George Koregelos (1927-2012

Editor | September 2012

   Musician, inventor, and master craftsman, George Koregelos died of cancer in his home in Piedmont, California on July 8. After serving in WWII, Koregelos graduated from the Conn Vocational School in Elkhart, Indiana where he studied instrument repair. In 1960 he opened House of Woodwinds in Oakland, California where world-renowned performers sought his services. From 1980-1995, he made top-of-the-line hand-crafted flutes in silver and gold. These flutes continue to be sought after by performers and collectors alike.
   In 1975 he founded HW Products where he invented and patented instrument cleaning tools that have revolutionized instrument care. Some of his inventions have made their way into the pharmaceutical, food processing, and aerospace industries. He retired in 2007 to pursue an interest in photography.