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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 68

The Instrumentalist

August 2013-June/July 2014, vol. 68

Interviews and Profiles
47 Wonderful Years in the Chicago Symphony, a Conversation with Dale Clevenger by James T. Rohner (8/13, p. 22)
Band and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, an Interview with Stan Mauldin by D. Blaufuss (5/14, p. 24)
Be Consistent, Be Fair, Be True, a Conversation with Martin Hebda by Dan Blaufuss (4/14, p. 20)
Jazz for Everybody, an Interview with Ron Carter by Kevin Schoenbach (6/14, p.10)
The Method to Mastering Conducting, an Interview with Debra Traficante by Dan Blaufuss (8/13, p. 10)
The Music Explosion at West Feliciana High by Kelvin Jones (1/14 p. 14)
Musical Adventures at Catalina Foothills, an Interview with Renee Shane-Boyd (10/13, p. 10)
Producing Bands that Sing, an Interview with Todd Zimbelman by Dan Blaufuss (2/14, p. 10)
Teaching in the Northern Woods, an Interview with Nancy Stagnitta by Patricia George (1/14 p. 20)
Teaching Percussion with the Care It Deserves, an Interview with Timothy Adams, Jr. by D. Blaufuss (12/13, p. 12)
The West Ranch Way, an Interview with Jason Marshall (11/13, p. 10)

Analyses & Conducting Articles
Adapting Original Music to Fit Your Orchestra by F. Lestina (6/14, p. 14)
Cleaning Entrances and Releases by Anthony Pursell (2/14, p. 22)
The Composer Conducts by Vaclav Nelhybel (12/13, p. 43)
A Fresh Look at English Folk Song Suite by Robert J. Garofalo (8/13, p. 16)
Grainger Conducts Grainger by John Knight (10/13, p. 24)
A History of Jazz Styles by Christopher Madsen (10/13, p. 16)
Keys to Great Guest Conducting by Anthony Pursell (11/13, p. 16)
Some Great Music for Middle School Bands by J. Thomson (2/14, p. 18)
Ten Common Conducting Problems by Jim Shaw (9/13, p. 34)

Teaching Music
Begin with the End in Mind by Gerry Miller (1/14 p. 10)
Best Practices by L. Martin (3/14, p. 80)
The Delicate Art of Negotiation by Trey Reely (3/14, p. 20)
Filling the Concert Hall by Anthony Pursell (3/14, p. 16)
Finding High-Quality Music by Stephen Rhodes (9/13, p. 22)
Five Aspects of Great Musicianship by Gerry Miller (4/14, p. 29)
Great Private Teachers by Adrian D. Griffin (2/14, p. 29)
Helping Students Prepare for Music School by Natalie Steele Royston (11/13, p. 26)
Making the Most of Final Contest Preparations by G. Miller (3/14, p. 10)
Orchestra New Year’s Resolutions by Samantha George (8/13, p. 34)
Practice Notebooks by Alice K. Dade (8/13, p. 38)
Preparing a Band for Festival Competition by W.H. Beck (2/14, p. 38)
The Recipe for Advanced Jazz Improvisation by Jamey Aebersold (4/14, p. 34)
Selecting High-Quality Literature for Bands and Orchestras by Elliot Del Borgo (8/13, p. 6)
Time-Tested Rehearsal Ideas (5/14, p. 8)
Tips and Tricks that Make Everything Better (4/14, p. 12)
Tips for Rehearsing Beginners by Steven Katzenmoyer (12/13, p. 44)
Understanding Intonation by Matthew Temple (9/13, p. 16)
Using Students as Teachers by Adrian D. Griffin (10/13, p. 28)
Writing Cadenzas by Benjamin Whitcomb (2/14, p. 24)

Instrument Clinics
Caring for Single Reeds by Andrew Allen (12/13, p. 40)
Choosing Clarinet Altissimo Fingerings by Stacey DiPaolo (9/13, p. 31)
Differences in Saxophone and Clarinet Pedagogy by Andrew J. Allen (6/14, p. 20)
Flute Intonation by Patricia George (4/14, p. 24)
Getting Started with Multiple Tonguing by Micah Everett (12/13, p. 36)
Giving the Tuning Note by Nora Lewis (6/14, p. 26)
Intonation Problems of the Euphonium by Royce Lumpkin (11/13, p. 38)
Percussion Stickings by Nathan Buonviri (11/13, p. 22)
Preventive Maintenance, Cleaning, and Handling by Joel Guldin (9/13, p. 38)
The Role of the Bass Trombone by Micah Everett (5/14, p. 28)
Saxophone Wisdom from Eugene Rousseau by Rich Breske (3/14, p. 25)
Simple Brass and Percussion Repairs and Maintenance by Roger Venaas (12/13, p. 30)
Slow Lip Slurs by D. Kassler (1/14 p. 25)
Swing Drumset Basics by Steven Barton (8/13, p. 27)
Teaching Saxophone Vibrato by Andrew J. Allen (9/13, p. 26)
Trumpet Section Part Assignments by James Zingara (8/13, p. 36)
Venting Bassoon Notes by Shannon Lowe (3/14, p. 29)
The Virtues of Bassoon by Jacqueline Wilson (4/14, p. 37)

Marching Articles
Making the Most of Drum Majors by David Semones (8/13, p. 30)
Physical, Mental, and Musical: A Foundation for Marching Season by Gerry Miller (6/14, p. 30)
Planning a Marching Show by Gerry Miller (5/14, p. 14)
Preventing Marching Injuries by Jamie Mansell, Dani Moffit, and Anne C. Russ (5/14, p. 20)
Tips for the Middle of Marching Season (9/13, p. 12)

2013 Directory of Music Schools (10/13, p. 34)
2014 Directory of Camps and Summer Music Programs (3/14, p. 38)
Blueprints for Adjudicators by James Neilson (2/14, p. 42)
Goldman, Revelli, and the Modern American Concert Band by Frank Battisti (11/13, p. 6)
A Lasting Legacy by J. Shaw (5/14, p. 34)
Life of Reely by Trey Reely: Bach: The Selected Tweets (8/13, p. 48); Are You Sirius (9/13, p. 48); Juiced (10/13, p. 96); College Essay (11/13, p. 48); Hope vs. Reality (12/13, p. 56); Time Well Spent (1/14 p. 48); Songs in My Head (2/14, p. 48); Old Days (4/14, p. 48); Guitar Zero (5/14, p. 48); Temper, Temper (6/14, p. 48)
Lincoln and the Marine Band at Gettysburg by Ed Pierce (1/14 p. 36)
My Big Break by B. Sorenson (1/14 p. 46)
Opportunities for Growth in Small Schools by E. Bork (10/13, p. 94)
Tips for Preparing Video Auditions by Barbara Hopkins (12/13, p. 50)
To Affirm and Inspire: A Preview of the 2013 Midwest Clinic (12/13, p. 20)

Notes from Northfield
Director’s Diary (excerpts) by Ann Crawford (9/13, p. 2)
The Lost Art of Musical Interpretation by John Knight (6/14, p.2)
The Midwest Evolves by James T. Rohner (12/13, p. 2)
Music Everywhere by William M. Rohner (2/14, p. 2)
Pass It On by J.M. Rohner (5/14, p. 2)
Sharing Favorites by Dan Blaufuss (10/13, p. 2)
Student for a Day by Matthew Temple (11/13, p. 2)
Surrounded by Music by Suzanne Emily Callis and James M. Rohner (8/13, p. 2)
Testaments of Tranquil Beauty by John Knight (1/14, p. 2)

Author Index
Aebersold, Jamey, Apr./34 (E)
Allen, Andrew J., Sep./26 (W); Dec./40 (W); June/20 (W)
Barton, Steven, Aug./27 (P)
Battisti, Frank, Nov./6 (X)
Beck, William H., Feb./38 (E)
Blaufuss, Dan, Aug./10 (I); Oct./2 (N); Nov./10 (I); Dec./12 (I); Feb./10 (I); Apr./24 (I); May/24 (I)
Bork, Elizabeth, Oct./94 (X)
Breske, Rich, Mar./25 (W)
Buonviri, Nathan, Nov./22 (P)
Callis, Suzanne Emily, Aug./2 (N)
Crawford, Ann, Sep./2 (N)
Dade, Alice K., Aug./38 (E)
Del Borgo, Elliot, Aug./6 (E)
DiPaolo, Stacey, Sep./31 (W)
Everett, Micah, Dec./36 (B); May/28 (B)
Garofalo, Robert J., Aug./16 (E)
George, Patricia, Jan./20 (I), Apr./24 (W)
George, Samantha, Aug./34 (O)
Griffin, Adrian D., Oct./28 (E); Feb./29 (E)
Guldin, Joel, Sep./38 (B)
Hopkins, Barbara, Dec./50 (X)
Jones, Kelvin, Jan./25 (I)
Kassler, David, Jan./25 (B)
Katzenmoyer, Steven, Dec./44 (E)
Knight, John, Oct./24 (C); Jan./2 (N); June/2 (N)
Lestina, Frank, June/14 (E,S)
Lewis, Nora, June/26 (E,W)
Lowe, Shannon, Mar./29 (W)
Lumpkin, Royce, Nov./38 (B)
Madsen, Christopher, Oct./16 (J)
Mansell, Jamie, May/20 (M)
Martin, Lisa, Mar./80 (E)
Miller, Gerry, Jan./10 (E); Mar./10 (E); Apr./29 (E); May/14 (M); June/30 (M)
Moffit, Dani, May/20 (M)
Neilson, James, Feb./42 (X)
Nelhybel, Vaclav, Dec./43 (C)
Pierce, Ed, Jan./36 (X)
Pursell, Anthony, Nov./16 (C); Feb./22 (E); Mar./16 (E)
Reely, Trey, Aug./48 (X); Sep./48 (X); Oct./96 (X); Nov./48 (X); Dec./56 (X); Jan./48 (X); Feb./48 (X); Mar./20 (E); Apr./48 (X); May/48 (X); June/48 (X)
Rhodes, Stephen, Sep./22 (E)
Rohner, James M., Aug./2 (N); May/2 (N)
Rohner, James T., Aug./22 (I); Dec./2 (N)
Rohner, William M., Feb./2 (N)
Royston, Natalie Steele, Nov./26 (E)
Russ, Anne C., May/20 (M)
Schoenbach, Kevin, June/10 (I,J)
Semones, David, Aug./30 (E)
Shaw, Jim, Sep./34 (C); May/34 (X)
Sorenson, Burke, Jan./46 (PP)
Temple, Matthew, Sep./16 (E); Nov./2 (N)
Thomson, John, Feb./18 (C)
Venaas, Roger, Dec./30 (X)
Whitcomb, Benjamin, Feb./24 (E)
Wilson, Jacqueline, Apr./37 (W)
Zingara, James, Aug./36 (B)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
N = Notes from Northfield
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles