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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 73

The Instrumentalist

August 2018-June 2019, vol. 73

Interviews and Profiles
Album Notes: An Interview with Jerry Junkin and John Mackey by Kaitlin Bove (8/18, p. 6)
An Eight-Year Plan: An Interview with Ian Flint by D. Blaufuss (3/19, p. 6)
Eldon Janzen and the University of Arkansas Band Program by Benjamin Davis (6/19)
An Interview with Colonel Jason K. Fettig by John Thomson (4/19, p. 8)
An Interview with Georgia’s Cynthia Johnston Turner by Dan Blaufuss (10/18, p. 10)
An Interview with Darcy Williams by Dan Blaufuss (5/19, p. 8)
Motivation and Leadership: An Interview with Jessica Fain by Dan Blaufuss (11/18, p. 6)
The Mystical Charles Munch by John Knight (2/19, p. 14)
Never Quit: An Interview with Randall Coleman by R. Cichy (2/19, p. 8)
A Pair of Celebrations in Wheaton, Illinois by J. Thomson (5/19, p. 24)
Teaching Music Production: A Profile of Chris Gemkow and York Community High School by Dan Blaufuss (4/19, p. 14)

Conducting and Literature
Keys to Successful Programming by Trey Reely (11/18, p. 22)
Maintaining Good Shoulder Health: A Guide for Conductors by Courtney Snyder and Christine Philip (11/18, p. 16)
Repertoire Preparation by Travis J. Weller (6/19)
Using Solo Literature to Improve Musicianship by Vanessa Davis (10/18, p. 22)

Teaching and Rehearsal Ideas
15 Rules of Effective Practice by Tedd Griepentrog (11/18, p. 40)
Accurate Rhythm and Time Division by Gabriel Fadale (1/19, p. 26)
Back to Breathing by Michael Alsop (2/19, p. 18)
Common Rehearsal Questions An¬swered by A. Pursell (1/19, p. 6)
Finding the Right Guest Conductor by Steven P. Katzenmoyer (10/18, p. 78)
Five Strategies for More Effective Rehearsals by David W. Mont¬gomery (4/19, p. 22)
Flipping the Music Classroom by Meghan Cabral (2/19, p. 20)
Helping Students Master Rhythm by Benjamin Whitcomb (10/18, p. 18)
Lessons from Beginners by Anthony Pursell (3/19, p. 20)
My Band Got a II at Contest and That Is Excellent by Christopher Brandt (11/18, p. 10)
A Portrait of Successful Directors by Barbara Lambrecht (6/19)
Practicing Musicality by Joe Riposo (9/18, p. 27)
Rules of the Road by T. Lizotte (6/19)
Teaching Composition in Ensemble Classes by Michael Fleischmann (3/19, p. 12)
Teaching through Questions by Jim Colonna, Travis Weller (8/18, p. 21)
Tongue Twister Triumphs by Ronald M. Pruitt (3/19, p. 56)

Instrument Clinics
A Short Guide to Maintaining Piston and Rotary Valves by Micah Everett (9/18, p. 18)
Concentrate on the Sound with Beginning Students by Roger Rocco (2/19, p. 24)
Managing Extreme Trumpet Dynamics by Adrian D. Griffin (5/19, p. 23)
On the Dilemma of Horns by Tom Dust (4/19, p. 26)
Teaching the Concepts of Trumpet Playing by Vincent Cichowicz (6/19)
Trumpet Practice without the Trumpet by Adrian D. Griffin (12/18, p. 26)
Using Practice Sessions to Improve Fundamentals by Kurt Zemaitaitis (10/18, p. 71)

Muffling Percussion Instruments by Nathan Buonviri (12/18, p. 30)
Wrong Notes in Timpani Parts by John E. Rack (1/19, p. 18)

A Crash Course in the Electric Bass by Dan Blaufuss (6/19)
Getting the Most from the Basses by Jason Heath (1/19, p. 12)
High Notes on Cello by Benjamin Whitcomb (8/18, p. 18)
Improving Intonation and Hand Habits in First Position by Samantha George (5/19, p. 20)
Tuning String Instruments by Benjamin Whitcomb (12/18, p. 28)

Adjusting to Braces by P. George (6/19)
Bassoon Limitations Real and Im¬ag¬ined by Elizabeth Rusch Fetters (12/18, p. 33)
Caring for Single-Reed Mouthpieces by David Cook (11/18, p. 25)
The Soprano Saxophone by Richard A. Schwartz (8/18, p. 12)
Switching Between Flute and Piccolo by Jeffery Zook (1/19, p. 24)
Tenor Sax Tips by Andrew J. Allen (3/19, p. 22)

Jazz Articles
3 Steps to Soloing over Standards by Tom Lizotte (9/18, p. 24)
A Primer on Jazz Bass by Jason Heath (4/19, p. 18)

Marching Articles
Arranging Music for Small Marching Bands by Mark Lortz (5/19, p. 14)
Flow in Marching Rehearsals by Jason P. Cumberledge (6/19)

2018 Directory of Schools of Music (10/18, p. 26)
2019 Summer Camps and Clinics (3/19, p. 24)
Avoiding Everyday Disasters by Trey Reely (3/19, p. 18)
Balancing Music and Technology by Tom Lizotte (2/19, p. 30)
Choosing a Music School by Meghan Cabral (10/18, p. 68)
Designing a History of Rock Class by Patricia Cornett (9/18, p. 10)
Getting Ready for Chicago (Midwest Preview) (12/18, p. 10)
Life of Reely by Trey Reely: Making Honor Band an Honor (8/18, p. 30); Whippersnappers and Geezers (9/18, p. 32); Cubs Way (10/18, p. 2); The Best of 2018 (12/18, p. 40); Band Director Bingo (1/19, p. 32); It Could Have Been Worse (2/19, p. 31); Easily Amused (4/19, p. 2); Last Will and Testament (5/19, p. 31); How to Become a Band Director in Ten Easy Lessons (6/19)
Mr Reed’s Tales collected by Brian Anderson: On Marching Band (8/18, p. 32); Fall Follies (10/18, p. 80); Mid-Year Madness (12/18, p. 38); Winter Blues (2/19, p. 32); Scales and Soccer (4/19, p. 32);Happy Endings (5/19, p. 32)
Music Across Generations by Linda Hartley and Shirley Strohm Mullins (1/19, p. 9)
Recruiting Parents by Mark Hosler (10/18, p. 14)
Tips from the Clinicians (Midwest Preview) (12/18, p. 18)

Notes from Northbrook
Favorites, Now and Always by Dan Blaufuss (9/18, p. 2)
Happy Memories by Dan Blaufuss (8/18, p. 2)
Keepers of the Flame by James M. Rohner (1/19, p. 2)
Perfectionism Versus Fun by Dan Blaufuss (3/19, p. 2)
Q & A by J.M. Rohner (5/19, p. 2)
With Respect by John Knight (12/18, p. 2)

Personal Perspective
How Music Outperforms STEM Sub¬jects by Patrick Herak (10/18, p. 6)
The Left-Hand Flute Project by James Brinkmann (8/18, p. 26)

Index of Authors
Allen, Andrew J., Mar./22
Alsop, Michael, Feb./18
Anderson, Brian, Aug./32, Oct./80, Dec./38, Feb./32, Apr./32, May/32
Blaufuss, Dan, Aug./2, Sep./2, Oct./10, Nov./6, Mar./2, Mar./6, Apr./14, May/8, June
Bove, Kaitlin, Aug./6
Brandt, Christopher, Nov./10
Brinkmann, James, Aug./26
Buonviri, Nathan, Dec./30
Cabral, Meghan, Oct./68, Feb./20
Cichowicz, Vincent, June
Cichy, Rebecca, Feb./8
Colonna, Jim, Aug./21
Cook, David, Nov./25
Cornett, Patricia, Sep./10
Cumberledge, Jason P, June
Davis, Benjamin, June
Davis, Vanessa, Oct./22
Dust, Tom, Apr./26
Everett, Micah, Sep./18
Fadale, Gabriel, Jan./26
Fetters, Elizabeth Rusch, Dec./33
Fleischmann, Michael, Mar./12
George, Patricia, June
George, Samantha, May/20
Griepentrog, Tedd, Nov./40
Griffin, Adrian D., Dec./26, May/23
Hartley, Linda, Jan./9
Heath, Jason, Jan./12, Apr./18
Herak, Patrick, Oct./6
Hosler, Mark, Oct./14
Katzenmoyer, Steven P., Oct./78
Knight, John, Dec./2, Feb./14
Lambrecht, Barbara, June
Lizotte, Tom, Sep./24, Feb./30, June
Lortz, Mark, May/14
Montgomery, David W., Apr./22
Mullins, Shirley Strohm, Jan./9
Philip, Christine, Nov./16
Pruitt, Ronald M., Mar./56
Pursell, Anthony, Jan./6, Mar./20
Rack, John E., Jan./18
Reely, Trey, Aug./30, Sep./32, Oct./2, Nov./22, Dec./40, Jan./32, Feb./31, Mar./18, Apr./2, May/31, June
Riposo, Joe, Sep./27
Rocco, Roger, Feb./24
Rohner, James M., Jan./2, May/2
Schwartz, Richard A., Aug./12
Snyder, Courtney, Nov./16
Thomson, John, Apr./8, May/24
Weller, Travis, Aug./21, June
Whitcomb, Benjamin, Aug./18, Oct./18, Dec./28
Zemaitaitis, Kurt, Oct./71
Zook, Jeffery, Jan./24