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Annual Index Instrumentalist Vol 65

The Instrumentalist

August 2010-July 2011, vol. 65

Interviews and Profiles
Alyson Keller, Building a Band Program by Dan Blaufuss (3/11, p. 14)
The Creative Spirit of Composer Libby Larsen by Scott A. Jones (9/10, p. 34)
Two Directors Span 52 Years (8/10, p. 15)
Fruhauf Uniforms Turns 100 (9/10, p. 6)
An Interview with Bruce Dinkins by Dan Blaufuss (5/11, p. 15)
An Interview with Chris Harmon by Dan Blaufuss (1/11, p. 15)
An Interview with Kenneth Kiesler by Dan Blaufuss (12/10, p. 26)
Learning from Giants of Brass (7/11, p. 14)
An Interview with Gabe Musella by Dan Blaufuss (11/10, p. 15)
Making Great Music at Marcus High School, An Interview with Amanda Drinkwater by J. Nelson (10/10, p. 16)
Remembering Harvey Phillips (12/10, p. 32)
Taking Command at William Penn High School, An Interview with Brian Endlein (6/11, p. 14)
The View from Grant’s Pass by Dan Blaufuss (2/11, p. 14)
Writings of Harry Begian (9/10, 22)

Analyses & Conducting Articles
Easier Music by Karel Husa by Mark Fonder (3/11, p. 24)

Expressive Conducting by J. Corey Francis (3/11, p. 20)
Fantasy on Yankee Doodle by Matthew Temple (10/10, p. 30)
How Dance Techniques Improve Conducting by Alix Miller (4/11, p. 24)
In Praise of Folk Music by Mark Fonder (12/10, p. 40)
Matching Gestures with the Sound by Brian Shelton (11/10, p. 20)
Posture on the Podium, A Personal Trainer Assesses Conducting by Jenn Averill and Kevin Sedatole (6/11, p. 25)

Teaching Music
The Art of Programming (5/11, p. 20)
Bad Habits to Break in the Band Room by F. David Romines (7/11, p. 20)
Comments from a Contest Judge by Craig Fuchs (4/11, p. 20)
Giving Music Students a Look at the Future by M. Temple (12/10, p. 44)
Guest Clinicians by Matthew McCutchen (2/11, p. 30)
Inside the Minds of the Reviewers (4/11, p. 15)
No Experience Necessary, Building a Guitar Class from Scratch by Randall Bearden (2/11, p. 33)
One Quick Question, Finding Faulty Intonation (6/11, p. 48)
Students on the Podium by Chris Harmon (3/11, p. 43)
Systematic Sightreading by Doug Earlenbaugh (7/11, p. 32)
Ten Practice Tips for Students by Todd Kelly (1/11, p. 42)
Tips for Directors by Charles T. Menghini (1/11, p. 20)
Working with Student Teachers by Kathleen Melago (2/11, p. 21)

Bassoon Low Notes by Katie Holland (1/11, p. 35)
Bassoon Troubleshooting by Elizabeth Fetters (11/10, p. 34)
Clarinet Articulation by Adam Ballif (3/11, p. 28)
Clarinet Embouchure by Adam Ballif (10/10, p. 41)
Clarinet Tone by S. Tirk (11/10, p. 31)
Developing Melodic Tubists by Jason Bouchard (6/11, p. 30)
A Different Approach to Percussion Note Reading by David Carroll (7/11, p. 34)
The Elusive Big Band Sound by James Warrick (5/11, p. 44)
A Few Basics of String Teaching by Julie Along Carr (8/10, p. 50)
Flute Myths by B. Garner (6/11, p. 34)
Fortissimo to Piano by Larry White (11/10, p. 36)
Saxophone Low Notes by Sean Murphy (5/11, p. 26)
Saxophone Warmups by Sean Murphy (1/11, p. 30)
A Student-Run Orchestra Grows Up Quickly by J.M. Rohner (6/11, p. 43)
The Switch to Horn by Heather Pettit-Johnson (2/11, p. 26)
Teaching Young Hornists by James Boldin (9/10, p. 40)
Trombone Legato and the Arms Race by Jay Friedman (10/10, p. 38)
Troubleshooting Young Jazz Bands by Kevin Schoenbach (1/11, p. 26)
Within Striking Distance, A Look at Percussion Articulation by Douglas Overmier (4/11, p. 38)

Marching Articles
Between the Lines, Spatial Awareness by Gary Czapinski (9/10, p. 28)
Hosting a Marching Festival by Wally Parks (7/11, p. 28)
Improving Marching Percussion by Thomas Bough (6/11, p. 20)
Inspired by Marching by Raquel Rodriquez (4/11, p. 48)
One Quick Question, Cleaning Curved Lines (7/11, p. 44)
Student Leaders, Extra Help on the Marching Field by Daniel Kiene (10/10, p. 23)
Winter Marching Planning by Heidi Sarver (12/10, p. 60)

2010 Survey of School Music Budgets (9/10, p. 15)
2010 College Directory (10/10, p. 50)
2010 Midwest Preview (12/10, p. 18)
2011 Camp Directory (3/11, p. 46)
Advice for College Music Majors by Patricia George (9/10, p. 43)
The Band Director’s Weather Aptitude Test by Arthur J. Michaels (9/10, p. 32)
A Better Booster Group by Bill Thomas (10/10, p. 34)
Life of Reely by Trey Reely: The First Concert (8/10, p. 63); Leader of the Nerds (9/10, p. 54); Forced Smile (10/10, p. 111); Weighty Matters (11/10, p. 48); Rude People (12/10, p. 64); Joke Disease (1/11, p. 47); I Remember (2/11, p. 46); Common Marching Fears (3/11, p. 86); Text Speak (4/11, p. 2); Caught Napping (5/11, p. 48); A Letter from Band Camp (6/11, p. 2); What Parents Want (7/11, p. 46)
Music Teachers and the Law by Barry E. Morgan (11/10, p. 26)
Preparing Students for Alternative Music Careers by Mark Hosler (12/10, p. 46)
Selections from Favorite Articles (8/10, p. 20)
Two Decades of Memories by R. Cramer and S. Akita (2/11, p. 4)
Understanding Administrators by Douglas C. Orzolek (12/10, p. 58)
The Unparalleled Generosity of Gerald Beal by Daniel Morganstern (3/11, p. 40)

Notes from Northfield
Comfortable Friends by Dan Blaufuss (10/10, p. 4)
Fair Weather by D. Blaufuss (3/11, p. 4)
For the Joy of It by James T. Rohner (12/10, p. 4)
History and Tradition by Charles Staley (5/11, p. 2)
Musical Treasures on the Web by Dan Blaufuss (11/10, p. 2)
My Friend, Harry Begian by Nicholas J. Contorno (9/10, p. 4)
Nebuchadnezzar and Friends by Dan Blaufuss (2/11, p. 2)
Ode to January by D. Blaufuss (1/11, p. 2)
The Season Ends by James M. Rohner (7/11, p. 2)
So Many Good Years by James T. Rohner (8/10, p. 2)

Author Index
Akita, Shigefumi, Feb./4 (X)
Averill, Jenn, Jun./25 (C)
Ballif, Adam, Mar./28 (W); Oct./41 (W)
Bearden, Randall, Feb./33 (E)
Begian, Harry, Sep./22 (I)
Blaufuss, Dan, Oct./4 (N); Nov./2 (N), 15 (I); Dec./26 (I); Jan./2 (N), 15 (I); Feb./2 (N), 14 (I); Mar./14 (I); May/15 (I)
Boldin, James, Sep./40 (B)
Bouchard, Jason, Jun./30 (B)
Bough, Thomas, Jun./20 (M,P)
Carr, Julie Along, Aug./50 (O)
Carroll, David, Jul./34 (P)
Contorno, Nicholas J., Sep./4 (N)
Cramer, Ray, Feb./4 (X)
Czapinski, Gary, Sep./28 (M)
Earlenbaugh, Doug, Jul./32 (E)
Fetters, Elizabeth, Nov./34 (W)
Fonder, Mark, Dec./40 (C); Mar./24 (C)
Francis, J. Corey, Mar./20 (C)
Friedman, Jay, Oct./38 (B)
Fuchs, Craig, Apr./20 (E)
Garner, Bradley, Jun./34 (W)
George, Patricia, Sep./43 (X)
Holland, Katie, Jan./35 (W)
Hosler, Mark, Dec./46 (X)
Jones, Scott A., Sep./34 (I)
Kelly, Todd, Jan./42 (E)
Kiene, Daniel, Oct./23 (M)
McCutchen, Matthew, Feb./30 (E)
Melago, Kathleen, Feb./12 (E)
Menghini, Charles T., Jan./20 (E)
Michaels, Arthur J., Sep./32 (X)
Miller, Alix, Apr./24 (C)
Morgan, Barry E., Nov./26 (X)
Morganstern, Daniel, Mar./40 (X)
Murphy, Sean, Jan./30 (W); May/26 (W)
Nelson, Judy, Oct./16 (I)
Orzolek, Douglas C., Dec./58 (X)
Overmier, Douglas, Apr./38 (P)
Parks, Wally, Jul./28 (M)
Pettit-Johnson, Heather, Feb./26 (B)
Phillips, Harvey, Dec./32 (I)
Reely, Trey, Aug./63 (X); Sep./54 (X); Oct./111 (X); Nov./48 (X); Dec./64 (X); Jan./47 (X); Feb./46 (X); Mar./86 (X); Apr./2 (X); May/48 (X); Jun./2 (X); Jul./46 (X)
Rodriquez, Raquel, Apr./48 (M,PP)
Rohner, James M., Jun./43 (O); Jul./2 (N)
Rohner, James T., Aug./2 (N); Dec./4 (N)
Romines, F. David, Jul./20 (E)
Sarver, Heidi, Dec./60 (M)
Schoenbach, Kevin, Jan./26 (J)
Sedatole, Kevin, Jun./25 (C)
Shelton, Brian, Nov./20 (C)
Staley, Charles, May/2 (N)
Temple, Matthew, Oct./30 (C); Dec./ 44 (E)
Thomas, Bill, Oct./34 (X)
Tirk, Suzanne, Nov./31 (W)
Warrick, James, May/44 (J)
White, Larry, Nov./36 (P)

B = Brass articles
C = Analyses and Conducting articles
E = Music Education articles
I = Interviews and Profiles
J = Jazz articles
M = Marching Band articles
N = Notes from Northfield
O = Orchestra and String articles
P = Percussion articles
W = Woodwind articles
X = Miscellaneous articles