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Marching Band Reviews

Marching Band Reviews | June 2010

Marching Band Suggestions


The following list is an addendum to the New Music Reviews.

(M2) We Are The World arr. by Paul Lavender ($45, 3:35, Hal Leonard)

(M2) Jumpin’ Jack Flash arr. by Doug Adams ($45, 1:46, Alfred)

(M2) Drum Thang by Alan Keown ($25, 0:33, Matrix)

(M2) Shake, Rattle and Roll arr. by Mike Story ($45, 1:04, Alfred)

(M2) Just Dance arr. by Paul Murtha ($45, 1:30, Hal Leonard)

(M2) Livin’ La Vida Loca arr. by Mike Story ($45, 2:00, Alfred)

(M2) Stick Slammin’ Drum Jammin’ Cadence Park by Carl Major ($50, 1:57, Jalen)

(M2) Down arr. by Doug Adams ($45, 1:49, Alfred)

(M2) Americana arr. by Jerry Burns ($40, 1:29, Alfred)

(M2) High School Never Ends arr. by Michael Brown ($45, 1:30, Hal Leonard)

(M2) Glory Days
arr. by Doug Adams ($45, 1:28, Alfred)

(M2) El Zorro (The Fox) by Mike Story ($45, 1:38, Alfred)

(M2) Brown Eyed Girl by Morrison, arr. Murtha ($45, 1:45, Hal Leonard)

(M2) Get Off of My Cloud arr. by Jerry Burns ($40, 2:00, Alfred)

(M2) Gridiron Grooves by Joseph Murfin ($50, 1:26, Jalen)

(M2) Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Good­bye arr. by Jerry Burns ($40, 1:48, Alfred)

(M2) Gimme Some Lovin’ arr. by Jerry Burns ($40, 1:56, Alfred)

(M2) Know Your Enemy arr. by Mike Story ($45, 1:46, Alfred)

(M2) 21 Guns ar­r. by Mike Story ($45, 1:53, Alfred)

(M2) Hit The Road Jack arr. by Chris Sharp ($65, 1:25, Matrix)

(M2) Smooth arr. by Doug Adams ($45, 1:52, Alfred)

(M2) C’mon ’n Ride It (The Train)  arr. by Mike Story ($45, 1:31, Alfred)

(M2) Girls, Girls, Girls arr. by Doug Adams ($45, 1:53, Alfred)

(M2) Technique Building Exercises for the Developing Drum Line by Alan Keown ($50, 2:22, Matrix)

(M2) Stompin’ at the Savoy arr. by Mike Story ($45, 1:27, Alfred)

(M2) Bumpin’ by Alan Keown ($25, 0:37, Matrix)

(M2) 21st Century Breakdown arr. by Mike Story ($45, 1:34, Alfred)

(M2-3) Fell In Love with A Girl
arr. by Dallas Burke ($65, 1:43, Matrix)

(M2-3) Pop Jams Vol. 1 arr. by Paul Mur­tha ($50, 2:25, Hal Leonard)

(M2-3) Sweet Caroline arr. by Allen Gray, perc. Carl Major ($65, 2:04, Matrix)

(M2-3) New Moon (The Meadow) by Alexandre Desplat, arr. by Mic­hael Brown ($55, 1:50, Hal Leonard)

(M2-3) Rescue Me arr. by Allen Gray ($65, 1:35, Matrix)

(M2-3) Shout arr. by Michael Brown. ($45, 2:15, Hal Leonard)

(M3) Wipe Out arr. by Dallas Burke, per. Carl Major ($65, 1:94, Jalen)

(M3) All Night Long arr. by Michael Brown, perc. Will Rapp. ($55, 2:15, Hal Leonard)

(M3) The Heart of Rock and Roll  arr. Roland Barrett ($50, 1:25, Alfred)

(M3) Roundabout arr. Brian Scott ($50, 2:03, Alfred)

(M3) Take Me Out To The Ballgame  arr. by Gary Wylie and Kennan Wylie ($60, 1:90, Jalen)

(M3) Cuban Coffee by Victor Lo­pez ($50, 1:42, Alfred)

(M3) Spanish Parade Sequence by Paul Lavender, perc. Will Rapp ($45, 2:45, Hal Leonard)

(M3) 2nd Timeout by Jair Klarfeld ($60, 2:26, Jalen)

(M3) Cold-Hearted by Elliot Wolff, arr. Rolle II ($65, 1:40, Hal Leonard)

(M3) Messin’ With The Kid
arr. by Allen Gray ($65, 2:04, Matrix)

(M3) Hey Baby! arr. by Victor Lopez ($50, 1:25, Alfred)

(M3) You Are the New Day
by John David, arranged by Brian Scott ($50, 2:41, Alfred)

(M3-4) Right Now arr. by Allen Gray ($65, 2:02, Matrix)

(M3) Panama
arr. by Nick Baratta ($50, 1:31, Alfred)

(M3) Stop, Drop, and Roll by Chris Whyte ($25, 0:38, Matrix)

(M3) Sway (Quien Sera) arr. by Michael Brown, perc. Will Rapp. ($55, 1:50, Hal Leonard)

(M3) Whole Lotta Love arr. by Ralph Ford ($50, 1:28, Alfred)

(M3) 5 Days of Drum Camp by Carl Major ($50, 2:18, Jalen)

(M3) Dr. Feelgood
arr. by Roland Bar­rett ($50, 1:33, Alfred)

(M3) Grand Champion Drumline Warm Ups by Carl Major ($50, 1:28, Jalen)

(M3) Stairway to Heaven
arr. by Ralph Ford ($50, 2:49, Alfred)

(M3) Funktafied Game Beats
by Carl Major ($50, 1:34, Jalen)

(M3) She’d Be California
arr. by Nick Baratta ($50, 1:16, Alfred)

(M3) America (From Jazz Singer) arr. by Dave Henning ($65, 3:16, Matrix)

(M3) Open Arms arr. by Victor Lopez ($50, 2:48, Alfred)

(M3) Breaking the “Law of Rhythm” Cadence Pack
by Carl Major ($50, 2:10, Jalen)

(M3) Take the “A” Train
arr. by Shane Porter ($50, 1:18, Alfred)

(M3) We Are The World arr. by John Higgins ($50, 3:20, Hal Leonard)

(M3) Ramblin’ Man arr. by Ralph Ford ($50, 1:17, Alfred)

(M3) Shorties #16
by Victor Lopez ($50, 2:21, Alfred)

(M3) When Johnny Comes March­ing Home arr. by Gary Wylie, perc. Carl Major ($60, 2:16, Jalen)

(M3) The Funk Factor by Matt Savage ($25, 0:34, Matrix)

(M3) The Star Spangled Banner arr. by Roger Garcia ($60, 1:12, Jalen)

(M3) You Keep Me Hangin’ On arr. by Tim Waters ($50, 1:50, Hal Leonard)

(M2-3) Trip Hoppin’ by Dallas Burke ($60, 1:35, Jalen)

(M3) Unchain My Heart arr. by Chris Sharp ($65, 1:33, Jalen)

(M3) Seven Nation’s Army arr. by Dallas Burke ($65, 1:53, Matrix)

(M3) More Cowbell Baby by Carl Major ($50, 1:13, Jalen)

(M3) Pep Grooves Set 2010 by Alan Keown ($50, 1:50, Matrix)

(M3) This Too Shall Pass arr. by Ken Dye ($65, 2:20, Hal Leonard)

(M3) Let The Beat Rock
by Alan Keown ($25, 0:33, Matrix)

(M3) Hip to Be Square arr. Roland Barrett ($50, 1:46, Alfred)

(M3) Jamin’ Fan Jamz by Carl Major ($50, 1:23, Jalen)

(M3) Icky Thump arr. by Shane Porter ($65, 1:34, Matrix)

(M3) Party in the U.S.A. arr. by Vic­tor Lopez ($50, 1:45, Alfred)

(M3) Flirtin’ With Disaster arr. by Dave Henning ($65, 2:55, Matrix)

(M3) Aura Lee arr. by Gary Wylie, perc. Carl Major ($60, 2:02, Jalen)

(M3) Cherry Cherry arr. by Chris Sharp ($65, 1:50, Matrix)

(M3) Turkey In The Straw arr. by Gary Wylie, perc. Carl Major ($60, 1:58, Jalen)

(M3) Soul Sacrifice
arr. by Michael Brown, perc. Will Rapp ($55, 2:00, Hal Leonard)

(M3) Hip-Hop Timeouts arr. by Ralph Ford ($50, 2:17, Alfred)

(M3) Denial Twist arr. by Dallas Burke ($65, 1:33, Matrix)

(M3) (Dance and Shout) Shake Your Body Down to the Ground
arr. by Nick Baratta ($50, 1:32, Alfred)

(M3) Enter Sandman
arr. by Dallas Burke ($65, 1:94, Matrix)

(M3) Stadium Jams Vol. 4 arr. by Paul Murtha ($50, 2:00, Cherry Lane/Hal Leonard)

(M3) Defying Gravity arr. by Jay Bocook, per. Will Rapp ($50, 2:05, Hal Leonard)

(M3) Titan Spirit arr. by Jay Bocook, perc. Will Rapp ($65, 2:05, Hal Leonard)

(M3) Entry of the Champions by Jim Mahaffey, perc. Carl Major ($60, 1:59, Jalen)

(M3) Crowd Teasers 2010 arr. by David Samuel ($60, 2:48, Matrix)

(M3-4) Welcome to The Jungle arr. by Paul Murtha ($50, 1:50, Cherry Lane/Hal Leonard)

(M3-4) Here It Goes Again by Kulash, arr. Ken Dye ($65, 1:35, Hal Leonard)

(M3-4) Daedalus Part 2: Daedalus and Icarus by Thomas Bough, perc. Jim Bailey ($65, 2:12, Alfred)

(M3-4) Stadium Jams Vol. 5 arr. by Jay Bocook ($50, 2:00, Hal Leonard)

(M3-4) Avatar-Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 by James Horner, arr. Jay Bocook, perc. Will Rapp (each $65; Pt. 1-2:20, Pt. 2- 2:15, Pt. 3-2:15; Hal Leonard)

(M3-4) Cinema Italiano
arr. by Michael Brown, perc. Will Rapp ($65, 2:10, Cherry Lane/Hal Leonard)

(M3-4) Heartbreaker
arr. by Ralph Ford ($50, 1:39, Alfred)

(M3-4) Tainted Love
arr. by Dave Henning ($65, 2:16, Matrix)

(M3-4) Dancing Machine arr. by Tim Waters ($50, 1:50, Hal Leonard)

(M4) Whipping Post arr. by Ralph Ford, perc. T. Adam Black­stock ($55, 2:08, Alfred)

(M4) Impressions of Debussy (Seg­ment 1-Fetes) arr. by Jair Klarfeld and Jeff Yates ($60, 2:21, Jalen)

(M4) Impressions of Debussy (Seg­ment 2-Pre­lude/Petite Suite) arr. by Jair Klarfeld and Jeff Yates ($60, 2:43, Jalen)

(M4) Impressions of Debussy (Seg­ment 3-La Mer) arr. by Jair Klarfeld and Jeff Yates ($60, 2:16, Jalen)

(M4) American Barndance by Rich­ard Saucedo ($65, 2:45, Hal Leonard)

(M4) Daedalus Part 1: Labyrinth and Minotaur by Thomas Bough, perc. Jim Bailey ($75, 2:56, Alfred)

(M4) Daedalus Part 3: Mourning Icarus and Reprise
by Thomas Bough, perc. Jim Bailey ($75, 2:29, Alfred)

(M4) Stars and Stripes Forever by John Philip Sousa, arr. by Mike Story ($45, 1:46, Alfred)