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Allegro Moderato from Sonata I, Op. II

Michael Lynn, editor | May 2009

This duet is the first movement of the first sonata in Opus 2. The title page dedicates the work to “Jean August Honig, Conseiller Privé des Finances, de Guerre et des Domaines du Roi.” It was originally published in Amsterdam and Berlin by J. J. Hummel, one of the most important music publishers of the time. Unfortunately, other than those facts we know virtually nothing about Drobisch. Several other members of the Drobisch family, probably from the next generation, are known, although certainly don’t appear to be significant figures. In spite of this J. T. Drobisch’s Sonatas are attractive, well-composed, flute pieces that fall nicely in the range of medium difficulty.
    I prefer a tempo around a quarter note = 124. Drobisch creates much musical interest through the use of a variety of articulations, and performers should work to bring out the various musical moods these markings envoke. It is also important to emphasize the contrast created in the Dolce sections by connecting the notes more than in the surrounding material.  Pdf files