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News Flashes from the Podium

Trey Reely | January 2013

    It is amazing what band directors can observe from their lonely perch atop the podium while guiding their young charges. Many observations are quite noteworthy and deserve at least a breaking-news headline. While these headlines may never make appear in the national media, they are certainly worthy of mention here.

Sophomore Clarinet Player Changes Reed for First Time in Three Years

Director, 25, Contemplates Career Change

Beginning Band Books Most Stolen Items in Nation’s Band Rooms

Student, 13, Removes Three Dead Mice from Trombone Slide, Solves Tonal Problems

Marching Out of Phase Seemingly Incurable

Student Sells 5000 Packages of Sticky Buns, Sets U.S. Record

Clarinet Player Takes Wrong Turn in 300-Member Band, Never Found

Sitting Up Straight in Rehearsal Prevents Scoliosis, NHA study says

Student Takes Instrument Home for First Time in Four Years, Director Faints

Late Entrances Linked to Strokes

Baton Throwing New Olympic Sport

Trumpet Player Sets High Note Record with No Warm-up, Bursts Artery

Trombone Players Not as Dumb as Others Think

Band Sets Record, Drags March mm.144 to 100 in 10 Seconds

Mellophone Player Takes Wrong Turn, Ten Student Pile-up Results

Government Study: Concession Stands Need More Vegetables

Emptying Water Keys Bad for Ozone Layer

Audiologist: Baritone Sax Tone Not Significantly Different from Foghorn

Big Bands in Small Band Rooms Contribute to Global Warming

Comedy Central: Band Directors Funnier than Average Teacher, Choral Directors A Distant Second

Double Reed Players Care More for Reeds than Single Reed Players

Dumb Questions on the Rise

One in Three Woodwind Reeds Need Changing, Study Finds

Director to Students: Go Home and Practice

One in Three Bands Drag Trio of Marches, NBA Survey Finds

Sarcasm Helpful if Used in Small Doses

EPA Report: Percussion Section Loses Enough Music in One Year to Kill Five Trees

Coach and Football Team Coming to Band Concert Just a Rumor

Conductor Survives Lightning Strike Unharmed, Poor Conducting Cited as Reason

School Journal: Band Favorite Class for Many Students

“Everything coming together” Makes for Special Moments, Director Says