./6, Nov./6, Mar./6
Townsend, Jackie, Nov./40
Trimborn, Thomas J., Sep./32, APr./14
Webb, Jeri, Sep./18


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