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2016 Directory of Music Schools and Colleges

compiled by editors | October 2016

2016 Directory of Music Schools and Colleges

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photo courtesy of Arizona State University

    Before selecting a college, students first collect basic information about programs to narrow their search. To help them The Instrumentalist publishes an annual directory of music schools using information submitted by the schools. The listings are published at no charge to the colleges, but some schools purchase advertisements to highlight their programs. The Instrumentalist grants permission for subscribers to make up to 50 copies of this listing for students and parents.

An addendum will be published in the November issue. If your school was not included, contact us at or call 888-446-6888.

Codes for Degrees
    1    Performance
    2    Music Education
    3    Theory   
    4    Composition   
    5    History/Musicology
    6    Conducting
    7    Church Music
    8    Music Therapy
    9    Jazz Studies
10    Arts Administration
11    Music Industry
12    Music Theater
13    Recording Technology

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