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Angeleita Floyd

Florence Nelson | July 2013

    I grew up with the dictum that there are only a few angels in the world. When I first met Angeleita Floyd at an NFA convention, I understood what this meant, for here was one very busy, ebullient angel with such a perfect name.
    Angeleita Floyd is the professor of flute at the University of Northern Iowa. During her tenure she has fostered numerous prize-winning students at the regional and national level. Floyd earned a BM degree from Stetson University where she studied with the eminent British flutist Geoffrey Gilbert. She wrote The Gilbert Legacy: Methods, Techniques, and Exercises for the Flute based on his teachings. She is the founder and director of Winzer Press Publishing, and has edited and published Trevor Wye’s biographical work, Marcel Moyse: An Extraordinary Man (1993) and brought Sheryl Cohen’s Bel Canto Flute: The Rampal School to press in 2003. In addition, she has been a contributing author to Flute Talk magazine, The Flutist Quarterly, NACWPI Journal, the Emerson Flute Forum, and most recently, to the NFA Pedagogy Anthology. She received her MM, MMe, and DM degrees from Florida State University where she studied with Charles Delaney.
    Adding to her distinguished musical career, Dr. Floyd was elected to the positions of Vice-President, President, and Immediate Past President of the NFA, serving from 1998 to 2000. Other NFA positions include Program Chair for the 1995 Convention in Orlando, Florida, a member of the Board of Directors, and Coordinator for the Young Artist Competition and High School Soloist Competition, as well as general NFA Competition Coordinator.
    As Festival Chair for the Chicago Flute Club, I asked Floyd to teach a high school-level masterclass. She encouraged the students and projected her flute techniques in such a positive way that the audience could hear an instant improvement in the students’ playing.
    Her talents are enormous. From teaching, performing, and conducting, she has inspired flutists throughout the world. She is always willing to exchange ideas and offer suggestions. She encourages others to experiment, modify standard concepts, and investigate new approaches. Most importantly, Floyd includes herself in the hard work necessary to move away from the mantra heard so often, “That is not the way it has been done before.” I am proud to know and work with Angeleita Floyd. The NFA and all its members should be equally proud to have such a generous and wise person as the recipient of the NFA Distinguished Service Award.